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LG washing machine error

Modern washing machines LG are good because they have a very simple self-diagnostic system. The number of errors is extremely small, but we can diagnose almost any problem. Knowing the washing machine error codes LG, we will be able to carry out repairs at home. And just for some faults, we need to visit a service center or call the master in the house. At our site you can find the table of error of washing machines Electrolux.

All washing machines LG fault codes we have learned to a small table that tells us about what happened with the washing machine. These codes are displayed on the digital display, available in almost every unit.

  1. Is required to adjust the amount of laundry in the tank - overweight causes an overload;
  2. Checks the engine efficiency and the controller;
  3. Requires drum checking for jitter object (for models with direct drive).
  1. It is necessary to try to close the loading door again;
  2. It requires testing of the loading door of the castle;
  3. Produced controller verification.
  1. Want to check the water level sensor;
  2. Checks filler valve function (it may jam in the open position);
  3. check controller performance is required.
  1. Check that the heating element;
  2. Checks the supply of electrical circuits.
  1. Validation Required water pressure in the water, checked the condition of the crane;
  2. Checks the pressure switch;
  3. Checks filler solenoid valve.
  1. Cross-checked the drainage system;
  2. Checking if the pressure switch and a controller.
  1. Produced water pressure in the water check (may be reduced or excess pressure;
  2. Pressure switch is checked.
  1. Required check motor drive and controller;
  2. It is necessary to make a manual redeployment of laundry in the tank, for example, spread garments (this often happens when washing down pillows).
  1. Requires temperature sensor check and circuits for an open or short circuit;
  2. Produced controller verification.
  1. Possibly too low voltage in the mains;
  2. Produced check engine and the controller.

Typical errors LG washing machine, described in the table, will quickly find the problem. But there is another way to decipher error Ldzhi washing machine. This is done using special diagnostic software installed on your smartphone. Holding keys enable self and take up the microphone smartphone to the car, we will give information about errors of software - that will cause malfunction.

In addition, some advanced LG washing machines are able to transmit diagnostic information on the NFC protocol. We should also note the possibility of machine diagnostics via hotline LG - for this you need to call the specified number in the technical brochure, activate self-test and wait for the response of the operator, which will not only tell about the trouble, but also tells about how to eliminate it. Not many manufacturers can boast of such a service, such as washing machines Candy error, defined as standard for the table.

LG washing machine error

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As can resolve the error dE

Hello! Please tell me how to read the error message, without LG Display, Indicators

washing machine operation error LG: a list of fault codes

LG washing machine fault codes reveal the cause of the failure or malfunction of the equipment. Decrypt a two-digit code that is displayed is not difficult: every defect or disruption of normal operation of the unit is assigned its symbol. This feature allows the user to independently assess the degree of breakage of importance. In some cases, you can deal with the problem without seeking professional advice.

AE - automatic shut-off error.

This code indicates malfunction in the control unit or device in contact with the water tray. Turn off the power to the machine and after 15-20 minutes, turn it on again. Check all mechanical device connections, which are in contact with water.

  • Faults in the control unit (out of order or broken parts of the control processor board).
  • Damage or wear rubber cuff hatch.
  • tank defect.
  • Failure of automatic protection against leaks.

CE - excessive load on the motor.

The main reason for the withdrawal of the code on the display - an excessive amount of laundry placed in the drum. Unload the part of the laundry from the drum, and again turn on the device.

  • Excessive laundry load standards.
  • Faults in the control unit.
  • Malfunction of the driving motor (accompanied by a "twitching" reel).

CL - enabled the child lock (not an error)

This code does not display a failure or breakage. It can be seen on the display if the Child Lock is on. The device does not respond when you press buttons, the drum door can not be opened.

Deactivate the lock by pressing a combination of buttons, which depends on the model and prescribed in the instruction manual.

dE - hatch locking error.

The most likely cause of this display the code is the problem of locking the hatch door. Try to open and re-close the door.

  • The door is not completely closed.
  • laundry thing prevents the door from closing.
  • Damaged or worn door knob.
  • Misalignment of the locking hook.
  • Damage to the door lock wiring elements.

E1 - leakage of water into the sump.

Left out of standing elements of the machine can result in leakage of water into the sump.

  • drum depressurization.
  • Defect water leakage sensor.
  • Mechanical damage to the hose.

FE - Overflow water tank.

This fault code is displayed in the case where the tank washing machine filled with water up to the maximum permissible value.

  • Faults in the control unit.
  • The defect of the water level sensor.
  • Inserting objects in the water supply valve.
  • damage in the wiring extending from the control unit to the water level sensor.
  • Excess foam when matched incorrectly detergent.

IE - is no water in the tank.

At the expiration of the set time (4 minutes), the device could not recruit the necessary amount of water. The reason for this failure can be an elementary or inattention problems in the water valve.

  • No water supply.
  • Blocked (totally or partially) the water intake valve.
  • The water pressure in the water below the norm.
  • Mechanical damage and bends the water intake hose.
  • Clogging lime sludge water intake valve filter.
  • a water supply hose connected correctly (warp laying and partial overlap of the inlet).

LE - lock motor error.

This code indicates that the motor lock occurs in the washing machine. In the overwhelming number of cases the problem is caused by a low voltage power supply. It is recommended to check the serviceability of the control unit and the drive motor. Turn off the device for 15-20 minutes, and then turn it on again.

  • Excessively low voltage mains.
  • Loosely closed door hatch.
  • Faults in the control unit.
  • Foreign objects that prevent rotation of the drum.

OE - drain water does not work.

This code is displayed when over the allotted time (5-8 minutes) the machine could not be drained. In this case, the water must be drained from the tank by hand and unload the laundry.

  • The drain pump filter debris or foreign objects.
  • Drain hose is kinked, twisted or blocked.
  • Faults in the control unit.
  • Failure of the drain pump.
  • Defect water sensor.
  • Clogged drain.

PE - fault water sensor (pressure switch).

This code can be displayed on the display if after a certain period of time (25 minutes), the tank was filled with water to the desired level or filling was made faster than required (4 minutes).

  • Improper connection of the machine to the sewer.
  • The water pressure in the water above or below normal.
  • Defect water sensor.
  • Faults in the control unit.

PF - a power failure of the control board.

This code is displayed when the device is diagnosed disruption of the power supply circuit. Make sure that the machine is connected to a single outlet: it should not have more branches and outlets. Extension cord or double adapter use is prohibited.

  • The plug is not firmly connected to a wall outlet.
  • The device is connected to the multifunction connector (tee extension).
  • The power cord or plug is damaged.
  • Low voltage in the mains.
  • Faults in the control unit.
  • Mechanical damage in the wiring.
  • Breakage of the heating element (PETN).

SE - does not rotate the drum shaft.

This error is characteristic of models of washing machines with direct drive (Direct Drive) and vehicles equipped with belt drive. Drum machine remains stationary, regardless of the selected wash program.

  • Malfunction of the Hall sensor by means of which the rotation of the drum.
  • Faults in the control unit.
  • Failure of the motor.
  • wiring damage at the site of the motor to the control module.

tE - problems in the water heating circuit.

This fault code is displayed in a case where the washing machine can not heat the water.

  • Breakage of the heating element (PETN).
  • Damage to the wiring in the portion between the TAN and control unit.
  • Faults in the control unit.
  • Defective temperature sensor or thermistor.

UE - unbalanced drum axle load

This code informs that for some reason the device was not able to evenly distribute the load on the drum along the rotation axis.

If individual heavy items (terry robes, outer clothing or carpets) balance control system is able to stop the drum rotation. It is recommended to add a few small items for leveling the load on the drum or redistribute the laundry.

  • Laundry is not evenly placed in the drum.
  • The defect of the Hall sensor, which monitors the speed of the drum.
  • Incorrect installation (skew) of the washing machine.
  • Faults in the control unit.
  • The wear of the drive belt of the machine.

Fault codes that appear on the electronic display of the washing machine much easier to diagnose errors. Independent solution of the problem in many cases it is possible and justified, if the failure of the technology was called inattention or neglect to certain performance standards. If self-identify and correct the problem does not work, it is best to call for professional help.

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Do you know what is the error code of the washing machine LG? Washing machine LG: all kinds of errors

Washing machine brand LG are equipped with intelligent control. They are not only able to independently add detergent in the washing process, to regulate the flow of water, but also to diagnose minor problems. This information is detailed in the instructions. In this article we consider the common faults and their solutions. And provide decryption codes.

As the device indicates a problem? Manufacturers programmed special codes. With their help, the owner can assess the extent of damage reported by herself washing machine LG. Error the UE, for example, indicates a violation of the drum balance. We talk more about it a little later. So, if there is a certain problem on the device appears a combination of letters in the English language. In order to understand their meaning, you can see the instructions or read our article.

Sometimes there are cases when the washing machine does not start or stops during the wash cycle. Many people immediately start to panic. They bring the instrument to a service center for repair. However, no need to rush. Very often these problems occur because of minor faults, with which everyone can handle on your own, with no additional cost. Unique is that the washing machine LG errors (transcript below) displays, thereby greatly facilitates the search for problem areas. Let's consider the most common faults.

  • Extraneous sounds during operation. If you hear ringing or rattling, it is likely, from the pockets of clothing spilled coins that have hit the drum or pump. Often, owners are faced with the fact that during the operation of the washing machine there is a characteristic knock. As a rule, this is not a malfunction. This sound occurs when the wet clothes loaded into a large number of turning in the drum.
  • Vibration. During spinning device can start to vibrate noticeably. It is considered the norm. However, when significantly exceeded the level of vibrations, it is necessary to make sure that all the bolts are removed, completely removed the packaging. improper installation can also result in severe vibration - all legs must stand firmly on the floor.
  • Leakage. If all of a sudden water began to appear under the washing machine, you will need to check the connection space filler and drain hoses.
  • Abundant foam. it is recommended to use special powders in automatic machines. They differ from normal amount of foam that is formed during washing. If it has been observed a significant increase in the need to clean the drain pipes.
  • Problems with the water entering the machine. LG IE error code is displayed when the washing machine is insufficient pressure in the inlet pipe or the complete absence of water. You need to check whether the fully open valve, if the hose is not whether the filter is clogged bent.
  • There is no water drain. For such a problem results in the clogging of the drain hose.
  • Do not turn on a washing machine. This may be a problem with the outlet or power cord.
  • It does not rotate the drum. Several reasons can cause this failure: no water supply (0E error or 1E), power failure (PF error) is not closed the hatch door, faulty fuse.
  • Problems with the use of fabric softener. If during operation of the washing machine to open the tray for cleaning agents, may occur premature release of liquid. It is also important not to pour a lot of the air conditioner (the above mentioned mark), as this will cause water leakage.

So, to understand with problems, let's examine that designates a certain code LG washing machine error.

The most common problem that affects the operation of the washing machine, a water supply. If the phone code 1E, it indicates a lack of its quantity. In this situation, it is recommended to check the condition of the filters. In addition, check the following: whether the water tap is fully open in the machine, if the water inlet hose is kinked.

Error code LG 0E washing machine indicates a problem with the drain (drain) hose. It is necessary to check whether it is compressed somewhat. If necessary, straighten cocked place. Also note the filter. If it is plugged, it is recommended to clean it with a stiff brush.

If you try to run the laundry when the door is not closed the hatch, then this just "soobschit9raquo; washing machine LG. DE error in this case is displayed on the display and is accompanied by a loud beep. To correct the problem, you will need to simply close the door until it clicks. If the error is still active, it is recommended to contact the service center.

All models of LG brand washing machines operate at different temperatures. Their range is from 30 ° to &09deg;. If the device TE error, it indicates failure of the temperature sensor. Independently to cope with such a problem is not recommended. It is better to seek qualified help.

drum balance control is equipped with every washing machine LG. Error UE indicates its violation. It is included, as a rule, only during the spin cycle. What factors lead to a fault? Firstly, it is light weight linen. Second - too heavy a subject or thing. Third - the uneven distribution. In order to balance the balance of the drum, it is recommended to add a couple of small things.

Error code LG FE washing machine is activated only in the event of a faulty valve. Fault of his own water tank overflow occurs. If it exceeds the norm, the drum stops. In this situation, the device needs repair in the service center.

PE - error code LG washing machine that "soobschaet9raquo; owner of the failure of the sensor corresponding to the water level. With this fault the work machine is completely blocked. It is recommended to apply to a special center for diagnosis and repair.

If the display shows the CE and LE codes, it is necessary to disconnect the device from the power supply. These errors indicate engine performance problems - congestion. Do not try to repeat the inclusion, as this may lead to complete engine failure. This problem is eliminated only at the service center.

Code LG PF washing machine error is designed to protect against fluctuations in network. When suddenly switched off, the appliance locks work. This is necessary in order to avoid combustion of some parts. Once power is restored, you will need to re-enable the device.

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