Wallets made of wood

Housekeeper Wood: manufacturing methods

The keys have lost the habit. This small object performs most functions - it closes and opens our house. Therefore it is better not to lose them, because they can take advantage of the thieves. It will be convenient if the keys in the house or apartment will be your place. Such a piece of furniture, as the housekeeper of wood, provide a place where they can always be found easily. Also, this piece of furniture is an excellent option for a gift. The more that you can do with your hands. You do not need special skills. There are several variants of this interior, as the housekeeper of a tree, with his own hands. All of them have a simple technique.

Housekeeper wood with board

  1. To make it easier to work, you need to make a drawing of the future housekeeper. To do this, you must first decide what she would sizes. Housekeeper drawing of wood will be a kind design project on which work will take place at its manufacturing. You can also designate which decorative elements will have a future housekeeper wood.
  2. This is followed to prepare the tools and materials that will be used in the work. For this project you will need a wooden board, 6-8 keys, screws, drill and pliers.
  3. Unnecessary keys will serve as hooks. Therefore, by means of cutting pliers need to bend their lower part so as to obtain a hook. This procedure needs to be done with all the elements of the future of hooks.
  4. Then you need to take a wooden board and outline on it took a line in accordance with the dimensions that have been identified earlier in the drawing. With the help of a saw to make the board for the housekeeper to size.
  5. Further, depending on the ideas should decorate the board. I must say that the design ideas very much. Alternatively, you can leave it as it is. The tree itself is very warm and comfortable material, so without any decoration, it looks good at home.
  6. Once ready to board, fasten it by means of screws bent keys. In the future, they will hook. The distance at which these elements are mounted, should be selected based on their preferences. Keys can be attached at the same distance from each other and can be grouped.
  7. Further, on the back of the board do a drill hole that will need to be fixed to the wall housekeeper. Should be non-through holes, their number depends on the length of the board, typically two or three missing holes.

When the housekeeper, her hands made of wood, is ready, you can use it for other purposes. Above one of the easiest methods of making key holders made of wood it has been described. But he was not the only one.

Housekeeper using decoupage art

There is one simple way to make a piece of furniture, like a housekeeper, with his own hands from the tree using the decoupage technique. The following materials are needed for this option.

  1. Wooden frame. Size of the frame depends on what size you need a housekeeper. Better buy a frame that has special rings on the rear wall for wall mounting.
  2. Need for decoupage napkin with a pattern or a picture or a special decoupage card.
  3. Special decoupage kit, which includes a glue, a brush, primer, varnish.
  4. Hooks. They can be made from almost anything. For example, buttons, pens, rings and so on.
  5. T akzhe need a knife, pencil, ruler, drill and screws.

Work on the production of interior items m You can be divided into two stages. First, you need to do decoupage and then collect a housekeeper.

Decoupage is actually quite easy to do. To do this you must disassemble a frame, to take its base and primed to leave for a while to dry. To speed up the drying process of the soil, you can use a hair dryer. Further glued decoupage picture and left for some time to dry. Then you need to figure varnish and also allow time to dry.

The next stage of work on making her housekeeper goes assembly. To do this, first gather all the details of the photo frame. Then you need to identify places on a wooden frame, which will be mounted hooks. They are attached by means of screws.

It should be said that the housekeeper wall of wood have many options of manufacture. For example, instead you can use decoupage embroidery. And instead of the frame to take the opening box. You can also go to the manufacturing process of the housekeeper with humor and to focus on a hobby or hobbies landlord.

Housekeeper wall with your hands: the most interesting ideas for your home!

Each apartment must be order, and all things must lie in their places, it also applies to the keys. Each person has a bunch of the house, garage or office. To subject was constantly on hand at one time was invented by a small but very important accessory is the housekeeper wall. Their own hands to make it easy, only need to show a little imagination and follow the recommendations of our review.

The most original ideas for your home

Housekeeper wall: a photo with a description of the models

In general, key house can be divided into two main categories: open (metal, wood, leather) and closed models (used for gentle or strict storage). Wallets are open wall light design with a holder that simply complements the overall design of the apartment.

Decoration is made from the material at hand

Closed housekeeper more presentable look as a small "house" for the keys.

All models are made independently at home

What are models and what you can opt

Wallets Wall home found several types:

Photos from the small to the original models:

Beautiful forged figures ennoble any interior

Housekeeper in a horseshoe shape

Metal model in the form of an umbrella

Lacquered wooden model

Souvenir decorative collection

Wooden wall housekeeper: Doing their own hands the simple model

Any uncomplicated detail in the hands of a creative person can become whole in creating a masterpiece of decoration. Housekeeper wall with their hands from a tree can be obtained from simple sticks and metal hooks.

Simple branch and metal hooks

Before you make the most simple option, we need:

  • Oak branch or other woody high rocks.
  • Hand drill.
  • Perforated drill.
  • Dowel-nails.
  • Mortice nails.
  • Oshkurivaem stump.
  • We drill a few holes.
  • We cover the stain and varnish.
  • Detail are putting to the wall and make the mounts for installation.
  • We make the hole puncher and fasten wooden housekeeper.
  • Screw-holders and post a bunch of keys.

Now we get an interesting option

There is another simple but interesting solution - a key holder from a small timber.

  • We will need the timber, the size of 250 * 80 * 30 mm.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Vise.
  • Billets, metal or wood.

The original design of the bar

  • First you need to accurately process the timber.
  • The angles rounded.
  • Making the cross mark every 50 mm.
  • For each ligament produce a separate keychain.
  • Keychain inserted simply into the slot, if the keys are not needed.

Models can do on your own time permitting. Such detail can not only decorate your interior, but also to make a souvenir gift. Buy wooden wall housekeeper, made by a professional can be in any online store.

The cost to open models from 500-1200 rubles, closed more than 1,000 rubles. Everything depends on the quality of the wood and the level of complexity of the work.

Raisin in the metal wall Wallets

The most simple, but interesting design detail is the custodian of the keys of a wire or a conventional metal hangers.

The best models of unnecessary things

Stages of work:

  • At first do a preliminary sketch of the expected path, it may not only be a cat, you can also draw a fish or a house, all that may come to your mind.
  • Bend figure of wire and complement hooks.

Dumper for sheet steel keys

  • The steel of small thickness, metal sheet.
  • Rivets.
  • Hooks for keys.
  • Hand drill.
  • Scissors.
  • Hermetic means for metal.

An interesting variant of metal as a house

  • Initially made a drawing on paper.
  • paper is then applied to the sheet and do the contours using a nail.
  • Cut metal scissors.
  • Hammer will help fight off the sharp edges.
  • Holes are drilled with a drill and fasten the hooks and cover all means of hermetic.

Buying wall metal key rings will cost from 1,000 rubles and above. The cost of such a model, made independently, would cost about 600 rubles.

Housekeeper of plywood with their hands: a few examples of performance

Makes an interesting model of the frame from the photo, which may have long gathering dust in your home. In addition to the framework we need:

  • The adhesive composition.
  • Fiberboard or a small piece of plywood.
  • Hooks.

Frame color can be updated if it is not in harmony with the overall interior design. Plywood need to adjust to the size and scope of obtyanut some material.

It turns out that's such a simple and original model

Then fix the cover adhesive composition and fasten the hooks. Made with their own hands the collarbone of a plywood material ready. The final touch is to install on the wall.

An interesting model of plywood with figures

Housekeeper with pieces of veneer can be manufactured using a jigsaw. You will need:

  • Cut material of plywood, size 250 * 150 mm.
  • Lac.
  • Paint or stain.

Keychains can be done in the form of men, or of different figures

  • Initially, the ends of the planks to be processed.
  • Then pre-drawn figures applied on the surface.
  • Making the image transfer.
  • We perform cuts along the contour.
  • Fasten the hooks to the figures, and we get an interesting house key.

The product install on the wall.

Another model for the family figures more than 2 people

How to make a housekeeper with his hands out of cardboard

Even out of the ordinary cardboard, you can create a unique little thing for your home.

Perform structure of the material at hand

Before the work necessary to prepare:

  • The carton blanks in the shape of a heart.
  • Printout on photographic paper, cut on the workpiece.
  • A bit of acrylic primer.
  • Awl.
  • Bone.

Blanks for the future composition

Making the foundation for the key store:

  • To start glue blank of cardboard.
  • Pierce awl hole and make a loop for hanging.

On the rear side of the wire twisting interconnected

Next fasten behind the next workpiece, it turns out that the fastening concealed. At the front of putting a marking for printout with hooks and pierce the holes for the screws.

It looks like so

The foundation is ready, then go to work with printing: printing need itself and a sponge for washing dishes. Put the photo face down and soak the paper, hold your finger to roll the top layer.

It looks something like this

Next, carefully glue with PVA picture to the cardboard. After drying of the article to be coated with varnish.

  • The workpiece itself.
  • Brushes.
  • Caulking.
  • Acrylic paint.
  • Palette knife.
  • Acrylic primer.

Draw leaves and brickwork. For convex bricks recommend applying several layers. After which the entire paste is primed using a sponge.

It looks like our housekeeper at this stage of the work

At the end of our model cover with several layers of acrylic paint colorant and install storage space for keys.

We get here an interesting "house key"

Consider the options out of the box wall collarbone with his own hands, photo review:

Miniature houses out of cardboard by adding raisins composition

The original version of the conventional box

The perfect complement to the interior

Interesting models out of the box

Another wall holder for keys

The simple design is suitable for any interior

From what other materials can be produced to the key store

For the manufacture of key holders can use any improvised material. You can use a simple branch on a wooden board.

The conventional knots are suitable for storage of keys

Photo wall collarbone with his hands, an overview of interesting models:

Decoration of the forks

Storage boxes from the home keys

The product of a polymeric clay

Interesting men of the magnet

Unusual panels of material at hand

Housekeeper own hands master class on decoupage

Consider an interesting option in vintage style, which will decorate any hallway.

Such a housekeeper can give as a souvenir

To make a housekeeper in the hallway with his hands, we need:

  • Wooden blank in the form of a small house.
  • Cloth with the image.
  • The adhesive composition for decoupage.
  • Brushes.
  • Matt lacquer.
  • Dirt mixture was light in color.
  • Scissors.
  • Textured paste.
  • I've found.

Decoupage housekeeper wall with their hands, the first stage of works:

In a second step we perform with his own hands Decorating the wall decoupage housekeeper. We will need a template masonry and structural paste for further action.

That's such an interesting model we succeed in completing

First you need to glue the roof using a palette knife and applied paste layer, which gives the structure. After drying we put the glitter and silver paint color. Once again give dry, then lodge varnished, dried and mounted hardware key.

In addition to the wall and table housekeeper there is also a pocket model. This little thing is not only the image of the owner, but also performs several functions. For information on how to make your own hands pocket housekeeper will describe in more detail. Take the easiest, but a popular option. For this we need:

  • Leather flap, size 150 * 105 mm.
  • Suitable for skin color rivets.
  • Blank for the key store with carbines.
  • Punch.
  • Scissors.

Pocket guardian would be much nicer if it round the edges. To make the layout is correct, you can use a regular cap from the bottle.

We carry out just such an interesting model

Next, perform steps in the following order:

  • Initially putting a workpiece with carbines.
  • Laid a bunch of keys and wrap the edges to determine the location of the rivet and makes notes.
  • By making a place in the key pad for strengthening the entire model.
  • For all labeling using the hole punch perform.
  • Fix the workpiece and rivet to fasten riveting lapels.

Raisins give a special decorative insertion of a contrasting thread with a small offset from the edge.

Decoupage for beginners: step by step with photos bottles to furniture decor. Especially popular this decor to create items in vintage style. The article deals with detailed photo decoupage instructions: the furniture, the glass of the napkins on the box.

Buying wall housekeeper, prices of popular models

Before you buy a housekeeper wall in the online store provided inexpensively get acquainted with prices and models to determine the purchase.

Video: How to make your own hands housekeeper

Visual video will help you create your own "masterpiece".

The function of a key holder - is deposited in a drawer or cabinet, made of various materials, in some cases, improvised. For example, for a large family, where the set of keys from the office, garage and apartment will have to make the model more firmly, in the form of a metal cabinet.

The dimensions of the model are determined in each case individually, depending on the number of family members. The exterior design is chosen for the interior of the room.

Note! One of the important parts, it is a requirement of storage of keys.

Photo collection provided in this article will help you decide on the right model:

Model "Housing" for a small family

The original wooden model, made with his own hands

Jeweler's work, decorate any hallway

Original souvenir model

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Wooden housekeeper in the interior

Wooden housekeeper is one of the most common types of housekeeper. They are perhaps the most elegant and most often purchased in stores. Of course, wooden key rings are more suited to the interiors of country (rustic style) and the interior in the style Chebbi-chic. But at the same wooden housekeeper is a good gift to any home. With it, you can not only organize all the keys in the house, but also to decorate the interior. After the wooden housekeeper can be decorated so that it fits to other interior styles.

Wallets made of wood can be divided into:

Wall housekeeper wood They represent various products made from wooden components, screws, nails, hooks. It may be conventional wooden plank with hooks screwed into them. minimum cost and time will be spent on the production of a housekeeper, and the problem will be solved with the keys.

The same simple to manufacture and following the housekeeper.

If such a frame suited to your interior, it is also easy to turn into a housekeeper.

Next I will talk about the housekeeper hinged wall, which combines several functions: shelves, hooks and even panels. This versatile interior, which are selected individually.

Such shelf-pockets are convenient to use and also very enliven the interior. If there is no experience of joinery, a shelf with hooks for keys can be ordered in the workshop.

And this "sweet" house decorate your child's room. And the hooks he could hang his keys.

For storage of keys, you can use the wall panels, you need only drill the required number of holes and attach hooks.

Housekeeper-shelf, which pictured left, is suitable for the kitchen in the Italian style, and abrasions on the surface of the shelf-housekeeper sprava- this element of the interior in the style of Provence. These open shelves - universal furniture and they serve mainly to accommodate decorative interior items, and hooks can be hung all the keys that are in the house.

But, of course, many people like the little housekeeper, cabinets, designed specifically for storage of keys. Invented, perhaps, more than one hundred variety of design decisions on registration of housekeeper. And each of us can come up with your own version. Very popular in the design housekeeper hearts.

No less popular design housekeeper roses and peonies.

Roses and peonies, of course, occupy the leading position in the design housekeeper, but other colors (lavender, echinacea, poppy, sunflower) at least dressy and colorful and well worthy for use in decorating their housekeeper.

Good idea to make out the image of the housekeeper in poultry: chickens, roosters, ducks and geese. After all these pictures of rural life are suitable for interior decoration in the style of the country, mainly in Europe.

Not only cute heart poultry can decorate cozy housekeeper, but also quite wild birds. Bullfinches, for example. And if the roof of the house, the housekeeper to cover associated personally with lace, your housekeeper will be unique.

And if you prefer the American style of country music style or western (cowboy), choose yourself a housekeeper similar to these:

Do not like the rough and unattractive objects, and your soul asks of lovely flower arrangements in lace, choose a housekeeper in style Shabby-chic.

Fans will be pleased with the English country style wooden key rings decorated with old photographs, with elaborately carved figures on the doors or decorated with the help of certain decorating techniques: decoupage or craquelure.

All these little lockers, key rings are arranged essentially the same: opening the door, we will see a few rows of hooks to be placed on these keys.

floor housekeeper It can be called a small bedside table, which have doors, extra drawers or shelves. Such a cabinet may take their place in any of the rooms of the apartment (or house). Keys are usually stored in a drawer.

And such a simple box-chest of drawers with three small wooden boxes for small household items easy to use and to store keys. It is made in the style of Provence, which is now popular again.

Another embodiment of the floor housekeeper presented below. It is united by one common board a small locker-housekeeper and shelf-pocket. Rather unusual combination has turned out, but not devoid of appeal.

desktop Wallets can serve the same small lockers, key rings, if they remove the tabs, fixed to the back wall. If you prefer to use the housekeeper when she will stand on a pedestal or on a table, then this is your option.

For desktop Wallets can be attributed, and a cute little house, decorated with a horseshoe, which is sure to retain in house fortune.

In the manufacture and housekeeper in their decorating and other materials may be used in addition to the tree:

Combining different materials makes it possible to create various types of housekeeper. If you want to try to make a housekeeper with his hands is a right decision. All the photos you have seen above, clearly shows that the housekeeper artisanal handmade. Perhaps that is why so eager to the house there was such a thing, which bears the warmth of human hands. Try and you will succeed! Good luck!

For those who want to try to make a wooden housekeeper with his own hands, a good step by step video.

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