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Projects of houses with mansard: free drawings and photos

Houses with a loft - is the embodiment of a comfortable and pleasant suburban life. These cottages allow greater freedom in the choice of materials, design and planning of the house. In this article you will find the necessary recommendations, as well as projects of houses with attic, free drawings and photos.

One of the main features of the house with an attic - good insulation, because the upper part of the structure is exposed to changes in temperature. It is equally important to take care of the room waterproofing. Pick up for floor attic light materials. This also applies to the roof, and interior decoration and even furniture. Do not overload the foundation and walls of the possible occurrence of cracks.

A small area of ​​the attic is best to form whole space, but the need to create internal partitions should give preference to gypsum board. This material does not cause additional load on the foundation of the house.

Another important point - the window. Their installation on a sloping surface requires a lot of costs, but the results are worth it.

Advantages and disadvantages of homes with a loft

In homes with a loft there are more fans with the following benefits:

  • savings on construction and installation works;
  • proper use of attic floor increases the functional area of ​​the house twice;
  • ease of maintenance attic communications. Enough to hold them to the ground floor;
  • reduction of heat losses through the roof;
  • during the construction of the attic is not necessary eviction from home, they can stay on the ground floor before the end of the work;
  • Fitted in the house uninhabitable type of room: billiard room, workshop, etc .;
  • space for imagination. Unusual attic space allows you to be creative approach to the design of the room.

But at the same time the houses of this type are available and limitations:

  • failure to comply with mandatory rules of construction technology and ill-considered choice of materials will result in heat loss, moisture condensation and freezing.
  • the considerable cost of roof windows (more than 1.5-2 times normal), down from the specificity of the profile and the cost of installation works;
  • snowy winter may be in breach of natural light attic.

Creating the design of the house with a loft, you must take into account the peculiarities of the construction. Subject to the following rules, you will get a beautiful and reliable solid house.

  1. Calculation of the additional load. It is impossible to arbitrarily attach a one-story home loft, as this would entail crack with subsequent destruction of the base. If you decide to finish the attic on existing walls, take care of their strengthening.
  2. Calculation of the height of the attic. The minimum value of the height from the floor to the ceiling of 2.5 m.
  3. Correct roof design. When its design should take into account that the gable design adds only 67% of the foundation of the house. So-called "broken" roof will add about 90% of the area of ​​the first floor. But lifting roof to 1.5 m can increase the area of ​​100%.
  4. Allow communications link between the substrate and the attic;
  5. Think layoutstaircase, place for interior walls and windows;
  6. It is important to observe fire requirements, an evacuation plan with a loft.

Projects one-story house with a loft: drawings and photos

In the single-storey houses attic serves mostly as a shop or office. Often at this level has a bedroom, which is due to a comfortable stay in a room with low ceilings, as well as additional insulation and a beautiful view of the starry sky from the windows. We picked 10 of the best projects of houses with attic, here are free drawings and photos, as well as their description.

Ready projects of houses with attic 8 to 10

№1 project. The project of this house provides functional room on the attic level, which houses a bedroom, bathroom and two extra rooms, which at its discretion, can arrange a living or children. Cozy frame house includes a number of bricks and expanded clay. Large windows make the interior of the home is well-lit. The building meets all requirements of the apartment house.

№2 project. Cozy cottage in eco-style with a large dining-living room on the first floor. The project allows you to put in the attic of two bedrooms, a bathroom and a small hall and a balcony. It provides a convenient wide stair assembly. The ground floor also houses the second exit to the veranda. This home is perfect for a large family for a comfortable country holiday.

Projects of houses with attic 9 of 9

№3 project. Small and at the same time a functional one-storey house with living-dining room and an office on the first floor. attic space occupies three adjoining rooms and a bathroom. In a simple form of the building made by a variety of bay window in the living room and a skylight with a flat roof. The house is perfect for both leisure and for work.

№4 project. Small house in a rustic style. On the ground floor is a living room with dining area, kitchen and toilet. The attic can be reached by a comfortable wide staircase. three bedrooms and a bathroom are provided here.

project №5. Functional one-story house with an attic suitable for a large family. The project provides a spacious dining room, study, bathroom and kitchen on the ground floor, as well as three adjoining rooms and a bathroom on the attic level. Shape of the house complements the bay window on the first floor in the living-dining area and access to the balcony, and the window of yet another balcony and a gable roof.

Projects of houses with attic 9 10

№6 project. Budget Project home with a loft perfect for living and recreation. On the ground floor there is a large spacious living room (48.6 m2), which can simultaneously act and the role of the dining room. In the attic - three bedrooms, a bathroom and a spacious balcony.

№7 project. A simple one-story house with a functional layout for a family of five. A simple form is supplemented with a bay window and a balcony. Entrance through the hall leads into the hall, where the stairs to the loft and doors to all rooms of the first floor: living room, bathroom, kitchen and children. On the attic level - three bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and two walk-in closets, one of which is adjacent to the master bedroom.

Projects of houses with attic and garage

№8 project. Selecting the design of the house with a loft and a garage, you will save money on the construction work by combining the main walls. In addition, the solution "two in one" reduces the cost of heating the garage thanks to the warm walls of the house. And besides, there is no need to go out in bad weather, to get to the garage - the main part of the house is connected to the garage through the pantry. Large windows make the house bright and two small terraces contribute to a pleasant rest in the air.

The project №9. The design of this comfortable home provides installation-detached house in the mirror design. The distinguishing feature of this construction is simple garage roof, which extends over the front terrace, and is supported by three wooden beams. Exterior finish wooden house stands framed classic windows. On the ground floor is a living room, open plan kitchen with dining area and bathroom, attic level is occupied by two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Garage directly connected to the house by means of a folding ladder that saves space for storing tools and other necessary things.

The project is two-storey house with a loft: drawings and photos

Two-story house with an attic have a presentable appearance. These homes are designed for a comfortable country cottage or rest. As a general rule, plan two-storey house with a loft provides a location on the first level of the public rooms (it can be a living room, dining room, kitchen) and private apartments - on the second floor (master bedroom, bathroom, children). When choosing materials, we can focus on concrete, brick or wood. Possible combined variants wherein one floor made of timber, and another - of bricks. below is a №10 project, in our final selection.

I am interested in your project number №10. But I would like a little bit to change the size. Make a width of 11 m and a length of 15.7. If possible, could you send me about how it will look like? And about the second floor, where you can do with / to the master bedroom? Ground floor height 3.2 m, and the second 3.0 m can be done?

I am interested in your project number №10. How much is the project specifications and cost estimate of the brick house

Projects of single-storey houses with attic: Photos

Attic - is significant savings on building materials and works for the construction of a full second floor, an additional living room, study room, children's or guest room. The attic space is used efficiently and does not require special investments for the construction of walls, floors and interior finishes.

Detached house with a loft - a unique design of the interior layout and original appearance. Favorable decision regarding the construction material costs. Indeed, residential square footage increase, and the construction of additional capital walls is not required. Also, the savings is obvious, if the land is small in size. The main thing correctly created project.

Attic adds residential meters of the house, through the use of an additional layer. The room can be a great place to shop or for smoking rooms which are not always appropriate to the main part of the house. Subject to all the necessary technical regulations, attic structure reduces heat loss through the roof. The room can be arranged in an interesting, individual style, distinctive from the main house composition.

But there are difficulties. Dormers are not cheap, and the tilt angle and floor beams for an experienced designer look, not to get not very comfortable room. In addition, when a cluster of snow drifts will not be so easy to clean the windows, if they are mounted in a pitched roof. However, the advantages still more, and technological aspects can always be solved.

Features built one-storey house with attic

Simple garret storey house can be raised both from the foam blocks and with brick or timber. Given that the roof is exposed to the negative environmental exposure from the outside and inside a certain influence, it is necessary to take care about the quality of hydro, thermal, acoustic and vapor barrier. Ventilation should be sufficiently functional for what between the insulation and the roof need to leave space.

Be sure to have a strong truss system. The supporting structure is made of wood or metal profile (stone and concrete use is not necessary, it will create a high load on the overlap). Rafters arranged at an angle of 30-60 degrees.

All elements of the attic should be sturdy, but lightweight. The roof covering is best soft metal or tile, slate sheets. Since the metal conducts heat very well, in the cold room is not protected from severe heat loss. As the insulation is recommended to use mineral wool. Fences finish drywall. For internal baffles suitable plywood sheets or gypsum.

Even in small houses, the attic is always possible to build a very original and stylish: the window in the roof to do, add decorative beams. Particularly advantageous look designs where the roof has different inclination angle (not less than 38 degrees), it allows zonirovat room.

What is better for the attic of a private house

Exactly how it should be and what materials will be needed to arrange the attic, what size depends on several factors:

  • how many people will be staying in the room;
  • Purpose of the attic: an office, games room, bedroom;
  • Operating period: year round or just during the warm season;
  • designed as a roof (gable, domed, or hipped poluvalmovaya);
  • of which built the building itself (brick house, concrete blocks, cinder block, etc.);
  • the material used for the floor.

The fastest and easiest would be single-level attic under a gable roof. It requires a minimum of additional components. Gables in this case used as a space for vertical windows.

However, much of the area remains unused, so advantageous to equip the attic under the sloping roof. This will complicate the design and construction work, but all the space is used as efficiently as possible.

Most preferably under the mansard gambrel (hipped) roof. The construction is strong enough to not deform under the influence of external factors, is resistant to wind and snow. But if the building has a very small size, build a comfortable loft will not work.

Attic can become an ornament to the whole private home or be a functional addition. It will be equipped and located floor, depending on the wishes of the owners of the buildings and structures.

Photos of interesting projects of single-storey houses with a loft look here: - the company builds a unique SIP panels for different tastes!

House with a gable roof. The first floor presents one big bathroom, all the space above it is reserved for an attic. This is the most simple and low-end solution, if through the window enters enough light and no need for additional sources of daylight in the roof. Staircase in this case placed outside the house, which saves space. This option is suitable for a country house without a garage.

The house with an attic and a terrace. It can also be considered as a variant of a country holiday, and as a full house. In this case, terrace should not necessarily be located on the attic floor. Drawing on the photo below.

But it is also nice terrace will look as an element of the attic floor

Pretty simple design combining the attic above the garage. Ergonomic, easy to use and does not take extra square meters of land. The staircase can be installed in a garage, and in the main part of the house. In the first case, the owner of the car receives a complete autonomy, which is important, if to take a house to rent. But the design of such buildings requires consultation of a professional architect to properly distribute the weight on all the design elements.

Attic in the cottage from a bar. Such houses are indispensable for a large family. Or even a few couples.

you can combine all if desired: a loft on the first floor and the terrace above the garage.

Project bmozhet look.

A huge variety of projects of any kind of complexity you can find the online store "House project"

Technical requirements for the attic

Coverage of the roof must be durable, yet lightweight, so it's best to choose ondulin or metal roofing.

The attic floor is more susceptible to heat loss and condensation occurrence, and thus on the heat, waterproofing and good ventilation is not worth saving.

Internal walls of the attic is preferably made of drywall, wood and metal profiles in order to reduce the load on the intermediate floors.

From whatever material is the roof was made on sound insulation it requires a lot of money. Make a bad bargain, and the sounds of rain, wind and falling snow will be heard strongly enough.

Line intersection inclined or sloping roofs and facade must be located at about 150 cm relative to the floor of the attic. When the recommended distance "floor-ceiling" - not less than 2.5 m for premises, in the attic space with such parameters should be 50% or more of the entire premises.

In general, the attic can be built in any one-story house, but it is better to design its layout in advance, even at the stage of creating the future structure of the plan.

The project for a house with an attic and a garage

The beautiful design of the house with an attic and a garage will not be too expensive, if the original to determine the construction plan and the necessary squaring of all premises.

If you build a house, a total area of ​​111.9 m 2 and a living - 70,60 m2, plus garage - 17,80 m 2, on the development of individual projects will need to spend 10-25 thousand rubles..

Depending on the destination, you can build a loft above the garage or just use the entire floor area of ​​the box. What are the projects of single-storey houses with a loft, a photo is shown below. Ready to plan with a loft, excluding the territory allocated for the garage and in the absence of the basement:

The projection of the first floor

The projection of attic floor

In this case, the entire burden falls only on the load-bearing walls of the house of the box.

The angle of inclination of the roof at a regulated 42-43 degrees, the ridge height - 8.0 m attic Size -. 32 m 2, which may be divided into three rooms, stairwells, a bathroom, a closet and a front.

The project for a simple one-story house

Home of the foam block with an area of ​​139-140 m2 without garage and basement, ground floor and basement, the attic floor project may look modest and unassuming, the maximum saving space for any purpose.

In small homes, to have more additional living space, arrange the attic space for a comfortable stay possible, and above the box and the house should be a garage. The only exception - the vast cellars. Then you better be confined to that part of the structure, where they do not exist.

Roof system for the home from a bar with a gable roof

In the first place, the slope of the roof must match the climatic conditions of the region. Where often fall heavy precipitation, the roof must have a sharp slope of 50-80 degrees.

In areas with high intensity winds, on the contrary, suitable sloping roof, which will help reduce the pressure on the roof structure.

For truss systems must be installed under the attic mauerlatov. It beams 10x10 cm that provide the load distribution on the entire surface of the roof which it covers. Mauerlat placed under the rafter foot or mounted along the length of the entire building. Usually wooden structures are used, but if the roof is expected to make a metal roof covering, use mauerlat of metal sheets.

The cross section of the beam is shown in the photo below.

All that is required for the construction of the attic, determine the size of the room and its purpose, to develop a project to study the necessary materials, the number and you can start the construction.

A cozy house with a loft: projects, photos of interiors and tips

Structure with an attic floor - a very practical and attractive idea for an individual site. Spending on equipping residential attic is smaller than for the construction of a full floor in the house there will be additional square footage. For the suburban area the best option - a house with an attic. Projects Photo of successful interiors and recommendations experienced builders - in our material.

Even a small attic transform the facade of the house and make it unique

Under the loft meant living space under the roof. Roof arrangement for a residential attic should have a double slope such that the height of the attic space was not less human growth at the highest point.

The optimum height of two meters twenty centimeters

The outer wall of a residential attic is composed of two planes: vertical and inclined. The vertical part of the construction of the base material at home, inclined - is made up of blood rafters and inner skin.

The ratio of vertical and inclined portion depends on the project

During the construction of private homes, many owners think about the question: to give preference to the full floor or attic?

Advantages and disadvantages of country houses with attic: projects with a full floor loft or apartment?

The main argument in favor of the attic floor is always given the cheapness of its arrangement. Is it really? Lower costs due to the use of the roof frame structure. In practice, the greater the roof and, consequently, more space for frame plating the advantageous loft.

But remember, no matter how spacious loft was not, in any case he takes up less floor area than the present floor. So, to make the attic room fit for living, it is necessary to provide for such area of ​​the first floor to the attic, it exceeded at least twice.

Another thing that complicates the task of residential loft arrangement requires a complex configuration of the roof and tie special skylights

That in the attic to create a normal climate, it is necessary to provide a ventilation system with forced air supply. All these costs will fall an additional burden during the construction. And in fact, the savings would not be such a large.

Supporters say the attic of building, that houses such "curly" roofs look attractive. And designers add that the improvement of a residential loft has many original solutions.

One such solution, for example, the installation of the large windows directly into the sloping part of the roof. If you put in a room the bedroom at night you can admire the starry sky without getting out of bed

Zealous owners do not like when something is going to waste. Including - attic space. Some make it a dump useless things. But in fact, there can accommodate a full-fledged office, studio, bedroom or children's room.

Opponents of such stewardship reminded that active exploitation of the space under the roof worsens the condition of the roof structure and considerably complicates its repair.

For your information! Psychologists warn that the low ceilings of the attic makes a person feel in a confined space, adversely affecting his psyche. Particularly susceptible nature may even feel asthma attacks because of low ceilings and the beveled walls. It is worth thinking about this fact when planning children's room in the attic.

Supporters full second floor lead comparison:

In spite of all of these disputes, the projects of country houses with attic and porch or garage are very popular. This is not surprising, since gaining immense popularity frame construction offers many options just such buildings with a large usable area and a variety of layouts. Consider the photo projects of houses with attics more.

Video: All of the attic, the pros and cons

Projects of cottages for 6 acres. Photo examples of beautiful and compact cottages with recommendations on the choice of layout in a separate publication from our website.

Tips on building one-story house with a loft: a photo of original ideas

Furnishing residential attic mostly concerned about the owners of small holiday cottages. Before deciding on such a project, ask them to stay with their friends, the owners of a similar design. Suddenly you suddenly feel claustrophobic or against yourself impressed by the skylights through which you can watch the clouds?

If you doubt the wisdom of the organization of the living room in this place, think about alternatives

Here, if you wish, you can place a wardrobe, a creative workshop, boiler room, gym.

Here are options for organizing attic space:

Special demand is project-storey house with a garage and an attic. This layout is extremely convenient. Especially such an option appreciate residents of the northern regions, which know what the machine to warm up on a cold day. When the garage under the same roof as the house, even if there is no central heating, the temperature will be significantly higher than outside. And the car will be securely protected from all the vagaries of the weather.

During the construction of such a project is necessary to provide all of the security measures: the presence of vestibule space and high-quality ventilation systems

How are projects of houses with attic of foam blocks

Projects of houses with attic of foam blocks, a photo of which you are presented, are very popular among individual developers of housing. The reasons for this demand is that this material the house is very functional and look thoroughly and luxurious. The cost of construction of such a structure is lower than the construction costs of a brick house.

Due to the attic floor usable floor area is greatly increased while costs are generally lower than for the construction of a full second floor of foam blocks

Advantages of structures made of foam blocks:

  • perfect geometric shape blocks allow you to create a solid and smooth masonry with a minimum of seams of a few millimeters;
  • block sizes exceed the size of a brick, so that the construction will be carried out at an accelerated pace;
  • foamed concrete differs high energy efficiency, and requires no additional insulation;
  • material does not emit toxic compounds for the human body;
  • foam is not flammable, does not support mold growth and is not afraid of insects;
  • units are not deformed by moisture or temperature changes;
  • the material has a long service life.

The technology of construction of structures with an attic has some distinctive features. First of all, the attic frame is made of carefully dried wood.

High-quality wood material will not deform during operation

It is important to choose the right insulation. For attics suitable mineral wool or basalt slabs. These heaters have proven themselves in practice.

Outside and inside the roof sheathed different materials. Outside the stacked metal or soft roof. On the inner side frame is sheathed with plywood or OSB plates.

For your information! Typical projects are very comfortable and cost less individual. But within the framework of individual design it can provide many nuances: for example, construction of convenient stairs for the elderly and disabled or placing a winter garden or working room in the attic.

In typical projects are rarely laid decorative treatment of the facade.

The issue resolves itself wall builder

Foam blocks can simply be painted, plastered or used for facade finishing material: tiles, siding, stone.

The best projects of houses with attic: a photo with the drawings

Good residential project must take into account many factors:

  • climate of the area in which the construction will be carried out;
  • especially soil and terrain section;
  • the combination of home decorating with the surrounding buildings and terrain;
  • organizing the most comfortable living conditions for all family members, taking into account their age and individual needs.

The finished project home with a loft design professional architects with the participation of specialists narrow profile. It is important to consider not only the layout of the rooms, but especially the placement of engineering networks.

For suburban area suitable projects a small area 36 - 40 square meters. This space is sufficient to accommodate a kitchen and a spacious living room on the ground floor and two compact bedrooms or study room in the attic. Home to more than 60 square meters and can accommodate a spacious living room, bedroom and kitchen on the ground floor and rooms on the second.

Case Study House 70 square meters

For large homes would be ideal construction of terraces, which can be accessed from the attic floor. Top is a magnificent view of the countryside.

Where you can comfortably relax and use the covered terrace for family dinners or friendly get-togethers

Suburban house with attic: 6x6 layout

House plan with a minimum not just the area. holiday home project 6x6 with a loft - the best choice. In this case, you are not 36, and at least 50 square meters of living space.

Planning example house 6x6

If the cottage is needed only for seasonal visits, such a space is enough for a small family. Over time, the house can make an addition, if the number of family members increases. What should be taken into account in the project at home with a loft 6x6:

  • maximum use each square centimeter;
  • the number of people visiting the house at the same time;
  • age family members;
  • visiting frequency suburban area.

When the layout of the house 6 to 6 with a loft is important to use all the space for maximum benefit. Traditionally, the center has a spacious living room with access to the bathroom and the kitchen. All of these rooms are fully occupy the first floor. That it was not crowded, pick up a compact furniture.

The best choice will be the subject transformers, easily converted into beds. If you were late on a summer residence guests, place them on the night will not be difficult

The kitchen must have two entrances: from the room and from the yard. Table layout in summer arbor much simpler, and cook on a hot day it will be easier, wide open access to the garden.

Bedrooms in this embodiment, located in the attic. You can do two full master bedroom and children.

For bathrooms quite four square meters. If the cottage is visited in the summer, outside shower can be organized in the courtyard. Fans warm up tied for the bathhouse area. If you do not include a shower or bath in the house, you can leave for the toilet three square meters. Washing machine at the same time set in the kitchen.

Frame houses with attic (6x6 projects) do not provide an internal staircase. They are placed outside. This technique also allows you to save a lot of space. Storage space in the house should provide compact mezzanine.

Here is a sample plan with attic houses 6 to 6:

Specificity layout of houses 9 9 with a loft: Photo of successful solutions

The house is a total area of ​​eighty square meters - a popular project. Builders say that this project has an optimal ratio of cost and comfort of living. Classical layout includes a bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom on the first floor and another two or three rooms in the attic. They can be used as an extra bedroom or organize them in an office, a creative workshop and a spacious wardrobe.

An example of the classic 9x9 designed homes

Another room layout option - in the layout of the house 8 to 10 with a loft. Photo example of such a plan:

The house 8x10

What you should know about the layout of the house 10 to 10 with a loft: a photo of the best ideas

One hundred square meters on the ground floor and another on the second and seventy - in this house can accommodate a large family constantly. Here there is a place for separate rooms for children, the parents' bedroom, a study, a spacious living room and kitchen. From the side of the house does not look great. Projects 10x10 house with an attic of the foam block the impression of a compact placement on the site. But this is exactly the case when the external impression is deceptive.

There is enough space not only for the placement of bathrooms on each floor, but even for the organization of a sauna or bath-house in the house. Convenient staircase with wide aisles will raise the bulky furniture easily.

Podlestnichnoe space should be used for storing things

In such a house typically provide a separate room for the boiler. If the house of foam blocks have ground floor, laundry, heating appliances, storage for equipment and home zakatok placed here.

The house 10x10

Projects of frame houses. In this article we take a closer look at what is the advantage of these constructions, technologies varieties, the average prices of construction, original designs, tips and much more.

Examples of the interior decoration of homes with a loft inside: photo

Even a small attic can arrange so that it will fit everything you need. Sloping ceiling plane partially conceal the general area, but you can use them for stylish design of the room.

If you paint the rafters in contrasting shades - they will be stylish details

Projects small houses with attic usually involve placement on the second floor bedroom. The holiday version is logical to use natural wood finish.

To the room did not seem dark, put a bright furniture and use bright accessories and textiles

If the attic occupies a large area, the task is simplified. Nishi between the rafters can be used as elements of zoning. In one - to place the bed in the other - the desktop window or sofa to relax. On the question of placing a child's room in the attic is to approach very carefully.

Recall that sloped ceilings can cause discomfort in the child. It should be possible to compensate for this factor by the skilful use of colors and materials

If the attic study room will be located, it is important to consider the lighting.

Maximum natural light and comfortable furniture will be an additional stimulus to creativity

Another idea of ​​the house plan with a loft (pictured below) - accommodation wardrobe. Here you can build a compact and convenient storage.

Walk-in closet in the attic

House with a loft: photos, projects and main conclusions

Thus, we examined in detail all the features of the design with an attic floor. What are their advantages? Attic is possible to equip already once built and inhabited the first floor. When planning the construction, just contemplate the roof of the desired shape. This may be for the future.

The attic floor can be attached at any time

Using quality materials and proven insulation - the key to success. The attic floor is at least one and a half times increase the usable area of ​​the house. Here you can place the room with a different purpose. Agree, it is better to use this space to good use than to turn it into a dusty attic!

Now, as time, we are under construction in Crimea house with a loft, an 6x6 layout. The idea with a loft, fully my husband was at first strongly opposed, but yielding to my entreaties, we are building with a loft).

Monitors information across the Internet, browse ready supply projects of country houses with attic. They decided to build his house. Until she found another "home Sway dreams", but inspired many ideas.

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