Classical furniture

Choosing furniture to the living room in a classical style 8 features

Furniture, made in a classic style, has good aesthetic qualities thanks to sophisticated bends before proceeding to the acquisition of furniture, it is important to know all the features of the classical style. Classic interior has the following characteristics - a luxury, symmetry and precision. The living room is the place where the whole family gets together. Most preferably for the living room is an interior decoration in a classic style.

Features classic style living room

If the room is spacious, it has the correct form, it is more suitable to be bright and gilded color scheme. This style involves the use of textile accessories, as well as furniture made of expensive wood and the presence of a fireplace. The use of mirrors in the interior will also be appropriate.

Furniture with a shiny leather upholstery and wrought wooden elements fits perfectly into the classic living room interior

The classic style is characterized by the following 8 features:

  • Drawing up of focal points, which are arranged by imposing a fireplace or sofa;
  • The presence of the correct geometry and straight lines;
  • Having multiple sources of lighting in the interior;
  • The use of only natural materials;
  • Using mostly warm shades of the color palette: peach, terracotta, olive and sand color;
  • The inadmissibility of the use of games on the contrast;
  • The presence of antiques, but in the relevant amount, to prevent excessive pomposity;
  • In the design of the window there are transparent curtains and blackout curtains.

Classical provides for the use of different shades that create unusual optical effects. For example, if you make a bright ceiling and a dark floor, the living room can be visually higher. And the use of light colors will expand the space visually.

How to choose furniture for the living room in classic style

When choosing furniture for the living room, it is important to keep a record of certain parameters.

If the walls are made in bright colors, it is recommended to choose furniture in dark colors to make it stand out and living did not seem monotonous

  • The functionality of all pieces of furniture;
  • Size of the room space;
  • The harmonious combination of classical furniture and wallpaper;
  • The color scheme of the interior.

The following items are selected for the interior living room: coffee table, a wall, dressers, upholstered furniture.

It features classic-style furniture

Classic style furniture has some peculiarities.

  1. In the design and manufacture of products apply only natural facing materials. These may be stones, dear beautiful upholstery fabric, metals.
  2. As a furniture basis from the natural wood. This can be cherry, oak, mahogany, walnut.
  3. Furniture has the following color shades - brown, gray, milk, olive.
  4. Interior decorations is massive and sophisticated decoration.

Classic interior suggests the presence of upholstered furniture room. For the lounge come sofas, chairs, sofas, armchairs, which they cover with a cloth, with floral and geometric prints, and silk-screen printing. Widely used in the classic interior is modular furniture.

For the living room, made in classic style, suitable furniture made of natural wood, painted white

The living room is easy to create a composition using cabinets, chest of drawers, table, chairs and armchairs. White furniture allows you to expand the space.

Equally important is the proper placement of furniture in the living room. The central part of the room is the area for recreation comprising a sofa and armchair decorated expensive upholstery fabric. Along the walls are placed a cupboard, suite, Office. Also for the room characterized by the presence of antique pieces of furniture, tables and chairs fishnet. Help supplement the luxury wallpaper, made in classic style.

Particular attention is paid to lighting. It must be of good quality. Luxurious chandelier located in the center of the room. Presumably it could be forged or made of crystal.

Furniture for living room in classic style

When creating upholstered furniture for the living room in a classic style, the following types of fabrics: leather, fur, brocade, velvet, velor, satin, jacquard. This padding is most often light. Very popular is the white color. But are often used and solid shades of green and red. For classic style is inherent symmetry. Therefore, these pieces of furniture like chairs, ottomans and chairs must have a pair. The backs are carved elements armrests should be semicircular and pillowcases trimmed fringe. All this is a characteristic feature for upholstered furniture, made in a classic style.

Upholstered furniture gives the living room comfort, making it a favorite spot in the house for all family members

When setting the living room in a classic style, it is important to take advantage of useful tips:

  1. must be a wooden table in the interior. This can be a coffee table, a dining table. It can be round or oval, but with a solid foot.
  2. The main component of this room is a fireplace. It can be decorative or functional.
  3. It assumes the use of massive, high-quality furniture with impressive dimensions.
  4. For each piece of furniture is expected the presence of a couple to achieve symmetry.
  5. A good idea to place the library in the living room. It is appropriate to the presence of the cabinet with hinged glass doors. This cabinet is ideal for books.
  6. Modern technology is very difficult to fit in like interior. Designers often use a method of disguise, presenting contemporary furniture as paintings and other decorative elements.

Every detail must be carefully considered. What will make the central room apartment enjoyable pastime for the whole family and its guests. Living room in classic style is the epitome of impeccable style that does not allow for savings on items of furniture.

Modular furniture in the living room in a classic style: the room and its design

Classic is the personification of rigor, beauty and functionality. Modular furniture underlines the status and refined taste of the landlord. The classic style does not affect the time, this style is always in fashion, it is not out of date, which is why it is a universal option by which you can definitely be sure that the choice was made correctly. Case furniture allows you to create the right set of furniture that is suitable for a particular room. The more footage of the room, the more pieces of furniture can be there together.

Modular furniture is very practical due to its spaciousness. In addition, it has good aesthetic qualities

To date, the market represented a modular furniture from different manufacturers. Popular cabinet furniture Russia, China, Belarus, also has a high demand of China and the Spanish modular furniture.

Modular furniture in the performance of the classical style is the sensible and correct choice. To date, to purchase such furniture will have no difficulty. Very many manufacturers involved in the production of quality furniture, using an array of natural wood. Producers represented a huge range of products, varying in color design, material, design, decorative items, as well as cost. Modular furniture for the living room in a classic style conveys the rich and the best traditions of a bygone era. Modern manufacturers delight customers different variants of execution, elegant traditional design and affordable price range.

The classic design of the living room is different rigor, symmetry, natural color, splendor and grace. To date, this style continues to enjoy great popularity, having certain advantages, among other styles. Classics never go out of fashion and always stays at the peak of popularity. He liked very many generations.

How to pick up the furniture in the living room in a classic style (video)

When making a living in the classical style is very important to take into account all the nuances that no one part of the picture could not fall out of the picture, so that nothing would spoil the impression produced by this room. Choosing furniture for the living room is the most important part of creating an interior. Today furniture can not only buy, but also to order to order.

Upholstered furniture in the living room in classic style

When choosing decorating the central room in the house much on the classics. Its high popularity due to the fact that home furnishings in a classical style, are not affected by wind and fashion trends at all times considered a sign of good taste.

Classic interior has long been a symbol of the European aristocracy, he's like nothing else can emphasize the importance of the room and give it a shine royal luxury.

Materials of the top class, elegant form, refined decor along with the durability makes classic upholstered furniture coveted everything for home living and office premises, and for the residents of our latitudes.

Classic furniture in interior a spacious living room

Wooden furniture in classic style

Characteristic features of the classic style

For classics important sense of wealth and solemnity, but finesse gentility necessarily present in the room with the classic furniture. To make the room more harmonious and balanced better stick to the traditional classical features, namely:

  • conciseness and restraint, opulence and grace of the decoration;
  • carved elements;
  • the symmetry of the situation;
  • fireplace with U-shaped portal and an open combustion chamber;
  • vegetative ornament on the theme;
  • noble woods, leather, tempered glass;
  • velvet, velor, Tapestry, satin fabric with embroidery or embossing;
  • use of bronze, brass or copper fittings;
  • smooth plain walls;
  • rectangular or arched windows;
  • calm natural shades with predominance beige and brown colors;
  • gilding decorative accessories;
  • large chandelier hanging (provided the large space and high ceiling rooms) Light - suspension;
  • stucco.

All this gives the appearance of a living room, decorated in the traditional manner, the raid sophistication and refinement.

However, when small size of the room you need to think more about the functional component of furniture.

Classical furniture recommended for use in large rooms with high ceilings

Corner sofa in a classic style in the living room

Bright living room with classic furniture in the interior

Modern classic furniture

A modern classic style in the interior

Modern trends contributed their innovations to the classic collection of upholstered furniture.

For example, you can find a sofa bed, executed in classical style, which when folded takes up little space, and when unfolded turns into a bed a very impressive size. The same applies to the classic chairs, executed with the use of sliding mechanisms.

The special charm of the furniture made by the classical canons, gives lacquered and tinted surface and polishing wax. Decorating carved furniture elements using inserts of glass with transparent or matte look surfaces effectively and delights connoisseurs sweeping curves and fine inlays.

Dark varnished parquet in the interior of a classic living room

Classic style furniture is still popular for many centuries. Classic good his untimely relevance, as well as the possibility of winning combinations with such styles as Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Empire, eclecticism, art nouveau, neoclassical and bidermeyker.

Neoclassical interior in the living room

Several strict classical style room is well diluted Gothic or antique decorative touches that add atmosphere of mystery and romanticism of past times.

Brocco style with classic style in the living room interior

Rococo and classical music in a living room interior

Some seek to arrange the living room in a classic style, to show guests material well-being, confidence and respectability of the house owner. Some prefer this interior of conservative views on the design of the public rooms or just to be in harmony with each other. In any case, in order to fully realize the tradition of classicism in the design should take into account some of the nuances.

IMPORTANT! On this form, it makes sense to conceive of living only if the room has a regular rectangular shape.

If the room is small size, you can create a recreation area in a traditional interior is possible without the use of the sofa: it will approach a couple of chairs, arranged symmetrically between the coffee table. They can not even be the same, the main thing to remember about the principles of a combination of basic materials, shapes and colors.

We recommend the use of mirrors in curved wooden frames, on the one hand, it will greatly expand the space, on the other - will add to the overall impression of solidity and representativeness.

Leather upholstery classic furniture set - quite popular and decent option decor interior living today. With the development of high technologies were quality artificial skin substitutes successfully used in the manufacture of luxury furniture. Using eco-leather adds to the interior of originality, while keeping true to the tradition.

On a neutral background decoration with natural woody accents in the form of upholstered furniture with colorful upholstery looks particularly impressive. Colorful furnishings gives the interior a fresh and non-triviality of the traditional hall. For such a design of the hall is considered to be a common combination of pastel colors with gold, but do not overload it a great abundance of colors and details.

If the upholstery of the sofa or chair classic print is present, the flower or plant subjects, though there are geometric patterns. Decorating the room with bright floral ornaments should be moderate, so it does not look too colorful. Therefore, curtains, carpets and walls have to be monotonous.

Note! It is necessary to properly balance all the elements of the decoration of the room to make it look harmonious and did not violate the overall picture and impression of your living room.

Here are selected pictures of upholstered furniture for the classical interior of the hall. After reviewing the options ready room decoration furniture set in a classic style, you can easily determine the textures, palettes and materials most appropriate to your idea of ​​the ideal premises.

The furniture in the classical style - the charm of luxury

With all the impermanence of the world the classic style of interior fashion is out of time and changing trends. Luxurious, refined, aristocratic - style, absorbed the best from the heyday of all kinds of art, demand on a par with modern design trends. Classic prefer the true connoisseurs of beauty, after all, the furniture and decor and interior accessories made in this style are admirable. Its main features are: the traditional forms, symmetry and proportion - posing in the interior integrity and harmony of the ensemble. First of all the draws attention to furniture. About it and tell you more.

Furnished in classic style - what is it?

Expensive, high-quality, made from natural materials - so short you can answer this question. And the one follows from the other. Classic style was formed from the design concept, which was introduced in the aristocratic estates and palaces where luxury reigned everywhere. Furnished apartments for the rich are made only from natural expensive materials. This tradition has passed through the centuries and preserved to this day. For this reason, the classic style always means expensive interior.

Classic style furniture

Classic style in the form we know it today, was formed more than one period. furnishings not sin uniformity. Classic style furniture can dazzle decor, surprise or delight monumental lightness and airiness.

Classic style furniture

It all depends on what era do you prefer: the Renaissance, Empire, Rococo. Each of them has retained its features, even in modern interpretations.

Classic style furniture

But, despite this, in the classical style, and there are general trends that unite all directions.

Classic loves symmetry, so all single bulky items of furniture are usually paired balance. Placed near the sofa chair, and next to the table side by side benches or ottomans. Upholstered furniture in classic style always has a luxurious upholstery, which is not accepted or the veils cover the capes. In extreme cases, can provide cover for preserving the purity.

Classic style furniture

Upholstered furniture classic style should be paid special attention. Its luxurious interior is made of natural materials, often embroidered with gold leaf. This can act as a skin. Sofas and armchairs are proud high back, smooth lines decorated with curved legs.

Classic style furniture

The entire furniture is really soft, body - in such a sofa, armchairs and a pleasure to sit pufah.

Interior in classic style

Interior furnished with classic furniture, it is important to sustain the color scheme. This style does not tolerate contrast, experiments and disharmony. Everything has to be calibrated and weighed. Cabinet furniture from natural wood generally has natural shade with a matt or shiny surface coated with varnish.

Dreaming of a solid and luxurious living room? Obstavte its classic furnishings.

Making a living room in classic style

Then there will always be warm in the living room, cozy and nice. Pieces of furniture are made of wood, which retains the heat in the room, how the sensations and visual. And where it's warm there and comfort.

Making a living room in classic style

Luxury and beauty - are synonymous classics. The interiors of this style are striking richness of decoration, refinement of taste. Each piece of furniture classic living room - in itself a work of art.

Furniture for living room in classic style

If we talk about the situation, usually the living room furniture in a traditional way. center of the room is a large sofa, flanked by or chairs are in front of him. Between them, put an elegant coffee table.

Making a living room in classic style

Classic living room do not overload the furniture. Complementing the main band can serve as a small chest of drawers or a table on which stands a vase or flower. And, of course, a fireplace as the focal character - another source of heat.

Making a living room in classic style

His draw up a total living colors. If the room selected white furniture, the fireplace and trim in this color.

Business office was one of the main rooms in the aristocratic homes. Furniture for home offices, compiled a status and a massive reflecting the position of the family and its head. In the center of the cabinet table was situated monumental.

Classic-style cabinet

Along the walls were cabinets with open facades, which were under glass books, or solid, for which there were important papers and items hidden from prying eyes.

Classic-style cabinet

Such an arrangement of furniture in a classic style cabinet for true now, in the modern interior design. A massive wooden table, cabinets, presentable leather chair, a sofa or chairs for guests or colleagues.

Classic-style cabinet

The basic material for furniture, but also serves as a tree, and it is in the office of wooden furniture must be in excess. If instead of cabinets and shelves have a desire to make the finish wall paneling, should choose wood. All kind office should express respectability and prosperity of its owner.

The tranquility and the absence of contrasts

A set of furniture in a classic style bedroom includes a large wide bed decorated with a massive headboard, bedside tables, storage cabinets, dresser and elegant dressing table with mirror.

Bedroom furniture in classical style

Of course, the bed occupies the central place. It is the largest and most important piece of furniture.

Bed in classic style

For fans of the book before going to bed to check whether the magazines in the bedroom can be a sofa or chair, and near - a floor lamp.

Making a bedroom in a classic style

These items are optional and do not occur in all sleeping classical interiors. In rooms with a small area dresser drawers can replace, if you hang mirrors on it. Speaking of mirrors. They can be located on the cabinet door in all their height. For those who like to see your reflection, you can put a full-length mirror with a decorative frame.

The color scale of furniture for bedrooms, furnished in a classical style, you need to choose a calm and bright.

Making a bedroom in a classic style

No contrasting parts and accessories. Bedrooms atmosphere should adjust to rest and enough sleep. Furniture for a classic bedroom can be white or pastel shades, but always of wood, as in the other rooms.

In the hall, furnished in a classical style, there should be only the necessary furniture.

Entrance hall in classic style

Due to the limited space in which sin these rooms, they will clutter a bad idea.

Entrance hall in classic style

The traditional set of furniture items include a wardrobe with hooks for umbrellas, shelves for gloves and bags, as well as a large mirror and a neat poof required in order to be able to comfortably put on shoes.

Classic style is always complemented by a variety of accessories, among which are always present works of art. Furniture remains the main component of the interior. By her choice should be approached very thoroughly think through color incarnation, select size subjects.

Classic style furniture

If the options of hard to choose the right headset or make furniture ensemble, you can order furniture on an individual project.

Classic style furniture

Of course, It's expensive, but the result is worth it. On the royal apartments, even in the present conditions, can not save. Impeccable quality furniture will allow it to serve more than a decade, maybe even become a family heirloom, and then go to an inheritance to the younger generations.

Classic style furniture

Yes, the classic-style furniture is capable of doing. She as well as interior design style is timeless, because it is made to last! Much has been said about the fact that the furniture should be just wooden. This is indisputable. Modern designers also like to experiment with color.

Classic style furniture

If you are ready to ensure that the interior was not only expensive, but also exclusive, have nothing to do with the interiors, which are presented in fashion magazines and catalogs, then feel free to make up your minds to design an experiment.

Professional designers must take into account all the characteristics of the classical style and add zest that will make the interior of the copyright and unique.

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