When cut roses for the winter in the suburbs

When the cover rose for the winter in the suburbs?

Novice gardeners when planting roses do not even think about the intricacies of caring for such a delicate plant. They are limited to periodic watering and, at best, cutting superfluous branches. But on the correct preparation of the bush for the winter thinking few. Meanwhile, the number of such procedures does not only protect the rose from winter frosts, but also allows the colors to develop much more effective.

Pre-winter preparation rosebushes include autumn crop, ridging and shelter. In this case it deserves special attention is the question, "When the cover roses for winter in the suburbs?".

1 When you want to cover the rose?

Rose bushes hiding to plant does not beat the biting cold that in the harsh Russian winter did not uncommon. Low freezing temperatures may greatly harm the roots and young stems, which, in turn, can even lead to death of the plant. A properly made under the shelter of a bush can safely spend the winter and gain strength.

shelter options rosebushes

By itself, shelter roses process for winter occupation is simple enough, but at certain moments of it, though, it is better taken into account. First of all, it is worth remembering that if you start to harbor rose too soon, it will begin to rot, which also leads to the death of a bush. The optimum temperature at which to cover Hybrid Tea and climbing grade is -6 - -8 ° and kept at this level for a week. Park flower options safely withstand lower temperatures.

Thus he hiding installation is just the latest item of preparatory work. It begins as such work in the summer. The preparatory phase is required to hibernate successfully passed the most. It takes place in several stages:

  1. In early August dressing with a high content of nitrogen is replaced by potassium-magnesium fertilizing. This fertilizer is used to mid-September. Magnesium stimulates the rapid development of shoots. A mature shoots easier to tolerate the winter.
  2. In early autumn (preferably in early September) it is necessary to stop watering the bushes. This will slow down the development of shoots and prepare rose to frost.
  3. Since the end of September to mid-October from the branches gently cut off the leaves. This is done gradually. Leaf starts trimming the bottom and ends with the collection of withered leaves from the top branches. The entire volume of the foliage at a time is better not to cut. The longer the process, the painless transfer of its flower. In this case, the leaves should not be left under a bush, because it is fraught with the appearance of harmful fungi in the spring and the development of diseases in plants.
  4. In early November, it held the final crop, soil preparation and processing rose Vitriol. Vitriol prevent the appearance of fungus on the branches.

Earthing up and pruning rose bushes are also elements of the preparation plant for the winter. In this opinion on how to properly and when it is best to carry out necessary procedures are also different. This largely depends on the conditions of growth of the rose bush. For example, in regions with warm earth, gardeners prefer instead vzryhlivat hilling ground at 5-10 cm. This allows the bush to breathe better, and hilling results, on the contrary, to the debate. As for podmoskovskogo region, the two stages occur.

Hilling process required for warming the roots and new shoots prigruntovyh. Earthing up also prevents cracks on the stems. Before immediate work with the soil around the stems and ground roots thoroughly sprayed with liquid Bordeaux (3%) and water. Also, the bush can be treated iron sulfate (5%). The purpose of such measures to prevent infections and fungi.

Hilling bush roses

After the earth and twigs are dry, you can do very hilling. Weather for this it is necessary to select only dry. The height of hilling roses for any sort of 20-30 cm. If the soil in the root area of ​​the solid, it should be fluff to a depth of 2-5 cm. After the land is gently rake up under the stalks. Instead of the usual land, gardeners also make mound of compost or dry peat. This provides additional nourishment to the plant.

Once the mound is made, the ground around the roses before frosts covered with foil. This prevents the soil drench, and therefore, it is less susceptible frost.

Pruning is carried to excess, and did not have time to ripen part did not pull nutrients from the main branches. Besides increased aeration crowns and access to light, young shoots. After this procedure, wintered hive develops much faster and more evenly.

First of all, when pruning removes nevyzrevshie new shoots that the winter did not have time to gain strength. These parts of the bush ripen already still not succeed. And in order to save nutrients they are cut. As for the other important points of procedure, it is necessary to take into account such advice:

  1. To trim taken only sharpened tools. Dumb pruner can harm the crust through which the infection gets inside.
  2. If pruning subject perennial thick branches with a thickness of 2 cm, is used to remove them sharp hacksaw.
  3. As the cut site uses the area above the non-germinated bud 1-1.5 cm. If the wood is cut at a place dark and painful look, is another slice below.
  4. The branches are cut at an angle necessary.

The optimal period for work - the end of October. But it is worth remembering that these rules are universal for each class. But, as each variety has its own moments. So hybrid tea roses and feel best when cut the stems to the level of 50-60 cm above the ground. We need to cut the roses polyanthas nevyzrevshie shoots. They are cut off at the root. Also, the plant is cleared of damaged or diseased parts.

Pruning a rose bush

Once selected the optimal period and made all the preparatory work necessary to pass to the installation of the shelter. There are several types of shelter for the winter. But, regardless of the shelter there are a number of points that must necessarily be met.

  1. Covering material and bush branches do not have to touch after covering. The free space must remain for a thorough circulation of air around the branches. If this condition is not observe, to the spring thaw starts rose rot and deteriorate.
  2. cap size should significantly exceed the size of the bush. The minimum size for cover roses should be not less than one square meter. The large area is covered by winter frost, the more land under cover generates heat. And, therefore, decreases the risk of freezing.
  3. In areas with harsh winters geotextile covering material is laid in two or three layers to provide maximum protection. A light layer is applied only to cover park roses, hardy to the temperature regime.
  4. Climbing rose bushes bend down to the ground and bound bundle. It is important not to damage the stems. Spread on the beams should not be ground. This can lead to debate and fungus. To prevent this from happening on the ground at the site of contact with the ground branches falls a log or other solid material. Best of all, when the main part of the beam is in the air.

As for the types of shelters, they are subdivided into three:

3.1 How to cover roses for winter? (video)

This type of cover is a cone. It is used for tea-hybrid varieties of the flower. The essence of the design is that the carcass is formed first, after he takes cover insulation and the fixed top layer that protects from moisture. Installing such a cap takes place in the following stages:

  1. Formation of the carcass. For this purpose is used a cone of steel rods with a height of 50-60 cm (depending on the size of the bush). It can also approach commensurate box with holes.
  2. On top of the frame is fixed warming layer. For this purpose, used cardboard, lutrasil. A good option also acts lapnikom conifers. It perfectly keeps the temperature inside the cone and breathable. Fixed a heater filament, wire or staples.
  3. Atop the insulation layer or stacked film spunbond (nonwoven polymeric textile) and also fixed with a rope or wire.
  4. The lower part of the resulting construct is sprinkled with the ground.

Dry air cover roses for winter

Instead, the film can also be used a double or triple layer lutrasila.

Such variant plants protection is the most economical. Bush plants hiding on top of the bag. Bottom of the bag is cut, and backfilled into the branches of conifers. Lapnika number should be large enough to maintain sufficient aeration. But at the same time, too little layer of branches will provide a weak heating of plants inside, which may lead to his death.

Once the bag is filled with the top of the bag is folded so that the cap turned into a taper. Then all of the resulting structure is tied with a rope in a spiral from top to bottom. In a particularly frosty time such cover can further protect the film layer. We apply this method for almost any variety of flower.

3.4 Shielding Covering construction

Shield method of wrapping the rose bushes for winter use in the event that you need to hide climbing roses or more conventional plants immediately. In this case, the curly variety bend down to the ground and gently settled on the pre-lined with, spruce branches. You can also additionally secure the bushes wire, drove the ends of the earth.

Then on top of stalks recorded at regular intervals set paired metal pipes or stakes. On top of the pins mounted cover. There may be two options:

  • wooden panels of a suitable size;
  • fiberglass or other durable fabric.

When using wooden boards, obtained inside the house are installed spacers preventing collapse when a large amount of precipitation. Above the shield film can also be spread out.

Shielding Covering construction

The side wall of the house deeper into the ground for safety fixing, and their base a layer of earth is sprinkled on 3-5 cm. Triangular ends of the resulting construct are also closed film or fiberglass. Cloth down to the ground, where the ground is also fixed.

The advantage of this embodiment is the constant temperature of the shelter. A lined with ground lapnikom prevents infections and rodents. As for the cons, there should be made a low value of airing. To remedy the situation, nakryvnoy material on one of the free ends in the fine days to shower on the house, allowing Rose to breathe.

Pluses Lutrasila as a covering material

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    When cut roses for the winter in the suburbs

    It's no secret that these flowers need to shelter from the cold. If you do not know how to do it, for the first time decided to break up the rose garden, then this article is for you. It's about how

    how to hide the roses in the winter, you need to do in advance, why they need it. Also describe the harvesting of cuttings and planting new shrubs.

    Caring for roses in the fall. Preparing for winter

    In the autumn of roses must prepare and make them shelter before the upcoming cold weather. It is also possible to produce the planting of new bushes. You must prepare all kinds: climbing, stam, ground covers and other.

    The first thing to do in the fall - is to make sure that the flowers to gain strength before hibernation. This will require your participation.

    To properly prepare for the cold rose garden, you need to perform all the actions described below.

    • Colors should form an additional layer of wood. To do this you need to cut their irrigation is also worth a stop often loosen the soil. If the fall did not begin with the "Indian summer", and with the heavy rains, the rosary must be protected. To this end, over the bushes make the frame, cover it with foil. Be sure to leave an outlet to not accumulate moisture, flowers can breathe and not bend.
    • The next thing you need - is to cut all the new shoots. This will help accelerate the maturation of roses.
    • All buds that withered and re-formed and must be removed. Flower should not spend their own strength.
    • End of September - this time for hilling bushes. For this purpose, peat, compost suitable. Earthing up height of 7-10 cm.

    Thus, the initial stage of the preparation is done. Next, let's talk about how to keep roses in winter. After a fairly harsh climate in our country. Therefore, in order not vymerz delicate flower, it must be properly protected and pre-cut.

    How to cut the roses in the winter?

    There are three ways.

    1. A long. When pruning remains whole bush, cut off only the tops. Such a method is used for Rose Bengal.
    2. Average. The stems are cut by half. Pruning exposed to varieties of tea hybrids. On the stems leave 5-6 buds.
    3. Short. Bush is cut by a third, leaving only 2-3 buds per stem. Use this method for the roses that grow strongly.

    Nothing complicated in no pruning.

    • You will need to remove all the shoots that do not have time to ripen.
    • You also need to get rid of dry roses and old branches.
    • Then proceed to the cutting of shoots formed. Here are some nuances. Climbing rose cut only the young elite, and then remove it from the support. As said earlier, hybrid tea varieties are cut by half. All other (ground cover, a miniature species, floribunda) is cut by one-third the length.

    This should be done before the onset of frosts. For most regions of our country - it is the end of October. For colder places - the end of September, beginning of October. In the southern regions can be later.

    Many wonder whether to trim the roses in the winter you need? A clear answer to this question is difficult. The fact that not every variety must be cut. In climbing roses is only necessary to remove the tops. In turn, the park can not be cut off. But if the flowers will take shelter for the winter, they will have to be shortened. See also: Fritillaria imperialis planting and care in the open field

    How to hide the roses in the winter?

    All the preliminary steps are made, it is now time to start the most important thing - it is a shelter. Without it anywhere. The climate of our country's disastrous effect on the whimsical roses in the cold season.

    Shelter roses for winter in the Moscow region and other regions with moderate temperatures occurs at the onset of frost.

    Because as soon as the frosty weather is established, it is time to start. Here, too, there is nothing difficult.

    1. Before cover roses, they must be 25-30 cm okuchit ground, mixed with sand. Proportions take 1: 1.
    2. Furthermore, erecting the frame. Make it possible from the materials at hand. Carcass must stand on every bush, slightly rising over the top.
    3. Wrap top structure is not woven materials. Be sure to leave the outlet.
    4. Fabric Cover the film, do not forget about ventilation.
    5. After synthetic rope wrap the entire structure.

    Climbing rose is removed from the support, bandage synthetic rope, not too tight. Then wrapped with cloth and film. Next, put on the floor made of fir branches.

    Colors are well acclimatized after autumn planting. In early September at the site dig a hole, add organic fertilizer in them. Roses need to be planted from mid-September to mid-October. Earlier planting can cause the growth of the shoots, which will lead to their death in the first few frosts, late does not allow the bush to take root. Which also lead to the death of the whole plant. Read also: The pests of indoor plants and their control measures photos

    This is done also in the fall.

    • We rose bush select annuals, but well-developed shoots.
    • Cut them and cut into cuttings 20-25 cm in length. The lower the cut must be directly under the kidney, the upper therebetween.
    • Next, make bundles of cuttings. Wrap the cloth, put on storage in moist sand. The temperature should be one degree.

    Here we answer the question, how to prepare roses for winter.

    Do not miss any of the steps, while the rose garden will delight you with beautiful flowers next year.

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    Summer has flown by - it's time to cut roses for the winter

    I am sincerely glad to see you again, true lovers combine work, relaxation and beauty - in short, gardeners. Summer is unfortunately coming to an end, not far off the autumn, and already there to winter on the doorstep. It will soon end a wonderful flowering time: something fade, something withered, and the queen of flowers throw their wonderful, fragrant petals. It is time to prepare everything for the winter flowering, pruning roses and autumn are a priority.

    Why spend all pruning? In order to increase frost resistance, eliminate fungal diseases, to ensure the proper development of shoots and access of light to them, to rejuvenate the plant and thus contribute to the abundant bloom.

    But different species and varieties of roses and require different pruning. And different regions, in turn, require different and shelter for the winter. Therefore, no matter where your roses grow: in the Moscow region, in the Urals and in the Crimea, no matter what grade you are interested in any - there are answers for everyone, even for beginners "rosarian."

    For any plants should be properly looked after. Especially for decorative. Especially roses. If you do not want to spring instead of varietal roses, no matter zakolosilsya bush rose hips have to prepare for overwintering plants. And the first step is to trim it.

    With the onset of frost when the night temperature will not rise above -1 °, select a sunny day, and sharpen obezzarazte secateurs, garden grab sawing, paint based on natural drying oil or horticultural Var and selects a rosary.

    In the middle zone of the Russian Federation that time comes, as a rule, not earlier than the second half of October. In the north, of course, early. But do not hold these procedures before the first frost, and I'll explain why. Any plant in the winter "sleeping". Thaw also awakens him, and cut off the shoots, you hereby further push it to the formation of new shoots. And following the freeze will freeze the young shoots, great harming the plant. Therefore, making the sign of pruning should take place only when the roses are already "fallen asleep."

    It is because the young shoots are the least prepared for the winter, they should be cut first. Frozen such an escape is not to revive in the spring it will begin to rot, the fruit of fungi and bacteria. All that can put an end to the bush.

    Therefore, experienced "rosarian" cease any nitrogen fertilizer, stimulating growth, even in mid-summer. And since August, fed potash fertilizers that accelerate aging and contribute to the young shoots of self-preparation plant for the winter period.

    There are three types of pruning, each of which is applied to one or another of the Queen variety of colors:

    • The most insignificant - long crop, when cropped or just flowers and berries, or left at least 10 kidneys to escape.
    • The most frequently used and is usually the most effective - average crop, carried out at a height of 35 cm from the base of the plant at which the leave at least 5 buds.
    • The most radical and is usually applied in extreme cases - short, in which the bush is cut down to the ground or leave a maximum of 2 buds.

    Whichever option you choose, the cut should be done on the external kidney - a centimeter above it to the bush in the future be ventilated well and get enough light, and at an acute angle to dripping.

    Submitted photos and illustrations to help you do everything right.

    Since we already know how to cut, let's get to classes. (To learn more about the types of roses can be on this site)

    This grade is recommended to cut not more than average, and can be even shorter - if the climate is quite severe, such as in the Urals, it will be easier to hide. Suppose you do not stop the desire to preserve some centimeters - these roses are known for their relatively rapid growth, so that the short pruning even benefit.

    If the climate allows, for example, in the Crimea, the roses do not require any additional insulation. In the suburbs just as often do not harbor these varieties after a short winter pruning.

    Some serious pruning, except the faded flowers and fruits formed such roses, in principle, do not require. No, not stiff, young shoots, of course, you need to cut.

    The only thing that can still do - a few bush thinned by cutting small twigs.

    Pruning climbing or curling, autumn roses too minimal - flowers and fruits. But good shelter for the winter just need to: remove all interlacing, taking care not to damage, twist and fix. Look at the picture, which shows how it is done correctly.

    Pre zagotovte more lapnika. Spread its thick top lay onto the resulting bedroll, and the same good lapnikom nestle above.

    Escape from the winter frost is snow. A similar shelter keep it as long as possible, which keeps the plant in the fierce weather.

    Creeping roses, as well as curly, except in the pruning of flowers and fruits, other concerns do not require. But also need a reliable shelter for the winter.

    As elsewhere, cut those shoots that have not had time to mature and to thin out the bush by cutting small twigs sticking out in different directions. It is best to cut and 2 - 3-year branch.

    Ideally, each ring taste host must hold between 4 and 8 shoots.

    Autumn pruning standard roses, in principle, independent of the grafted variety. In general, as with all varieties should be pruned shoots. And, by and large, except for pruning flowers, nothing more is necessary.

    It is better to pay more attention to how you will cover it, keeping from the piercing winter wind.

    As you can see, in the autumn pruning roses is not such a complicated case. Always ensure that the winter in the plant, there was not a single leaf. It often happens that they have to break off on their own.

    And it is extremely useful it would be to process each slice. Naturally, the bush or climbing roses not be able to cover fully garden pitch. In this case, sprinkle them liberally wood ashes.

    I am sure that it is often a pity to throw away good young shoots. And indeed, one can get new flowering shrubs queen of all colors. Subscribe to our blog, and you are sure to learn how to use the autumn crop, in addition to preparing for the winter, you can expand your rosary significantly. Share in social networks Link to us with your friends - let us work together to take care and to propagate one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

    See you soon.

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