Codes washing machines Bosch errors

Overview of the washing machine faults and fault codes Bosch (Bosch)

The German company is the Bosch, which manufactures washing machines and other household appliances, the global market for over 30 years. During this time, their products have passed more than one stage of the modernization and improvement. Thus, the current models of Bosch washing machines are equipped with user warning system on emerging issues and faults. This is done by displaying the code that corresponds to one or other fault on the display. It is important that the DTC can not give precise information about specific problems. But deciphering the code defines the area of ​​the problem.

Variety of modern washing machines Bosch

For various models of washing machines Bosch classification codes may vary slightly or have different encryption. Among the washing machines of the company, on the market today, there are following basic models:

Below is a unified classification of the various error codes washing machines Bosch. It logically separates all error codes on original groups.

the main control system errors.

  • D09 - crashing a running program;
  • D20 - water content error;
  • D24, D28 - motherboard damage;
  • D29, D30, D31, D32 - interference of various kinds, usually eliminates restart the washing machine;
  • F10 - The motor can not communicate with the control module;
  • F11 - stop or failure of the selected program;
  • F21 - stopping the drum, the inability to start;
  • F24 - lack of communication with Aqua-stop control module;
  • F32 - no communication with the control module UBL;
  • F42 - exceeding engine speed;
  • F44 - reverse fault relay;
  • F63 - «flew» software;
  • F67, E67 - incorrect coding card management.

The reasons for display of the washing machine data errors could be damage to different parts of the control system: motherboard, processor, tacho, maps (module) Management and others. It is important that the errors related to the incorrect performance management card encoding can be factory marriage, so at these rates washer necessary to call a specialist.

Errors hatchway locking apparatus (briefly - UBL).

  • D07 - UBL fault;
  • F01, F08, F16, F36 - door hatch is not closed;
  • F32 - UBL lack of communication with the control module;
  • F34 - UBL fault;
  • F61 - UBL wrong indicators.

Perhaps the flashing of the error was due to the fact that the hatch door was not closed until the end.

  • D05 - the thermostat or wiring damage;
  • D03, F38 - failure PETN;
  • F06 - Water overheating;
  • F07 - water is heated to the desired temperature;
  • F15, F20 - error indicators of water temperature;
  • F19 - errors of the heating system;
  • F22, F37 - NTC sensor fault;
  • F25 - Aqua sensor error.

Such readings can occur when the voltage drops, the temperature sensor breakdowns, PETN, damage to the motherboard or incorrect operation of the thermostat.

  • D01, F30, F31 - water level sensor error;
  • D02, F28, F29 - Water sensor error;
  • D03 - drainage system malfunction;
  • D08 - damage the recirculation pump;
  • D10 - Aqua-stop error;
  • F04 - water leaks;
  • F02, F17 - water entry error in the machine;
  • F03, F18 - error outflow of water from the machine;
  • F23 - unscheduled operation of the Aqua-stop;
  • F25 - Aqua sensor error;
  • F59 - 3D-sensor error;
  • F60 - water flow sensor error.

Errors occur on the system malfunction causes electron drain system control unit, water supply and drain system, damage to the pressure switch, the pump, pump or EM-valve set long and drain (10 minutes), the water pressure drops. Otherwise, it may simply be a failure indicators not associated with damage to the water system.

Errors related to motor malfunction.

  • D04 - a fault in the motor;
  • D06 - Tahoe error sensor;
  • D13 - malfunction of the electric motor;
  • F05 - damage to the unit commands the motor;
  • F12 - malfunction or stop the selected program;
  • F26, F27 - Pressure sensor error;
  • F42 - exceeding engine speed;
  • F43 - stopping the engine, the inability to start;
  • F44 - Reversing relay error.

  • D17 - the drum or damage the belt;
  • F13 - increasing the supply voltage;
  • F14 - decrease in supply voltage;
  • F40 - automatic synchronization errors (mismatch mains permitted norms).

It is important that the supply voltage drops very badly influence the state of the washing machine, so this problem should be eliminated immediately. And do not rely on protection from line voltage surges in current models Bosch system, the more it will work, the more likely it leaves the system, and hence the apparatus as a whole.

fault diagnosis is carried out using the service test. This is better than searching the entire chain of the faulty device, which takes too much time and is low in terms of efficiency. Test mode runs as follows:

  1. Close the drum door
  2. Install wheel - big round button to select programs-to "OFF" (may be referred to as "off" or "0"), wait a few seconds
  3. Turn the wheel clockwise to "spin" the mark
  4. Hold the button "<"
  5. Turn the dial further to the level of "draining"
  6. Release the button "<"

When the last act should be highlighted recent fault washing machine, as well as an error code. With the help of "buttons<"And">"It is necessary to select a test to check for the desired area of ​​the washing machine and press" Start. "

Knowing encoding faults Bosch washing machines can independently detect the problem area and take steps to rectify the fault. However, many of them require call a qualified technician.

Reset error can be achieved by disabling the washing machine from the mains. Sometimes it is necessary to do for some time (20 minutes). This is due to the built-in modern washing machines Bosch protect the system from the mains supply voltage, including momentary power failure.

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St.bosh can scroll trying to drum all at the same time on the spinning twists prevoskhodno.schetki in the manner that may be?

Bosch washing machines error

CMA error codes Bosch series 5, 6, 7

- Door open - Close the door.

- The filter on the water inlet - Clean.

- The pressure on the feed water of less than 1 bar - Zoom.

- Not reached the level N1.

- Blocking pressostat switch.

- Defective controller water level - Fix.

- Thermostop not reached.

- lime raid on PETN or PETN fault - Check the heater and the connecting chain.

- Fault relays PETN - Conduct a replacement.

- The heating takes place at a time when it should not be.

- The drive motor does not rotate the drum.

- Short circuit triac.

- reverse switch is damaged.

- Fault NTC sensor.

- Open connecting circuits.

- Broken connecting cables - Check the connecting cables for continuity.

- software error.

- Faulty heating element - PETN check the contacts, if necessary seal them either completely replace the heater.

- There were faults in the bilge pumps - it is necessary to clean the pump filter, either to replace it.

- Having problems with drainage hose - hose to clean from pollution, eliminate the excesses, to restore the position of the drain hose.

- Faulty pressure switch - repair of the hydraulic system of the water level sensor or replace the pressure switch.

- Has worn tacho - replace unit ED-Tahoe.

- Faulty temperature sensor NTC (short) - NTC sensor must be replaced.

- Faulty latch lock - repair mechanical lock or seal contacts the electric lock.

- Has worn the control triac of the control board - replace defective parts of the board.

- There is a development of the motor brushes - replace the brush motor assembly.

- There is a temperature sensor fault - replace thermistor.

- Block solenoid Gulf water - replace the faulty solenoid.

- The filter mesh solenoid - solenoid to produce a grid cleaning.

- A fault PETN (working element is covered with scale) - Clean surface descaling operation member or replace heater.

- The apartment has a mains undervoltage - to take steps to normalize the supply voltage.

- There was a failure of bilge pump - clean the filter or replace all bilge pumps.

- Faulty triac managing tacho - replace tacho triac located on the main board.

- It is a fault in the motor reversing relay - replace the relay.

- Appeared defective parts of the control board - replace the faulty parts or replace the entire main board.

- Faulty electronic controller - repair fees if necessary - completely replace the controller.

- Likely restart.

- A fault in the memory is entered.

- Door contact does not work - Inspect the door lock. Check the wiring.

- The pump begins to drain after 5 minutes.

- Likely restart the program.

- to supply water pressure of less than 1 bar - Zoom.

- The filter water inlet - Check components.

- Not working solenoid valve - Replace.

- Malfunction of solenoid valve AQUASTOP - Check the wiring.

- Problem pressure sensor - Replace with a new one.

- wash cycle interrupted.

- Control processes are blocked.

- Pressostat damaged - Check pressure sensor (pressure switch).

- Lock container pressure switch - Check the wires. Inspect the components water removal system.

- Thermostop not reached.

- Faulty heater or plaque lime PETN - Check the heater.

- Replace - Faulty relays PETN. Check module.

- Relays PETN stuck - To reset, press ON / OFF.

- Heating occurs in the period when the heating should not be - Check module.

- Broken connecting cables - Check the connecting cables for continuity.

- AQUASTOP faulty / clogged - Check the AQUASTOP.

- Fault pressostat - Repair pressure sensor.

- Clogged water removal system - Carry out cleansing.

- The pump begins to drain after 5 minutes.

- Likely restart the program.

- Pressure on the admission of water is less than 1 bar - Check components.

- The filter on the water inlet - Clean.

- The fault of the solenoid valve - Repair or replacement.

- Malfunction of the magnetic valve AQUASTOP - Repair or replacement.

- pressure sensor fault - Repair or replacement.

- Blocked hose removal of water - Check water removal system.

- The fault of the solenoid valve - Check the water supply valve.

- Incorrect pressure sensor setting - Carry out adjustment.

- Faulty pressure sensor (pressure switch) - Check pressostat.

- Lock water removal system - Check the wires.

- Stuck tab - Check the door lock

- The door is stuck - Check mechanics

- Laying inelastic - Replace.

- Triac defective - Replace.

- Faulty relay - Check the wiring.

- Washing down between the tub and the drum - Check the load level.

- Module fault - Check the module.

- Faulty power module - Check module.

- 3D sensor fault - Check the 3D sensor.

- Error SoftWare - Check the position of the magnet.

- Turbulent twist in the sensor or in tubes

- Activated security lock - Disable.

- Software between the power and control module irrelevant - To reset, press ON / OFF.

I bought a washing machine LG E10B8ND DD, wiping her until only 3 times. The problem is this. It erases very quiet, as the four-wheel drive directly on the drum. Even at 1000 rpm spin is silent, but when merged.

Carry out repairs of washing machines Samsung WF8590NMW8 diamond (5 kg load). DE on the error appears on the display, at least for the castle served 220 (tested). The most interesting that I decided to check the lock on the other. AGR, and he has earned. Somebody faced with.

Washer Aristo avtl 104 with vertical load of 5 kg. The situation is very unclear. MCA can normally wash out, but has recently begun to behave strangely. Rinse stops and turns off the power button indicator to the network.

Machine iwsb 5085, description of the problem. She pours the water, the drum is rotated a couple of seconds in one direction, stops, then 2 more times for a couple of seconds in the opposite direction and silence. Lights are, as expected, the program switch, but.

The operation of washing machine bosch maxx 5 speed edition WLX 20463 OE. I became properly perform washing program. Established a program for hand-washing, spin has been completely turned off. After washing CMA moved on to rinse.

In the washing machine gvs4 126dw3, there was a smell. Wash with addition of "Calgon" liquid, but no effect. Sometimes rinsed underwear laced with vinegar. If the fine linen, bed type, it does not smell. But the towels started to smell. What to do?

In operation of the washing machine Electrolux EWW 1686. Began tap in the wash, regardless of whether it spin, stopping before changing modes or washable. Knocking periodically, not all the time. The sound is heard about the control module.

Washing machine zwy 51004 wa, bought about a month ago. Install a washing program, there is a final spin and the washing machine begins again, and so on ad infinitum, until incorporated a water drain program. What's the problem could be?

Ardo TLN 126. It has a display, and when you turn on the washing program, the washing time is displayed. Gradually, it has to be reduced, and we like that. Includes 20-minute wash cycle, but eventually erased 40 minutes, and even more, and the time constant.

Model WM 3350 E. Have started to work in the "short wash", the program is fully worked (on fire door release button), but inside there is water. In fact did not work rinse and spin. In an attempt to reboot, nothing has changed, the sensors.

Model WS 43100. Do not open the valve of the bay. Writes "Error 9". This error associated with AQUASTOP. AQUASTOP not. Bought a new valve is unoriginal, reels took from an old, barely dressed, one might say, a half-volley. I put a couple of washes.

We bought a washing machine Whirlpool AWE 6516 with vertical loading and electronic control. Detergent drawer under the hood. Pour conditioner into a container, and he immediately pours out from a small.

Bosch washing machine error

Modern washing machines are equipped with advanced self-diagnostics. In most cases, they are willing to own to tell us about all the faults that arise on the board. To do this, many cars are equipped with LCD or LED-displays, which, if there is failure, displays fault codes.

In this article, we decided to tell you about the mistakes of the washing machine of this brand, and in our other articles you can read reviews about Bosch washing machines.

Presented in Table error codes are valid for all modern washing machines sold under the Bosch brand name. Using this table, you can quickly learn about what happened to your appliances.

  1. Check the lock hatch. Make sure nothing prevents it from closing correctly.
  1. Check the patency of the filter screen at the entrance to the car;
  2. Check the water flow, to check the pressure in the water in the water (low pressure may result in an error);
  3. Check the water tap into the washing machine.
  1. Check the patency of the drain hose and drain;
  2. Check the performance of the drain pump - here controlled free lift shaft, the resistance of the windings of the pump (about 200 ohms);
  3. In rare cases, cause display of this code is the fault of the control module.
  1. Measures should be taken to find the leak;
  2. Monitors the tightness of all connections.
  1. Check the charging port, try to restart the wash program.
  1. If the inlet valve is closed, it should be open;
  2. Check input filter;
  3. Check the water pressure.

If, after a certain time will not start the water supply, the current program will be reset to begin the drain.

  1. You must make sure the drain pump serviceability and clean it;
  2. Faulty water level sensor - make sure it is working properly.

When you see this error, the washing program is interrupted.

  1. It is necessary to check the serviceability of PETN - if it is defective, needs to be replaced;
  2. Defective temperature sensor - you need to check it with a known good parts;
  3. The reason for the long heating may be low voltage power supply of the washing machine.
  1. Problem control triac (triac);
  2. The fault relay is responsible for reversing the motor.

In the absence of successful attempts to start the engine, the machine turns on "Important fault."

  1. Checks or changing the sensor;
  2. Controlled repair chains.

Further operation of the washing machine is made without heating the water.

  1. AQUASTOP checks;
  2. The machine is checked for leaks;
  3. Checks the integrity of electrical circuits Aquastop system.
  1. Evaluates the quality of incoming water - sensor actuation can cause its opacity;
  2. Checks the pressure switch;
  3. Sensor is cleaned from dirt flying and lime;
  4. Cross-checked drain.

Further work is performed without the machine rinses.

  1. Checks the water pressure sensor (pressure switch);
  2. Also resets the error disable / enable the car, checked the integrity of the control circuits, leading to the sensor.

When you see this error can stop the machine display and control are blocked.

  1. Checking and setting the pressure switch;
  2. Checks the integrity of circuits leading to the sensor.
  1. Verified the presence of water in the water, the crane is checked and the water pressure, the inlet filter is inspected;
  2. Checks the solenoid valves;
  3. Pressure switch checked;
  4. Checked AQUASTOP system.
  1. Checks the electrical circuit leading to the lock of the hatch;
  2. Check correct operation of the mechanical part of the lock;
  3. After completing all the checks are reset program off / on the machine.

If there is further indication of the execution of the program will be blocked.

  1. Checked the lock control triacs and relays;
  2. Verified by the electronic module (the operation is performed in the service center).

Error F36 is critical, program execution is suspended.

This fault is diagnosed in the service centers, as it requires the availability of diagnostic and measuring equipment.

  1. Checked tacho;
  2. The potential failure of the control module;
  3. Checking if the mechanical interlock (zazhovyvanie linen between the drum and the tub);
  1. Checking if the control module may be faulty relay or triac.

Produced Module Firmware check.

  1. Necessary to check the sensor and electric circuits;
  2. Produced input filter check.
  1. Produced motor integrity monitoring, if required, is carried out repairs of the engine of the washing machine;
  2. Checked by the control unit and the electrical circuit.

Deciphering fault codes Bosch, we will be able to quickly identify the problem and to run diagnostic and repair work. If necessary, call a specialist from the service center. Reset errors Bosch washing machines produced by their short-term disconnection from the mains. In some cases it is necessary to disconnect the equipment for 15-20 minutes. We have also placed information about errors Samsung washing machines.

How to clear the error on the Bosch maxx 5 washing machine

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