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Beautiful chandeliers - how to transform the interior

How to transform the interior of any room, make it more interesting and luxurious? To this end, it is not necessary to do repair room, or completely updated furniture. Sometimes, just enough to hang a beautiful chandelier and the room will sparkle with new colors.

Chandelier - it is an important element of any interior, which plays not only functional but also a decorative role. It gives the room a special atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, filled with light and shine. Therefore, most people opt for the beautiful chandeliers, which are designed to emphasize the design ideas and style of the room.

The first chandeliers appeared in the 4th century in Byzantium, where they began to use pendant lights. Even then, the master sought to create the most beautiful chandeliers, using stone, bronze, wood, mica. They come up with more original and unusual variants of chandeliers, gave them the intricate shapes.

Over time, it began to appear fine forged, crystal, chandeliers stacked with lots of candles, gold, silver, enamel. Of course, they can only decorate the palace halls.

Today, beautiful chandeliers are available to everyone. However, the term "beautiful" enough is multifaceted and individually, it may include many characteristics, and they will be different for each person. Still, there is an exception to the rule - it's a classic.

Classic beautiful chandeliers - true works of art, which remain attractive for many centuries. Forging, gilding, bronze, and crystal - all this gives the room a special charm and luxury.

Beautiful chandeliers in the interior - Photo

They are very beautiful crystal chandelier, emphasizing the elegance and nobility of style. They can be made in the form of a ball, lanterns, bowls openwork colors waterfall have several horns, chains, pendants, mirrors, and other decorative items. Beautiful chandeliers are often decorated with Swarovski crystals, which emphasize the taste and status of the owner.

Many people prefer to Art Nouveau chandeliers for their unusual shapes, florid curved elements bold details and color combinations. They always look original, made of colored glass, crystal, wood, leather, metal, semi-precious stones.

They are distinguished by a curved line in the form of plants, birds, flowers, butterflies and leaves. These beautiful chandeliers attract lovers of contemporary art, young people, loving experiments.

The concept of beauty is very individual, so much depends on your tastes and the selected style of interior. Some people are crazy about exotic, fancy chandeliers, while others prefer an exclusive design models, and others - choose creative, bright chandeliers abstract forms.

Chandeliers in the interior, or select a chandelier! (30 photos)

Hello dear readers! Without ceiling chandelier room will seem incomplete, so the designers of the advice given by a decorative and functional piece of neglect in any case it is impossible! In fact, a chandelier in the interior is a kind of main element that carries the same time the two fundamental forces: the lighting and room decoration. After all, when a person enters the room his eyes in the first stop on the catchy things, and if such an item is low-hanging or simply bulk chandelier, all eyes will be on course is to it and you like it the owner will hear a lot of compliments addressed to your a wonderful sense of taste! From which it follows that the choice of chandeliers still should give full attention!

Chandelier in the interior Photo

What should pay attention to when choosing a chandelier.

Style chandelier should be in harmony with the overall interior design ideas. So, you've come to the salon, offering a wide range of lighting products, the eyes diverge, you slowly start to fall into a stupor, beautiful ceiling chandeliers beckon everywhere ... Focus and tune in to buy, you should be aware that purchased the chandelier should be combined in style with interior space, if the classic interior - look at the wrought-iron models, for example bronze, with crystal and glass pendants. If the interior cutting edge, the fixture may be formed in any geometric shapes as regards material - it may be glass, textile, metal or ceramic. Country style can help to beat the stylish chandeliers, complemented by chains, wooden and metal inserts, welcome creative model in the form of old lanterns, kerosene lamps and torches. Techno-style perfectly complement the chrome chandeliers intricate shapes with lots of stitches. Fusion is possible to add a bright chandelier, featuring celebrities and comic book characters. Vintage style chandelier should beat in a fabric lampshade flowered or find a ceramic model with a picture of small roses.

Chandelier in the interior Photo

Hue is very important. When choosing a chandelier, pay attention to its color palette, for example, if the premises are handled items, colored chandelier may be superfluous, in this case, purchase the luminaire light, warm, unobtrusive colors. But in general, professionals are advised to purchase a chandelier that is color that predominates in the second room, that is, if the basic tone beige and parts are designed in brown, and the chandelier should be brown.

The size.The fact is that the chandelier in the interior will look harmonious as possible only if properly selected size. For example, a small room just did not survive the onslaught of large-chandelier, while a small chandelier will be lost in a large area of ​​the room. If the room with low ceilings, it is better to give preference to the so-called chandelier-plates.

chandelier style.In type, divided into chandeliers, ceiling and suspended. We have already discussed that the luminaire must be selected on the basis of the parameters of the premises, in particular the height of the ceiling ...

Ceiling lamps can be installed in areas with low ceilings (if the ceiling in the room is 2.5 - 3 m, then followed by a chandelier away from the floor at a distance of 2 m). Hanging chandeliers suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

Chandelier in the interior Photo

How to choose a chandelier (video recommendations):

Dear readers, for today, I hope you useful tips from this review, as I would like to know, and what the chandelier in the interior you use classic or modern? Friends, I suggest you sign up to receive news from the site "comfort in the house."

Find the 15 differences!


theoretically - in the second photo chandelier stone beads, huh? it should be ooooochen heavy. do some great, and some - well, just do not understand, in what the interior should fit. and are pleased that we can already go to any house and see where different from each other fixtures, and our grandmothers still hang the same a la Crystal)))

denimgirl, precisely, a variety of happy, sometimes just want to have a choice less, otherwise eyes run! ))

Chandelier - an indispensable element of the interior. Thank you for the photo!

Interesting chandeliers, there is a very nice, thanks for the review!

Alexandra Pauline, and thank you for your feedback!

Chandeliers create an atmosphere in the house and show a taste of its inhabitants.

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    Chandeliers in the interior of the living room (50 photos)

    The living room is the place where usually the whole family to relax, chat and receive guests. In the end, living room can serve as not only a holiday destination, but also the cabinet. Therefore, the choice of living style and its decor is given great importance.

    Quite a few important role in decorating, zoning and lighting of any room chandelier plays. A chandelier in the interior of the living room is often occupy a central place. Correctly picked the chandelier in the interior can make the right lighting, hide unnecessary details and defects, and in general, to create the desired atmosphere.

    Today let's talk about the ceiling chandeliers, as it is on them most of the emphasis in the big and not-so living.

    Design chandeliers for the living room

    Ceiling chandeliers. This design of chandeliers, typically representing a circle that is attached directly to the ceiling. For such ceiling chandelier may be made of glass or crystal, consisting of one or more segments.

    Chandeliers, pendants. Commonly used lamps in the living room of large size with high ceilings. They may consist of one, two or more diffusers, arranged on the suspension. The suspension may be made of noble metal (bronze, gold, silver) from the forging elements. The length of the suspension is adjusted depending on the needs of the owners.

    Classic. Used in classical interiors. Typically, large chandelier made of crystal, glass, metal, decorated with chain, with imitation candlesticks, pottery.

    Important! Very often in the classic chandelier can add its own flavor, making, for example, the ceiling in the vegetable category, which will look great in a large and bright living room in a country house).

    Large selection of chandeliers and lamps, you can view popular online store.

    Chandeliers are always very refined and elegant. They are out of time.

    Modern. Chandeliers, made in the Art Nouveau style - is always very creative, fashionable and contemporary lighting products. Suitable for virtually all interiors, except Classic. The material from which they are made can be quite unusual: in addition to glass, crystal, metal can be used various colors textiles and leather. The design can also be any. It all depends on your imagination: it can be cubes, balls, chains, strings, and many other options.

    To date, chandelier - it is not so much the luminaire as a very important decorative element of the room, so the approach to the choice of her consciously and patiently.

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