Number of boards in the cube table

Calculation of the boards and beams in one cubic meter - of formula, examples of calculations, tables

In the implementation of construction works on the construction of a residential house, a specialist is necessary to perform a large number of different tasks, some of which are: the composition and calculation of the estimated cost to the final finishing of residential premises of the house. Without fail, calculate the required number of different building materials that make quite difficult. Therefore, such knowledge - as the cube of boards is very important for a person who engaged in the construction of a residential house and wants to get the job done efficiently and quickly as possible over time.

Customer club: existing types of boards

To calculate how many pieces of cubed boards need to know not only what it means cubic boards, and should understand the important point that there are different types of boards and what is possible to buy on the market today for a variety of construction works. Note that the cube of almost all materials, regardless of species of a material is calculated the same way, that is one specific method. Grades boards have no influence on the calculation of the cubic capacity of the building material.

Neshpuntovannym view timber include: a bar, a variety of edged boards, as well as edging boards (are exempt when calculating the cubic capacity, because this process is a little different). By tongued species (that have special slots for interface) are: modern siding, blockhouse, the material for the floor, as well as an imitation of natural timber. When you choose to buy planed type of building material, then you need to pay attention, that the implementation of the calculation is used exclusively working width of the board without a thorn. If we talk about the blockhouse (logs imitation), then in calculating the cubic capacity only take a thickness in its highest point.

What is the number 1 cube of boards: Performing calculations

Any person, even with his school times understand how the calculation is performed cubing. For this procedure, it is necessary to calculate values ​​such as: length, width and height. A similar principle is used for calculation of the cubic capacity of the board 1. It is recommended when performing these calculations, the transfer of all existing values ​​in meters. The cubic capacity of the board 1, which has a section 150h20 mm. . And a length of 6 m, is calculated as follows: 0.15 and 0.02 is multiplied by 6, and so that the cubic capacity of the board is 0,018 cubic meters.

We apply the formula for the volume V = L * h * b (where L - length, h - height, b - width).

L = 6,0; h = 0,02; b = 0,15.

Thus, V = 6,0 * 0,02 * 0,15 = 0,018 m 3.

To determine how many boards in one cube: 1 m 3 divided by the cubic capacity (volume of one board).

1 m 3 / m 3 = 0.018 55.55 pieces.

Thus the number of boards in a single cube is 55.5 units.

Learn the value of a certain type of board, when the values ​​of its volume quite easily: 0.018 multiplied by the price of 1 cubic meter. When a certain type of 1 cubic board has for example the value of 5500 rubles, while the cost will be 99 rubles. In this moment of calculation, there are some tricks salespeople and managers in DIY stores, because the cubic capacity of the material is rounded to some integer values.

Such rounding can lead to a point that the price of the board 1 (when the cube is worth 1 5500) will be very different meanings. Besides all this, it should be noted that different boards for construction, which make up a nominal length of 6 meters, in fact, the length of 6.1 - 6.2 m, which is the implementation of the construction material is not taken into account.. This also applies to acquisition of a significant number of boards. This is quite clearly visible, if for example, to use the board 150h20 mm. Number of boards in a cube - it's value in the 55.5 pc. But, in the cube as 55 pcs., That the implementation of the calculation is the value in the 0.99 cubic meters. In fact, this should be a moment that the overpayment for 1 cubic meter of this popular building material, may be a value of 1% of the actual price. For example, 5500 instead of 4995 rubles.

For implementing cubing for calculating neotreznogo type boards are used slightly different methods. When talking about the purchase board 1, then measurement of the thickness and the overall length are performed in a similar manner as when selecting trimmer construction material. The width is taken to calculate the average - between a large and a small value.

For example, when the width of the end boards is a value of 25 cm, and the other 20, then the average value will be about 22 centimeters. When it is necessary to calculate the volume of a considerable number of such boards for construction, then you need to arrange them so that had wide differences to narrow more than 10 cm. The main length of the material in unfolded stack should be approximately equal. After that, by using a conventional roulette, made accurate measurement of the height of the stack of all available boards, the width is measured (roughly at the middle). The result obtained, then need to be multiplied by a special factor, the value constituting from 0.07 to 0.09, in direct dependence on the existing air gap.

As in 1 cube of boards: special table

To calculate how exactly the number of boards of a certain width, length 1 cubic meter, apply a variety of tables. The following are a few of these specialized tables, which contains the cubic capacity of the common and popular to date this type of material. Calculate the volume of the various boards having different sizes, for example, material for construction of a fence on the site, it is possible to independently using available formula which is represented above.

Table amount edged boards 1 cubic meter

Table amounts timber 1 cubic meter

Table amount unedged board in 1 cubic meter

Displacement 1st board (m3)

The number of boards in 1m 3 (pieces).

Online Form for calculating the number of boards and beams on the 1st 3

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How many boards in the cube table 6 meters

Table amount boards and beams in the cube. This table will help you make the calculation of the required amount of material 6 meters for construction.

Bruce 100h100h6 meters

0.06 cube 16 pieces in the cube

Bruce 100h150h6 meters

0.09 cube 11 pieces in the cube

Bruce 150h150h6 meters

0.135 cube 7 pieces in the cube

0.12 8 pieces of the cube in a cube

0.18 5 pieces of the cube in a cube

0.24 4 pieces of the cube in a cube

Eaves 22h100h6

0.0132 cube 45.46 sq.m. cubed

Eaves 22h150h6

0. 0198 cube 45.46 sq.m. cubed

Eaves 22h200h6

0.0264 cube 45.46 sq.m. cubed

Eaves 25h100h6

0.015 40 square meters cube in a cube, 66 pieces

Eaves 25h150h6

0.0225 cube 40 square meters cubed, 44 pieces

Eaves 25h200h6

0.03 cube 40 square meters cubed, 33 pieces

Eaves 40h100h6

0.024 cube 25 square meters cubed piece 41

Eaves 40h150h6

0.036 25 square meters cube in a cube, 27 pieces

Eaves 40h200h6

0.048 25 square meters cube in a cube, 20 pieces

Eaves 50h100h6

0.03 cube 20 square meters cubed, 33 pieces

Eaves 50h150h6

0.045 20 square meters cube in a cube, 22 pieces

Eaves 50h200h6

0.06 cube 20 square meters cubed, 16 pieces

Eaves 32h100h6

0.0192 cube 31.25 square meters cubed

Eaves 32h150h6

0.0288 cube 31.25 square meters cubed

Eaves 32h200h6

0.0384 cube 31.25 square meters cubed

Eaves 25h100h2

0.005 cube 40 square meters cubed

0.0033 cube 909 lm cubed

0.00375 cube 800 lm cubed

0.0022 cube 909 lm cubed

0.0025 cube 800 lm cubed

0.0048 cube 624.99 lm cubed

0.006 cube 500.01 lm cubed

0.0096 cube 312.51 lm cubed

0.0075 cube 399.99 lm cubed

Floorboards 35h106h6

0.0229 cube 27.77 sq.m. cubed

Floorboards 35h136h6

0.0294 cube 27.77 sq.m. cubed

Floorboards 45h136h6

0.0375 cube 21.74 sq.m. cubed

0.0084 cube 62.5 sq.m. cubed

0.0042 cube 62.5 sq.m. cubed

0.0034 80 sq.m. cubed

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How many pieces of boards in 1 cube

To simplify the calculation, we have prepared a summary table for you. Table allows you to immediately see how many boards in 1 cube, not giving time estimates. To make it convenient.

How many pieces of cut and planed boards in 1 cube table

Sample size calculation board 20h100h6000 mm

The formula for calculating the volume of the board:

The formula for calculating the board cubed in pieces:

The formula for calculating the board in a cube in the squares:

To decide how many boards in 1 cube, you first need to know the basic parameters of the purchased material - thickness, width and length. You can also do the calculation for the board size of 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters.

This page contains answers to simple questions of people:

  • how many boards
  • How many cubes of the board
  • How many pieces of boards
  • Boards in the cube
  • How many cubes in boards
  • How many pieces in one cube
  • How many in the cube edged boards
  • How to count the number of boards in 1 cube

Why count the number of boards in 1 cube?

Only two reasons to make calculations:

  • You will learn the total price of all timber volume necessary for your project. It is enough to know the price for 1 board and how many pieces (as determined by calculation or from our table for standard sizes of boards).
  • You calculate the total number of boards needed for your project. And to make the calculation possible, knowing how many cubes you need material to work with, and defining the number of pieces of boards in 1 cube.

But if you are afraid to make the wrong calculations by calling +7 (495) 775-83-74 or 8 (800) 775-83-74 and our experts will help you deal with the right count!

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