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Features carpet choice for apartment: color, height and density of the pile

Why is it necessary to use a carpet? Thanks to its thermal insulation properties, heavy base and the presence of the pile for a long time he keeps the heat in the room. If considered more specifically, it prevents the loss of heat from the room through the floor.

The service life is quite long, it can be used for completely different types of rooms, it does not need to comply with specific requirements for its care. But often many people do not know how to choose carpet for your home. To do this is to listen to our recommendations.

Specifications carpet

The main technical characteristics that are worth paying attention to when making a choice, it is:

It is these data will help to answer: which carpet to choose for a house or apartment, or perhaps another room. Consider the data characteristic in more detail.

What is special about the density of the coating?

That's how tightly pressed loop and pile depends, as far as possible will cover crush, dirty, and how long the carpet will lose its original appearance.

Choosing coverage for your home or apartment, the advantage should be given to not very dense material, since the degree of contamination is low and the movement takes place in a clean shoes (slippers home). It will be much more economical and easier to clean-up.

Pile height determines one important point - the higher the pile, the more likely he pomnetsya. Therefore, for the premises, where the day a large flow of people (office, hall) it is better to stop your choice on a low pile, with a higher density.

staining method determines such an important time, as the safety of the pattern and type of presentable for a long time. If the thread has been painted only from the top, then after a while the picture loses brightness or altogether disappear.

But if there has been a whole pile staining, the attractive appearance of the coating will remain longer. Therefore, thinking about how to choose the color of the carpet, pay attention in the first place is not on the color palette, and a method of dyeing cloth.

Composition thread used is also very important, since the ratio of the natural and synthetic components will depend on the strength and appearance of the material.

Modern manufacturing carpet involves the use of a woolen fabric to impart elastic coating, water resistance, and ensure ease of care. But high levels of wool can cause the coating will wear quickly, and will cost you too much.

To make the new and improved properties is used, and synthetic fibers such as polyamide, olefin, polyester. They improve the quality of carpet and give it additional properties, such as longer life, elasticity nap, easy to clean and preserve the appearance.

The use of such fiber clusters protects the coating from pathogenic germs and fungi. The only disadvantage of this coating is the increased brittleness of the fibers.

How does the method of manufacturing a choice of "carpet"

Thinking about how to choose the right carpet, many have no idea that it is not the latest point in the decision-making is a process for the production of coatings.

Today, we meet the three basic ways of manufacturing:

The most expensive is obtained by coating the woven production method, since it is similar to the manufacturing technology of conventional carpet. This process is time-consuming and costly. The distinguishing feature of this method, by which to select a carpet, is the presence of mesh on the reverse side of the web.

In the manufacture of tufted coating method based filament injected with a needle and fix it with a special adhesive. To date, this method is the most common, as it has a large variety of designs. The coating is made several times faster and its lower cost.

If carpet wish to give additional properties, such as longer life, then it is made needled way. Wear of such a coating is much slower, since the synthetic fiber is rolled out thinly and is driven needles. The result is a very durable material, which is much cheaper than the others.

Carpets made in such a way can be found in the theater, office, cinema. It has sound-absorbing properties, so it can advantageously be laid in areas with high noise levels.

The choice of carpet with a view of the room

Choosing carpet for different rooms, it should be noted that the coating must perform different functions, and therefore his choice will be different.

Thinking about how to choose carpet for bedrooms and living rooms, consider options for low-density coverage and increased pile. Such material will be ideally suited to the type of room and perform all the basic tasks at the same time create an additional comfort.

Also important moment of the color selection, because if you heard the question, how to choose carpet for the bedroom, for many color and does become a basic characteristic choice.

Of course, from the color it depends what kind of atmosphere will have a room, what kind of character to carry, create mood. And in the bedroom - it is the most important, because here all should have to rest.

If there is a lack of sunlight colors in the room, it can be successfully beat in the carpet, using yellow and lemon shades. Excess same light Conversely replaced cold colors (blue or green, for example).

For the living room, where the floor may accumulate dirt and dust, use a more practical color or multi-color cover during the day. In order to more accurately know how to choose carpet for a living, you should consider the number of windows in the room and the presence of bright colors.

With lots of windows carpet should choose subdued colors, with a predominance of green, gray and blue shades. Bright colors are appropriate for the living room, where there are no bright accents and details.

The choice of coating to the nursery - the most difficult. Indeed, the desire of each parent is the presence in the coating as much as possible of natural components. In this case, such materials are often completely impractical.

Photo: Carpet in the interior of a child's room

The question arises: where to find the golden mean, and how to choose carpet for the children? Children's room is usually sunny and warm, so the use of bright colors for greater practicality is completely acceptable.

Increased density is not required and the height of the pile, you can choose a moderate to cover any accumulated dirt or germs. After all hygiene and cleanliness in this room is the highest priority.

In conclusion, we note: choosing a carpet for an apartment or house, do not forget to take the recommendations of and take into account all of these nuances. This will not only make the right choice, but also to create the necessary atmosphere in the room, and get a high-quality and durable finish.

Carpeting - it is force! The bedroom itself immediately to lay them - it's nice in the morning barefoot on it like, do exercises.

I'm in the hall carpet with a long nap - it's terrible, it is impossible to clean up, but in the bedroom - with a short nap, maybe he is not so pleasant to the touch, but cleaning is very good.

Really liked the article, inspired. My question is, will it be possible to take the help of your experts (designers) that tell what kind of carpeting for some of the rooms to choose?

It has long been dreaming of the carpet with a long nap, but do not ask the price. It turns out it is not so expensive and it is worth it. It's great that you can cut in its size, the main thing to find a shop where you can immediately overlozhit. I would like to learn what the average life span in this carpet?

About 5-6 years, then it treads even in the bedroom and still need to be changed.

What and how to choose the carpet in the bedroom + photo in the interior

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Bedroom - a zone recreation and a pleasant stay, so it is necessary to create comfort and coziness. The important role played by the floor covering in the process.

And if you decide to lay on the floor carpet, then this article is for you. You will learn how to choose carpet for the bedroom, what kind of coverage is best in quality and fit it for this space, how to properly care for the carpet, etc.

  • Safe and even beneficial for health. In particular, when walking on carpet leg joints are not so tense, moving around the pile, you are resting, walking gives a relaxing, pleasant sensation for the feet. The next point - dust which with carpet rises above 0.5-1 cm, whereas with hard coatings, such as a laminate or linoleum dust can rise to the level of the average human height.
  • Durability. High-quality carpet will last up to 10 years. Especially because in the bedroom permeability is much less than in other areas.
  • Heat and sound insulation. Especially carpet with a long nap perfectly absorbs sound and retains heat. Known fact - completely covered with carpet floor in the room saves up to 6% on electricity.
  • Ease of installation. This coating can be placed on almost any surface be it screed, wooden floors, old linoleum or laminate. The main carefully prepare the ground.
  • Variety of color and texture options. You can choose coverage under any style of interior, the color of the walls, furniture, and for every budget.

How to choose a carpet in the bedroom

When choosing a cover, pay attention to the density. The denser the carpet, so it is more durable and resistant to wear. Such a material is expensive, but as a result of its advantages will be repaid with interest.

Carpeting having a nap made of artificial fibers (e.g., nylon) may be the best option. And the characteristics of the carpet is almost no way inferior to the natural one, which, incidentally, can be dangerous for people with allergies.

For maximum comfort in the bedroom can be laid cover with a long nap, which will be softer and more pleasant to the touch. There are options with multilevel bristles to give the original interior.

When choosing the color of the carpet, take into account the lighting and the color scheme of the overall situation. The bedroom with insufficient lighting optimum coating light and warm tones. By means of such tones can also increase the visual space. Dark carpet is suitable for a well lit room.

What better linoleum or carpet in the bedroom

In general, about the choice of between linoleum and carpet, we wrote in detail here. In the case of the bedroom should be noted that the linoleum is not to give you comfort and relaxation, which provides a soft pile carpet.

Which is better in the bedroom carpet or laminate

With laminate flooring, as well as with linoleum - it is ideal for living rooms and halls, but in the bedroom carpet is an excellent solution. In this room, and the degree of cross-contamination is much less so here carpet for a long time will retain its original appearance.

What better carpet for the bedroom

Species carpet much, including the manufacturing method of the pile type dyeing fiber density.

Bedroom - a room for relaxation, so here households appear in the main evening to put to bed. The frequency of movement and the risk of contamination are small, so you can pick up a coating with a high pile and low density.

As for the picture, then there is at your discretion. But according to the method of staining the best course to prefer carpet, the pile is fully painted, not only the upper part. Drawing on this material to survive much longer.

The material may be both artificial and natural. But we must bear in mind - natural (wool) can cause allergies, besides caring for more time-consuming.

It is better to give preference to artificial pile of polyester, polyamide or olefin.

Carpeting in the bedroom - photos and tips on choosing

Making sex in the bedroom, the same important issue, as the choice of furniture, accessories and decoration. A variety of colors and other characteristics of the carpet, allow you to not only decorate the room, but also to solve practical problems.

When this product is necessary to pay special attention to its technical characteristics. Namely:

Important to know - the higher the pile, the faster it primnetsya. Again, from a practical point of view, you can choose a product with a low pile. But at the same time, in the bedroom so it was nice to walk on high pile.

Patterns carpet attached by fabricating different pile heights and levels.

For example, in the web are both cropped and untrimmed loop. And also at the same time added to the single fibers, ie a multilevel loop option.

More make web which is a solid, single-level, cut fiber weight, which makes raspushonnymi villus tip. Thus, the surface becomes homogeneous - is velor. This type of pile is just very suitable for the bedroom.

Coating with very high and very twisted pile, like curls this frieze.

Much depends on how tightly adjacent villi to each other. This will affect how long the carpet is stained and crumple and thus lose its original beauty.

Traditionally, in the bedroom is not large degree of contamination. And because even a coating of low density, will be quite easy to clean.

It is very important what kind of yarn used in the manufacture. Because the mixture of synthetic and natural fibers and affect the strength and beauty of the future product.

Natural fibers can be of vegetable or animal origin. Of course, many regarded it a woolen carpet. He heats well, it is waterproof and elastic. But this high wool content can lead to rapid wear. Thus, to improve the properties of synthetic fibers is often used. Such as:

They not only improve the quality that allows you to extend the life and preserve the beautiful appearance, but also make it possible to easily clean the carpet in the event of contamination.

Often, it is a process for dyeing a big influence on the durability of the drawing and presentable appearance. So, if you painted only the top layer of the pile, then pretty quickly figure may lose its original brightness, or disappear altogether.

When choosing a carpet always pay attention not only to the color scheme, but also to the dyeing process. Because if you painted the entire pile, then you like drawing persist for a long time.

Plunged into the variety of choice of modern carpet, many people forget that a very important production technology.

Currently, there are several methods of manufacturing are:

So, take a closer look.

Pile of this carpet is formed by weaving the yarn, then tie knots through, and then ends, trimmed. The peculiarity of this technology is the presence of mesh on the reverse side of the web. This is perhaps the most expensive way, since it is similar to the method used during the manufacture of carpets.

This coating is a lint-free is very similar to felt.

Imagine that rolled out a thin layer of synthetic fibers pierce needles, which gives the carpet the additional properties that allow you to extend the service life. It turns out a very strong coating, having sound-absorbing properties, which also is less expensive than other.

This method is most often used in the production lies in the fact that the basis of the coating, with a needle, inject the thread, leaving from the front of the loop a certain height. Then they are cut and glued on the reverse side. This coating involves the rapid production and thus its cost is reduced.

Taking into account the above mentioned properties and characteristics of manufacturing, in the selection of carpet should be thoughtfully and slowly.

Of course, the most important for the arrangement of bedrooms is the quality and appearance. Yet it is important to not come disappointed to decide what is your bedroom, so you'll be there just to relax or even assumes a workplace. If so, do not choose a carpet with a very high pile and texture, because sooner or later the chair at the table deforms the cover and turn ugly flattened island.

Also important is the style of your bedroom. For example, the carpet in the form of a mat, is unlikely to "make friends" with the situation in the antique style. Or a modern abstract pattern does not fit the classic English style.

It is also important to choose colors for the floor covering to it in harmony with the furniture and decor. It is evident that the bright half did not come to a calm and gentle bedroom decoration.

We wish you good luck in choosing such an important element of your bedroom!

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