Forged components for sampling

Fence with elements of artistic forging

Everyone who puts fences, there is one common goal - to trace a certain area, but the appearance and methods for manufacturing boom are very different from each other. Fences that use art forging except a fence functions successfully perform the role of a supplement to the registration of the yard and the house, and in some cases are the main design elements.

EXAMPLE original fence with sections of the forged elements

Artistic fences have a different purpose and species.

  1. Safety fence. When the fence is built to protect the area from attacks from the outside, it is distinguished by the strength corresponding to the height of artistic forging and acts as an elegant decoration, and a security element. The cheapest form of wrought fence. It is assumed the presence of massive solid gate.

Combined wrought fence with brick pillars

  • Durability metal fences are not afraid of moisture, wind and sun;
  • It is beautiful. Solid metal rods decorated with decorative elements have the form of fine lace;
  • Originality. Each picks up elements of decoration of fences and gates to your taste, so the repetition pattern is not seen.

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Ways of creating art forging

Metal Art was valued at all times, and now has become especially popular decoration gate, fence, courtyard and living room furniture forged patterns.

Unusual sampling chrome art forging

Masters of hot forging is always at a premium. Create your details, like the ancient ancestors, using the forge and anvil. The process is quite time-consuming, and the cost of the finished product, so to speak, not for the poor.

But art forging hot method has a great advantage: you can create just about anything - from a simple rod to the smallest curls, roses, leaves, grapes, etc., etc.....

Second forging method - cold. Characterized in that the equipment for making items less bulky and expensive, and can learn how to use each at desire. The products created by cold forging easier, but then the costs are much less. Fences with elements of cold forging and look rich and elegant.

What you need to create a wrought fence

To create a wrought fence and gates to need to prepare the main tools:

  • Machine for twisting a cold metal. There are several varieties of it: snail, twister, gnutik template. Such a machine you can buy, and make all the details yourself with it;
  • Finished decorations. Bought in case if there is no ability or desire to purchase the machine. You can buy some of the more complex elements;
  • "Bulgarian" with a set of discs for cutting and grinding of metal;
  • The welding machine for electric arc welding with electrodes set of fasteners;
  • Vise with a powerful device for rolling metal;
  • A standard set of small tools;
  • Metal or faceted round rods of 12 mm diameter;

patterns Options for Wrought iron fences

Stages manufacturing art fence

Metal Art by cold - an exciting experience, and if the master its intricacies, could become a new hobby or even a means of income. To begin with, it is desirable to master elementary techniques for working with welding machine and get down to business.

  1. Mark the site plan, calculate the required number of columns, wrought iron sections, mark the gate location wicket.
  2. Need a sketch or drawing of the future forged section with dimensions of all the details. It can draw, draw yourself, and you can search and print from the Internet. For the initial operation, while the hand is not packed, choose designs with simple details, more complex can be purchased separately and attached to the bars by welding.
  3. The construction of foundations, basement.

Ribbon foundation under the fence with elements of artistic forging

Columnar supports can be made of metal, concrete, brick, stone. Poles made of pipes of 80 mm diameter and welded thereto simple forged section - the easy assembling and weight fence.

Strip foundation requires more effort, but also the reliability and durability of it above. It requires a ditch dug not less than 70 cm deep and 30 cm wide. The ditch equidistant set supporting columns, fit fittings, specially mounted poles for the gate. Separately, on the edges of the trench build on the plank formwork. The trench is filled with formwork gravel, brick waste and the concrete is poured. Continue further work on the fence perimeter only after the complete hardening of concrete, and is approximately 7-10 days. In hot and dry weather curable foundation must be periodically watered with water.

Assembling and installation of wrought iron sections

  1. As long as the foundation for a fence freezes, to be used for the manufacture of forged spans. The first step - making framework for the section, which is brewed from the metal sheets. The frame must be flat, rectangular, and meet all the necessary dimensions. Take your time, often refer to the measuring instruments.
  2. Spend layout and weld vertical bars - rods. Used as a round rod, and faceted, but experts believe that the products of cut rod look richer and more colorful. However, it is a matter of taste.
  3. Most creative activity - production of small art pieces using the machine for twisting. Start with the most simple curls, rings, spirals. The more complex you can buy.

Details for wrought fence

In the same manner may be forged to produce inserts for door closed type or for decorating stone wall.

After the product has cooled, it is ground using a grinder, carefully rub clean all the joints.

Procedure for dyeing sections of the fence wrought

Forged components for sampling - style and aristocratism

Wrought iron fences - it is always stylish.

Forging and casting known to mankind for a long time. Using these technologies, people make tools, weapons, and even if it is not enough. Practically all metal subjected to such treatment.

forging and casting traditions have survived to the present day, and the products obtained are in great demand and are used to create reliable towers, gates, gates and fences.

Metal defines those advantages that the product:

A delicacy and variety of the proposed forms solves the problem of individual selection of components and manufacturing of unique fences.

Magical birth of wrought products.

  1. Casting - the process of pouring the molten metal mass in pre-prepared form. Most often in workshops dealing with decorative metal work, used plaster molds for casting, even though they may be, and iron, and copper, and even bronze. After hardening, the product is extracted and processed. In the production of decorative elements, this process is little used and only in the case of identical conveyor elements, this process is combined with the next.
  2. Forging - the process of impact on the metal bar to give it the desired shape. The heated metal is recovered from the crucible using special forceps and anvil hammers give product conceived form. To cut off the excess using chisels and punches for holes. Anvils themselves can be of several species and they are used to make articles angular forms or arc shape. Also, when processing metal products anvils attached relief and directly assembling elements made by means of rivets or welding - gas or electric.

Assembling is performed by welding

Very elegant look.

In the course of processing a metal rod produced three types of protections:

  • Fences Welded grid;
  • Forged and welded products;
  • Forged.
  1. Welded fences are often sectioned (Not to be confused with the section of the fence mesh netting). The technology of their production is quite simple and if you have the skills of welding works, you will be able to make their own hands. In this case, it is preparing the contour of the corner, and then it scald. After the loop is welded to the rod the required length set step. The section is almost ready. According to the request of the owner structure for the span can be revived forged elements leaves, swirls and other things. It will be interesting to look from above a decorative frieze. Given the cost of the material and self-assembly, we can say that the price of this fence will be small. A prerequisite is anti-corrosion treatment of finished construction with subsequent staining.
  2. Forged and welded fences more sophisticated in execution, they require that the presence of elements of forging. The entire set fits into a single image and creates a unique ensemble. The basic material used to fabricate these structures - steel, which is also necessary to cover a rust inhibitor, and then stain. These products will last very long, so the figure used in the manufacture of fences need to think through in advance. The number of decorative elements may be any of the host's request. Very impressive look these sets between brick pillars.

For your information! Fences made of bricks with forged elements forged section of the brick pillars are very common species. These protections do not apply to the category of the budget, but they will serve no one decade.

Brick and decorative frieze - an interesting combination.

  1. Fence with wrought elements can be attributed to the works of art. Here every detail is subject to certain laws and can recreate almost any style, making a unique fence. Base and columns, constructed of stone or brick, in combination with gratings, recruited from, for example, peak and decorated with decorative elements will be advantageous to emphasize all style structure. Decorative elements intake may generally vary revitalize and any design.

Fences, forging may be used where

Brick and wrought-iron lattice of very frequent combination.

Given the fact that forged products do not belong to the cheap, they can be applied in combination with other materials for decoration.

The most common combination of the following occur:

  • Brick or stone with elements of forging. Option half-deaf walls. The base and the posts are made of brick or stone, and forged fence elements decorate its end. There may be variants of a set of scrolls and decorative strips, up balls on nakryvnye elements on the fence.
  • Grilles of forged parts with floorings. Fences made of corrugated board with the elements of forging are deaf. In this case variants are possible as a decoration wrought products, which are mounted on additional elements for intake of corrugated board, and completely independent structure spans or wicket gates and wrought metal sheets pronastila closed. As in the photo.

Decking and forging - for combination.

  • There modified structure where the profiled sheet is used instead of polycarbonate sheets. But in this case, forging not framed sheets, polycarbonate sheets rather close forgings from within, as in the photo.

Polycarbonate and forging as an interesting solution.

How many people, so many opinions. Each person selects the products to your taste and budget, and no instruction will not alter this state of affairs. The only thing what we have to draw your attention to - the beauty and you can tell aristocracy forged in the traditional video story. When ordering or purchasing forged elements ready for construction and super gipremarketah, you will be able to fully realize their creative imagination in the quality and durability of the material (see also the merits of anti-noise fences).

Design fences with wrought elements for private houses

As you know, the theater begins with a hanger. By analogy, we can say that any exterior infield begins with a fence. The appearance of the fence and facade of the house has a great deal to tell us about the inhabitants of the dwelling, tastes, prosperity, preference for a particular style.

Today the plot fence will not only protect against intruders, but rather - one of the components of landscape design. For best results, you must observe the harmony, namely the compatibility of the fence with the facades of residential houses, landscape and other buildings on the site.

Fences can be made of any one material, such as wood or metal, and can combine several types of such fence-called combined.

The core of such fences, generally constitute pillars brick or concrete pillars, stone, metal, and filling of polycarbonate, wood or metal in the form of a grid, lattice or blind webs of corrugated board.

Special beauty and elegance have a fence on the basis of forging.

Wrought iron fences are different personality. The unique design makes them decorative and artistic forging makes the object is very beautiful and memorable.

Like any fences with forging elements can be combined or made of the same material - metal. Forging looks great in combination with a natural stone from which you base and supporting pillars.

Of bricks can be laid out complex and the original form of the fence and its complement wrought filling at least the original pattern. Brick fence with wrought iron accents harmoniously look at the background of a brick house.

Metal monoograda looks more strictly and solemnly. Such fencing suit for a large portion of which will not be seen through. A beautiful landscape along the fence will be available for review.

Forged curved elements of the lattice dynamics of the attached enclosure. A whimsical floral designs fascinated by its beauty.

Artistic blacksmiths are able to create stunningly beautiful and unique elements of the fence. Walking past this fence, it's hard not zasmotretsya at such beauty.

There are two main types of forging:

  • hot forging (High-temperature metal processing);
  • cold forging (Giving a desired shape metal by treatment with a variety of tools without heating).

To carry out a hot forging method requires not only a special tool, but also the furnace in which the heating to red-hot state of the metal blanks from which subsequently via a hammer and anvil elements are made different.

Cold forging - a processing metal bars by their torsion, bending, pressing and welding. The method of cold forging is more accessible and can be an interesting hobby in the presence of a specific set of tools that many people actually prefer to make their own.

Fences with artistic forging of the road, it is perhaps only the lack of them for the majority of citizens. The cost of goods calculated in different ways: per square meter, per meter or per item. Square meter Wrought iron fences, depending on the complexity of the manufacturing process and costs an average of 5-15 or more thousand.

However, the merits of such a fence is much more: individuality, aesthetics, reliability, variety of sizes. Possible to manufacture fencing or sections of his own sketches.

Many manufacturers offer forged and welded fences in the form of ready-made sections of varying complexity. Are set such sections to the metal or stone pillars by welding. their price ranges on average from 5 to 10 thousand. rubles section.

If you have limited resources or too "transparent" fence you do not like, it is possible to perform only a partial filling of the fence forged elements, combining them with the gate and the gate, the rest of the fence at the same time can be made hollow.

Or install only the wrought-iron gates and gate, that is enough to diversify and decorate your fence.

No less interesting is the combination of a wooden fence or gate with forged elements, such a structure reminiscent of a medieval castle fence.

Boring at first glance fence of corrugated will live a new life, if you diversify its wrought-iron strip, which will make it more filigree.

If you are confused by excessive transparency wrought fence, then there is a solution - filling it with sheets of polycarbonate, which will give the fence haze.

Fence with brick pillars and filled with wooden panels with wrought iron inserts - a good solution for a country house.

As you can see, a lot of choices of forged fences from simple and modest fences to exquisite and expensive buildings, from mono to fences combined from several constructions materials. And everyone can find what he likes and purse. It is obvious one - forged fence deserve special attention.

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Forging is very beautiful and rich look. But today it is very expensive. Forging blends with any material, but rather serves as its decoration. We did at their summer cottage near the gate on both sides of a single flight of wrought fence with elements in the form of leaves. Together with wicket looks beautiful.

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