Forging Gate photo

Forging Gate photo

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Photos wrought iron doors and gates. picture 1-30

The range of forged products is not limited to photographs presented on the site. Many of the products are exclusive and are not intended to be copied.

The price of iron gates is determined based on the volume and complexity of the work and terms of manufacturing.

Forged Gate 1

Forged gate with a wicket 2

Forged Gate 3

Forged Gate 4

Wrought iron gates 5

Forged Gate 6

Forged gate with a gate 7

Forged Gate 8

Forged Gate 9

Forged gate with a wicket 10

Wrought iron gates 11

Forged gate with a wicket 12

Wrought iron gates 13

Wrought iron gates 14

Wrought iron gates 15

Forged gate with a wicket 16

Wrought iron gates 17

Wrought iron gates 18

Forged gate with a wicket 19

Wrought iron gates 20

Wrought iron gates 21

Wrought iron gates 22

Forged gate with a wicket 23

Wrought iron gates 24

Wrought iron gates 25

Forged gate with a wicket 26

Wrought iron gates 27

Wrought iron gates 28

Wrought iron gates 29

Wrought iron gates 30

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Wrought iron gates and gate: how many there are, what are the, photos

Each owner of the estate of his wants his fortress was well protected, and the entrance to it was not rough rickety fence, a beautiful and exquisite creations.

Wrought iron gates perfectly combine and protection and beauty. These gates are not so easy to overcome people with evil designs, and thus your strength will remain inaccessible. The variety of stylish patterns give lattice forged a unique style that will not leave you indifferent.

In this article, we will tell you what are the gate and the gate, and indicate the price of each type of product.

This type of wrought iron gate has a slide mechanism that rolls back the flap parallel to the fence, depending on how you install it. Sliding gates forged very harmoniously fit in both urban style, as well as in private homes.

Overall this is a good choice for those who have a taste in architecture. They fit perfectly in almost any location.

Manufacturer: AVIS met. St. Petersburg.

In this photo are shown the gate with drawing in mind set of flowers and petals. Long thin lines and transitions patterns give this gate refined, but at the same time strict kind.

Manufacturer: AVIS met. St. Petersburg.

Manufacturer: AVIS met. St. Petersburg.

It is also possible to automate sliding gates. With this approach, you no longer have to leave the car in bad weather to drive to the site. If you do not like frills, you can choose a simple pattern, as in the photo above.

A rich variety of patterns will allow you to draw on your sliding doors. In the photo we see a truly royal appearance.

These gates are the ideal price-performance ratio.

Manufacturer: PTF "KIMA". Omsk.

Statistics It shows that these gates are very popular on the market thanks to its ability to give value and chic area.

Manufacturer: PTF "KIMA". Omsk.

Swing gate leaves can be linear and lever actuators. The former are cheaper and more reliable. Opening gates in the photo gives an interesting look to your front door, using unusual rounded and curled elements in the design.

Manufacturer: PTF "KIMA". Omsk.

These swing gates, made by one of the masters have a remarkable design is the innermost structure. "Frame" of the curled and pointed petals looks amazing combined with the basic composition and lends splendor goal.

Gates made in the Gothic style are simply semicircular twisted elements and sharp long stakes.

There are many beautiful views of the gate, whether massive huge gate, from which emanate the center of the crown of the tree or the smaller and more elegant, with fine lines and figures of peacocks and other wonderful birds.

Producer: "Metal City"

In this photo we see a variant of the gate with trees and birds.

Elegant wrought tulips will be a good decoration for the gate to your garden.

This floral forged gate with a subtle pattern and color, with a swing in the middle - a good option for a neat well-kept house with a beautiful garden.

Forged gate with a wicket inside

Manufacturer: Saint - Petersburg.

Gates with wicket inside will give your site a good status and attractiveness. Wicket, combined with a gate will give you the opportunity to pass on the land without unnecessary opening of the gate.

In the photo we see the wrought-iron gate with a wicket, made in unusual but attractive to look strict, angular forms.

These are shaped arched wrought iron gate with a gate you can see in the photo.

Gates with a repeating pattern in the lateral parts of the petals and between them and the top. Completely made of sheet steel, which is installed on top of the lattice pattern.

If desired, the wrought-iron gates can be made with your own hands. This requires a lot of time, patience and skill, but if it succeeds, we had an excellent unique result. A lot of artisans are engaged in this, without producing extra costs, you learned to be able to make them yourself.

Such interesting domestic gates can be found in the vast Ukraine.

Rustic style - simplicity and attractiveness.

Such doors can be seen in the Middle Ages and now. They are easy to make and they look beautiful.

The following will be provided the best picture forged gate. This design is not cheap and it is not a small enclosed work, but it's worth it.

This powerful design suitable for real lovers of kings and reliability.

Dragons, belching flames from the mouth comfortably on these great gate.

The severity and elegance come together - like at these gates.

In addition to the gate adjacent to the fence can be installed and wrought-iron fence, which will be combined with the very gates and serve as a wonderful decoration for the territory.

Producer: "Danila Master". Ekaterinburg.

Wrought iron grille fits into the stone base, as we can see in the photo.

Producer: "Danila Master". Ekaterinburg.

Simple wrought fence.

Producer: "Danila Master". Nizhny Tagil.

Forged gate with a tree

Known for many works, where as the main decoration tree stands, placed in the center of the fence.

Massive gates, made in the form of tree crowns. Particular attention can be paid to the petals, which look almost like the real thing.

Sweeping branches crawl to the side gate giving a wide view. It seems that even if it is real wood, but no, it's all metal iron gates wrought masters.

Decking is used in many places in our time, and wrought-iron gates that are not exceptions. Sturdy, steel sheets that are resistant to any mechanical stress also easily removed and moved to another location. In addition to protection, they can serve as a background and add decorations.

Manufacturer: «Installer 26". Stavropol.

Manufacturer: «Installer 26". Stavropol

Manufacturer: «Installer 26". Stavropol.

Over the past decade the gates with polycarbonate have become widespread. The combination of practicality and durability - that's what the gates with the sheets of polycarbonate.

Manufacturer: Blacksmith workshop "Stalkoff". Nizhny Novgorod.

Manufacturer: Blacksmith workshop "Stalkoff". Nizhny Novgorod.

Manufacturer: Blacksmith workshop "Stalkoff". Nizhny Novgorod.

Producer: "A successful season." Moscow.

Producer: "A successful season." Moscow.

Perhaps the most striking example of the Roman style directions. Gates with lions were frequently used in the Romanesque direction and the image of the king of beasts accentuate your high status, while remaining very discreet.

The best, the elite wrought-iron gates are made by the best masters. On large sheets of steel, which occupy a surface fence wrought patterns in the form of petals and tendrils. Such doors can be seen at the entrance to the richest mansions. Not everyone can afford such a luxury, but a grand entrance to remember.

Working with such a gate is quite laborious, but these gates greatly decorate your garage and give him protection from any adversity.

Producer: "velum". St. Petersburg.

Producer: "velum". St. Petersburg.

Producer: "velum". St. Petersburg.

Manufacturer: «Installer 26". Stavropol.

"Installer 26". Stavropol.

"Installer 26". Stavropol.

Automatic sliding iron gates are a good choice for those who want to make their lives as comfortable as possible. You do not have to once again get out of the car and these gates do not take up too much space.

Here we introduce you to the gates, decorated with wrought-iron vine, which together with its petals looks very natural.

Producer: "Iron Age."

Manufacturer: The company «Elite-House». Volgograd.

One of the variants of artistic forging.

Below we present you the options of exclusive forged gate, which can be found at private homes.

These stunning silver dragon gate you can see in the photo.

A rather unusual version of the registration gate.

Here it is, of course, approximate prices, but they will allow to orientate themselves and to relate their desires to their capabilities.

  1. Forged sliding gate - from 20 000 rubles.
  2. Forged swing - from 25 000 rubles.
  3. Wrought iron gate with fence - from 3800 rubles. per sq. m.
  4. Hammered gates with a wicket - from 28 000 rubles.
  5. Forged from a tree - from 30 000 rubles.
  6. Wrought iron gates Bent - from 20 000 rubles.
  7. Wrought iron gates polikarbanatom - from 24 000 rubles.
  8. Forged gate with lions - from 60 000 rubles.
  9. Fine wrought-iron gates - from 90 000 rub.
  10. Wrought iron garage door - from 32 000 rubles.
  11. Sliding wrought-iron gates - from 20 000 rub.

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