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The design of a country house

In the soul of each person living architect or even a repairman. Only this can explain the desire if not to build a "dream home", then at least give your dwelling some of his traits. A dream, of course, everyone is different and many people simply can not be done without a comprehensive plan of action and knowledge of the basic provisions of the home's interior design.

Creating a comfortable and beautiful home, of which you can safely say "my castle" begins with the selection of style design concept of the building itself, its key points (main rooms), and gardening area. So before you get started you need to create, on their own or with the help of specialists, project design interior of the house.

In the most general sense of interior design style house or apartment can be defined as the totality of perceptions for harmonious architectural features, decor and color solutions. They are formed under the influence of any national characteristics (Arabic, Japanese, English styles and so on.), Or the era of the development of society (minimalist, Victorian, Gothic styles). Enumerate all directions does not make sense, but it is necessary to characterize the most popular of them.

Geographically, this design style emerged in the south of France in the late 18th century and expressed the desire to join in the wealthy bourgeois aristocracy life. Provencal characteristic light "potropannost" when the situation seemed burned on the hot southern sun, and for some time was on the sea breeze.

In the modern interior design house in the "Provence" or the concept of "Southern France", the following techniques:

  • Priority of natural materials in the environment (wood, stone, clay tile, brick).
  • The color scheme consists of cool colors - lavender, mint, green, blue and others. They should be as though faded, or with the effect of "neprokrasa".
  • The floor finishes, walls and ceilings are used only natural materials - brick, stone, ceramics. Traditionally, this area is laid out floor tile warm shades (brown, pink-beige), and through the ceiling are thick rectangular beams.
  • Almost all the furniture in the interior in the style of Provence relates to the "vintage" category as to implement, and as. And it can already buy or aged to achieve this effect yourself.
  • Provence prefers printed fabric with a simple floral or geometric patterns. And is decorated with porcelain decorations and fresh flowers.

It Provence style is best suited for a country house interior. This design will allow a person to feel warm in France, even if it is geographically much farther north.

This style appeared in provincial England, and represents a rural flavor. He gives the impression of the quality factor, reliability, warmth, comfort, and many in the selection of a private house interior design give preference to him. Country can not be divided into "modern" and "outdated" version. Since its creation and until now it has remained virtually unchanged.

Among the main features rustic particularly distinguished:

  • The golden or "rustic" things - woven baskets, crockery, wooden toys and crafts, dried flowers and berries. Among the ornaments prevails diverse rural poultry, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, fruit and vegetables (except grapes and exotics). By the way, these plants can be grown in the area in greenhouses
  • Textiles in the country is only natural - wool, linen and cotton with floral and traditional motifs for England (polka dots, stripes and a cell).
  • For a country importantly - practicality and because the floors in the interiors of doing any of the wooden bars of dark color or terracotta tiles. If the tree is used for the walls, it in no case do not paint. It remains covered with a stain or a composition that imitates wood beetle damage.

Purely national direction, which is accompanied by fairly strict rules. In particular, the interior design of the house eliminates any depictions of animals (figurines, embroidery, mosaic), or people, including portraits. The decor mostly are geometric and floral designs.

Arabic style refers to the "rich" areas of design. This impression is created by the use of rich blue (blue) colors, scarlet, yellow and decoration "gold". However, this style looks great in the photo home interior design magazines. To live in such a situation for a long time, not everyone can.

Making interior design in the style of minimalism involves maximum emptiness, that is, the absence of any decoration, decoration and ornament.

The beauty of this area is based on 3 principles:

  • Monochrome - the use of only white, gray and black colors of varying intensity. A rare bright spot - it's usually accidental brought in furnishings.
  • Simple shapes - perfectly square corners, straight lines and smooth curves.
  • Using the most modern materials - plastic, glass, smooth wood, steel, aluminum.

It is very closely associated with minimalism, but focused more on the functionality and does not have a monochrome. For high-tech style, which is more suitable for the home or office than for the interior design of a country house, characterized by the absence of ornaments and frills, straight lines, the abundance of metal parts and glass.

English bourgeois style - it's one of the most traditional areas in the interior design of a house or apartment. He is very versatile and can include notes of the classical style, provence, country, rustic or even Empire.

There are 3 bases on which an observer is always defines the English style in the interior:

  • Fireplace - a real electric or decorative bezel with the corresponding shelf, where intricate procedure exhibited a variety of items (clocks, figurines, candles, flowers and so on.).
  • Furniture in Victorian or classic decor, and especially near the fireplace installed chair with a high back and comfortable armrests. As upholstery is to use thick textiles, velvet or leather.
  • The presence in the premises of the bookcase shelves or bookcases with books.

American (National eclectic)

This style combines several areas, but is surprisingly harmonious. In addition, the interior of an American-style looks expensive but is available for almost everyone.

We just need to make an effort to achieve the following:

  • Expensive materials (wood) in the atmosphere. Mahogany, cedar, beech do not have to be real. American style and is popular because that allows the use of cheap imitations of expensive things.
  • Crystal or glass pendants chandeliers and lamps that hung in the middle of the room, creating a festive atmosphere.
  • All rooms are zoned by means of niches, arches and walls.
  • Many of upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, sofas, ottomans), tables, cabinets and drawers. The bedrooms are necessary to have a dressing table with drawers and dressing table.

By itself, the "chalet" - a country house in the mountains of Switzerland, in a setting which uses natural, minimally processed and decorated with materials. The interior walls are not covered by anything other than plaster or lining in the form of tiles.

The term "key" refers to rooms that are visited more often than residents and visitors. The house can not be completed until the end, but if at least one important room is decorated in the style, the task is done - there is a design according to the chosen concept.

Among the key rooms are the following:

Center of the composition of any living room is a sofa, which from time to time going to the family members and guests who sit down. This "figure" is present in any style, distinction, depending on the design, but the color and model.

All other items of furniture are placed around the couch, which can be pushed up against a wall or stand in the middle of the room, dividing it into 2 parts. If the area allows, you can create "islands" - a sofa with a move up to his table, chair and bookcase, chair and floor lamp and so on.

This is the first room that visitors see.

Regardless of the style it should be items of furniture:

- Hanger (cabinet) clothes - open hanger for scarves, hats, scarves and closed compartment for clothing.

- Shelf for shoes.

- a mirror disposed near the shelf for details (keys, comb).

- Lockers for small items needed homebound person - umbrellas, gloves, tools for the care of footwear.

The central room in the house, where family members are very time consuming and often take guests.

Accordingly, it should be as comfortable and functional. Given that in many homes in the kitchen is not the biggest area, the design should be thought out to the last detail and take into account the 3 zones: place for cooking (stove, a cutting table, sink), a place for eating (table, chair or sofa), Storage (refrigerator cabinet.).

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Country home beautiful photo or design of a country house

Today I want to offer you a gallery of photos of beautiful country houses.

As you know, the beauty - a relative term. That's why there is such a variety of designs and ideas about a beautiful house.

I do not propose to consider all country houses presented in this beautiful gallery, but each project has its own peculiarity, its own beauty.

Architecture and design beautiful country house. photo gallery

Thank you very much for your hard work. Gorgeous collection. Fortunately, you do not have a ban on the census. Therefore, some of your materials are placed at. Naturally, with a link back to you. In this case, let me put the numbers under each project, what would my readers would have the opportunity, if they want, to say what they no longer project in mind ...

Sincerely, with great respect and appreciation,

Thank you for such a flattering comment! very nice to read these reviews! Thank you!

Magnificent country house! This chic choice, I do not know which of them would I want to live! Thank you so much for an amazing selection.

You are welcome! Thank you very much for the comment! I'm glad you liked "my beautiful home."

Beautiful Houses: projects with a successful design and internal layout

The article can be found dozens of photographs, which show the beautiful houses: the design of buildings in a modern, classical and other styles. Considered unusual design solutions and interesting ideas for the construction of town houses with one or more floors. Collected here are popular choices buildings using different materials, structures with a free layout, attic floors and other architectural features.

Country house - the best option for those who want to live away from noisy neighbors and bustle of the city

Beautiful Houses: projects buildings and recommendations for their development

Planning is the most important stage of building a country house. Before proceeding to the purchase of materials and construction of the building, should be a clear picture of the future building. And this applies to the layout of premises, and each stage of construction.

Comfort accommodation in the house depends on its layout and location on the site

In addition to the external beauty, the building must conform to design specifications:

  • operational duty periods;
  • robust and durable design;
  • comfortable living conditions for all residents with regard to their number and needs;

The house can be extended massive porch, outdoor veranda or terrace

  • safe operation;
  • the ability to make adjustments to the design of the facade and interior.

Correctly made project of a private house makes it possible to properly distribute the buildings on the site, as well as the well organized layout of the premises, to eliminate conflicts with neighbors and regulatory authorities for violations of regulations.

The modern style of comfortable minimalism call

Helpful advice! Building a country house on the project will reduce the cost, shorten and optimize the process of construction of the building, a rational approach to the material consumption, eliminate accidents and increase safety.

How to start implementation of the project is a beautiful country house and cottage

Housing construction involves the creation of project drawings

The correct choice of building plot depends on the freedom of action to create beautiful structures.

Selection land carried by several criteria:

  • direction;
  • distance from the town or village

Not only the future of the structure, but also the site requires a preliminary layout and rendering schemes

  • definition of profitable village, garden community, cottage settlement or separate areas for development.

If possible, it should be selected equal area, preferably free of green spaces, since cleaning pad under construction would entail additional costs and delays the work. Most preferably to build a house on a hill. In the lowlands will continuously accumulate moisture adversely affects the construction.

The house, built on a hill, has the best performance

House, which stands on a hill, characterized by better performance indicators:

  • there is no need to take into account the height of the groundwater;
  • improved ventilation;
  • a high level of insolation;
  • nice view of the vicinity of windows.

Disposition of houses is carried out in such a way that the central façade facing south

The cottage, which stands on a hill, provided the correct layout of rooms, will allow significant savings on heating and electricity. A sufficient level of penetration of sunlight in the room will provide lasting comfort. By installing solar panels, you can collect natural energy and use it to heat the building.

3D-project of a small country house with an attic floor

Creating a beautiful house project: the most practical layout, taking into account the cardinal points

Disposition of practical and beautiful home largely depends on the placement of the site in relation to the cardinal points and the orientation of most buildings on it. Equally important is the type of roof construction and shape.

Proper layout of the house will provide maximum penetration of sunlight into the rooms

If you intend to build a cottage with a shed roof, stands the open part of the facade to draw the south, and to deploy the ramp to the north.

Helpful advice! The central part of the facade is better directed to the south side. This nuance in the project will make a terrace, patio or porch massive. Located on the south side, these architectural features can be used as tenants destinations outdoors.

It is recommended to have the house in the northeastern portion of the zone. This ensures the required level of illumination of rooms, to minimize the shadow presence on gardening area, which often acts as a deterrent in the regeneration of the recreation area near the building.

Traditionally, two-storey houses are settling private rooms upstairs, and downstairs common and utility rooms

Description of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the projects. The most common options for layouts. Especially buildings with two floors.

Veranda can decorate the main facade of the building and be combined with a porch

  1. East and south-east direction - suitable for guest rooms and parents' bedrooms.
  2. The western and south-western direction - is used for decorating the family room, living room and dining room.
  3. South and south-east direction - often it houses a living room, bedroom and children.
  4. Northbound - suitable for decorating non-residential farm buildings, halls, kitchens and areas for storage.

Planning a private home will allow correctly arrange all the buildings on the site and organize the internal space

Rooms designed for leisure and recreation, is better positioned so that their windows were rotated by a beautiful landscape, for example, natural landscape, patio with ornamental decoration or garden. Avoid installing the Deaf fences in front of these rooms.

The project is a two-story home with a detached garage

Adding functional zones in the project is a beautiful country house and cottage

Functional areas are part of the project, some buildings could be included in the layout of the house.

On the layout area designated by the following zones (if their presence is assumed):

  • placement of a residential building;
  • Built for household purposes, including a summer shower, toilet;

Terrace for outdoor recreation

  • parking, carport or garage for cars;
  • bath or sauna;
  • guest houses;
  • a sitting area and a gazebo;
  • playground;
  • Ogorodnaya and garden area;

Wooden houses look very nice, presentable and comfortable

  • decorative elements and landscape design;
  • picnic: to cook barbecue or barbecue, outdoor oven, summer kitchen.

Optionally the presence of all of these objects at the site. Their presence is determined on an individual basis in accordance with the building project and the needs of tenants. The main thing that still maintain the necessary level of insolation and ventilation.

This wood-burning fireplace - an indispensable attribute of a country house

Note! Before choosing a location for a summer kitchen in the planning area, you must define a wind rose. This is to ensure that the smoke from the stove, barbecue or grill is not held on the site. Better if it will soon get over the fence.

Projects beautiful country houses and cottages: photo successful buildings

The internal layout of the building takes into account the common space and rooms that are divided into functional zones.

The following types of areas:

  • day zone (residential) - here is the dining room and living room, kitchen, office and family room;
  • night zone (residential) - is designed for decorating the children's room, guest room and bedroom, walk-in closets are located here;

  • communicating zones and spaces intended for public use - hall and corridor, hallway, bathrooms and space stairs;
  • unit of economic purpose - a zone for arranging the garage, boiler room, Larder;
  • additional facilities - sauna, swimming pool, gymnasium, music room, a movie theater, their presence is not necessary.

Improvement plan based on the principle may be horizontal or vertical zoning. The choice of the principle depends on the number of storeys of the building. If you plan to build a big house, layout of rooms can include both options.

partitions at least allows you to save plenty of daylight

How to draft a beautiful one-storey house

Construction of single storey cottages advisable to carry out in cases where the selected plot of land with a large flat surface. As a result, the cost of construction of the building and ground works will be minimal. These homes will be perfect for families who have elderly people, small children and people with disabilities. Due to the absence of the second floor and the stairs so residents will be comfortable, convenient and safe.

The project is a small country house

In the photo, designs beautiful one-storey houses can seem like ancient manors or ultra-modern cottages. The design of the building depends on several factors:

  • shaped boxes;
  • exterior;
  • the type and design of the roof;
  • used in the process of building materials and technologies.

Terrace from the kitchen - is a unique opportunity in the summer to move the dining area under the open sky

Layout of the premises in one-story cottages has a horizontal orientation, and does not differ from urban apartment. One part of the house is given a residency room. For this purpose, the eastern and southern areas. Western and northern part of the building occupied by economic purpose room.

The project is a two-story brick house

Helpful advice! If the house has a small size, some of the rooms can be combined. For example, plan a space combining living room, dining room and kitchen. Zoning rooms as intended in this case can be symbolic - small neregorodki, special placement of furniture or visual (separation due to various finishing of a different color or material).

The project is the first floor of the cottage with a garage for two cars

How to draft a beautiful home: two-story buildings photo

Storey houses designs are used to create large cottages, country houses and buildings in a small area.

Plan two-storey buildings allow you to use in the project architectural decoration with functional value:

In this layout may be modest and be correct box with a simple separation of rooms or have a complex design with a plurality of front roof parts and with broken lines.

Modern cottage with concrete and glass

Most often on the first floor there are facilities for public use, such as kitchen, dining room and living room, and a relaxation room. It also can be placed service areas:

To the front door does not become a source of heat loss, it is advisable to build an addition to her as a vestibule.

Two-storey cottage with attic

Rational to the neighborhood entrance hall and cloakroom. The ground floor bathroom is also required. Among other ground floor rooms include a guest room and a bedroom for the family members of the elderly, as well as office.

The second floor is most often used for equipment, children's rooms, bedrooms, in rare cases - cabinets. In view of the living rooms organized by the required number of bathrooms and toilets. Often found among two-storey beautiful house plans with loft.

Projects beautiful houses with attic: photo and riversomendatsii on arrangement of space

In the design of country houses the living space of the attic under the roof trying to use as much as possible. The height of such premises can sometimes reach five meters, and the apex of seven meters and more.

Additional living space in the attic

Increased demand for two-storey houses with attic, though there are also beautiful designs of single-storey buildings.

Helpful advice! Construction of a single-storey house with an attic much cheaper than the construction of a two-storey cottage.

The attic floor is a single space under the roof, used mostly for recreation rooms.

The presence of attic floor - an advantage for small homes

Often in the photo, the beautiful design of bedrooms in private homes and other premises supplemented combined elements of zoning and transformation, allows you to save space and to abandon the construction of walls:

  • curtains - dense or translucent curtains perfectly delimit space. They bring the interior comfort and at the same time are used for quick zoning (often in the bedrooms);
  • partitions sliding type - are installed in special openings in the walls. Designs run on rails and are mainly used for the kitchen department with its peculiar smell from other rooms. You can use the attic.

Transparent walls assist zoned premises

  • Modern walls can be made of different materials. The most popular is the electrochromic smart glass (laminated translucent material), which can become opaque and white due to pressing on the control button;
  • lighting - lighting fixtures can become not only a part of the interior and set its mood, but also visually divide the space of the room;
  • podium - is used in children's rooms as a place to store things.

From the windows of the house offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area

The interior of the bedrooms of the screen can be used as partitions separating the bed area from the desk or room for changing clothes.

Functional design beautiful homes: Photo of buildings with bay window

In accordance with the ideas of the designer, the designer can have oriel semicircular, rectangular or trapezoidal. The area of ​​this element in the acceptable limits may be minimal or relatively large. The upper part of the bay is entered under the overall roof of the building. Thus floors of this element is designed taking into account the number of floors cottage or may be different from it.

Unique modern home has a stunning all-round visibility

Note! bay window design used as the basis for the balcony. If the number of floors is different from the number of floors of the building project, in the architecture of the house, this nuance is solved by forming an oriel tower.

Benefits cottages with bay window:

  • unique design - this architectural element is used as the exterior decoration, bringing elegance to the front of the house;

Country style characterized by the use of natural materials - stone and wood

  • actual visual extension of premises - well lighted bay can accommodate a dining table or a recreation area -vygodno looks in the combined living and dining rooms and internal staircase (saving living space due to the removal of construction in the bay window area);
  • increasing the level of natural illumination - through panoramic glazing bay windows in the room receives an increased amount of sunlight;

In modern homes often difficult to determine the identity of the external appearance of the building to some style

Outside the building and inside its bay windows look pretty impressive. However, the construction of such houses are expensive.

Projects of country houses: beautiful pictures of buildings with garage

The presence of the vehicle should also be taken into account building project. If the construction of a country house is meant for a seasonal residence, it is sufficient to manage the construction of the parking lot or canopy for cars in the yard.

Major garage at the cottage, designed for permanent residence

The cottages, designed for permanent residence, there should be availability of capital garages. And in the building project, it can be built or presented as an annex.

Garage with built-in location can be unheated or have heating. For its location often used basement or the first floor. House project different access paths may be provided in the garage, for example, through the gate, the entrance gate (from the street) or at home (through the hall, hall).

Functional and comfortable design with an interesting architectural design

Helpful advice! At the entrance there is the garage of the house the driver does not have to go out in the rain, snow, hail, to endure other manifestations of bad weather.

cost of the project at home with a garage built into the building, much higher than the cost of the construction of free-standing buildings. Here it is meant to set a foundation for the cottage, made by him under a roof and having related to him the wall space. But the high price is justified by the reliability, functionality and additional features of operation, which can not offer detached garage.

When making a home in a minimalist style is often used bright colors

Be sure to provide the presence of a small park, which can be used for temporary accommodation of cars and receive guests arriving by car.

Projects most beautiful houses: photos cottages with a second light

The second light is often used as spectacular architectural additions. Moreover, the presence of this element is not only reflected in the architecture of the house, but also on the interior layout. The second light is formed, if in terms of construction is not part of the overlap between floors. When this volume is formed inside the space and the outside of the facade panoramic glazing present. For this purpose, the window size of about 6-8 m.

Clear forms, simplicity and conciseness - the basic concept of modern buildings

Most often, the second light is found in the beautiful wooden houses projects, however, the variant of its use in cottages and other materials. The breading on the organization of this element, as a rule, used living. The recommended floor space is at least 120 m 2. The little houses are allowed panoramic glazing, but the union of floors is not welcome.

Grand staircase is designed as a key element of the interior, usually placed in the living room-lobby

This living room usually has two inputs: the first and second floor. To raise the top using a ladder. The design can be sustainer, helical or decorative.

Note! Such designs require careful consideration of the heating system, since the conventional battery will be insufficient, and the heat loss through the second light will be large. Moreover, in this type layouts principles move heat differ from standard designs.

The project is a single-storey house with a garage and a swimming pool

Beautiful building projects of the popular building materials

Building material also influences the architectural features of the buildings and interior layout. Online you can find many beautiful projects houses of timber. They are environmentally friendly and easy to operate, but require a shrinkage in the course of the year.

Choosing a style for the exterior of the building, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the climate and the natural environment

Buildings of the foam block or aerated concrete such breaks in the construction process is required. On the construction of frame houses can take no more than 3 months. These features are due to technical parameters of materials.

Not every soil type allows you to use a particular building material. Plus, this can be restricted for the construction of certain types of foundation and so on. N. For this reason, the design of buildings from different construction materials have their own characteristics.

The project is a modern two-storey house with attic

Features beautiful wooden houses projects: photos of interesting buildings

Nuances projects houses of timber:

  • log or cant have standard dimensions (length - 6 m), and therefore the construction of large buildings complicated. Disposition may consist of small rooms, otherwise it would have to perform docking an logs to cut through. Increase consumption of insulation;
  • to a box at home was tough and had the correct shrinkage joints of the logs should be placed in a checkerboard pattern, which can not affect the layout. Require additional distribution between adjacent sever;

Disposition of a country house with garage and adjoining pool

  • Construction technology involves an even number of angles;
  • to the distribution of loads should be approached with the utmost care;

Projects are limited in design. Otherwise, a large amount of waste during the construction and increases costs.

The original and eco-friendly home from a bar with a beautiful design

Note! It is impossible to build a ladder to the attic floor by the wall, where disolagaetsya abutment of the roof.

Features of development projects beautiful frame houses

Frame technology gives a certain freedom with regard to the size of the house, its number of floors and design. Among the completed projects you can find one-story buildings for the cottages, designed for a seasonal residence, and full-fledged residential homes with 2-3 floors for permanent residence. Frame technology construction of residential buildings is significantly different from the construction work with wood, concrete or brick.

The project is an inexpensive frame cottage

These buildings have a lot of advantages:

  • easily re-planning of premises;
  • layout can be any, as there are no restrictions on the placement of rooms and their sizes;
  • box of a building due to the technical properties of the material obtained by the light, so the development of the project is not complicated load distribution.

Combining space, "the second light", it is best to look at the big house area of ​​200 square meters

The material is malleable enough to realize even the most challenging projects of country houses, but, at the same time should be taken into consideration all the rules of frame construction.

Features of the development of the beautiful designs of houses made of bricks

Projects of buildings of brick, despite its high cost, give considerable freedom with regard to the exterior house and the organization of its internal space.

Interior design of a living room with a fireplace in a modern style

Due to the increased fire-resistant material, a brick wall, you can build a stove or fireplace. In this part of the facade of the cottage will not require additional finishing.

Can be combined with other materials:

  • natural stone;
  • tree covered with stains;
  • brick with a different texture or coloring.

Application of the process of finishing lath vertical surfaces are often encountered in modern cottages

The use of brick as a building material makes it possible to include in the basement project. On its basis the economic boiler or extension can be built, garage, and so on. N. Projects of bricks featuring a comfortable space and maintain the highest standards in terms of design.

Modern projects of country houses and cottages can also include other architectural additions, such as a flat roof, basement, terrace, patio, large porch, balcony, basement, rotunda. The presence of this fireplace is also displayed on the architecture, the ventilation system and requires special planning.

Projects of houses with garage under one roof: beautiful and practical ideas

Baths from a bar: Projects wooden buildings with different layout

Layout of the house 8 by 8 with a loft: popular projects

Dome home: designs and prices. Description and recommendations for construction

Projects of single-storey houses up to 100 sq.m: a particularly compact construction

Projects of single-storey houses with three bedrooms. Regulations create an optimal plan

I like the frame houses! They are less expensive and at the same time being built much faster.

I also really like these at home, after my relatives in Sochi built a frame house. They say they got ready the house for a couple of months, I did not believe at first. They applied to the construction company, and they built a house under the key. I looked different projects online and now also ask my husband to order a frame house. Also give a guarantee of 5 years!

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