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How to open without a key intercom

Manufacturers access intercoms installed on their device special codes that allow to open the door without a key. Such combinations are used service masters. Strangers secret codes were not disclosed, but in some cases, force majeure needed. Knowing how to open the keyless door phone, you can save a person in distress or to prevent the commission of crimes. Having studied the guide below, you will understand how it is done. Use the knowledge acquired with the mind, because the use of codes for the personal benefit of a criminal offense.

Ways to open the door with intercom keyless

Each company that manufactures electronic access doors blockers, uses its own individual access codes. They work reliably if the installation wizard leaves the factory settings. In all other cases, the door opening process becomes more difficult without a key. To do this, access to the setup menu, which is not so easy to access. Nevertheless, many blockers in our country are set without changing the password, so in case of emergency, you can open the door with intercom without a key. Let's look at this in more detail.

Blockers doors of this manufacturer are different number of features. To understand how to open the keyless entrances intercom Cyfral, use these guidelines:

  1. At the entrance, where there is a flat round number (100, 200, etc.) using the following combination: "Calling + rc1 + rc2 + challenge". In this case, "rc1" - number of apartments of the entrance, 100 times, and "rc2" - code of the device (23 23, 72 72 or 72 73).
  2. The devices marked with the letter «M» open combination "challenge + 41 + 14 10 + challenge". If that does not work, try typing "070 54".
  3. Any model CCD-0294.1M, wherein the default settings are set open when administered sequence "challenge 00 + 00." If the message "the ON", press "2", and the door will open. The answer is «OFF» says that the passwords have been changed, and you can not open the door without a key.
  4. Model CCD-CCD-2094 and 40 are opened without a key combination "00 00 + challenge". «Cod» message appears after the introduction of this sequence. Next you need to enter a secret password is "123456 + challenge." If that does not work, try "+ 123400 challenge." In some cases, the device this model can show the message «f0». If you see it, enter "601" numbers.

To crack the protection of the manufacturer - the real problem. Currently, it is known two working combination: "K + 100 + 789 ... beep ... 123456 + 8" and "R + 170862 ... beep ... 0". Applying them, you can open the door Keyman 2-3 out of ten. If the above methods do not work, break down the door will not be possible without a key or chip.

Current models of this brand opened with serious difficulties, because when mounted in use the number of houses and apartments as an access code. "Number of the latest apartments, plus one K5555 +": a simple combination works for all the old bollards access doors. In addition, some models Marshal opened without a key password "240361".

To learn how to open the keyless entrances intercom this manufacturer will not have to think long. You will help one of the two standard combinations:

If the installation of the door installation crew did not receive the order to change the access code to open the lock of the manufacturer will help one of the three schemes described below:

  1. "Up + number in the entrance of the first apartment + Up." Then enter the default password from Metacom - "57 02".
  2. "Up + 655 35 + 12 + 34 + 8 Up".
  3. "12 + 34 + 6 + Up Up 45 + 68."

Autopsy Metakom model MK - 20 M / T is performed otherwise. For it uses one of two sequences:

Choose a secret master code Forward devices are not so easy, because in most cases the installation set combination associated with the address. The constituent parts may be numbers of houses and apartments. In some cases, the encoding includes the phone number of one of the extremes (first or last) in the entrance of the apartments. Nevertheless, there is a standard encoding that will work if the installation wizard does not change the password. Record it for ourselves, "24 27 101".

The security system of the brand in many ways resembles blockers Cyfral access doors. They are widely distributed in St. Petersburg, but local experts can not say for sure how to open the door without a key. There is a single password, but it rarely works, because the installation is almost always enter a unique code. This is to ensure that residents do not use intercom entrances free. However, you can try. Dial as follows: "00 00 00 + 12 34 56". If does not work, try a combination of the "5 + 180 180 + call + 4 + challenge."

How do I know the universal code by intercom

Universal code of all intercoms - is a myth. Each firm programs their devices so that they open a pair of secret combinations. If the installation of door installers do not deem it necessary to change the code, enter the entrance keyless everyone can. Master code known only to the employees of the service, but they keep their secret and are not allowed to disclose to anyone. However, there is an alternative - a universal key for intercom. He is inexpensive and works almost flawlessly. With it you do not have to memorize long codes, which are triggered by time.

Look at the video below to understand how to use the intercom system, if there is no key. There is nothing complicated, just need to enter the correct combination, to listen to the sounds and watch the display carefully. Follow the recommendations of the videos, and understand how to crack the intercom on his porch. This knowledge could come in handy if someone from tenants urgently need help.

How to open a door phone without a key by means of a secret code?

Each manufacturer intercoms sets for its products a special code, knowing that can be opened without a key intercom. But perhaps it is only in that case, if the installer does not change the master password for installation. Otherwise, open the door much more difficult without entering the system setup it is impossible to carry out.

Use special codes to open, you must remember that they must be used only when absolutely necessary. Using the code for selfish reasons is punishable by law.

There is a code for each species intercoms, universal code for all brands of intercoms do not exist.

In order to open the intercom vizit, it takes a bit more effort than opening any other intercom. Codes are diverse, and sometimes on the keyboard instead of the «* 9raquo keys; used "S9raquo ;, but instead« # 9raquo; - "K9raquo ;.

To open the door you must use the code: «* # 42309raquo ;,« 12 # 3459raquo ;, for newly installed intercoms often come codes «* # 4239raquo; and "67 # 8909raquo ;.

You can also open the door using the service menu. To do this:

  1. access the menu by typing «# 9999raquo ;;
  2. After the two signals enter the code «12349raquo ;, wait a short squeak;
  3. if the characteristic squeak is heard, and no two-tone signal, you can try to collect other standard codes: «67679raquo ;,« 35359raquo ;, «99999raquo ;,« 123459raquo; or «116399raquo ;;
  4. After that, you must enter a combination of "2 - pause - # - pause - 3535"

In order to open the intercom Metacom, you need to dial one of these codes:

  • click "V9raquo; - the number of apartments, which is the first in the entrance - "V9raquo; (Appear «COD9raquo;) - code 5702;
  • dial code 65535 - the button "V9raquo; - 1234 - "V9raquo; - 8;
  • or the code 1234 - "V9raquo; - 6 - "V9raquo; - 4568.

For model doorphone MK-20 M / T codes can be used: "V9raquo; - 27 - "V9raquo; - 5702 or "V9raquo; - 1 - "V9raquo; - 4526.

Door intercommunication systems Eltis brand are simple enough in the opening. You can use one of the two codes, that will gently crack the intercom:

If you could not open the door with the help of these codes you can use the intercom codes shown below cyfral.

  • For intercoms installed in doorways, where the flat round numbers (100, 200, 300, etc.), it is possible to use the code "call - code 1 - call - code 2". "Code 1" indicates the number of flats (100, 200, etc.), and "code 2" - a code doorphone «23239raquo ;,« 72729raquo; or «72739raquo ;.
  • For intercom, in the marking which has the letter "M9raquo ;, you can use the code" challenge - 41 - challenge - 1410 ". Some doors open when using the code «070549raquo ;.
  • Intercoms CCD models - 2094.1M can open a set of "challenge - 0000" code that will open the door either immediately or give you access to the menu (the display shows «ON9raquo;). Then click «29raquo; - the door will open. If you see «OFF9raquo ;, it means that the access codes have been changed by the installer during installation.
  • For intercom models CCD - 2094M enter the code "0000 - a challenge." After the appearance of «cod9raquo ;, enter the code" 123456 - challenge "or" 456 999 - a challenge. " You can also use the code "123400 - challenge." After the inscription «f09raquo ;, enter« 6019raquo code ;.

To open the door, which is equipped with an intercom Factorial, you must enter a six-digit code: «0000009raquo; or «1234569raquo ;. But often the hacking of the intercom is not possible due to the fact that prerequisite for the service installation is to replace this code.

You can try the following sequence of commands: "key« 59raquo; - the screen displays a message service - 180180 - challenge - key «49raquo; - challenge. "

Using universal key

It can also be used for opening doors universal key which can open most intercoms different manufacturers. These keys are very handy and help postmen, couriers, as well as employees of other services come in all entrances and do not wear at the same time a bunch of keys.

With this key, no need to think about how to open a door phone without a key, memorize and match service codes. After all, in a universal way laid the information intercom reads in the normal mode, and then compares it with its information at the CPU firmware. If the information matches, the door will open.

Universal key is produced in several forms: tablet, two-contact switch, radio - proxy key chains. Universal key can be quite legally used by specialists of different services:

  • doctors ambulance;
  • precinct;
  • advertising agents;
  • couriers;
  • postmen;
  • Housing workers.

How do you know the code intercom Cyfral CCD

There are different types of intercoms. The main ones are:

The first type of intercoms makes it possible just to talk to those that came to know them. The second allows the occupants to see the house, who is at the door, to decide whether to let the person at the entrance. Negotiation intercoms type most often used in urban high-rise buildings. These devices do not require large expenditures on the surveillance cameras. Audiovideodomofony are much more expensive and therefore used much less frequently.

Among the various companies producing the control intercom systems, most notably:

The above are the most common types of intercoms. They all work on the same principle: the tenants open the door to special keys. Each device has a unique key that unlocks it. Only after that the door can be opened. If the House is trying to pass a person who does not live in it, then, accordingly, the necessary key it does not and it must call the apartment to be let into the entrance. Without a doubt, this increases the control held in the house of people and greatly increases the safety of the residents and their property.

Is it true that intercoms are so reliable?

As we know, they may occasionally break down. Often at the same time they can not get into the house, even those who live in it. Or vice versa, intercom door can be kept open while the house can penetrate completely strangers. In such cases, cause a wizard that eliminates the problem. But this repair requires absolutely no special tools or additional keys.

That's because the intercom - a conventional device. And in order to establish it, do not need any special equipment or skills. To his "repair", simply enter using buttons special codes. That's all. Residents who they know can always open the door, even without using the key.

It is thought up by developers specifically in order to facilitate the unlocking device. As a result, if you learn a few special codes that can be used for absolutely any device or even in any other locality. They allow you to not only open the door, but also completely change the programming mode.

Let us keyless access principle an example of one of the devices.

Intercom system - this is one of the simplest devices to protect the home from being accessed by unauthorized persons who are residents of high-rise buildings.

To simply open the door and enter into the entrance, versatile enough to know the code to help get inside.

Code intercom Cyfral ( "Tsifral") may be a little too simple, if the house is located apartment with rooms full multiples of 100. That is, such number of apartments is 100, 200, 300 and so on up to 900. In this case, a universal opening the intercom code Cyfral: 7272 or 7273.

The first - to press the "Call" button.

Second - enter the number of the apartment with the appropriate numbers.

Third - Enter the intercom code Cyfral 7272 or 7273.

Depending on the programming device, it can approach either the first or second password.

If apartments with suitable accommodation in the entrance is not present, then other combinations are used.

How do you know the code intercom Cyfral? To increase the safety of the systems, intercoms Cyfral company began to create different types of devices. This solution greatly improved the company's performance. But this does not mean that their programming is difficult to get around. Just for different models Cyfral different ciphers are now used.

In recent years, the codes of the devices have become a little more complicated. That's because the new models now have additional microcontrollers and special programming. Using passwords from other intercoms and combinations numbered flats multiples hundred, do not help to cheat the device.

To work around this model, proceed as follows.

Step 1. On the keyboard dial four zeros.

Step 2. Wait for the inscription "ON" and press the number two.

Step 3. Dial one of the following combinations - 123400, 123456 and 456999. This is the most common codes intercom Cyfral 2094. Only one combination of numbers suitable for each device, and pick it up it will be possible, try them out.

After you have selected the correct password, F0 notification appears on the device display. It's kind of a request for information, which gives permission to access. In order to get it, you need to enter the numbers 601.

If the above steps do not help pick up the codes to the intercom Cyfral CCD 2094, and to take advantage of complete sets of id (key on the device) is not possible, try to change the programming and set your own password.

To do this, follow these steps. If you see the light of previous combinations, press the reset button. Next, enter the code information K0K. Then you need to dial a combination of any four digits. If it will be unique, these characters will be introduced a new password after their replay. Now, to open the door, simply enter a combination.

These actions will not damage the device. But in the case of this failure from the masters may have difficulty in reprogramming. But they can act in the same way and set a new password.

For this model, there are also various combinations to help hack the device. But their use takes more time and learn them a little harder. Therefore, you can choose a more simple way to open the door: to set a new password.

Reprogramming the principle of the models intercoms Cyfral CCD 20 and the CCD 2094 are almost identical. So, what combinations to use?

To get started, enter these characters: K0K1234. After a short pause, you must enter the number five. After the special tone, you can dial a new password - three or four digits.

If the entered combination is unique, after its redial these numbers become the new password for the intercom.

Now you can enter the house without a key: when given a set of code information door will automatically open.

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