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Hot-melt adhesive gun for: characteristics, application reviews

Hotmelt for pistol is a substance which becomes viscous structure when heated to a certain temperature. Solid state after it receives the full cooling.

An extensive area of ​​use, fast time to consolidate and ensure the universality of the popularity of this tool. The shape of its release can be any - pillows, blocks, pellets and rods, which have gained the most widespread and have a variety of diameters and sizes. The main advantage is the ability to use the bonded elements after a few minutes. Before you choose a hot melt adhesive to the gun, the characteristics of which depend on the form, you need to buy a tool with which it is used. Of course, working with this tool is possible without a special gun. For example, by heating a candle or soldering. But this, at least, uncomfortable.

Glue sticks are suitable for any Content, including for textiles, paper, cardboard, metal, wood, plastic and others. The exception is the PVC, plaster and concrete. With all the other materials, the tool provides a strong bond. Hot hot melt glue gun for divided by the diameter. The most common are 11 and 7 mm. There are many other dimensions. The choice of one or another depends on the existing gun. Stickers can also be of different lengths: in the range from 4 to 20 cm.

Hotmelt for the pistol, the characteristics of which may be different for certain materials. He is represented by a variety of shades. All kinds of different material properties and component composition. The most widely purchased white transparent sticker due to its versatility. It can be found in any store of the relevant goods. It is suitable for use with any base. Therefore, this option is best in domestic use, and creating crafts. Transparent yellow composition is used with cardboard, paper and wood.

The category also includes variants of the universal with all shades except black. Extensive color version allows you to choose a hot melt adhesive to the gun, which corresponds to the panel components. For example, when working with a red vase, to get the invisible joints, you must take the red cartridge. Opaque white stickers are suitable for bonding the white base and the elements in the style of a metal or glass. When purchasing should pay attention to the properties. But as a rule, shade performs only a decorative function, and the adhesive mass is universal. Hotmelt to 11 mm gun "Bison" gray and black color can act as an insulating material and sealant. It is optimally suited for sealing connecting joints and insulation.

The melting point is no less important characteristic. In some rods it is 150 degrees. Another sufficient for the lower temperature. It is worth noting that for locations characterized by low heat, should be chosen less hot melt adhesive. When you select must take into account the characteristics of Thermo and used for materials. Hot melt adhesive applied to the gun may be a variety of tools:

  • An adhesive roller or head.
  • Special machine or applicator.
  • The foot pedal is used for professional applications equipment.
  • Household glue gun.

The greatest prevalence of acquired ethylene vinyl acetate compositions. They allow you to work with different bases, including fabrics, ceramics, a certain type of metal, plastic, wood and paper. There is also poliofinolovy hot melt glue gun for the application of which is necessary for subjects who find themselves under the influence of a broad range of temperatures. Chemical formula provides cleaning bath, the nozzle and the whole tool system of the composition, which was used previously. The funds on this basis are more resistant, thus acquired the electronic distribution, packaging and automotive industries. They can be used for a light-metal foil, leather, hard wood and other materials, characterized by the presence of synthetic resins and particulate.

Adhesive belonging to the category of pressure sensitive means maintains the stickiness. Scope extensive. It includes trudnoskleivaemye plane. It is used in construction, the automotive industry, as well as to work with large surfaces. Hotmelt for pistol (black or any other color) with medium pressure sensitivity adhesive maintains the plane for 5 minutes. This is the best option for connecting elements unstable to heat, and large surfaces.

There are many different characteristics. But, first of all, you must start from the alleged material. This can be a polypropylene with the addition of aluminum, spunbond, plastic, laminated surface with paper and cardboard from ultraviolet lacquer. You also need to take into account the consequent impact on the material. For example, taken into account transport, contact with food and water temperature.

For reliable fastening a special role is played by such characteristics as color, setting time, viscosity structure. mass feed rate may be varied. Methods of application is divided into automatic and manual. In addition, for each type of bases of different shapes suitable composition: tablets, pads, blocks, pins. Speed ​​training for mass and its fluidity is directly dependent on the rod melting standards. As a rule, the tool is designed to work with a certain type of composition. Some professional versions have function of temperature change.

Hotmelt for pistol picture which is presented above, can have different viscosities depending on the distribution method. Formulations with dense structure disk applied or rolling method, a nozzle or a nozzle suitable for low-viscosity material. It requires compliance with the relevant duty cycle of equipment and setting time. Also, when it becomes necessary to replace the foundations for bonding have to make sure that it is not necessary to replace the adhesive itself. The bars from different manufacturers may have different component composition. Therefore, they should not be mixed. Otherwise, it may change the structure and characteristics.

Hotmelt for pistol, whose melting temperature depends on the composition, it refers to a category of substances having an average degree of danger. It is characterized by low toxicity. However, vapor entering the respiratory tract may contribute to the short-term central nervous system depression. Short-term use does not require equipment protection tools. It is desirable to ensure the ventilation of the room. Also worth noting lesions, which may result from the method of operation. In particular, it burns arise in contact with the molten composition to the skin.

Hotmelt Akfix, according to buyers, has a dense structure, which simplifies use. He firmly holds the surface, but eventually becomes yellow. On rods Rexant ratings mainly positive. Their main advantage is the low consumption. they also significantly accelerate the process of work. Glue gun for "Bison" as users report, is distinguished by the convenient packaging, low cost and the quality of the connection.

How to choose a hot-melt?

Recent years, the market can see and hear a lot about the new form of glue - hotmelt. It is heated with a temperature and in this form applied to the bonding surfaces. After drying, we get a very high-quality dock. And best of all, that the glue can be just about anything, and cooling takes place virtually instantaneously. Glued parts can be used after five minutes. And all these wonders reality that gave us civilization.

And before you start to learn to choose the new adhesive, is to talk about the title and the tool facilitates the work of melting. For practicality, no one is using hot-melt glue gun without. You can, of course, a soldering iron to heat the substance or over a candle, but ideally only interlining gun is humane. Similarly, it is necessary to educate and possible synonyms of the new substance. The term "hot-melt" is not always possible to meet in terms of online shopping and you do not always understand the sellers. The most popular name for the new material - "glue sticks". It happens that the hot melt adhesive cartridges called for Melt, hot glue or a sticker. All are one and the same, so we will in the article to manipulate all popular names.

1. Getting to penetrate.

As already mentioned, the hot melt adhesive can glue all. In detail, our list will be endless. For bonding suitable plastic, glass, wood, metal, tiles, cardboard, paper, cloth, m. D. It is better if we point out that it can not be glued thermal adhesive, which is concrete, plaster and some kinds of fabrics and PVC, recent exceptions very-very rare in the economy. To the rest of the melted glue stick clings "to the death". But it all depends on the color, but about it will be discussed later.

2. The first selection criterion glue sticks - diameter.

All glue sticks can be first divided by the diameter. The most popular sizes: 7 and 11 mm. There is a little thinner, thicker, there are other dimensions, but the most popular and choose glue sticks, only need based on the size of your glue gun. If Melt not buy it at first, and after that continue to choose from. By the way, we have the material "How to choose the glue gun" and it will help with this issue.

3. The length of the glue sticks.

Who figured in diameter, must also understand that the length of the rods, too, is different, often 4-20 cm. And then again have to rely on their Melt, that it will indicate that you need to buy.

4. Selection of the adhesive web of color.

We came to the most important selection criteria glue sticks - choice as hot-melt color. There are a number of types of glue sticks, and they all differ in composition and adhesive properties. Every now we consider separately.

4.1. Universal transparent glue sticks.

When you ask the store hot melt adhesive, the more likely you will get clear, white rod. He is the most popular, because it is universal. It is suitable for bonding any materials. And to create a home crafts or something to sometimes stick in the house, this choice will be quite enough.

4.2. Not transparent, colored rods.

Any color other than black, but not necessarily transparent, it is also a universal hot melt glue. Here, color plays a role not marked, but just being able to be customized to the color of the adhesive part. For example, repair the green plastic box, take the green pin and get an inconspicuous area of ​​the joint. Just be sure they should be opaque, other colors with a slightly transparent structure it is color-coded.

4.3. White opaque bars.

White opaque stickers can be universal and to glue the white part or a special glass and metal. When purchasing be sure to look at the characteristics, but in most cases the color here will act as a marker, and a hot glue will be calculated precisely by working with glass and metal objects. But this does not deprive them of their property, glued plastic, just better, they fit precisely under these materials.

4.4. Yellow transparent rods.

For working with wood, cardboard and paper, necessary to select yellow transparent hot melt adhesive, a color marker indicates exactly such an application. Just recall that the adhesive is yellow and not transparent, it's just a color universal analog.

4.5. Black or gray glue sticks.

Black and gray hot melt adhesive is designed to work in two ways: as a sealant and as an insulating material. These rods can be carried out insulation and seal seams.

To continue, we might still, but it's basic labeling, and even they are not considered the norm. Therefore it is better to look at the packaging and read there, for any material rods are provided. And take into account the technical passport records are very important, because the physical properties of the adhesive are different. Some glue sticks can slightly bend, the other at a bend - broken.

5. Selection of hotmelt temperature.

Other properties refer hotmelt temperature operation. Some rods are melted at a temperature of about 100 degrees, the other - you need more than 150. It is clear that the gluing places where there is little heat, need high-rods, so that this option is also important. The main thing is not to buy a sticker with a melting point higher than that calculated your Melt. And choosing the glue sticks, only the parameters of your glue gun and application areas.

That's all, the theme is not complicated and is quite understandable. It remains only to read the article "How to choose the glue gun," and you can already go to the store to shop. Hot melt adhesives are not enough, they are rarely counterfeited, so there's nothing to be afraid of, buy immediately with different colors and try as it is better to glue.

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Good article, but forgot to mention that working with different colors is more convenient having a separate pistol under a single color, without changing the rod back and forth with the heating chamber and cleaning 🙂 ..

What is the composition of the hot melt? What structures for any material is preferable? Is it possible to glue a flexible PVC?

Rods glue gun. Choose the right!

Using a glue gun, working with polymer rods in demand in many areas. The gun is a versatile tool that can reliably ensure the fixation of various items and parts. Rods cement gun are consumables. Typically, most polymeric claimed bars 11 mm thick and 7 mm.

Characteristics and features using rods

In the absence of specific requirements during the work, bonding surfaces is performed pistols standard size. Therefore, the sale of material diameters 7 and 11 millimeters are more common, the price of which is not high enough. These rods have the following characteristics:

  • Visual material is almost transparent.
  • Furthermore diameter rods cement gun vary in length. This parameter can be up to 300 millimeters.
  • The material has sufficient bending strength and does not break.
  • When stored at room temperature should be observed.
  • Compliance with the storage and operating conditions allows for an unlimited period of use of the material.

The bars are a universal structure that can be applied in many fields of activity. Typically, practically any material can be glued rods 11 mm and 7 mm. In some cases, the black bars are used, allowing to achieve invisibility of adhesive on the surfaces of the corresponding color.

Except for the application of adhesive surface are requiring high adhesion. Some types of polymeric materials is also impossible to glue gun.

The choice of bars for glue gun

Diameter and dimensions are the basic requirements to the terminals. In most cases, the material thickness of 11 mm or 7 mm solutions suitable for typical tasks. Rod length is determined gun parameters. In commercially available rods whose length ranges from 40 to 300 millimeters. Accordingly, the price of the material is increased depending on the size of rod.

If the quality compound special requirements, the material selection is performed accordingly. The black rods are used when it is necessary to maximize the identity seam the surface. Special formulations applied at elevated requirements for stiffness design. Bonding dissimilar materials are also possible using special adhesive stamps.

When selecting an adhesive accounted for color coding. Opaque structure is versatile and suitable for use in most cases. The translucent material having a certain hue, has a special meaning. White and black rods glue gun also are universal and are intended for general use.

Cylinders opaque white color and texture are used for bonding of metal and glass. Translucent materials are suitable for working with wood, paper, and combinations thereof. Black bars characterized insulating and sealing properties, are therefore used for the processing elements under voltage and for strengthening the seams.

When working with materials which heat up considerably during operation, special adhesives are used. Such rods are high-temperature and does not lose its characteristics with significant heating. Typically, the market offers cylinders with melting temperature of about 100 or 150 degrees. The choice is determined by a rod or other current needs.

Selection cylinder diameter of 11 mm or 7 mm is produced on the basis of the characteristics of the hotmelt gun. Diameter, melting point, fluidity of the material and its rate of melting are the main criteria for selection.

Materials for the production of rods

Despite its name, the rods do not contain adhesive. The cylinders consist of a thermoplastic polymer which melts when heated and solidifies when cooled. Traditional pistols work with two kinds of rods.

Ethylene-cylinders are melted at a temperature of about 80 degrees. The polymer was very light and flexible. When heating material has high flowability and adhesiveness. The use of such a composition provides a weld resistance to moisture and chemical agents.

Polyamide rods have a higher stiffness and strength. Such materials are melted at a temperature of about 150 degrees. Accordingly rods suitable for use handguns, providing the necessary heating temperature. The composition of this type has a disadvantage. In constant contact with moisture, the material strength decreases.

By purchasing rods glue gun is necessary to take into account the main characteristics of the material. In addition, you should buy the material with a margin. The total price will not change, and the rods do not run out at the wrong time. In commercially available materials in different colors, dimensions, and composition that provides an extensive range of applications of glue guns.

When buying, it is desirable to study the technical information provided on the packaging. As a rule, it contains complete information on the composition of the rod and how to use it. The study of data and consultation with the manager saves the buyer from errors. In this case, working with a gun will not cause difficulties at work.

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