Anti-slip bath mat

Types of non-slip mats for the bathroom

Cozy and beautiful home begins with small things that can transform beyond recognition the usual interior. A striking example of this metamorphosis is well-chosen rug for the bathroom.

Underestimate the importance of this seemingly insignificant element impossible. Apart from the purely decorative role, and the mat is a guarantee of safety, not to slip on the wet floor and functional thing - a pleasant soul leave it on a surface, and not just on the bare floor. Understand the different types of floor mats for bathrooms and choose the best option among all possible help to the following information.

To begin, make a list of requirements for the anti-slip mat.

Mats for bathrooms should be:

  • hygienic: To prevent microbial growth, fungus and other micro-organisms;
  • practical: Caring for such coatings should be minimal;
  • water-resistant: Different from the excess moisture quickly will become worthless;
  • beautiful: To be able to enter the interior accessory to any direction;
  • secure: For this, the surface should not slip under your feet;
  • small size: Make it easier to wash and dry.

All these requirements are to some extent correspond to modern products.

What is the size of a standard baby mattress?

  • tissue models. This is the most commonly used mats, the material of which is specially adapted to wet "climate" of such premises. Common materials for the tailoring of such products are:
    • cotton mats: Natural and very soft and pleasant to the touch. The bottom surface is usually made of non-slip material such as rubber. The top of such models is very diverse in texture and color scheme. Mats perfectly erased and dries quickly. Usually made of cotton mats are painted in the most natural range, but there are also more vivid. For comfortable use is recommended to use two sets: while one in the wash, use the second.
    • acrylic models also distinguished by good operation, plus a special impregnated antibacterial compounds that ensures cleanliness and hygiene of such an option. Variety of colors allows you to choose the right product to any style, acrylic is very responds well to staining, so choose will really be anything else.
    • Microfiber Rugs - also suitable for such purposes, especially when you consider the ability to momentarily absorb moisture and dry quickly. The fibers are often impregnated with anti-fungal compounds, which can neither affect the hygienic characteristics of the coating. You can select the "short-haired" mat, and can give preference to models with long strands. The bottom layer should be selected from non-slip material: rubber, silicone, or even on special suckers, such a precaution is vital if live in the house the elderly and children. Fabric microfiber described here.
  • Rubber mats: This improved version of the old models faced, probably everything. The advantages of modern rubber mats are:
    • hygienic thanks to special impregnations preventing the growth of bacteria;
    • easy care: it is enough to dry and be regularly cleaned with a soft cloth;
    • no peculiar smell (the main production minus old mats), which is achieved by special additives in the material;
    • slip surface that makes safe the use of such coatings in wet conditions.
  • silicone mats also ideal for such purposes. The physical properties of silicone rubber as close as possible to the very practical to use them in bathrooms and toilets. You can use the surface with a cloth option, this combination will solve two problems at once: the mat surface is pleasant to the touch, and he will not slip on the floor. Also silicone models are often used as a bath, and coating for easy bathing. Certain categories of goods: Children silicone mats bath, which not only provide safe bathing, but also extremely attractive to kids visually.

  • wooden mats. Oddly enough, there is still very popular, and wooden structures such as pallets. And they use them not only in public but also in the household. This tray holds great balance and is urgently needed on the sliding plate. A good property wooden decking will be able to self-production and the choice of non-standard sizes.

  • bamboo mats - the most promising and practical. The very structure of the bamboo fiber, if perfectly designed for such purposes: excellent moisture absorption, plus a nice non-slip surface. Also made of bamboo and tissue surface, but it is for rugs in the bathroom until the model is small because of the relatively high cost. The properties of bamboo fabric carpets are very similar to cotton option, except faster drying and less weight.

  • Mats made of foam polystyrene: Budget and good model, do not absorb water, but dry quickly and do not slip on the floor. Affordable price will allow to get a few mats to replace or change them frequently without damage to the family budget.

original types of bathroom rugs: it is often home-made options.

  • wine cork bonded together and placed within a wooden frame;
  • rag rugs and crocheting, though not very durable, but distinctive and beautiful;
  • mat with this moss: keeps popping up on the net such options, durability and ease of use are not yet known - are waiting reviews;
  • made of pebbles present, this option is the carpet for a bathroom additionally has a good massage effect and give a sense of the marine leisure.

Which carpet is better? Here, of course, everything is purely individual, free space size, even in the same type of rooms every family their own.

Manufacturers offer the following configurations:

  • rectangular and square rugs, usually each manufacturer has its own range of sizes for standard popular baths would be: 70 × 70, 40 × 70 and 70 × 100 cm;
  • oval and circular patterns also in demand due to attractive colors and a large selection;
  • curly rugs They are usually carried out in the form of animals, a trace of foot, all kinds of maritime paraphernalia (mussels, fish, sea stars), as well as the leaves, the flowers, the sun and other silhouettes.

There is still a lot of oval and round shapes, unusual geometric proportions figured models. Great demand for the model in the form of animals (especially if the house has a baby), an original gift for creative people will mat in the form of a skull with traces of "blood" on the surface and just with funky slogans ( "wipe off my legs, I'm a miserable rag" as an example).

IKEA offers a range of pillows for a sofa.

Lost in the range of rugs is easy, but, as elsewhere, there are unspoken leaders, products that are most in demand, and brand recognized everywhere.

The most popular manufacturers of bathroom accessories:

  1. firm Valiant I found the uncompromising decision to win thousands of hearts: baby bath mats from Valiant is a miracle, it is extremely bright and colorful, they are sure to enjoy the kids and their parents. Special model changes color at a temperature exceeding 40º C, just warn that the water is hot and will prevent accidental injury. Mats are made in the form of cute baby animals, and other figures, as beloved children: flowers, butterflies, shells, stars and incredibly touching fingerprint hands and feet. The material used is hygienic and safe even when the active sample "to the tooth." NEW quite quickly became widespread and is now found on sale everywhere.
  2. Ikea. The world-famous company IKEA also could not ignore such a niche home everyday items such as bathroom accessories. Floor mats for bath - a combination of the finest materials and practical design. Choose the right model will not be difficult, but as you can be sure in advance. Rugs for bathrooms from IKEA - it's laconic style and geometric color.
  3. products Spirella also consistently popular on the market. Mats are high (about 30 mm) pile and latex coating. As for color, there is any performance. They are characterized by the variety and texture: clipped geometric shapes and silhouettes will give products additional charm. Warranty from the manufacturer is also impressive: two years of service, but customer reviews, real life is much more.
  4. Czech company Grund It specializes in products made of acrylic fibers: amazing durability and colorful colors. Products of this brand now offers European quality and wide range.
  5. Vetta - it mats for bathrooms amazing softness, unusually fluffy and specially selected colors. Using the impregnated substrate and a non-slip antibacterial composition of the top of acrylic fibers ensures the quality and durability of purchase.
  6. Subsidiaries of the French company Leroy Merlin also sell mats for bathrooms at an affordable price. Buyers network of stores have long appreciated the convenience of such purchases as goods can be purchased by ordering through the Internet. Rugs from Leroy Merlin are diverse colors and configurations, all products are necessarily certified, ecological safety is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

Rugs for bathrooms - the constant accessory of modern home decoration. With the help of a properly sized carpet you not only converts the interior, but also to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Pick up the mat in the color of the tile and furniture or to make a vivid contrast, choose a practical, durable and model or the original version of the comic - it's up to you, and the information in this article will help you in choosing.

Recently we celebrated the housewarming, long thought, what kind of pad to choose the bathroom. It seems that on the one hand it has to be beautiful and original and, most importantly, is to massage the feet to walk on it would have been nice. It is also important that it be water-resistant, that there was no water on the floor, due to which the tile is destroyed. As a result, I chose mats microfiber. a complexity care can be isolated from drawbacks. Constantly accumulates debris and dust.

Mats in the bathroom should be mandatory, and, non-slip, and agree with Sasha, a massage effect to a stop. I still love that rug was great, and not as a rag on the floor. A barefoot stand on a cold floor is not very nice. Or rather, quite unpleasant. I do not like. The most terrible - is slipping in the bathroom: you can hit your head about anything. Or break his bones.

Anti-slip bath mat

All the bathrooms in a simple and accessible

Bathroom - the most dangerous place in our house. Get hurt here is quite simple. Humidity in the room is usually quite high, especially at the moment of the bath or shower. The vapor rising from the air condenses and accumulates on the floor, making it virtually roller. Avoid such trouble to help non-slip bath mat. It is about how to choose a coat today and we'll talk.

Slip mat will make the bathroom safe reception

Types of anti-slip mats on the floor

Synthetic antislip bath mat usually made of acrylic. This material is particularly hygienic and environmental cleanliness. It contains not contain toxic substances and does not cause allergic reactions. Application in the production of special acrylic processing, makes the mat surface is pleasant and soft to the touch, visually did not differ from natural materials.

Acrylic rugs look very natural

Besides him, the market can find and rubber products as well as made of PVC. Polyvinyl chloride is also very convenient in use. This rug does not shed and simply cleaned.

Coverage of products must contain antibacterial components that would prevent the spread of fungal infections. Manufacturers introduced into the composition and flavor ingredients that can get rid of unpleasant odors.

Soft foam PVC

When bathing is over, just a good product is dried. If you comply with this simple requirement, a rug will last a very long time. PVC and acrylic machine washable machine (first view of the delicate mode), since they do not fade and lose their original shape. It would be an excellent choice and a rubber mat for the bathroom.

Rubber products have good durability

In general, synthetic materials that are used by the manufacturers, have good characteristics:

  • anti-static;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • resistance to various contaminants;
  • long service life.

Mat made of natural materials

Non-slip mats made of natural materials will call for a more caring attitude. Such product needs special care. But there is one advantage - feet after a warm bath will not stand on the bare cold tiles or rubber, and feel the warmth and softness. Especially kids love it.

Soft mat of cotton

The most commonly used material, which is selected producers is cotton. It perfectly absorbs water and completely gippoallergenen. A slip it makes a special substrate, which ensures maximum adhesion to sweaty tile surface.

If you choose a product that will not be placed on the floor of the room, but directly in the bowl of the bathroom, pay attention to the following materials:

  1. Mat that is placed directly on the bottom of the tub, often made of silicone. Textured surface has a pattern, and the reverse side is necessarily equipped with a special suction cups, which provide complete immobility pad for the entire period of use.

Mats made of silicone on suckers

  1. Second Embodiment material - latex. He is softer compared with silicone products. In addition, latex excellent antiseptic. Hygiene products for both options are simple: wash by any means and further drying.
  2. PVC bath mat on suckers can be fixed directly to the bottom of the pallet itself bath or shower. Due to the suction cups are attached very firmly and make the water completely safe procedure.
  3. Soft rubber bath mat - another variety of products from this category. They are very easy to place in the bathroom. The surface of the rubber mats for swimming is very weak ribbed pattern, so it's good for the feet. These mats are ideal for the kids swimming. After all, children are restless and do not realize the danger fraught with the smooth surface of the bath. Use of the product and will prevent the baby from falling, and several bathing process easier for mothers who do not have to constantly hold fidget. Mats necessarily have a special suction cup, which is guaranteed to fix them on the bath surface, providing a non-slip effect.

We have already mentioned that the silicone mats are used as coating the bottom of the bathtub while bathing. But sometimes they are used as a basis for tissue products because they retain moisture and did not slide on the tile. Such mats are a plurality of small circles joined by thin webs. It is this figure and provides ease of use and anti-slip properties.

How to choose a non-slip bath mat

As we consider the question of how to choose a non-slip bath mat, we have prepared a short statement. We hope that these tips will help you.

The color range of products is very wide and will fit into any decor

Thus, the product must meet the following requirements:

  • material that is chosen by the manufacturer, must be resistant to high humidity and frequent temperature changes, as this is typical for the bathroom;
  • availability of high-quality non-slip backing - the main condition for security;
  • the product should dry very quickly, otherwise the trouble in the form of odor and fungus can not be avoided;
  • mat should be pleasant to the touch, which is very important when the house has a baby;
  • he must retain its original shape;
  • consistent with the overall style of the bathroom.

An interesting accessory can become a hydromassage bath mat. We hope that you have received a comprehensive response and is now ready to make the right choice. Good luck!

Anti-slip mat in the bath. Types and aspects of choice

Creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the bathroom, we should remember that this room has its own specifics. Therefore, in order pastime sankomnate it was not only enjoyable but also safer to use a simple but effective means, such as anti-slip mat in the bath.

Perfectly smooth coating when wet is very slippery, be it tile, cabins or bath pan. Therefore, it is necessary to protect themselves and their families from possible injury, so experts advise to buy a non-slip mat, which is fixed on to the surface by means of suction cups.

Mat coated can be, not only ensures the safety of the device, but also an exquisite accessory that will create a cozy atmosphere in the room at the time of the adoption of hygienic procedures.

If the coating bath or floor wet slides, mat with a special retaining material is indispensable, especially when in the house there are small children or elderly people.

What groups are divided mats?

Among of all the products on the market, anti-slip mats in the bathroom are divided into 2 groups:

  • The first group includes coatings that are attached by means of suction cups or without them, directly on the bottom of the bath or the booth;
  • The second group includes models designed for mounting on the bathroom floor. In addition to the main purpose of providing security, they still operate aesthetic properties, comfort imparting movement, especially when a tiled floor covering has heating.

Mat antislip on the bottom of the bath or shower cubicle

This simple but functional accessory, like anti-slip mat is simply irreplaceable, especially during baby bathing. Since little restless rarely behave calmly while swimming and they always want to jump or run on the bottom of the bath, which leads to an increased likelihood of slipping on wet gloss finish. Therefore, children anti-slip bath mat when making water treatment is an essential subject.

FAQ: Originally anti-slip stickers were designed specifically for bathing children, but eventually got more extensive application.

In addition to the appearance of normal children and non-slip mats differ only in form. Most often, children's rugs are produced in a variety of bright color combinations or with a picture of fairy-tale characters. They also can be carried out in the form of fish, shells, frog and so on. On. And rugs are designed for adults, carried out in a more sober style with less bright colors, but in all possible combinations of shapes and sizes.

Most often cover for placing inside the tub or cabins made of ordinary rubber or silicone. In this case, the mat is firmly fixed to the bottom through suction cups.

Tip! If you buy anti-slip mats in the bath for children with special cutouts for the hands, it can be several times to simplify the process of placing the coating in position.

Rubber pads do not absorb moisture and do not conduct electrical current

With each new rugs model adds additional features such as temperature display. This innovation is set in a children's pad to measure the water temperature during bathing.

Important! To secure the mat by means of suction cups on the bottom of the tub or cabins need to clean the surface. Before pouring the water in the bath should be wiped dry with lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth and fixed antislip rubber mat. If the same procedure to make the contrary, during the bathing pad may come off from the surface.

After taking water bath stickers procedures slip is removed and rinsed with running water and then hung to dry. If you do not carry out this procedure, it will accumulate on the mat soap deposits and dirt, which will trigger the appearance of mold. When the mold it is practically impossible to withdraw, and its spores are extremely negative impact on the human body, especially the kids.

Important! Once on the mat traces of mold, it is desirable to replace with a new accessory.

Non-slip mat on the bathroom floor

Anti-slip mats in the bathroom, designed for laying on the floor provide safe passage for him, because the tile in the wet is very slippery. But in addition to the main purpose mats are an optional accessory that decorate the room and give it a more cozy atmosphere. The material from which are made rugs for the floor, there is a variety, namely:

  • Cotton mats with rubber or prosilikonennoy basis have excellent anti-slip properties, but are also environmentally friendly and pleasant to the touch. Cotton material is perfectly absorbs moisture and is easy to clean and, moreover, creates a cozy atmosphere;
  • Pad acrylic is durable material with excellent water repellent property. In this case, acrylic is absolutely safe for the health and care for them is not difficult, because it can even be washed in the machine. Such mats are both rubber base, and the suckers that provides excellent adhesion to the floor surface;
  • Microfibers anti-slip coating bath - a modern material having antimicrobial properties and instantaneous moisture absorption. Also, when you touch the human body to cover a very nice touch, especially when walk on it with bare feet;
  • Anti-slip mat for the bathroom of the mat. Since the wood is exposed to moisture rapidly destroyed, its use in the bathroom is done very rarely. Although there is a special kind of wood, which is practically not subject to rot and fire, which gives the possibility of using it in the bathroom, and it is called rattan. Rattan mats are great for bathrooms because in the manufacturing process, they are treated with special solutions that provide: water-repellent anti-slip and anti-bacterial properties;
  • Antislip rubber bath mat is a classic option. By itself, the material is non-slip mats, but there are models with additional fixing in the form of suction cups. Because rubber has a specific odor, the use of special additives, eliminating odor in the manufacture of carpets, as well as antibacterials. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention, if the new pad has a sharp unpleasant odor, this indicates a questionable quality of products and the purchase of such goods is better to abstain;
  • Bath with polyurethane resin coating on a bamboo mat can be original complement the interior of the premises, which also ensures the safety of his movement. Since bamboo is an environmentally friendly natural product that has excellent hygroscopic properties, its use in the bathroom - it is an excellent and original solution;

Bamboo mat silicone-based anti-slip

You should know! Bamboo material structurally capable of absorbing large amounts of water. For example, compared with cotton, the rate is 1.5 times higher.

  • Plain and child-slip mat for the bath of foam PVC material is the perfect solution for mounting a non-standard sizes on the floor, especially when the room. Often the material is available in rolls, which gives the opportunity to buy a piece of the desired size and make yourself trim in the right place. PVC "foam" is very soft and pleasant to the touch, and excellent slip properties allow to use it without additional fastening materials.

What to look for when choosing an anti-skid mat?

When, during the adoption of water treatments have a question: what to do if a slippery bath, of course, you need to install anti-slip coating, but an inexperienced person can easily get lost in a variety of donated items. Therefore, for the successful purchase you should know some nuances:

  • When the cover is purchased for a bath or bottom of the booth must choose a rubberized or impregnated with silicone mat with fixation on suckers. When selecting the size coating must be assumed that the accessory should completely cover the bottom, especially if you purchase anti-slip mat for children;
  • If anti-slip coating in the bathroom will be used on the floor, in the beginning, we should define the pad material, it will be with or without nap him. When choosing without pile patterns can draw attention to the mat or rubber mat, because these materials are top quality and long lasting. If I want to soft and fluffy coat, the best option would be cotton or microfiber acrylic;
  • Choosing anti-slip stickers in the bathroom, it should be borne in mind "the other side", that is important, not only the front part, and a base. For qualitative attachment to the surface coating must be made of rubber or latex. The latter material is more expensive and is not inferior to the rubber, as well as laying on the floor is not subject to destruction. Lateksemogut model equipped with a heating system and are not afraid to wash in the machine;
  • Normal and especially children antislip mat must be qualitatively processed edge. On models for laying in a bath at the edges should be no pieces of rubber, remaining in production, because the little "restless" can tear them and even eat, and it is very dangerous for health. Mats same for mounting on the floor must have a rubberized edges and stitched strong thread or cloth.

If the bath, shower or wet the floor is very slippery, the question arises how to make the bath slippery, and there comes the need to protect the family from possible injury, especially if the house is small children or elderly people. For these purposes, and the need to purchase anti-slip mat, but in addition to the main purpose of it can become an original accessory, giving a cozy atmosphere in the room, fortunately modern models permit. Before you buy be sure to check reviews.

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