Codes washing machines Ariston errors

Codes washing machines Ariston errors

All Ariston washing machines are equipped with integrated self-diagnostic systems. Thanks to them, they can give users and maintenance staff as much information about the nature of arising problems. Codes washing machines Ariston, errors are displayed in the form of alphanumeric data, as well as a combustion / indicator flashing.

First of all, we consider the washing machine Ariston fault codes displayed on the alphanumeric displays, as well as washing machines errors LG. And then we give a table of permitting identification codes washing machines without a display - such models on the market and the users a lot.

  1. Produced check engine, a controller and a triac control;
  2. Checking the status of electrical circuits (a possible cause of fault can be a water leakage).
  1. Required engine check, checked his winding and the bearings;
  2. Check all electrical circuits, connections and terminals (including in models with induction motors);
  3. Measured resistance tachogenerator winding - nominal resistance for machines with controller EVO-I is from 115 to 170 ohms;
  4. Checks the operability of the controller.
  1. Check that the switch, a temperature sensor and controller;
  2. Measured sensor resistance - within nominal 20 ohm at a temperature of 20 degrees;
  3. Tested electrical circuits.
  1. Checking if the pressure switch and electrical circuits;
  2. The controller being verified.
  1. It is necessary to check the pump operation and to confirm the absence of blockage of the filter;
  2. Checked by the controller, the pressure switch and electrical circuits;
  3. Required to check if the drain pump power at the time of its incorporation.
  1. Tested connection between the control board and the controller;
  2. Verifies that the panel and a controller.
  1. In machines with a controller EVO-I tested circuits and connections, relays and PETN controller itself;
  2. In machines with EVO-II controller checks the level sensor, heater, the controller itself, and electrical circuit. The resistance heating element power 1800 watts is approximately 25 ohms.
  1. Checks the pressure switch, heating element relay of PETN and all electrical connections;
  2. Checking if the controller health.
  1. Substituted controller;
  2. Made by "flashing" the memory chips.
  1. In machines with EVO-I controller checked controller terminal, circuits, pressure switch and the controller itself;
  2. The machines EVO-II controller checked by the pressure switch contacts for the formation of messages, check the electrical circuit and the controller.
  1. In machines with a controller EVO-I tested and contacts CNF CN1, pump and pressure switch is checked;
  2. In machines with EVO-II controller checked contacts and terminals of the controller circuit and leading to the discharge pump, the pump is checked (resistance of about 170 ohms), and a controller.
  1. In machines with EVO-I controller checks the controller itself and compounds;
  2. In machines with EVO-II controller checked J11 terminal, a controller and a display unit.
  1. Checking if the temperature sensor and controller;
  2. CAN and electrical circuits checked connector.
  1. Proveryaetcya connecting board and level sensor;
  2. Requires verification of circuits between the controller and Tan drying.
  1. For machines with the controller EVO-I and no function Easy Door checked the hatch lock, and a controller. Requires availabilty 220 V voltage on the connector M while the machine is running (tracks 1 and 3);
  2. In machines with a controller EVO-I and Easy Door controller function checked, locking the loading door, hatch lock (pins 1 and 2 of the connector J4) and presence of 220 V between the contact pairs 3-4 and 3-5 terminal J4.

The table lists all error Ariston washing machines for models with an alphanumeric display. But what if the car in front of us is only with LEDs? In this case We will determine the error codes stiralki Ariston on these indicators - for this purpose we have developed the following table.

In this table we can see the state of LED4 (Spin LED) indicators KN1 (lit delay timer button), KH2 (super-wash function button), NH3 (function button quick wash) and KN4 (extra rinse function button). If a button or burn, then we denote this state the word "Yes", and if you do not burn, the word "No".

Next, look at the washing machine determine the burning lights and buttons, is found in the following table error code. A code decryption described in the previous table. The same display system is used on machines of other brands, for example, washing machines mistakes Candy Aquamatic Series are determined the same way.

On our site you can also find washing machines Hansa error codes and other marks.

Error codes (faults) washing machines Indesit and Ariston

Nowadays, almost all automatic washing machines that you can buy in the home appliance stores have a special troubleshooting system. It identifies the breakdown or malfunction and display machine error. This makes it easier to diagnose, locate and correct the defect has arisen. This system has in household appliances produced INDESIT COMPANY, formerly the organization called MERLONI. The most popular washing machines produced by this company are called Ariston and Indesit (Indesit and Ariston).

Models made by these brands for a long time and are equipped with outdated management system EVO-I, too, have the opportunity to inform the user about the errors that occurred. Only error codes are displayed not using the display, followed by blinking indicator light. The essence of the definition of the code using the blinking is quite simple. For example, 5x flashing with a very small time interval, after which for a time will stop flashing, and then repeated again, tells us that the error has occurred under the code F05.

In washing machines, which are made with the control system EVO-II is another way to determine the error code. Different models with this system differ in functionality. And it's a little difficult to read errors.

Cheap washing machines made under the brand Indesit and Ariston, there is no display. In these models, the error data displayed by displaying the whole combination luminous indicators.

All easier to understand the error code in the washing machine with a display. There are letters and numbers displayed on this very display.

How to determine the error code EVO-II machines without a display?

In such washing machines you can see the fault code using light, which occurs in a variety of indicators. Indicators of the following models:

Some of these indicators is lit and the way some of them do it, we can understand how the error occurred.

List EVO-II errors and their interpretation

  • Lit only KN4 - error F01 - Closed the manager Triac electric motor.
  • Lit only NH3 - error F02 - Tachometer does not indicate that the machine engine is running. This may occur if the drive belt is wedged it occurred a short circuit or circuits is broken.
  • Glow NH3 and KN4 - error F03 - short-circuited or broken temperature sensor circuit.
  • KH2 - F4 - a one-time awareness of opposite things (level switch reports that the tank is full and empty).
  • KH2 and KN4 - F5 - Once there was a team of draining water from the tank, the level switch does not report that the tank was empty. In this case, the following possible faults: failure of the pressure switch (level switch), broke down the drain pump (pump), there was a clog the drain system.
  • KH2 and NH3 - F6 - The team is not understood, there was an error on the control panel.
  • KH2, NH3 and KN4 - F07 - Heating element of the washing machine (TEN) does not heat. It can occur when it is not in the water.
  • KN1 - F08 - "are stuck" contact group relays of the heating element. Broken heater, or a problem with the wiring.
  • KN1 and KN4 - F09 - knocked volatile memory machines.
  • KN1 and NH3 - F10 - No reports of the tank washing machine is empty or full of pressure switch (level switch).
  • KN1, NH3 and KN4 - F11 - No electricity supply to drain pump. Most likely, there was a broken wire.
  • KH1 and KH2 - F12 - There is no communication between the controller and the INDICATOR module.
  • KH1, KH2 and KN4 - F13 - broken wires or shorted thermal sensor circuit.
  • KH1, KH2 and NH3 - F14 - drying faulty heating element. Such failure can only have machines that have the function of drying laundry.
  • KH1, KH2, NH3 and KN4 - F15 - faulty heating element drying. This failure can occur in washing machines with drying function.
  • All indicators are off - F16 - jammed drum washing machine (only for models with a vertical load of laundry).
  • LED4 and KN4 - F17 - At the lock of the door of the washing machine does not enter the voltage. Or it is in the open position.
  • LED4 and NH3 - F18 - failure of communication between the controller and the processor controls the motor (asynchronous).

Model EVO-II Low-End Error Codes Table

A detailed analysis of the error codes washing machines Indesit and Ariston, and their repair

We talk in more detail about errors that occur during breakdowns and malfunctions of washing machines and how to eliminate them.

  1. Make sure that moisture does not enter the connector J9.
  2. Inspect the motor connector contacts. There is a possibility that the damaged or corroded contacts.
  3. Change the electronics module.
  1. Make sure that the engine is not jammed.
  2. Inspect the connector J9. Make sure that it is connected tightly enough, and no contacts violations.
  3. Measure the resistance tachosensor. Make sure that it is normal (from 115 to 170Om).

Resistance is measured in the J9 connector. Between the first and second contact. If the chain has closed, then test the wiring from tachosensor. In that case, if the machine is used in an asynchronous engine, you must make sure that the sixth and seventh pins of the same connector is securely connected and undamaged.

You may have to replace the engine and electronics module.

  1. Ensure the connector J8 serviceability.
  2. Ascertained that the temperature sensor provides the normal resistance.
  3. Change temperature sensor NTC.
  4. Back to the electronics module.

50 readers' comments

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Replace the capacitor on the control board

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The drain hose is not fitted at a height of 65-100 cm from the floor, or the end of the hose is the water is still possible that the wall drain hole is not equipped with air eliminator to release air

The problem may be with the wrong location of the drain hose. Check out the recommended maximum height. Usually it is indicated in the instructions to the machine.

Machine fill with water several times, running through again does not always work snout, the score is not an error outputs, spinning working.

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When you turn on the network all the flash bulbs other than 2h 4h 6h but not always. If you pull out the network stops flashing so. And beginning at exhibiting any flash mode all the lights. At about 30sekund.zatem exposed Indesit mode and executes the program without fail. Then it all over again! What is the problem? If you can send a response to the post [email protected]

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I after a power surge washing machine ARICTON AVSF 129 completed before the end of the program. And when you turn to the future work on the inscription appeared dEPO display. When you set the machine does not listen to the program, but she chooses to do, it may start to spin, rinse, performs very arbitrary program only she knows.

Just do not turn on, no lights Indesit wisl62 vertical indicator. How can I fix that change? Thank you.

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f 12 processor is faulty.

During operation of the machine are periodically injected water through the cartridge for powder.

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Hello! Tell me, please, what to do? Error F07 Ariston avd 129.

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I IWDC6105, please tell me.

It rattled for a while, when the disables all buttons start flashing green, the inclusion of an orange stopper when re-plugged in could operate in tech draining 1-5 seconds. Again, silence. Brushes has been erased, replaced. A month has passed, when the crackle and here again the same story with the flashing does not work plums, dispersed on spinning and suddenly, for no apparent reason, and again molchok flashes.

Tell me please. After plugging in the button flashes rapidly "extra rinse". Click to start to erase - button goes off and the machine does not erase. Indesit wisl 103

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Rustled the car caught fire code f 05, washed drain hose, filter, pump, included. When it came to the plum, it caught fire f11. No naprugi on the pump, where what to look for, or without the wizard can not do? And if anyone knows how much does it cost?

Good afternoon. Indesit vertical load in flooded test mode and as soon as the engine starts to flash spinning, rinsing, water is discharged. Nobody knows what to do.

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It is necessary to check the water inlet hose

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Erases fine. How to start but during the squeezing of linen, H20 lights error. Vdergival from the wall outlet, turn on the new mode just "spin", it works correctly.

I have such a failure. Machine Indesit collects water (part), must-scrolls on the idea a couple of times, but the light bulb on a delicate wash, on a fast mode and red on the lock. Any idea how to cope with the problem? The capacitor 400 v 10mkf light brown appeared in the main board. But prozvoniv it realized that everything is in order. Other reasons are not found.

Aristo AML 105 produces an error F18. What to do?

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Codes washing machines Ariston errors

For a large Chila modern models of washing machines Ariston (Ariston) is characterized by the display of error codes in the event of many faults in the process. Knowing what is the error code, you can try to solve the problem themselves or damage, without the help of service organizations. Proposed transfers Ariston washing machine fault codes with a description of each code. Also in the table includes the description of the error, the causes and possible remedies.

Short circuit in the control circuit drive motor CM

1. Check the possible ingress of water to the contacts of the electronic controller of the connector from which the wiring harness is on the drive motor.

2. Successively replace the electronic controller (control triac drive motor) and the drive motor itself.

The signal from the tacho sensor the rotation of the drive motor is not supplied to the electronic controller

1. Check to see if the driving motor rotor is blocked because of jamming CM drum bearings or for other reasons.

2. Check the reliability of electrical connection between the electronic controller and the drive motor.

3. Check the electrical resistance of the tacho-generator winding (115 shall be 170 ohms - to SM controllers equipped EVO-I).

4. In the case of using the induction drive motor SM, check the harness connectors and between the controller and the motor.

5. Consistently replace the drive motor and the electronic controller Ariston washing machine.

faulty temperature sensor, or "zaliplo9raquo; PETN relay water heating

1. Check the reliability of connections between the electronic controller and a temperature sensor.

2. Check the electrical resistance of the temperature sensor (should be approximately 20 ohms at 20 ° C).

3. Successively replaced temperature sensor and an electronic controller

The water level sensor simultaneously produces signals "PERELIV9raquo; and "empty tank" (although to be formed "empty tank" only). In this case the SM tank is filled with water to the level "PERELIV9raquo ;. The result is that both incorporated bay (open water filling valves) and draining (drain pump is turned on). In this case:

1. Check the connections between the electronic controller and level sensor, and the sensor itself.

2. If these steps have not identified defective element, sequentially replaced level sensor and an electronic controller.

Does not work drain pump or the level sensor does not generate a signal "TANK EMPTY" after performing the water draining mode

1. Check the connections between the electronic controller and the drain pump.

2. At the time of the alleged inclusion of the drain pump check for the presence of mains voltage on its terminals.

3. If it does not, check the pump itself (by submitting it 220), a connector, and an electronic controller.

4. Check the level sensor, as well as its connection to the electronic controller.

5. Check the filter and drain hose for blockage.

6. Successively replaced pump, pressure switch, the electronic controller.

The code is displayed in the SM family «Ariston Dialogic» (AD Series)

1. Check whether there is contact in the connectors and wiring between the controller and the control panel.

2. Check the efficiency of the control panel buttons.

3. Sequential control panel and replaced by the electronic controller.

Heater heating water not immersed in water

For SM controllers EVO-II:

1. Check the connection between connector contacts and an electronic controller, and

2. Verify level sensor serviceability.

3. Check serviceability heating element by measuring its resistance (between pin 5 and 6 of connector J3.): For example, for heating element power 1800 W, it should be about 25 ohms.

4. Successively replaced heater, the level sensor and the electronic controller.

For SM controllers EVO-I:

1. Check the wiring and having a contact in the connector controller CM1.

2. Check the efficiency of relay heater on the controller.

3. Replace the electronic controller.

relays PETN water heating "zaliplo9raquo; (With an empty tank), or level sensor water simultaneously generates signals "PERELIV9raquo; and "TANK EMPTY" ( "zalip9raquo; a" tank empty "position)

1. Check water level sensor (pressure switch).

2. Verify connection to the electronic controller of PETN, or replace heater level sensor if required.

3. If the defective elements have been identified, replace the electronic controller.

failure (Content error) non-volatile memory ESPPZU

1. Replace the electronic controller or replace / rewrite the nonvolatile memory chip.

For SM controllers EVO-II:

1. Check the connections between the contacts of the connector I of an electronic controller and level sensor.

2. Check the level sensor: closed pin. 2-4 in the J3 connector correspond to the state of "empty tank" pin. 2-3 - "FULL TANK" pin. 2-1 - "PERELIV9raquo ;.

3. Successively replaced level sensor and an electronic controller.

For SM controllers EVO-I:

1. Check whether there is contact in the connector, an electronic controller.

2. Verify level sensor serviceability, as well as the wiring of it to the electronic controller.

3. Replace the electronic controller.

No connection is drawn on the performance drain pump (Pump is disconnected or open its winding)

For SM controllers EVO-II:

1. Check the connection from the pin. 8 and 9 J9 connectors (or pin. 1 and 2, the connector J15 when the CM has Easy Door function), an electronic controller and to the drain pump.

2. Check the serviceability of the drain pump. The resistance of the motor winding should be about 170 0m.

3. Successively replace the drain pump and an electronic controller.

For SM controllers EVO-I:

1. Verify the integrity of the connectors CN1 and CNF contacts on the electronic controller.

2. Check the condition and level sensor of the drain pump.

No communication between the display module and an electronic controller

For SM controllers EVO-II:

1. Check the integrity of the connections between the connector J11 of the electronic controller and the display module.

2. Successively replace the electronic controller and the display module.

For SM controllers EVO-I:

1. Check Best connectors electronic controller.

2. The remaining steps are similar to those listed above.

Defective drying temperature control circuit (For SM "Margarita 2000" dryer controller EVO-I)

1. Verify connection between the connector and the controller CAN electronic sensor drying temperature.

2. Check the temperature sensor serviceability drying and the electronic controller (replacement).

It does not include drying (For SM "Margarita 2000" dryer controller EVO-I)

1. Check the connections between the electronic controller and the drying heater.

2. Check the drying heater and the electronic controller (replacement).

Not drying off (For SM "Margarita 2000" dryer controller EVO-I)

2. Check and replace the level sensor and connector board if necessary.

Door hatch is not closed or opened (for SM with Easy Dorr function, EVO-II controller)

1. Check whether the mains voltage (220 V) between the contacts 3 and 4 of the connector J4 electronic controller (not in the STANDBY mode), and also between the pin. 3 and 5 lock the door lock.

2. Verify operation micro switch door lock (door closed) at the pin. 1 and 2 of connector J4 electronic controller.

3. Check the reliability of the access door latch it closed.

4. If necessary, replace the locking of the door lock and an electronic controller.

Door hatch is not closed or opened (for SM functions without Easy Door, EVO-II controller)

1. Check whether there is an alternating voltage of 220 V between the pins 1 and 3 of the connector M of an electronic controller (not only a STANDBY mode), and also between the pin. 1 and 3 door-locking lock.

2. Check the reliability of the access door latch it closed.

3. If necessary, replace the locking of the door lock and an electronic controller.

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