The carpet in the living room on the floor

The carpet in the living room on the floor

Carpet coating remains popular on the parlor floor, through which is made the home atmosphere. In a modern interior, it is used only on the floor, often on the center of the room or in the recreation area.

Material for the manufacture of carpets

wool, fur and silk are most often used for the production of carpets. Modern technology can be added to the product artificial material - polypropylene, nylon, rayon.

Natural material perfectly warm, soft and pleasant to the touch. But it quickly becomes soiled, electrified and hypoallergenic. Artificial materials are considered to be more durable, does not cause allergies, do not fade, do not lose their shape, perfectly clean.

Modern carpets on the floor in the living room

By the size of the carpets are divided into small, medium and large. Too overall product attract maximum attention, so choose a pattern to them should be monochrome, low-contrast.

An important factor is the length of the carpet pile. Include the long carpet on the floor in the living room looks especially luxurious. Exquisitely he looks in the fireplace area is very soft and pleasant, the room filled with romance and coziness.

The form of carpet on the floor of the living room can be oval, round, square, polygonal. Often his trail in a recreation area next to the sofas and a coffee table, so the shape of the carpet should be matched to the contours of the sofas. If they have a strict geometric straight lines and angles, and the floor covering should be in the form of a rectangle or square. Under furniture with rounded contours fit oval rug. Currently, the island mats that are placed before the entrance to the balcony, near the seats, under the coffee table is very popular.

carpet coloring is adjusted for tone sofas or textile is contrasting. its color should not bother, annoy, and like a long time. The product is a single color is universal and can be used in any design style.

For a bright living room carpet is better to pick a neutral coloring. If the focus of the room is done on textiles, then the carpet must comply with the requisition.

From the figures predominate geometric shapes, abstract, flowers, modern designs are more common one-color carpets beige, coffee, dairy, chocolate color. They look neat and luxurious, can be complemented by stylistic ornaments, hilly terrain, more suited to the style of minimalism, not overloaded with furniture and bright colors.

Interestingly it looks green carpet on the floor in the living room. It can be represented by a rose, plant stalks, grass. Monophonic lush carpet with a long nap is like a beautiful lawn in the room, fills the interior of the spring joy. Excellent is the product looks in the interior, where there are live plants.

The living room with antique furniture will look beautiful bright carpet on the floor. A stylish product is often used method of aging, with the help of which it is made artificially worn look. This option is appropriate in the interior of the country, provence, black and white model is suitable for the decoration of Scandinavian design. On the classic rug using a variety of small patterns.

It looks nice in the living room light openwork carpet under the lace embroidery. He performed curved venzelnye patterns, curls, applied multilevel pile.

The carpet is a highlight of the interior, gives it comfort and completeness. He transforms the design, makes staying in the room comfortable and friendly.

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How to choose a carpet in the living room on the floor: 4 criteria

It is very important to choose the interior of the living room so that he was the most functional and at the same time look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing living room - it is usually the most spacious room in a house or apartment that can perform several functions - serve as a dining area, an office, transformed into a recreational area at night, etc. That will help the corresponding carpet in the living room on the floor. It is no secret that it was a beautiful cozy living room atmosphere as anything else sets up an interesting conversation. How to choose a carpet in the living room on the floor with all the features of the interior - read on.

The carpet in the interior of the living room - the main attribute

It should be noted that the carpets and carpets play an important role in the decoration of the room, apartment or house in general.

When choosing a rug, carpet or carpet floor tracks a number of nuances to consider in the living room

These decorative items, often perform a number of useful and aesthetic features such as:

  • Warming of the floor;
  • Protect the floor from dust and dirt;
  • Room decoration.

It must be said that the carpet can be arranged in different ways in the living room. Thus, it is possible to cover the entire floor carpet or just part of it by highlighting, for example, sitting area, etc. In addition, you can use carpet floor coverings and carpets. They tend to have a small size, more mobile and easy to care for and clean.

How to choose a carpet in the living room

When buying outdoor carpet for the living room, it should be borne in mind that the color and pattern should be in harmony with the other furnishings. So, it is not always necessary to make a choice in favor of multi-colored carpet with large pattern, as this will make the interior of diversity and visually reduce the room, especially if the carpet is located in the middle of the room.

on the floor carpet in the living room should be chosen taking into account not only its color in relation to other objects of decoration, but also the shape and pattern

  1. Rug small sofa in front of or near the desk to decorate a room.
  2. Figure carpet on the floor should be designed for display at any point of the living room.
  3. It looks great small beautiful paths and hand-made rugs of wool rich colors with a pattern in the cell, striped or patterned on folk motifs (suitable for the interior in the style of Provence).

Large carpets with a pattern only look beautiful in a spacious room. But the room, having an average size of such carpet will clutter the abundance of colors and patterns, visually obscuring the rest of the environment

Carpet on the floor in the living room should complement the overall color scheme of the room with an interior nyuansnom decision or make a pleasant variety in strict contrast one or two-color design (in this case, you can pick up a floor carpet having a bright and saturated colors).

Contemporary rug in the living room: distinctive features

In the modern interior nice stylish carpets with solid or fine textured geometric pattern. Also in the interior of the living room on the floor look great carpets and rugs with folk ornaments and striated. In the conditions of modern apartments floor carpet in the living room, in addition to aesthetic, and also performs a vital function as a floor insulation and noise reduction when moving around the room.

The problem with warm acoustic copes carpeting, which can be pile and lint-free and have a one-color, usually gray, colors wenge or other neutral coloring. It should be said that modern houses and apartments have simple and clear forms of the interior and are usually overwhelmed by the article of furniture.

In groups of upholstered furniture look great carpets having tonal textured solid pattern, or carpets with patterns of large or small geometric elements

Therefore, the following types of rugs are suitable for modern living:

  1. In groups of polished furniture usually put mats made of artificial fur with a long nap.
  2. In a sofa or seating area, you can put a small rug srednevorsovy.

In other words, we can say that the living room carpet to the floor should be chosen with a view to ensuring the thermal insulation and aesthetical interior component. With these objectives cope perfectly both fully synthetic carpets, and natural products with the addition of, typically, wool fibers. Moreover, it is believed that the products of mixed composition of fibers have the best durability and aesthetic qualities.

The raw material composition of the fibers for the production of carpets and defines especially care products.

As a rule, inexpensive and easy to care for advanced fully synthetic carpets, and coating with the addition of natural fiber more capricious and demanding in operation and maintenance. Besides wool in the production of carpets are conventionally used jute, hemp, silk, etc. As for the "carpet" of classics - that is, of course, wool products, with different colors and patterns.

Classic outdoor carpet in the living room - it is a carpet, in harmony with the interior in a classical style. And as the classics - these are natural materials and peaceful natural colors, and the carpet has to be made with natural fibers and have the coloring in harmony with the rest of the interior. Therefore, if the color is soft, low furniture in the living room - the dark, the dark tufted carpet, put in the furniture arrangement in the area as it merges with it and emphasizes the unity of the static and calm and balanced composition. Thus, the color of the carpet can be properly punctuate and highlight the elegant shape, thinness, lightness, or, on the contrary, massive furniture. So that the furniture lighter and more graceful, it must be visually "raise" above the floor, "tear off" from him.

An interesting solution in the interior - the effect of shiny floor, which can be achieved by light tone or a smooth pile carpet fabric

This effect is achieved by the following elements:

  • Construct pedestal or base form the legs;
  • product configuration;
  • The color of the wood itself.

For example, the more clear and transparent picture, the more elegant and easy seems the product. Thus, by setting the dark furniture on a light carpet, you can make it visually easier. Here is a bright or white furniture on a dark rug can visually make it more solid and thorough. It should be noted that basically, the living room carpet to the floor in a classic style - a carpet of light or dark tones with traditional oriental ornament made with the addition of woolen yarns. This product will make the interior of the room a harmonious and complete.

Trendy living room carpet 2018

Interior design in 2018 and dictates the requirements for carpets and floor coverings.

So, in 2018 the following design decisions in the trend:

  • Carpets irregular shapes (e.g., representing polygons);
  • Relief plain carpets;
  • Carpets with a contrasting large pattern, including geometric;
  • Oval, round or rectangular carpet with classical ornament;
  • Rugs with images of landscapes, portraits, etc.

In addition to original shapes and colors, fashionable rugs 2018 - is, first of all, modern and practical materials

The color scheme of the fashionable rugs 2018 - is, first of all, gray and shades, and pink. In addition, relevant floral pattern, which are dominated by yellow, red and green colors.

The most durable and loved ones in their characteristics are acrylic carpet for wool products. However, they have the ability to accumulate static electricity. With regard to polypropylene, the material wears out quickly and loses its form, but as viscose carpet is durable enough for a long time and retains its original color.

Copyright carpets to order (video)

Actual trendy rugs 2018 - is the product of original forms, unusual or traditional color range, made of modern, easy-care materials. Selecting the floor carpet in the living room depends on several factors. So, the big role played by the degree of permeability of the room, and as the living room - this is primarily for communication room, you should choose the smooth, short-nap or srednevorsovy carpet from wear-resistant fibers for her. The shape of the carpet floor, its color and pattern should be in harmony with the interior of the room, adding to his or bringing a touch of pleasant variety.

How to choose a carpet on the floor for the living room - the material, size, color, blend with the interior

It is believed that the living room - the most important room. Here are hosting some combine it with a kitchen, living room so it requires special attention. Each owner is trying to arrange the room in a special way, complementing it with the best décor.

Once an integral part of the living room was the carpet. Carpets lay on the floor, hung on the walls and were a good indicator of prosperity. Now carpets virtually disappeared from modern interiors, but still a good carpet creates a warm atmosphere, comfort and cosiness. The main thing is to choose the right among the vast diversity.

Qualitative carpet made from natural materials, typically silk and wool. But you can pick up a decent carpets and artificial materials.

  1. The classic version - it's wool. Costly warm wool carpet is usually made from sheep's wool. Such material is inherent elasticity, refined look and a long service life. In addition, the color is bright and practically does not burn. But wool carpet quickly gets dirty, prone to mildew and susceptible to moth attack. However, modern experts have learned to cope with these disadvantages, using antifungal, stain resistant and termite infiltration.
  2. Carpets made of silk, too, belong to the category of natural. Silk cover is very expensive, but this factor is quite justified. In this mother's incredible durability, elegant appearance and remarkable smoothness. A picture obtained a clear and detailed thanks to the flexible silk thread.
  3. Carpets Viscose colorful and bright as well to color. Very durable, they do not wear out and not electrified, but are vulnerable in wet.

In the photo, natural carpets made of silk and wool

Any carpet floor living room, of course, will not work. Before buying you need to clearly define the size, shape and colors. With regard to size, the three types of carpets produced for the living room:

  • Small, the area of ​​which does not exceed 3 kV. m: 0,6h1,1 m, 0,8h1,5 m, 1x2 m, 1,5h2 m;
  • Medium - from 3 to 6 sq. m: 1,5h2,05 m, 2x3 m;
  • Big - 6 square. m: 2h3,5 m, 3x4 m, 2x4 m, 3x5 m.

If it is difficult to imagine the size, it can be used for visualization of colored tape, laying out her outline of the future of the carpet on the floor. Such a method will help to evaluate the size of the carpet and their compatibility with the interior and choose what you need.

How to enter the mat in different areas of living

If it was spacious, it is perfect for him Palace 2x3 or 3x4 m. It is better to put in the center and around the place the sofas and chairs, and in the middle put the coffee table.

Small living room? No problem! You can lay a small rug or size 1,5h2 1,8h2 m. Coffee or coffee table can be placed in the center of it. The room will look more harmonious.

When choosing the size should be noted that a maximum coverage width is 3.6 m.

As for the shape of the carpet, it can be very different, it all depends on the shape of the room and interior. For those who prefer strict, straight lines (square or rectangular coffee table, square seat), fit the carpet in the same style, ie in the form of a rectangle or square. If the furniture items have a rounded or curved shape, the beautiful design solution will carpet round or oval.

The variety of forms allows to combine the interior and create a perfection of style in all rooms

Sometimes, in the living room it is necessary to emphasize, and in such cases it is appropriate to use abstract curly coats.

To properly fit in the interior of the Palace, it is advisable to observe the following guidelines:

  1. Carpets in the form of a rectangle, usually emit a recreation area next to the sofa.
  2. Round rug will look great hanging over him with a circular chandelier.
  3. Carpet visually stretches the room.
  4. Accents in the room can be arranged with the help of round rugs.
  5. All legs coffee table near the sofa should stand on a carpet.
  6. Textile cover with a long nap will give the living room more warmth and comfort.
  7. Round coating visually reduces the size of the room. It seems as if the room corners are cut. However, if you lay a floor mat in the tone, then this effect can be avoided.

To choose the right floor for the living room textiles is not as easy as it seems at first glance. To start, decide if you need it. If so, why. As already mentioned, via the textile covering can accents. So, if the living room is solved in the quiet light, or, conversely, dark colors, the carpet can become a bright spot that will attract attention. In addition, with the help of it you can keep the main idea of ​​the decorative room. In this case, it should be combined in style and color with other items of decor (cushions, curtains).

Due to the carpeting can visually change the dimensions of the living room. This is especially significant in the case of small rooms with bulky furniture. If the floor lay a properly selected shape light color carpet, the feeling of tightness and shackles space disappear.

If the room is large and it is necessary to allocate to it the different functional areas, this can be done by putting the carpet. Because the area of ​​the zone obtained are small, and the coating is selected of the appropriate size. Sometimes the problem of zone can be solved with a few small size carpets. The main thing that they were in the same style.

carpet color, its texture and shape must be consistent with the overall mood of the room

It is very important to choose the right color. Often, as a floor covering in the living room is used linoleum, laminate or parquet light shade. Designers recommend in such cases to lay carpet in the floor tone. If the room and its floor resolved in dark colors (brown, burgundy, black), here you need to play on the contrast, otherwise the eyes just get tired of the gloomy tone.

You need to pay attention to not only color, but also the pattern of the carpet. Drawing too attracts attention, distracting from the other parts. If your dream - a carpet of enormous size, so even with the drawing room should be an impressive and spacious.

Classic is always in fashion. In this living room, you can choose a carpet with a pattern, as in the French products, which are characterized by ornaments in baroque or floral arabesque motifs.

Art Nouveau is characterized by restraint and austerity of lines. There is appropriate or monochromatic Floor carpet with geometric patterns or avant-garde.

Carpets not only fulfill a decorative function, but also improve sound insulation space, able to warm when it's cold. Textile coating perfectly complements the room, bringing him more comfort and coziness. Leave your comments on the article!

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