Bookshelf with their hands

Bookshelf with your hands: the forms, the materials, the manufacturing process

books long and firmly took the place in the apartments and homes of people who consider themselves educated and modern.

In addition, the placement of the slender rows of gilt cover book volumes - not a bad way to make an interior room refined and stylish.

Ideal way to store books - in bookcases and on shelves. That's what kept thousands of volumes in libraries.

Nice shelf for books you can hang in the children's room to the living room to the study. Original storage space for books - on the balcony ledge.

Bookshelves - Hinged construction, designed to store books. They consist of a base, side plates, top and rear covers (not required). The shelves are open, closed type, single or multi-level.

Closed door shelves are usually made of glass, multi-level options include several "Floors" for storing books.

Shelves for books can be fabricated from a variety of materials, including improvised (plastic bottles, old boxes, belts, etc.), however, most widely used as follows:

  • natural wood. It makes no sense to paint the benefits of this, the everlasting, universal raw material for the production of furniture. Bookshelves made of wood, as well as other pieces of furniture, wooden chairs, tables, beds: all these products are of high strength material;
  • Plywood. This glued together thin wooden plates - veneer. The direction of the annual rings in each of the next layer of veneer is turned on 90 degrees, it makes more solid plywood. The outer veneer layers can be made from more valuable species that gives a special texture pattern plywood;
  • Chipboard (DSP). made from waste wood - chips which are pressed together with the addition of adhesive - synthetic resins. The surface of the particle board is not distinguished by its beauty, so it veneer veneer, paper or plastic.

Shelves for books can be hang on the wall or place shelves with books On the floor next to the wall, which greatly saves space. In addition, you can make a small shelf and combine it with the bed. This design looks very stylish and fresh.

option One

For work need:

  • smooth planed board thickness 18-25 mm, width 25-30 cm. Type of wood is immaterial, but preference should be given to solid hardwood species - oak, beech, ash. If the hand is the board of coniferous wood, seed least resinous;
  • Two metal hanger;
  • Electric drill with a drill diameter in wood 2 and 10 mm;
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • screws 40 x 3 mm countersunk head - 22 pc;
  • Diameter wooden plugs 10 mm - 6 pcs;
  • Hacksaw carpentry;
  • Paper sanding grit P150 - P180;
  • carpenter's glue;
  • Marking tools - pencils, square, line, marking gauge can be used;
  • Nail furniture brush for application.

The manufacturing process can be divided into steps:

  • preparation of material. Mark out and cut off a two boards side plates three planks for bases and covers on the drawing dimensions. Mark and drill the holes in the boards through a 2 mm drill. Drill to a depth of 10 mm 5 - 7 mm drill sockets for decorative plug;
  • With a screwdriver or screwdriver gather shelf, starting from the middle of the board. When assembling pay attention to the squareness boards;
  • Apply on the inner surface 10 mm nests glue, insert and push them in traffic jams. Remove excess adhesive with a cloth;
  • Screw the screws sheds. options 2Outdoor and countersunk. For the second variant in the end racks need to drill 10 mm drill two - three nests depth of about 3-5 mm;

  • brush apply on the shelf furniture varnish. After drying the first layer along the grain sandpaper remove raise the nap. Apply a second layer of lacquer, working along the brush fibers.
    • If failed buy special decorative plugs, you can do so: the nest diameter 10 mm not drilled, while screwing the cap screws slightly drown in a tree. Then put on the place screwing plaster, which abrade after drying;
    • to simulate a dark wood use stain. The simplest stain - aqueous solution of magnesium permanganate (potassium permanganate). However, such a stain lighter with time.

    Is different compound elements in a shelf - on shkantah instead of screws. To implement must be purchased in a store building materials instead of screws 40h3 mm, dowels (diameter 8 mm) 18 pieces.

    Holes for dowels drilled:

    • In the middle part racks, the top cover and bottom - through;
    • in middle shelf - the depth dowel length minus the thickness of the board.

    Assembly performed on carpenter's glue with a wooden hammer - mallets. The glue can be applied on the mating ends of the boards. Decorative cork by this method are not needed. Dowel better score is not up to the end and leave 1 mm above board, then grinding to smooth the surface. To dry the adhesive shelf shrinks clamps.

    When used for the manufacture of shelves plywood (Thickness of at least 16 mm), Stages of work are the same, however, to increase the strength, inside better to install metal corners.

    for installation Joinery the easiest way to buy a furniture store special plastic guides, fix them on the top and bottom covers of the shelves, then order in the glass studio door.

    The width of the door calculated the inner flange height Minus 2-3 mm. The length of the door should be on 4-5 cm more than half the length of the shelf. installation location guide indicated in Figure 2.

    With manufacturing bookshelf with their hands the technology can be found by looking at it video:

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    Original bookshelves with their hands

    Modern interior designers in their projects as much as possible try to liberate living space. Massive bookcases give way to the shelves and shelves, while still quite a lot of unfilled space in the room. Many are purchased and hang standard shelves, which, unfortunately, do not differ special originality. Modern bookshelf is quite possible to make his own, it can be performed respectively style of the room, emphasizing and supplementing it.

    To work often specifically acquire some exclusive material, but you can do with improvised means.

    Before the start of major works, consider the major issues concerning the future of the product:

    1. What is meant regiment, whether it be a simple decoration, or it should be placed books (various, large or small, for reading or for beauty - alas, it happens sometimes).
    2. What is the shelf needed size? Will it be a single or bunk, what should be its length, height, width?
    3. What is the overall weight of the items you intend to put on the shelf? Of the weight depends on the choice of material, from which make the product better.
    4. Where and how you are going to mount shelves - on a wall or ceiling?
    5. It is necessary to consider the construction design.

    The materials that will be needed in the process, it is difficult to define at once, it depends on how you answer the above questions.

    For example, if your shelf is wood, you need first of all boards. Obzavedites also electrical jigsaw or a saw, screwdriver, glue, sander or sandpaper, the means for processing wood. It is also necessary to acquire a sufficient number of screws, bolts, screws and nails.

    Simple wooden shelves with their own hands

    Electric fret saw or carve pieces of wood to size. Next to handle them, you will need sander and means for protection of wood surfaces. When the elements are dried, collecting, securing their connection with nails or screws. Then decide for yourself: paint product, or leave in its natural form.

    Video master class on creating a wooden bookshelf:

    Bookshelves of outdated items

    If you came up with the idea to make a shelf of improvised things - you have a million variants. You can use an old ladder, a box or a box of interesting format thick rope, broken TV or even a guitar, or a water pipe - your imagination is not limited.

    Marine style will suit the real boat - bookcase with built-in shelves. Musician can be screwed to the wall box of a guitar or cello. But in the TV need only to pull the stuffing - and a shelf ready.

    In the old boxes, pasted inside the wallpaper will feel good ladies' novels. Manufacturing of elementary angular shelves.

    Cut out or ordering wooden corners with sides of 20-25 centimeters. With their help mount the shelves to walls. Shelves may be different in size, however, it is desirable that their length is no more than 80 centimeters, and a width of 20-25. Shelves larger than this poorly withstand the severity of books and sag.

    If you have unnecessary interior doors with the original relief, Saw her along. The resulting two parts are screwed into the wall, making shelves, paint between them - a fantastic door - a wardrobe for your service!

    Videos how to make a beautiful book shelf in the nursery in a tree:

    To kids did not forget about the books and loved them as well as toys, can be made for them a special cabinet - showcase.

    For this will be useful rather narrow strips (6-10 cm) or severed in half the water pipes. Attach them to the wall - and you're done.

    will be held and a little imagination to make soft sling shelves need dense fabric, wood sticks, fasteners, with which regiment.

    Here's a variation of tissue shelves.

    Brackets are attached to the wall with screws. Fabric is treated at the edges on the sewing machine, stitched holes which pushes a stick or tube. The design is attached to the bracket.

    For shelves of rope must be planed boards, wooden bars, thick rope, hooks for fixing the shelves. The presence of a drill and a processing means for wood greatly facilitate your work.

    There is no need of any nails or screws. Drilled holes in a pair of boards at the edges. They threaded a rope or rope attached nodes. Shelf ready to mount on the wall and it looks very creative.

    If you want to do the same, but a multi-tiered shelf, have to use sticks. They also drilled a hole through which will pass the rope. Thus, between the flanges on the rope will be strung bars. To design the flatness is desirable that the length of the bars was equal on both sides. The two upper ends of the rope in the form of loops are hung on hooks.

    The shelves can be mounted - they are versatile because they can be placed in any room or even in the corner. If such an angular structure to hang, for example, through the door, then it is possible to arrange the necessary items that will be hidden from prying eyes first. Incidentally, the angle of the shelves you can use not only a concave, but convex.

    If conventional shelf for you seem to be boring and mundane, you can do, for example, invisible shelves.

    They are absolutely not noticeable and it seems that the book "stuck to the wall." You get the right amount of screws and screwdrivers, double sided tape, and the L-shaped metal brackets - exactly the number of books that you want to install (one book rests on a bracket).

    Fasten the bracket must be placed perfectly straight, otherwise the book would fall. Glued to the bottom of a piece of double-sided tape. The same tape is attached to the inside cover of the book. You press the book to the bracket - and now she is hanging in the air!

    Here's another version of the original shelf. It needs: a wooden spool on which is wound a cable, furniture castors, bars with a circular cross-section.

    What is the procedure work?

    The coil is placed on one wheel, The distance between the wheels of one wheel plus thickness. The resulting figure - the size of the bars that need to be cut. One wheel is removed for ease of operation. The wheels are made labels for the holes bars perfectly flat against each other. The holes need not cross-cutting, and only half the thickness of the wheel. Then use the glue for the lubrication of these holes. Glue sticks planting, remove the wheel is put in place. To better stick together the junction - can be loaded on top of something moderately. Dye shelf only after complete drying. When the structure is ready - to attach wheels to it, and it will become mobile.

    If you like the idea of ​​a ladder - stick it on the wall in a horizontal position by means of hooks or any other fasteners (eg, the same T- shaped brackets). It is better to use two ladders, or Saw the existing one in half.

    Initially produced painting material (stairs). Next, dried ladder attached to the wall with brackets. To book confidently stood on a shelf, you must push when mounting the ladder from the wall by a certain distance.

    How to create a drawing for a simple shelf made of wood

    Plywood cut blanks for the shelves, and the rear of the base. The dimensions should be as follows:

    A - details 25cm x 25cm - 16 pieces

    B - details 25cm x 157,5sm - 4 pieces

    C - one piece - 25cm x 91,25sm

    D - parts 12,5cm x 25cm - 4 pieces

    E - part 12,5cm x 91,25sm - 1 piece

    First of joiner's glue bonded pairwise parts A are obtained uprights. The base is also sealed by using an adhesive of the items D.

    Stripping all edges and surfaces using sandpaper.

    Shelves (parts of B) is chosen dark color paint, lacquered surfaces remaining colorless varnish.

    It turns out the regiment, built on the color contrast that gives it sophistication.

    The base is made perpendicular compound D and E. For the connection parts is used the adhesive for fixation - screws. Making a backdrop made in the same way.

    Then stick to the three-part A part B (shelf).

    To complete the assembly, the base must be put on the floor, glue the top and put the top shelf, crushing load for better coupling. Further, in the same manner, the next section - and just before the end of the work. Use the bookshelf, you can only after the glue has dried.

    It is necessary to prepare: chipboard (laminated), a sufficient amount of furniture screws - screws, shelf supports, is a stub.

    Chipboard are cut part of the quantity indicated in the figure. Cutting can you make a professional skilled in the store. Fasteners will be self-tapping screws.

    Holes for screws prodelyvat 4 mm drill, the drill diameter for the grooves to be 8 mm. For masking screw heads using a stub.

    Internal shelves are mounted on screws or shelf supports.

    Furniture and furnishings

    During digital format bookshelves in the apartment - a good sign, because the people who read widely and think can develop. Those whose life is not only in the virtual space, but also in real life, we have to deal with books. This textbooks and notebooks, diary, to print a file folder, Periodicals. On stands for books is not necessary to get rid of, but the best bookshelf with their hands in modern design than the bulky cabinet, a bookcase or an old dusty shelves.

    What are the options most appropriate shelves in a modern interior?

    Case furniture in the form of cumbersome "stenok9raquo; a sideboard and bookcase has long been obsolete. They were replaced by modern versions to accommodate a home library:

    • light bilateral racks;
    • Transparent glass shelves;
    • niches built-in cabinet;
    • light display cases or pencil case with a door;
    • walls with bookshelves with their hands, photo:

    The main advantage of the modern cabinet furniture - it takes up little space in the room, no clutter, not obscures the living space. With all its functionality, modern versions of racks or shelves for books and souvenirs can transform any interior room.

    However, to become a bookshelves spectacular decor fated apartment, depending on the design decision. It has long been known that when the old things a new life, they are a kind of reinterpretation. Original bookshelves with their hands out of scrap materials allow you to make your own real art objects. If this is not the goal, but there is a desire to save on interior renovation, it can find a new use for old things, boxes and cases.

    Note: Books important place where they will not deteriorate from water and direct sunlight. It is undesirable to place them below the watering indoor plants, and in front of the south window, where the light falls.

    The simplest bookshelves with his own hands made of wood does not necessarily if this is not possible or skills. If you apply imagination, even old crates or boxes, the updated "samokleykoy9raquo; under the wood, does not differ from the good-quality manufactured goods. Easy bookshelf made of cardboard with his hands - the simplest functional thing, if the student textbooks in the room a little.

    If you want to draw attention to the makeshift wall shelving its original form, it is important to give thought:

    • place shelf placement;
    • height position;
    • allocated space;
    • Wall shelves dimensions;
    • material for the manufacture;
    • the overall configuration;
    • style of execution.

    Tip: When in the room small space, use any free space - the pier between windows or above the front door. An unoccupied corner of the window glass equip angular segments or mirrors of the same size on the finished bracket. Very convenient outdoor bookshelf with your hands, which will also perform other functions, for example, stand for an object.

    Shelving construction can be done in the form of bars between other furniture, as well as how to arrange a long shallow mezzanine along the wall at a small distance from the ceiling. A good option - make books window or niche between the two rooms on the inside of the wall, if not in use for other purposes. Not recommended to place the book on the headboard. Although it is convenient - take and put back to "reading to sleep", a bookshelf with his hands able to fall in the most unexpected moment.

    Note: Modern shelves for books should not be massive if it does not involve the style of the interior. But we can not allow the design sag under the weight of books or was too narrow for the large folios and dictionaries.

    That is suitable for the manufacture of home-made bookshelves?

    Instead of natural wood for homemade bookshelves are also suitable residues laminate with excellent wood decor and flooring. These materials are cut initially a width which is identical to the format of most books. This also eliminates the need to actuate the appropriate starting material with a total rack wall decor of the room.

    As an option - use laminated plywood under the bookshelf with your hands or chipboard. The construction supermarkets, there are many suitable materials for this purpose - from plastic to natural wood.

    If important choice in favor ekomaterialov, it is better to natural wood and veneered furniture boards. Cutting directly at the major sales outlets, eliminating the need to search for a carpentry shop in the community. The sale is also a ready-planed boards and beams, from which, after coating make excellent book shelves on the wall with his hands, photo:

    The original design ideas for making shelves

    For fans of the original decor of the house has the opportunity to express their creativity in making bookshelves with their hands. Originality is easy to show in all:

    1. Mount Type - wall, floor and attached to the joists in the ceiling shelves.

    2. The style - country, retro, classic, avant-garde, gothic, modern, fusion.

    3. Material shelves - wood, plastic, glass, dense metal fabric to the frame.

    4. Frequency - equidistant from each other, or randomly through an unequal interval, stacked and layered structure.

    5. The shape and overall design wall bookcase - horizontal and vertical lines, spiral, diagonal, flexible lines or recognizable outlines of familiar objects. For example, children's bookshelves with his hands make a recognizable contours in the form of a clown, cat, letter or lodge.

    manufacturing shelves algorithm depends on all of these factors. If you use materials that are easy to cut yourself, the easiest way to buy ready-made brackets and attach to the wall in the selected order. Good examples from the bookshelves with their hands, photo:

    Attention: After cutting any material required processing edges of each shelf, if they do not run into the sidewall!

    Glass blanks, cut from the glazier, must process the master himself, if so agreed in advance. Wood requires sanding and varnishing on all sides. Particleboard, laminate, particle "halva9raquo; and other derivatives of require trimming to shear. Facing doing any carpentry shop after cutting tile materials from wood waste. Edge processing materials for the manufacture of bookshelves affects their appearance and overall impression of the design.

    But the most interesting look of the shelf or exclusive stand for books from non-traditional materials:

    • rope ladder with rigid beams;
    • Hard Case on guitar, trombone and cello, nailed to the wall;
    • a scrap of old wooden stairs on the brackets for a certain distance from the wall;
    • Any package of suitable size (plastic, thick cardboard, plywood, boards, plastic).

    Note: Pay attention to the total load racks for books, especially if they are made of unconventional materials. Under the thick volumes of books, exhibited in a row, eventually bend even the classic bookshelf, and they should be turned periodically.

    Renew or give a new look materials used previously to help varnishes, paints, fabric, veneer or textured wallpaper. Wood is better oshlifovat mechanical means to simultaneously remove the old layer and make the surface smooth. Board will change color if the stain and cover it with varnish to reveal. Pitch varnish, after the opening of a bookshelf with his own hands made of wood, gives a black color with a brown tinge.

    Not quite aesthetic surface is recommended to close any decorative material or upgrade in the prior art:

    Tip: Cover the wooden shelves special antistatic, which repels dust, keeping the books. If it is important to save from destruction dilapidated collectible copies of antique books and rare editions, it's best to do the closed shelves with glass doors. This will prevent the folios from changes in temperature, evaporation, and the sudden invasion of the shelves pets or rodents. For example, the bookshelves with their hands, photo:

    Production versions of classic bookshelf made of wood

    Shelves for books can be one or the whole installation in the wall. If you have no experience of working with wood, it is easier to use someone sawn billets. For connecting horizontal planes are used not only base materials.

    1. Exclusive variant shelves - planed boards and blocks of wood, lined with columns on either side. They also can paste over the covers of old books and magazines, or the original wallpaper. Will only be wall mounted.

    2. Good embodiment homemade wooden shelves without tools for wood - strung processed board with holes in the sides of the rope in the form of stairs. Fixing is supposed to the ceiling or wall. They also strung in 2-3 rows or asymmetrically. If desired, easy to create an original suspension structure.

    3. Classic Bookshelf - a rectangle with or without doors them. Have long been in vogue sliding glass door, put forward by alternately left and right for a special rail made of plastic. Something similar, but with a modern, easy to do yourself if you have the skills to work with wood.

    4. Wooden shelves with their own hands is usually done by those who have the skills and tools. Set heavy encyclopedias, directories, or dictionaries requires a fairly thick boards of good quality. They should be handled according to the rules and are securely attached to the wall. The most harmonious look design where the height - half the length of the rectangular shelf. But there may be other options for the size, which should be reflected in the figures, for example:

    Masters for wood commonly used saw, screwdriver, sander, woodworking machine, jigsaw, or universal electric grinders with nozzles. For wall mounting need screws, brackets, dowels, screws or nails. If you do not use ready-made brackets, from the rear side on the bookshelf with his own hands made of wood nailed special hanging loops, with which it cling to the wall plugs with screws to the wall.

    At work it is important to measure the board to the top and bottom of the rectangular shelves exactly the same proportions. The same applies to itself and to the sidewalls. It is important that a hacksaw or other tool was strictly perpendicular to the line sawing. From the quality of this work depends on the appearance of the ends of each part. Even the highest quality Speel necessarily sanded sandpaper or oshlifovat mechanically.

    Shelves of tile materials, thick "halvy9raquo; Chipboard or laminate contain chemical components. The ends recommended to close melamine special edge, which is well glued using an iron. Extra edge required to accurately cut. PARTS most convenient screwdriver.

    Warning: When working with wood and lumber necessary to observe safety precautions - to work in a respirator, goggles and protective clothing. power serviceability check prior to manufacture shelves. It is not necessary to operate at the maximum speed. The quality of the tips is to try on scraps of material.

    Decor shelves in the children's room

    Bookshelves for a child's room, it is desirable to use as part of the decor. Fit bright acrylic paints for wood or thin plastic paper, which is convenient to cut out the figures and details of application. For example, the bookshelves with their hands, photo:

    Note: It is undesirable in a child's room or a teenager to use synthetic materials or dyes that emit harmful substances. Some paints and varnishes used only for facades and exterior use - read the instructions in the application. Give preference to natural wood, lacquers ekokraskam and odorless.

    Perform shelves and decor can be with the child - he was willing to join in the process. Encourage your child to choose the design sketches for decorations and participated in the most simple processes, such as patterning circuits for stencils. The child may also submit tool at the same time remembering the name of the father's "instruments of labor".

    Identical horizontal shelves of narrow boards is better to issue a window shopping with a rim to put the book face, not end. It does not require special decor stands, quite bright covers. This will help to quickly find your favorite fairy tales or nursery rhymes.

    As an option - stitched tightly woven shelves in the form of pockets which are suspended on fixed rails. They are not necessarily attached to the wall, fit the side wall of the cabinet or other furniture in the nursery. For these purposes, use a small rope ladder.

    "Swedish wall" in the sports room can also be used as a shelf for books. Bookshelves are also used for gifts, indoor plants, collections of dolls or machines.

    Original shelves for children is also done in the form of trees, stairs, sun rays or other objects. A good example of how to make a bookshelf with his own hands - video:

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