A valve for sewerage 110 mm

Application and installation of the check valve for sewerage 110 mm

Quite not new problem in the operation of sewer systems - sewage overflow. In most cases, these unpleasant things happen to the residents of the lower floors of apartment buildings. This "joy" is able to unpleasantly surprise literally immediately and bring a lot of damage. If you can avoid damage and furniture, the need for repairs - an inevitable process. However, such situations occur with the owners of residences (albeit much less frequently).

Of course, not every apartment there is such trouble, however, if your neighbors are conceived to repair and start to pour the remnants of solutions into drains - wait for bad news. Similar effects can cause entering the riser cloth or plastic bags. The same phenomenon often occurs in older homes built, but due to the banal wear sewage system.

One way or another, affected tenants of the first two floors. Above the second, usually water column is lying. However, if such a disaster occurred, wait for the arrival of emergency crews (which, to put it mildly, does not happen quickly), and the happy moment when they find and eliminate the cause of the blockage - at least for a long time. During this time, most likely, the apartment can be fully submerged. Agree - is unpleasant. And do not forget that we are not talking about the water.

More often than not, such incidents linked to exposure to large objects into the waste system. It is usually only partially correct. Such things, in most cases, only launching the process of complete blockage of sewerage and subsequent overflowing of stinking manure.

The bottom line is that getting such things into the sewer only reduces the rate of flow of sewage, which in turn contributes to settling of solids wastewater. Here they, just lead to complete blockage of the sewage system.

Approximately the same manner clogging occurs incorrectly mounted systems. Violation inclination angle sewage pipes also result to reduce water outflow rate and increases the likelihood of clogging. By the way, the wrong angle, does not necessarily indicate poor installation. Often the angle is changed by the weight of the system over time. Something similar happens at the junction of horizontal laterals drain pipes at a right angle, which drastically reduces the outflow.

Do not forget about the life of the system. Over time, the tube walls is deposited not only the impurities but also salts present in excess in water. This leads to a gradual reduction of the working section of the pipe and, as a result, the above effects.

As for occupants houses, besides banal clogging sewer systems, can lead to flood and the rise of groundwater. In itself, the phenomenon is not too frequent, but it can also cause sewer overflows with all the negative consequences.

Another, not less unpleasant point is the penetration into the flat rats and unpleasant odors at the time of discharge. Both, it can be eliminated by means of check valves.

In order to protect themselves and their housing from such odorous "geyser" is necessary to apply non-return valve. Depending on the diameter of the sewage system, manufacturers offer two major modifications of check valves for sewer:

  • a check valve for sewerage 50 mm;
  • a check valve for sewerage 110 mm;
  • air valve.

Company specializing in the manufacture and sale of products of this kind, usually offer them in plastic and metal versions. First, of course, much more. If you organize the proposed options such valves, it is necessary to select such varieties:

They, in turn, are divided into the following subtypes:

  • Valve for vertical mounting;
  • devices for horizontal use.

Separately, it is worth noting that there is a sewage check valve universal orientation.

Earlier, widely used in the metal valve design. However, today, when PVC piping received great prevalence, dominate their plastic modification. Installation of the plastic check valve in the cast iron pipe, it is necessary to additionally install adapter plastic.

Mounted in the tube assembly such gap. The easiest way to perform this work during the installation of sewerage system. However,Features & inset into an existing pipeline, but, at the same time, the diameters of the inlet and outlet pipes have to coincide. Otherwise adapter will apply.

In most cases, the valve has a valve that allows to block the sewers by hand. This can come in handy in case of emergencies or routine maintenance on the valve (cleaning, replacement of gaskets germ).

In the housing assembly has an arrow indicating the direction of flow of wastewater. When you install it must look in the direction of the riser.

Before proceeding with the installation of such devices, it is worth consider the place of installation and provide free access to the valve (be it air or any other). Structurally, it is designed so as to be able to carry out repairs and cleaning (made demountable).

Another important question - valves. Depending on the structure of the existing system can be installed as a multiple valves for each discharge point and one line at the outlet.

The latter option is, in most cases, be applied to the house and a smaller building. First, most often used, it is more suitable high-rise, apartment buildings.

Check valve for sewerage made 50 mm in the form of a sphere with a movable membrane. When draining water, it opens and prevents the flow of waste water into the main pipeline. On the other hand, when the reverse current occurrence - propped up the pressure and eliminates the possibility of flooding of your home sewage.

In the selection of such a valve, it is worth pay attention to the quality, not price. Remember that in case of flooding the apartment wastewater (that happens quite quickly), inflicted damage will be much higher cost of the device. Do not forget about common sense - repair apartments will cost infinitely more high-quality devices.

Well, the last nuance related to the qualitative performance of the sewage system

When draining the impurities in the air discharge pipe is formed. Typically, this process is accompanied by suction air from the system. In this case, water gatheringozduh drawn through the fence with the lowest volume of water seal, which in turn is accompanied by a rather loud squelching sound and hit the apartment, rather unpleasant odors.

To avoid such, use air valves. Their main functions:

  • pressure equalization in the conduit in the event of underpressure;
  • Ventilation system effluent and blocking excess gases generated in the sewer system.

Working air valve is quite easy for sewage. When underpressure occurs with a force above five mm of water column, the valve opens and passes air into the conduit. When the pressure in the riser is greater than or equal to the atmospheric air valve remains closed and prevents the ingress of gases into the living spaces.

It is worth mentioning that such a valve can be installed only in a permanent positive temperature environments. Otherwise it will not work properly.

Install a check valve for drainage of 110 mm is not something a Rocket. It is perfectly possible to carry out the installation yourself. Of course, after reading the installation instructions specific product. You can enlist the help of experts in the field of laying sewage systems. No matter what the work is completed, you will receive a correctly functioning sewage system, which will protect you from unpleasant surprises and unforeseen financial costs.

Why the need for a check valve in the sewer

Check valve 110 PVC

Unfortunately, sewer communications often occur emergency situations related to clogging of pipes. The cause may be incorrect installation, irregularities in the operation of the system and entering foreign objects.

And if the pipe is clogged on the ground floor of an apartment building, the waste water with fecal matter from the neighbors in the riser gradually reach the level of the toilet and flooded the apartment. Moreover, unpleasant odors are a trifle compared with the cost of repairs and the purchase of new things. Avoid such unpleasant situation by using a check valve for sewerage 110 millimeters in diameter.

Design and operation principle

This piece is part of the valves and consist of the following elements:

  • of metal or plastic housing, which coincides with the diameter of the sewer pipe (exhaust pipe in the toilet bowl has a diameter of 110 mm).
  • The disk with a seal of rubber, situated inside the structure.
  • Metal spring that controls the movement of the disc.
  • The mechanism for the forced opening device.

Recently, due to the extensive use of plastic communications began to use a check valve for PVC sewer. Its connection has exactly the shape as PVC pipe.

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple. When draining of water from the toilet bowl or other device under the influence of water pressure and opens the disc passes the effluent to a sewer. Then powerful spring returns the locking mechanism in place.

Important! The valve operates in one direction only, so that in case of obstruction in the sewer wastewater do not fall into the room, as well as unpleasant odors.

There are devices which differ in design and are of different sizes - a mechanism to prevent reverse fluid flow through the pipeline. They are composed of two pipes to start and release fluid. The operation unit controls the ball with air. And if in the opposite direction will move the fluid, the ball block the tube and will not let water back.

Reverse locking mechanism can be mounted on a common lead-out sewage pipe or each sanitary device. The diameter of the sewer pipe dimensions depend on the check valve.

Install a check valve

Mount the locking device can be in the construction of a new pipeline, which is more convenient, or during the operation of the current communication. In this case, you must make a pipe burst and put the valve size. If no suitable size apparatus, the insert part of another diameter with corresponding adapters.

How to install shut-off device

Procedure for installation as follows:

  • Valve for domestic sewage to the housing is marked with an arrow which indicates the direction of fluid flow. For example, when installing the element in the toilet label should show the collector. If you put the wrong, the device will not work.
  • All connections to the pipes must be made airtight.
  • After installing the locking mechanism in place to check the operation of all units in the complex. To do this, in the plumbing fixtures have a momentary water under pressure and carefully examine the body and joints.

If during operation of the valve any noises and sounds, this will mean that the leakproof joints, or on the gasket locking disc appeared damaged. In this case, you must turn off the water, to disassemble the device, and correct the problem. You can then re-enable the water and plumbing fixtures use for other purposes.

Locking devices have different sizes, which depend on the diameter of tubing used. There are also design features of the product.

Thus, for example, may be used those which are not mechanically controlled for outdoor sewerage - spring while using a heavy metal flap situated in a certain way to the steel axis.

Such a construction is installed on most valve DN 200 brand, and the diameter of which represents a figure. This product is rotatable and is mounted on the large-diameter communication.

In smaller pipes to prevent backflow stroke apply check valves 50 du type, i.e. for pipes of 50 mm diameter. They are used in heating, water and the pumping stations.

The check valve in the sewer system is a reliable protection against the penetration of odors into the room, waste water and waste in case of emergency. To a fault in the sewage system did not violate standards of comfort, the installation of this device is a must.

Is there a valve repair kits on Du110? Need a box of opening / closing of the valve, in its entirety. Are there photos, sketch of the flag? Mplast manufacturer

Air sewer valves

At times, there is such a situation when in the bathroom or the toilet is leaking odor of sewage. Under normal conditions it cut off the water valves. It is a certain amount of water that remains in the bend of the siphon and blocks gases from the sewage access to the apartment. Sometimes, the simultaneous operation of multiple plumbing fixtures, these valves breaks - there is a sharp change in pressure that pushes water, sewer gases burst into the room. To such a situation did not arise, put the air valve for sewerage. It neutralizes most of all air pressure drops in the system.

The most common types of air valve in the sewer

Air sewer valve is needed in the system for aligning sparse (negative) pressure. It occurs when a sudden discharge of water in a large amount (WC descent pouring the water bucket and the like), which carries with it a large amount of air. In normal state air is sucked through fanovy riser, the pressure is stabilized, no unpleasant odor is observed.

But there are situations when the amount of air flowing through fanovy riser is not enough water to go freely. It was then and there odors. When air shortage occurring negative pressure breaks the weakest water trap. This means that the water that stands at the knee of the siphon (washbasins, sinks, bath ladder under), partially absorbed into the sewage system, allowing access a sewage gases. As long as you do not use this device in a bathroom / toilet air comes out of the sewer. This is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. In the sewer atmosphere contains not only methane, which in itself - is not a gift. There may be bacteria, spores of various fungi, microorganisms.

To avoid disruption occurred hydraulic lock and put the air valve for sewerage. It still has a few names - the vacuum valve, vent valve and sewage aerator. In principle, it is the "aerator" better reflects the purpose of the device, but the term is used rarely.

The principle of operation of the air valve for sewage simple. There membrane which under normal or positive pressure in the system is adjacent to the valve body. In this position, the system is sealed, air from the sewage system is blocked. In the event of negative pressure in the pipe (with water drained), the membrane is lifted from the room into the sewer (not vice versa) air is sucked rapidly neutralizing the resulting drop. Everything happens at lightning speed, hydraulic locks on sanpriborah remain in place and continue to block access to sewer gases into the room.

There are sewer check valve. It solves the problem of reverse current drains clogged with the risers. How to get rid of the blockage in the tubes read here.

When installing the air valve for sewage should be placed 20-30 cm above the main sewer pipe axis. The two- and three-storey private homes put the unit on the top floor.

Set it should be in a position where the membrane will not get splashes or dirt. Product performance depends on how clean is a membrane. Appears thereon salt, sand, etc. musorinki, it will not sealingly pressed against the body, will begin to seep into the room stench. By the way, if you see this - as long as clean or change the membrane.

The place to find it is necessary such that the membrane air enters freely. This is the basic conditions for normal work. When sewage falls 1 liter of water, it can entrain the 25 liters of air. Because the access of air must be free.

If you decide to put a vent valve in the sewer, you must know that sometimes at work, he may make a "grunting" sounds - the membrane draws the air in the event of a small vacuum in the tube. So behave not all models, but there are complaints. So it is better to find a place where these sounds (if any) will not interfere.

When it comes to the apartment in an apartment building, the air valve can be put on any vertical pipe. This can embed in the tee, it set up vertically pipe and sewer vent valve put on it. Global problems of all ventilation riser that does not solve, but specifically your site will work without problems.

Desirably set above the main sewer pipe

If it's a private home, it is most often want to put the air valve for sewage to not display a sewer pipe through the roof. The right of pipe through the roof - a difficult thing to achieve its tightness is not easy. This is often the reason that people do not want to perforate the roof. Yet many people do not like sticking over the house pipes. In principle, it is possible to bring the vent pipe in the attic, put on top of a sewer vent valve. In this case, the riser will be non-ventilated. But it is - is not the best solution. In any case, so say the plumbing. They argue that for the normal operation of the septic tank needed ventilation - to ensure the bacteria with oxygen.

If you have wastewater treatment occurs in the septic tank, you will not do for the outlet of the riser does not have to display it through the roof. If the failure will occur periodically hydro gate can be put to the air valve sewage as an additional element of the system - at the highest floor (attic can not output).

If you have a stand-alone sewerage on the basis of autonomous treatment plants, you can try to make it a non-ventilated - to enter the pipe in the attic and put it on top of the vacuum valve on it. Attic in this case must be unexploited, high-volume, well-ventilated area. The smell will be present and will have to somehow bring to the street. If the attic is cold, the pipe should be warm (but not valve).

Where to put the air valve for the water drain in a private house

Still, plumbing and designers insist that in private houses the air valve for sewage should be considered only as a supplement to the sewer standpipe.

Mostly in private houses and apartments put a plastic sewer. The air valve is also selected from the same material - PVC or polypropylene. Like all products for sewage, they have at the end of the funnel with a rubber seal. The entire installation is to put on the prepared tube device. All.

For reliability, can be pre-lubricate the abutment sanitary sealant, but without this measure tight connection (developing as normal pipes and devices).

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