Climate refrigerator class that is

Climate refrigerator class

What relationship can take place of residence to the refrigerator? The most direct! After all, one has to work units in the tropics, others - in the Far North. Severe frost and high temperatures dangerous for home appliances have been able to disable it. That is why the matter is such an important indicator of how climate refrigerator class that should be mandatory to pay attention to when choosing their domestic helper.

Each producer is required to indicate this option on the refrigerator (in the form of a sticker) or in the accompanying documentation. If the unit is, unfortunately, out of order due to the fact that you chose the wrong refrigerator climatic class, then the service center has the full right to you to refuse warranty service.

Only four main classes: climate class N, SN, ST and T. Consider their details. In the class N are shown refrigerators, designed for operation under normal conditions, ie in the temperature range of 16-32 degrees. In our latitudes, these models are the most popular. SN class comprises aggregates which will normally operate at an ambient temperature of 10 to 32 degrees. If the temperature in a certain area ranges from 18-38 degrees and humidity at the same time is relatively high, it is worth paying attention to the climate class ST refrigerators. For most tropical countries, where temperatures can range from 18 to 43 degrees, suitable class T. refrigerators

Several years ago, some manufacturers began to release refrigerators that belong to a double class:

Obviously, refrigerators, belonging to the class of SN-T - most versatile, as they can operate normally at a wide temperature range.

It is worth noting that the climate class refrigerator and freezer - a figure that is denoted by the same in any country. Before you offer consumers another batch of refrigerators, the manufacturer is required to test them in conditions which are as close as possible to those in which technology will be used later. For example, in Russia, each item must comply with GOST. In Russian refrigerators class SN, and further marked letters N UHL, which means "moderately cold climate." Household refrigerating appliances are designed for the tropics, but manufactured in Russia, further marked by the letter O, that is, "obscheklimatichesky".

Do not think that pointing double classes, manufacturers are trying to attract potential buyers more universal models of refrigerators. The fact that a constructive solution in them is completely different. This is an insulating layer. The wider range of ambient temperature, the hotter the climate, the more its thickness. Moreover, such models require a more powerful compressor, increasing the area of ​​the capacitor, the presence of additional fans to increase heat transfer efficiency.

If you decide to purchase a refrigerator dual class, you must understand that such flexibility will be reflected in the price of the unit. In addition, consider the fact that the universal refrigerators consume many times more power. That is why it is worth spending a little more time to find in the shop of home appliances of the refrigerator, ideally corresponding to the conditions of your home.

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Climate refrigerator class - which is better for the CIS

Climate class specific refrigerator models - what is it? In this way, denoted optimum climatic conditions (temperature and humidity) at which the refrigerator will be longer and without breakage. Class information is applied to the body every modern appliance sticker with special characters is indicated in the accompanying documentation. Be sure to consider this option before you buy new appliances.

Information about the climatic class can and should believe - this is a common worldwide standard for labeling of refrigerators. In the CIS, then there are strict requirements for the equipment with technical regulations and specific climatic classes, in addition to the international symbols by Latin letters are duplicated also refer to the Cyrillic alphabet for the convenience of customers.

N, T, SN and ST - main climatic refrigerators classes.

Not to be confused with climate class power consumption - the latter is responsible for the efficiency of the device, its "voracity" to electricity.

Division refrigerators Climate classes

To date, all produced model refrigerators are divided into Four major climatic class:

  • N (. From ang normal) - are suitable for use in temperate climates without the intense heat and humidity; optimal indoor temperature - 16-32 ° C;
  • T (From ang tropical.) - refrigerators for tropical regions with hot and humid weather and without long spell of cold weather; suitable temperature - 18-38 ° C;
  • SN (. From ang subnormal) - a functional analogue class N, tolerant to low temperatures; allowable range - 10-32 ° C;
  • ST (From ang subtropical.) - this class model tolerate high humidity, a suitable temperature range - 18-38 ° C.

N and SN - the two most common climatic class in the CIS.

Considering the climatic class of the refrigerator, to say which is better, more accurate, more suitable for a specific region, it is not so simple. Often, the difference between two related classes of almost unnoticeable, so the Russian denoted N and SN single labeled "NF" (moderately cold) and labeled ST and T "O" (obscheklimatichesky). There are intermediate solutions, for example SN-T is considered the most versatile class with reasonable temperature of 10-43 ° C.

As for the cost of the appliance, it is a little higher in the refrigerators in the tropical (T) and subtropical (ST) versions. Since they are designed to work at high temperatures, they have made more reliable isolation of refrigerators and freezers, compressors and motors put increased power for a larger area of ​​the refrigerant condensers.

From a properly sized HVAC class determining the life span and efficiency of the refrigerator.

In the domestic market to find a refrigerator with climatic class T and ST is very difficult, as their cheaper analogues labeled N and SN are well suited for operation in both the north and south.

Climate class specific refrigerator models should necessarily be taken into account, since it is important not only because of the lower life of your unit in unsuitable conditions. When the device failure due to mistakenly chosen class owners can be denied warranty repairs.

Climatic refrigerator classes

Deciding to buy a refrigerator, the first thing we look at the appearance, specifications, brand, price, size of the camera. But hardly anyone is interested in climate class refrigerator. What is it that means and how to select it, will be discussed in the article.

What does it mean climate class, what it is

Refrigerator any model ( "Atlas", "Bosch", "Samsung") is operated under certain conditions. So it is not broke, you need to choose according to the climatic class: temperature range, in which he will operate without interruption.

Important! Look at the operating temperature of the refrigerator, which is specified by the manufacturer. If the equipment fails due to non-compliance guidelines, you will be denied a free repair under warranty.

No one will take into account that you did not know, the characters on the refrigerator, and that the store did not help you to do this. Therefore, carefully read the classes before you go shopping.

How is climate class

The weather is changing dramatically in recent years: in the summer there is an abnormally hot and in winter too cold. Equipment to withstand these temperature differences, it is important to take into account the range in which it can operate.

What is the climate class is better? Their designations and transcript:

Normal (normal) - N. The room temperature can be between +16 to +32 degrees. The most versatile and popular in Russia, the most energy-efficient model. Installation N refrigerator in southern regions where the thermometer mark significantly higher than + 32 ° C, must be carried out only in the air-conditioned premises. In winter, the room should be well heated, otherwise the equipment will not turn on. The best models are represented brands LG, Indesit.

Subnormal (subnormal) - SN. Range - 10 to +32 degrees. Suitable for smokers with reduced temperature: corridors, basements, Logie podsobok. Even if the value drops below the comfort, technology does not stop working. Top representatives from Liebherr, Bosch, Samsung.

Subtropical (subtropical) - ST. From +18 to + 38 ° C. Designed for installation in a hot and humid climate. These options offer "Samsung" brand, "Milli", "Electrolux".

Tropical (tropical) - T. From +18 to +43 degrees. They are used in dry tropical regions with very hot climate. Fit "Samsung" and "Whirlpool".

The latter two almost come to Russia, because it does not demand too much in our environment.

Due to abnormal temperature increases manufacturers have begun to produce coolers with double marking. They have quite a large range of acceptable temperatures:

  • N-ST - from +16 to +38 degrees.
  • N-T - from +16 to +43 degrees.
  • SN-ST - +10 to +38 degrees.
  • SN-T - +10 to +43 degrees.

What class prefer

The most popular technique is to classes N and SN, their temperature is most like our latitudes. In the south, often installed units with ST and T. marking

"Multi-class" refrigerators are considered universal, since they can be installed in different regions. This is possible thanks to the double hull plating. This technique can be found in different brands:

  • Whirlpool - WBC 3534 A + NFCX, WTC 3746 A + NFCX;
  • Indesit - NBS 18, BIAA;
  • Liebherr - Kes 4270, KBgb 3864, KB 3660.

Brand Electrolux, Bosch, LG, Miele, Sharp, Samsung, «Atlas" produces not only fridges, but also freezers.

But here it is not without drawbacks:

  • Price. Are versatile units is significantly more expensive than usual.
  • Increased power consumption, the formation of condensation.

Refrigerators, issued on the territory of Russia, may differ marking: UHL, which means moderately cold, or O - obscheklimatichesky.

Choosing a technique for climatic class, consider the characteristics of the premises. Refrigerators designed for installation in heated rooms, it may fail in the basement or hallway.

Important! Properly chosen model of the temperature range will help save energy. Conversely, when the temperature difference error in the room and inside the chamber is large, resulting in increased operation of the motor and electricity costs.

climate class indices are the same for all manufacturers of refrigerators and freezers, regardless of the country of issue. Designations are indicated in documents (instructions) or on a label which is placed outside or inside the housing.

Models can have different designs:

  • Power compressor. In devices designed for installation in hot regions, the compressor capacity is greater because he has to constantly cool the products in the chamber.
  • Materials. For humid climates using special materials and coatings that protect the body from moisture and mold.
  • Thermal insulation more in the coolers, where the thermometer mark is much higher.

Be careful when buying appliances. Do not rush and carefully check all, check the manufacturer's recommendations and refer to the tables.

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