Carpet Grand crochet scheme

Carpet Grand crochet: Crochet round the grand scheme of the carpet "Velikolepnyy9raquo; oval mat and knitting diagram of cord

Grand carpet or cloth «Pineapple song» by Patricia Kristoffersen, crocheted, captures the minds of more and more needlewomen and masters worldwide. And this is no accident, because before each of them was sure that the carpet can only be woven on the machine, but here such a warm and beautiful accessory can be made with your own hands. What cosmic forces prompted Patricia that the carpet can be linked manually using the conventional scheme of knitting lacy napkins, we do not know, but we can say with confidence thanks to them for a truly original solution. carpet knitting crochet grand scheme is presented in this article.

Grand knitted mat of polyester cord with a core, which consists of one hundred percent polyester. Using this material explains the basic property of polyester fibers having a springy structure, which allows the finished product to return to its original position when compressed and stretched.

Despite the fact that the carpet is made from synthetic material, it will look as if he was tied from a natural wool. Products from a cord of polyester characterized by their durability, strength, water resistance and quality, has a beautiful shape and pleasant to the touch of the structure. Grand carpets do not lose their shape with time, do not cause allergic reactions, no musty not drawn into the dust easily erased in the machine at low temperatures, but is required to dry them in the expanded form on a flat surface.

Furthermore, masters is that carpets are knitted in the art openwork napkins and from natural materials, such as twisted cotton cord. Appears on its face made of polyester or cotton cords, carpets will not differ at all, further care of them identical, everything depends on your choice and on the presence of a suitable cord for knitting in a specialty store.

Knitting in the style of Patricia Kristoffersen - This is a very exciting result zanyaties unique blend of satisfaction and pride in themselves. After all, you produce not only beautiful and practical carpet, but present to the relatives and friends part of his heat.

On the Internet, a lot of paid video lessons and free resources to create crochet grand carpets of various shapes and structures. Please find several circuits of knitting carpets.

Carpet hook Grand laminated polyester cord "Velikolepnyy9raquo;

The picture shows a carpet Grand diameter of 2.3 meters, its production need 2200m polyester cord consisting of 24 fine threads. The weight of the carpet in the range of 10 kg plus / minus 500 grams carpet This will be a wonderful decoration for the living room, bedroom or a cozy corner in the foyer of the house. with his hands Bound Carpet Grand unforgettable gift for a housewarming party or other celebration.

This carpet is not necessarily knit by the scheme laid out below, you can link it to any popular with your pattern lace napkins.

The picture shows a carpet Grand oval shape, its dimensions 1,05h1,40 m, for its production need to about 700 m polyester cord consisting of at least 18 thin yarns. The weight of this mat was 3.5 kg. Such carpet will be a great oval bedside accessory in a bedroom or indispensable companion at the foot of the chair by the fireplace.

Carpet-esteem in the art Grand

Carpets related technique Grand is not only stylish and tasteful revive the interior of the apartment, but they are also excellent natural massager for legs, you just sit in front of a TV, a flat tire on his feet and slug them turning over in his patterned surface, and enjoy its healing effect, note, by the way, absolutely free!

The undeniable advantage over conventional carpets Grand woven on a loom rugs is its flexibility, if desired, the carpet can be easily folded and removed in the closet, for example.

For the manufacture of a carpet with a diameter of 2-2.5 meters it will take about 10-12 days, taking into account that you will knit no more than 3 hours a day, not really bothering, both by us, so it's a great alternative to a boring evening daily views TV in the blue screen.

Job Description and carpet knitting scheme Grand

We offer more detailed study of description techniques of knitting rugs napkins, which you can see in the image below.

A small selection of videos clearly show the stages of manufacturing and finished carpets in the technique of knitting Grand. Enjoy watching!

We decorate the house handicrafts: knitting carpets scheme of the cord hook

We suggest to start with a review of the features of the material and love with some carpet knitting patterns of cord hook.

crochet rugs from cord, photo

The traditional material used in such works - polyester strings for knitting carpets. These yarns are synthetic fibers consisting hundred percent polyester.

Due to the structure of springy material mats obtained elastic and tensile easily return to its original shape.

Polyester cords for knitting carpets

In the photo above - polyester cord for knitting carpets and rugs with their hands, a diameter of 6 mm, the package price - 280 rubles per 100 meters. How cord needed for the carpet?

It is worth noting and useful properties of polyester filaments:

  • durability and resistance to abrasions;
  • the material does not absorb moisture, dries quickly mats;
  • resistance to mold growth;
  • High-strength products;
  • soft texture.

Many use a polyester cord with core for knitting carpets: inside it is a thin cord entwined with fibers. It is the structure of the material ensures a maximum durability and resistance to deformation.

Mats, knitted from such material, please you and easy care. They will not accumulate dust and dust mites so you will not get any.

To clean the surface of the mat, it is enough to wash in a washing machine at a temperature of 30 degrees, and after the washing - spread on a flat surface.

Material of this type - an eco-friendly, non-allergenic, high-quality and pleasant to the touch, and it looks like natural raw materials, so the mats fit into any decor.

Carpets made of polyester cord, photo

To create the schemes carpets hook of cord can be used and cotton materials. Cotton cord also has a pleasant texture and does not require daunting care. So you can search and such materials for needlework.

Before proceeding to the diagrams and descriptions of knitted carpets from the cord hook, let's find out how much material we need.

For round products we recommend using the hook of a large size (at least - №4 or 5). 800 meters cord will carpet with a diameter of about 1100m.

Note that with the increasing number of complex and three-dimensional patterns on the surface of the mat will grow and the demand for raw materials. The weight of such a self-made mat will be at least 3 kg.

Start knitting carpets cord hook must be a center. But for this there is no need to create stitches: we suggest you use a different method. Twice wind the lace edge on the forefinger and middle finger, and then remove them and knit into the desired number of columns (for example as a mat on the photo below - 20 nakida columns with the first row).

What to do next:

  • three air loop (VP) for lifting, after which the air is done by four loops and pile from sc to the end of the series (CCH);

Since the scheme has a toothed outer row, your rug will look like a flower.

knitted carpets from the scheme cord

Any other similar schemes tally, and you can even use templates to create wipes, changing their parameters.

If you want to connect a semi-circular mat under such schemes, do the following manipulations:

  • first row knit with only half the required number of columns with sc;

Thus, the knitting procedure will not go around the circle and through the creation of direct and return rows to the hinges.

Carpets made of cord, photo

Thanks to its texture it will even play the role of a masseur for feet, so to ensure a relaxing effect.

With this scheme you will be able to link the carpet with a diameter of 1 meter. For convenience, you can use the video instructions, which are many on the Internet. Here is one example of such a video cord hook rugs:

Another popular option knit - "Grand" scheme. Such carpet will have a diameter of about 2.3 meters. For breeding you will need about 2200 m cord. The weight amount of 9 kg.

Carpets in Grand style, which can be spread in every living room: they not only make the interior more comfortable, but also to replenish it with new bright colors and expressive ornaments. Like the previous model knitting Grand allows you to experience the impact of massage on the feet.

By the way, this type of circuit can be replaced by any other. You can even stay at the templates for mating napkins - and create a new, unique ornaments.

We suggest you start with the following schemes to crochet from cord carpets:

Useful video and master-class carpet knitting cord hook:

Grand mat or any other can be optimized for the size and parameters of your room. Often patterns extend to create an oval shape. Download carpet knitting scheme of cord hook for free on the Internet, or select something from the options below.

This mat has dimensions of 1.05 by 1.4 m. For it you will need to weave cotton or polyester cord length of 700 m. The finished product will weigh about 3 kg.

Thanks to the good moisture density and stability it can be spread not only in the bedroom, living room or nursery, but even near a bathtub or shower stall.

If you know the basics of crochet, create a stylish rug handmade home will be easy.

In knitting you can use strings of bright colors and even combine them with each other to create a more elegant and positive design. This pad will be a great gift for housewarming or other occasion, so you'll be able to please not only themselves, but also their friends and relatives.

We advise you to watch another video - MK Carpet hook of cord:

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Crochet pot holders with a description and diagrams: simple and interesting solutions for your home

Simple knitting technique in patchwork and detailed diagrams

Some time enjoyed such a carpet - though not his own work, my grandmother, - but I can not help but pay attention to some details: carpets, of course, very fast drying, but put them in the bath or as specified in the article, next to the shower, I I would still not advised. The whole thing, obviously, in conjunction with moisture dust and dirt: they are usually, slaughtered under the carpet and quickly eats into the cord. Laundry certainly helped, but not completely. We shifted the rug, the reverse side is now trying not to flip.

Thank you for the informative article and schemes. With your help, and I plucked up strength and patience to come-and his life-long dream to link this. In our house there was no carpet, but with a baby started nursery pokupat.V decided to associate herself chose volumetric drawing thread has gone a lot .But I wanted to make this rug for the baby massager pad feet, pattern took .Rebenok cycle is just beginning walks and he really likes to step on the convexity and iti on drawing. On the floor it looks efektno not zadiraetsya. The only negative for me, I'm not comfortable vacuuming it and most beat out its not very easy.

good all day. remember how our grandmothers, great-grandmothers were circles on the floor, on the chairs, but everywhere. I remember there were many. Well, they were just connected, without ornament and pattern. so here it is screwed to the fashion. The article presents the most fashionable options schemes for their creation. Like many, I took an example from your own site. and left such a masterpiece. My bedroom in shades of blue and white knitted rug just a meter in diameter. He lies in bed. combination as a cool color and pattern of its volume. knitting course not fast, especially like in the beginning of the throw, and when it began to become clear pattern is wanted as soon as possible to finish it. Thank you for rugs scheme. Now I knit to order a Friend

Knitted rug based on the "Grand" carpet

Knitted rug on carpet based on "Grand". Hook. scheme

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