Number of screws per 1m2 of profiled sheet

How many screws on profiled optimal use?

Number of self-tapping screws for fixing profiled sheet depends, primarily, on the purpose for which it is applicable. It can be laid on the roof, used as material for facades, mounted on a fence or at all - attached to the frame in the manufacture of a garage, barn and other buildings. In each of these cases the consumption of screws on the decking will be different.

Furthermore, special operating conditions - for example, strong wind or snow cover high - also affect the flow of screws in the direction of increasing their number. So, if you're installing a fence made of profiled sheet next to the sea, where often stormy wind, then you may need to mount the sheets in the bottom of each wavelength to achieve greater reliability.

The most difficult to calculate how much you need screws in the steel sheet when attaching it to the roof. Therefore, it is such an option will be devoted the greater part of this article.

How many screws on a sheet of corrugated account when fixing it to the roof?

Installation of corrugated board starts from the eaves. First, the first stacked sheet left of the lower row, then the second overlapping into one wave. After alignment of sheets on the eaves edge, the profile is fastened to the sill batten in each wave. In place overlapping sheets are interconnected by means of rivets.

After installation of the first two lower sheets with overlapping of 200 mm, set left sheet of the second series. In place of the overlap, the upper and lower corrugated sheets are fastened to the crate in each wave. In between each corrugated board sheet is attached in a staggered 1-2 wave. For reliable fastening, the distance between the roofing screws to be greater than 500 mm.

Based on the above-described technology of fastening profiled sheet and determine how many screws for corrugated board essential for reliable stacking of roofing.

To do this, you need to perform a simple calculation of the self-tapping screws for corrugated board. If we laid sheet of 8.0 m in length and 1.1 meters in width with a pitch fixing to the lath 500 mm, then we would need 10 of screws for fixing the profile in the upper and lower portions, and another 8 pieces for fixing corrugated middle portion. Total consumption of screws on the trapezoidal sheet is 18 pcs. This number should be multiplied by the number of sheets on the roof and we get the number of screws needed to secure the sheeting directly.

The number of screws on the steel sheet may vary depending on the length and width of the sheet. In addition, at high slopes it is recommended to reduce the mounting step, which also increases the consumption of screws on the trapezoidal sheet 1m2. When attaching the sheeting, the greatest attention should be paid to the joints of the roofing, there is the likelihood of leakage is greatest.

At the ends of a pitched roof, a gable overhang locations, profiled roofing sheet should be attached to each batten bar. It also increases the number of screws on the trapezoidal sheet 1m2.

Thus, such a thing as the rate of application of screws on the steel sheet can hardly be considered fully valid, if it comes to the installation of the roof. Rather, we can speak about some average figures, which allows you to perform an approximate calculation of the self-tapping screws for trapezoidal sheet when ordering materials for the installation of roofing. In this case, must be ordered by 5-10% more than calculated, since there is always the chance of marriage, unexpected expenses, loss and breaking screws.

Calculation of self-tapping screws for fixing to the fence of corrugated board

The number of screws for fastening the profiled sheet on the fence depends primarily on the amount of lag. Typically, a single sheet 3 is fixed with screws on the lag. That is, when three if two joists must be 6 pieces - 9.

As in all other cases, lists of mandatory fixed screws in places overlaps, and another - somewhere in the middle. If the fence is made in the area of ​​large wind loads, then the amount of self-tapping screws for fixing profiled sheet increases sharply - down to screwing them to each wave.

However, in most cases, to calculate the estimated number of screws is sufficient to use a simple formula: 3 · L9middot; n, where L - amount of lag, and n - number of sheets of corrugated board.

Consumption of screws on the steel sheet on walls and buildings

When installing the sheeting on the facade of the building, it is usually fixed to the frame through a special wave, while, as in all previous cases, the required mounting in places overlaps. The distance between screws along the length of the sheet, depending on the operating conditions of the building, from 0.5 to 1 meter.

Thus, a sheet, a length of 2 meters must be fixed with three rows of screws, which are arranged through the wave staggered. In some cases, when it comes to the area with high wind loads, may mount in each wave.

In order to count the total number of screws, it is necessary to calculate how many screws on corrugated sheet must be expended to mount, and then the value obtained is multiplied by the number of sheets.

In the case of the manufacture of various constructions of corrugated sheets already mounted in each wave, the distance between the rows of screws - about one meter.

How screws onto the sheet of corrugated board - the calculation by weight per 1 m2 and the coating

It is considered that the estimated need for roofing screws per 1 m2 is 8-9 roofing units. On this basis, it is easy to calculate how many screws on the trapezoidal sheet need to order for installation of all roofing.

For this purpose the length of the corrugated sheet subtract the magnitude of the transverse overlap equal to 150-200 mm. The resulting number is multiplied by the useful (effective) width of the sheet. The result is an effective area of ​​the sheet of corrugated board. Then we multiply the result by 9 and obtain an approximate number of required roofing screws per 1 m2.

The total number of screws is determined based on how many screws on the trapezoidal sheet 1m2 and we need a common roof area. The above approximate calculation takes into account the screws required for mounting various elements of contiguity, wind and curtain rails, aprons around the air and flue pipes and snow guard.

By purchasing screws, it is not necessary to count one by one all the quantity you need. For each size of the screw exactly known for its weight. For example, one thousand pieces of roofing screws Ø4,8 mm and 25 mm long weighs 3.5 kg, and one thousand screws Ø6,3 mm and length 152 mm - 45 kg. Therefore, the manufacturer packed the small roof screws in packs of 100, 200, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 and 6000 units, and the maximum number of large screws in the package is 1000 pcs.

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    Screws for corrugated fasteners

    Decking - polymer coated sheet metal material, which is popular in modern construction. Apply it in an open space in the construction of roofs, walls and fences, exposed to wind and rain. As a consequence, the need for reliable fastening, the role of which do an excellent job with screws.

    Hardware for the attachment of profiled sheet are varied and are divided into categories depending on the application, purpose and design features.

    1. Screws are metal and wood. First made of high-strength steel Galvanized1022, have a tip in the form of a drill and the small thread step can drill a hole in the metal plate is 2.5 mm thick. Second differ the big thread pitch, drilled metal 1.2 mm thick.
    2. The heads of these screws vary spherical, semicircular, cylindrical, and 6-sided, with different slots. Hex option under the screwdriver with a nozzle is most suitable. In addition, roofing screws heads are painted in the color steel sheet and marked-known companies.
    3. For tiling used hardware with pressshayboy. For more demanding tasks using screws with EPDM gaskets.

    When selecting screws need to know that they are manufactured with a diameter of 4.8 to 6.3 mm and a length of 1.9 to 25.0 cm. In addition, the working part of the fastener length should exceed the thickness of the material to be stapled 3mm.

    For device roof

    The exact number of screws for fixing 1 m² of corrugated board does not register any first instructions for assembly - it is necessary to determine in each case, depending on many factors. The desired number will depend on the place of application of the material - the roof, fence, façade wall; weather conditions in the construction area - the prevailing wind force and snow depth; operational and geometrical characteristics of profiled sheet; angle rays, lathing step and other parameters.

    The most difficult to calculate consumption of screws for wood with a roof made of profiled sheet device. In this case, the calculation is based on the observance of certain rules:

    • lower sheets near the eave lath fixed to each wave;
    • adjacent the upper and lower profile in the areas of overlap, is up to 0.2 m, mounted similarly. Connections between the horizontally arranged goods are performed with overlapping in 1-well corrugation by means of rivets;
    • contour wind trims sheets are fixed to each cross battens;
    • by simple screws screwed portions in increments of 0.5 m after 1 or 2 wave staggered;
    • increasing steepness ramps distance decreases between fasteners.

    Example. Profiled working width of 1.0 m and a length of 10.0 m is laid on the lathing crossbars in increments of 0.5 m and arranged in a corner of the roof while at the eaves and gable. It is necessary to calculate the number of screws for fastening the entire profile, as well as, based on the 1 m.

    Above and below the required 5, y gable - 8, between - 16 hardware.

    . The maximum amount per 1 m: 5 + 3 + 3 = 11 pcs, minimal - 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 pcs.

    Conclusion: trapezoidal sheet required for fixing the fastener 34, for 1 m² of the roof must be between 9 and 11 screws.

    Since the roof consists mainly of simple sections, it is assumed that, for fixing the profiled sheet 1 m² requires 8, 9 fasteners. Knowing the total roof area, it is easy to count the number of screws needed to cover Bent roof.

    For the construction of the fence and wall coverings

    During the construction of the fence height to 2.0 m are usually used per meter hardware 6 or 9 metal (rare - Wood) depending on the amount of lag - respectively 2 or 3. Fixing necessarily performed in places overlaps, in addition, in areas with high wind loads fixation can be done from the bottom in each wave. If necessary, additional reinforcement structure rivets applied. Hence: for fixing the profiled sheet 1 m is used for sampling from 3 + 3 = 6 3 + 5 = 8 screws. The total amount of hardware is considered to be based on the length of the fence.

    When used in sheeting determined considering the following details as screws facing material consumption:

    • sheet of 2.0 m 3 is mounted in series;
    • screws fixed through the corrugation in a staggered manner;
    • It can be carried out in each arc in regions with strong wind attachment.

    The number of fasteners on 1m² in this case is at least 6 pcs.

    In the construction of the garage or other hozpostroek of profiled sheet, screws fixed in each wave pitch vertically in 1.0 m. Consumption per square meter is about 10 units.

    Regardless of the application site, fixing corrugated ultimately beneficial to perform high-quality screws, and since they are not cheap, the calculation of the amount of hardware should be treated seriously and responsibly. If you need help, use our calculator trapezoidal sheet or call!

    roof and facade of the center's experts will make you a free estimate of the material for the project, or if you do not know your measurements, our zamerschik can go to you and make all the measurements themselves.

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    Consumption of screws per 1m2 of profiled sheet: calculation

    Fixing profiled sheeting and calculation screws

    All of us at the time of the roof of profiled decking (Bent) faced with the question: how many screws you need and how to fix it, which screws consumption per 1 m 2 of profiled sheet, and how to choose them.

    Scheme fixing profiled sheet to the roof with screws. The number of screws needed per square meter of coating is from five to six pieces for installation of the fence, and between six and eight - for the roof.

    When attaching the shaped sheet must take into account the thickness, size, for better connection and to avoid unwanted effects. In this article, we will discuss how to calculate the number of screws for trapezoidal sheet which apply them correctly.

    When equipping the roofs of profiled decking requires the correct selection of lengths, so that he was more of the roof slope. Fasten corrugated board to a wooden crate tapping screws. Also you can use a metal lath, because the screws when screwing drilled metal. Used for roofing hardware manufactured Hilli firms, EKT, SFS, Fischer, whose diameter should be 4, 8, 5.5, 6.3 mm, length 19-250 mm. You can also buy the products of domestic manufacturers, whose diameter is not less than 6.3 mm.

    Selection of screws and their quantities for the roof is made so that the length of the threaded portion of the screw is greater than the length of the connected packet is not less than 3 mm.

    When buying screws need to take account of their number with a reserve, as well as their quality. The installation of high quality screws can be made without previously make a hole. With the proper procedure of attachment and calculating the amount of corrugated board is used as a roof the roof and wall inside and outside the building.

    There are three main types of commonly used sheeting:

    Roof has a greater height and is used for the roof of the roof. Wall - less bulky. The carrier - is used for load-bearing structures due to its large thickness. In this form completely different and mounting require a special approach.

    An example of correct screwing screws. In manual tightening force to be controlled to not turned tug (this can cause damage to the insulating layer).

    For fixing must exist properly prepared surface. Decking is mounted in a place fit to crate wave trapezoid trapezoidal sheet. In this method, there is no arm between the point of effort on the overlay screw and the anchoring point. To reduce the wind load of each wave trapezoid profiled secured to the upper and lower battens, and by the wind strips attached to each batten. The profiled decking 1100 mm wide and 8000 mm long step with battens 500 mm distance between screws requires no more than 500 mm. Conclusion: the top 2 screws, 2 bottom, plus side wind - 16 pieces. Total we need 20 screws onto 1 sheet of material. Before installation in a hole drilled in steel sheet of 0.3-0.5 mm larger than the diameter of the screw. Tightening the screws produce an angle of 90 degrees. This is necessary to eliminate the possible occurrence of the through holes in the roof.

    1. Drills - only with a low speed velocity cartridge.
    2. Screwdriver - a simple and reliable manual way.

    Use of any other or of these tools requires considerable skill and compliance with safety regulations.

    Stacking corrugated thickness of 0.5 to 1 mm and from 2 to 12 meters long start from the right or left end. Along the edges of steel sheet should extend 40 cm. First we set the trapezoidal sheet and fasten with one screw on the horse. After one second fasten the screw to the ridge. All the time, it follows that the edges of the sheets lay on one line and the steel sheet does not become twisted. On top of wave sheets overlap one fastening screw. Thus fastened, and the other three sheets. After alignment of the lower edge securely attached throughout their length. Horizontal overlap sheet from 10cm permitted. Thus, per 1 m2 is consumed from 4 to 8 screws.

    Features wall corrugated board installation

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