A collage of two photos

A collage of two photos

This small art available to everyone free of charge. With the service, you can easily glue from 2 to 6 photos vertically or horizontally, in various combinations. All you need - to choose the appropriate template for the collage, upload your favorite photos and arrange them as much.

Compose collages online raduyte and their friends!

After selecting the template can be downloaded from 2 to 6 photos (JPG format, size up to 1 Mb). After loading the top line will be their smaller counterparts. If you want to remove from the line one of the photos, hover over it and click "Delete."

Make a collage of them, you can drag pictures into each field of the template. Drag photos can not only be an empty field, but also where there is already a picture - so there is a replacement of one photo to another.

To create a beautiful collage, photos must completely cover a field in which there are. To do this, you can change the size of the photo in the template: Place your mouse over the picture edge, stretch or reduce it. Also move the photo in the field to leave visible only the desired part.

If this step to see that the pattern is not entirely suited to your photos, you can click on the "Templates" and choose another. After click on the "Photos" and continue to create a collage with the same photo.

After clicking on "Create", you'll be taken to a page with your finished collage. To save click on the collage, right-click and select "Save Image As ...", specify a folder to save. New collage is ready!

At the same step, you can return to block selection for the collage template, leaving all the previously uploaded photos, and make the same photo Another collage. Or go for a new collage from other photos.

A collage of two photos

(Template will be cleared!)

(Template will be cleared!)

(Template will be cleared!)

quickly and easily create a photo collage. Apply effects, crop the photo, scale, surprising ones! (Beta)

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