Clay CMC

Clay CMC

CMC glue - the product of the chemical industry and the result of processing wood pulp. CMC Abbreviation translated as carboxymethylcellulose. Simply put, the glue

CMC - is the glue that is produced on the basis of high-quality cotton pulp and intended for gluing of all types of wall-paper on a paper basis. Sodium carboxymethylcellulose, on which promoted CMC glue, is an environmentally friendly product with excellent dissolution rates.

Clay CMC is versatile and is designed for sticking and nemoyuschihsya washable wallpaper on paper, vinyl, fabric and paper basis on concrete, plaster, stone, wood and other non-metallic surfaces.

CMC glue is a white or cream powder material, a fine-grained or fibrous structure. The latter are used for bonding only thick wallpaper. The main difference adhesives for wallpaper lungs and heavier - at a concentration of carboxymethylcellulose: the higher it is, the greater the viscosity of the adhesive.

Main technical characteristics of CMC glue

The dry matter content not less than 57%;

The content of the active substance to the total volume solids of no less than 69%;

Sodium chloride content to the total solids content of 20%;

Moisture content is not more than 12%;

Swelling time until a smooth consistency - no more than 2 hours;

Viability 4% solution is not less than 7 days.

To prevent decay in its composition paste was added aluminum potassium alum or carbolic acid, and is used as an insecticide and an antiseptic preservative borax. CMC glue possesses antifungal properties (in fining prevents the appearance of mold surfaces) and contributes to the destruction indoor household insects. Clay CMC fireproof and non-toxic. Sometimes it is used as an additive in the mortar, chalk fillers or cement to increase their strength, and even used in the manufacture of silicate bricks.

CMC glue is by far one of the most popular and sought-after product in the construction and repair. Also, an important role is played by its relatively low cost when weighty and proven virtues.

Features and benefits of CMC glue

CMC glue possesses excellent adhesive properties;

Do not leave stains on the outside of the wallpaper;

No odor;

It is an environmentally friendly product;

It does not allow the formation of mold;

Easily prepared for use;

It mixes well with other ingredients (starch, soap, gelatine) without changing their color;

It has high levels of output and efficiency.

Areas of application of glue CMC

Oil and gas industry - is used as protective colloid - stabilizer vysokomineralizovannyh clay suspensions, adjusts the properties of drilling fluids;

Textile Industry - sizing of warp yarns;

Mining & mining and chemical industry - in the flotation beneficiation of copper-nickel and sylvinite ores;

Foundry - is used as core binders;

Construction industry - as an adhesive material for the manufacture of paint compositions, adhesive putty;

Papermaking - as a basis for wallpaper adhesive, in the preparation of coatings on paper, as an additive to paper stock for increasing paper strength.

CMC wallpaper - glue, time-tested

For many years one of the most popular materials for finishing the interior are the wallpaper. And the most popular means of mounting adhesives is CMC. He not only firmly and permanently secures the blade to the wall surface, but differs in one important quality: diluted in water virtually any temperature, which is not typical for other similar formulations. It is noteworthy that while in the adhesive liquid is not formed lumps, clumps and precipitate. This predetermined its specifications, performance and characteristics of the chemical structure.

adhesive name comes from its chemical composition. Basis acts substance called carboxymethyl cellulose. In order to ease the pronunciation of names and abbreviations manufacturers have created the acronym of the first letters of each of the three components of the words - CMC. Externally, the adhesive is a white powder, whose particles are small pellets.

In recent years he gained popularity for wallpaper glue CMC with auxiliary antiseptic qualities. This property gave him special additives. Now adhesive layer actively prevents the formation and growth of mold.

So, it is time to consider in more detail all the technical characteristics of the adhesive composition of the CMC:

  • amount of dry matter in the structure is from 57%;
  • fully dry substance contains not less than 69% of the active element;
  • sodium chloride content in the dry matter is 21%;
  • Product humidity - 12%;
  • period thorough swelling of the particles until a homogeneous mixture - not more than two hours;
  • operating properties of the finished solution are stored for 7 days.

Importantly, the wallpaper paste composition CMC included special additives impart insecticidal properties to it, as well as preventing its decay. However, the glue is completely harmless to our health, because its components are non-toxic.

Often it is added to the mixture for the tile assembly, as well as cement and chalk filler, which greatly increases their adhesive quality and strength.

color of the product - an important characteristic, it is necessary to pay attention when choosing the goods in the store. Adhesive powder produced in accordance with GOST standards, pure white color. Such a product is characterized by excellent quality, when combined with water, it forms a homogeneous mixture without lumps and precipitate.

Yellow tint is not allowed. It is commonly said that the glue is made artisanal way by unscrupulous manufacturers. In a similar product and quality related. They usually do not meet the standards of glue works, so that the result can be very upsetting. For example, on paper wallpaper after drying tread nasty yellow stains from which we can no longer get rid of, and you have to repeat all the work Wallcovering.

Tip! Despite the large variety of glue at hardware stores, be sure to carefully examine the item before purchasing. Pay particular attention to its color.

If you come to the description of CMC glue with the terms of its purpose, it is divided into three main groups:

  • for the installation of light thin wallpaper;
  • wallpaper average weight;
  • for thick heavy wallpaper.

Density and stickiness mixture and as a result, the ability to firmly attach weighty fabric depends on the amount of powder in the composition of the basic substance - carboxymethylcellulose. If it is a lot, then the solution is more viscous, and even heavy vinyl wallpaper securely hold out on the wall.

Advantages and main manufacturers CMC

Besides the already mentioned advantages (flexibility, ease of limiting dilution powder, reliability, germs and mold protection), CMC wallpaper glue has the following advantages:

  • stains and stains on the wallpaper surface is possible;
  • repellent smell completely absent;
  • glue is very easy to prepare and use;
  • It means successfully combined with other chemical compounds.

The building materials market is widely featured products of this kind, both domestic and foreign production. Russian glue CMC has distinctive features such as the affordable price and satisfactory performance. However, it swells usually for 2 hours, which is acceptable from the point of view of GOST.

The cost of production of foreign production is much higher. At the same time, preparing a solution quickly, within 15 minutes after dilution it can already be used for gluing wallpaper.

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular in Russia glue for wallpaper manufacturers CMC is "TC" Vympel "" LLC, operating in the Moscow region. All its products are provided with the necessary certificates.

Features of the application of CMC glue

Consider what you need to know about preparing the glue mixture. Already it has been verified experimentally that in this procedure there is nothing strange in, and everyone is able to perform all the actions himself.

  1. First of all, you need to prepare an enamel container: a bucket, bowl, or something like that. Take packaged adhesive and look on the wrapper recommendations for cooking.
  2. Each package is specific information on the amount of dry glue and water, which is required to take in order to prepare an adhesive solution correctly. Typically, when working with thin wallpaper 500 g of powder is taken 8 liters of water. For bonding dense webs for the same amount of adhesive solid must take 7 liters of water.
  3. Water should be at room temperature.
  4. Looking instructions contained in ratio gradually begin to rub the adhesive powder into the water, vigorously stirring liquid continuously.
  5. The solution was allowed to rest for the time specified in the instructions, look up to full readiness.

Tip! Information on the consumption of finished adhesive specified by the manufacturer in the relevant memo on the packaging.

Typically, the packaging weight of 500 g is sufficient for pasting surface area of ​​approximately 50 square meters.

As we have already said, it is necessary to choose type of CMC glue with such specifications that are optimally suited to the type of wallpaper that you want to paste.

In addition to carrying out repairs in the home, such a composition is suitable for decoration of offices, industrial premises, as well as for production purposes:

  • foundry;
  • construction, finishing and production of construction materials;
  • chemical industry;
  • the mining industry.

The popularity of wallpaper glue CMC decreases from year to year is not knowing specifics of working with him, you are pre-protected from possible errors and defects in the repairs in the apartment.

Clay CMC: the composition and characteristics of use

Modern wallpaper glues are nothing like the ones that were used a few years ago. Previously, before pasting wallpaper had to spend the whole cooking process mixture, today, this process takes just a few minutes. Share adhesive solutions into two types depending on whether the foundation was chosen - specially treated starch or wood chips. The most popular today CMC glue for wallpaper. What are its advantages? What are the technical characteristics of CMC glue? On this and many other things on.

Wallpaper glue CMC - is the result of processing in the factory of wood chips (see photo.). It is suitable for bonding to concrete, stone, plaster, wood and other surfaces than metal all kinds of wallpaper, virtually on any basis, and they can be both washable and non-washable. Adhesive Composition CMC - beige or white powder in the form of small grains or fibers. The difference in these powders tsellyulozoglikolevoy acid concentration (longer than it is, the heavier solution wallpaper can withstand).

What are the characteristics of the adhesive CMC 75v? powder content in the solution is at least 55%, and sodium chloride - 20% of the total volume of the mixture solution in water - less than 12%. From the beginning of a solution to obtain a uniform mass extends no more than 2 hours. To prevent contamination of the mixture in its composition is added hydroxybenzene or aluminum potassium sulfate. As an additive for destroying harmful insects uses sodium tetraborate and antiseptic.

Thanks to the wallpaper glue CMC presented characteristics protected against mold and mildew on the surface of the fabric they will never appear, and it will not be disturbed insects. That is why it is often added to a mixture of putty and concrete solutions, as well as manufacturers sometimes use white and colored bricks. To date, adhesive mortar extra CMC - one of the most popular in the repair and construction. It is made by both domestic and overseas factories, for example, Pennant, Omega, Mallow, Politsell and others.

Why is it a mixture of so widely used? In addition to the low cost of it, according to the manufacturers, it offers even more advantages:

  • reliability;
  • environmental cleanliness;
  • lack of odor;
  • lack of need for high processing temperatures;
  • ease of preparation and application;
  • protection against mold and mildew;
  • good compatibility with other substances, such as starch, soap, gelatine, no discoloration;
  • protection against insects;
  • efficiency and low consumption;
  • lack of spots on the wallpaper.

Wallpaper glue CMC Extra thanks to many "pluses" is used in many household and industrial spheres of human life:

  • in the textile industry;
  • in oil and gas drilling fluids as the regulator properties (adhesive drilling);
  • in the mining industry;
  • during construction, as an additive in paint formulations, filler and as a bonding agent;
  • in the manufacture of ceramics as a binder mixture;
  • in the paper industry to create the adhesive layer or imparting special paper strength;
  • in the manufacture of matches;
  • in the production of synthetic detergents;
  • as a basis for the production of façade and waterborne paints;
  • in the manufacture of artificial fur;
  • in the paint industry as a thickener;
  • foundries;
  • for various biological studies as an ion exchanger sorbitol and etc.

Manufacturers provide detailed instructions on how to properly prepare the wallpaper glue CMC extra from chips with their hands. In fact it's very simple. To prepare an adhesive solution CMC 75v wallpaper (see photo.) Must be:

  • take capacity: basin, bucket, etc .;
  • carefully read the instructions on the package, which will indicate in what proportion the mixture was diluted with water;
  • warmed to room temperature water;
  • pour water into the container and gradually adding to it the powder, stirring constantly composition;
  • when the proportions are met, the resulting solution was mixed thoroughly and leave to rest until tender.

It must be remembered that the adhesive should be selected depending on what type of wallpaper will be used and on what surface it is applied. Only in this way can achieve maximum effect.

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