A collage of picture frames

Frame for collage with your own hands

The word "collage" in French means "sticking". In the so-called fine art technique, when a common basis glued elements of a different color or texture.

But slightly different interpretation of this concept:

Collage - a composition which combines the various images, the combined one common theme, placed side by side or superimposed one on top of another. In other words, it is not just a collection of pictures, the art of creating a whole of several components.

In the modern interior design collage on the wall plays a very important role. Panels, photographs, pictures or sets of pictures can successfully fit into any style. Recently in an article A collage of photos we have studied the question in detail how you can make harmonious composition of your favorite images and examples of several such works. But the collage can be made not only of beautiful frames. the work can be used as paper, fabric, magazine clippings, scraps of newspapers, natural materials, etc.

The first step in creating a collage - a variety of subjects. Depending on where you plan to place the composition is determined by its style. For living a low-key approach collage with clear forms, the child can experiment with bright colors and decorative elements for the kitchen to stay on wooden boxes with a picture of flowers and plants, and for the country house will suit vintage style.

The next step - is the creation of a basis or framework for a collage. At this point we are today and discuss in more detail. Let's see what we can do with his hands on a few examples.

To get a stylish multiramku collage, enough to show a little imagination, to look around and get to work. So…

  • several prefabricated wooden or plastic framework;
  • pencil for marking;
  • Adhesive suitable for use with a material selected framework;
  • paints;
  • several clips;
  • brush;
  • collage filling elements.

  • release the frame from the glass and the rear wall;
  • We begin to lay out the frame on the floor, choosing the most successful version of their location;

  • make a sketch on paper, we enumerate all the frame with a pencil, to avoid confusion during assembly;
  • the joint space frames are also marked with a pencil, as shown in the photo;

  • further sequentially glue frame together. Depending on the number of clips, can be glued the whole song at once or do it one by one. It is important at every stage not remove the clip until the glue dries. Only in this way you can ensure that the framework will be held securely. Remove stains adhesive cloth;

  • When the glue is completely dry (for best results, you can leave the box dosyhat overnight) goes for painting. It is possible to use acrylic paint, stain, aerosols, depending on the desired end result;
  • after painting carefully examine what happened. Perhaps somewhere were not dyed portions or paint shines, and it makes sense to apply a second layer;
  • to complete the process paste glass back (although you can do without them) and take to fill out the final frame.

Designers are advised in such compositions is not limited to still images. Combine pictures drawings, records, add volume with decorative elements (shells, buttons, ribbons, etc.).

Another type collage - this composition of separate elements. In such cases, usually use the framework of the same color or texture. Let's try to make yourself a simple box of cardboard.

  • cardboard or heavy paper. You can use textured cardboard;
  • line;
  • stationery knife;
  • PVA glue.

  • Example template which is shown below, make its size and proportions;

  • cut out the template with scissors or a stationery knife and transfer to the cardboard chosen to create the future frames;

  • Using a ruler and stationery knife, cut the workpiece;

  • we get something like this "semi-finished";

  • glue the corners, giving dry well. Frame is ready.

As it do next depends on the original idea. It is possible to leave in such a form and make a stylish strict collage on the wall in bright colors. You can apply the skills scrapbooking or decoupage. Or simply paint the frame in a color that perfectly fit into the interior of the room.

Children collage - it is a huge field for creativity. Here, almost everything is permissible. Use bright colors, intricate geometry, fun accessories, funny stories. As ideas suggest you make an original frame-puzzle baby pictures.

  • a large sheet of heavy paper (plus one of the same or transparent sheet);
  • several kinds of scrap paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • cardboard;
  • baby photos;
  • decorations.
  • a large sheet of heavy paper (Whatman perfect) divide the straight lines 12 squares. You can take the workpiece with different proportions and make razlinovku at its discretion;
  • on top of each line draw (by hand) the details of puzzles. Do not make the ridges and valleys are too deep, otherwise there would be little space for photos and decor;

  • We enumerate each element and neatly cut;
  • every detail in turn put on a piece of scrap paper and draw out. Following that, to the adjacent elements (both horizontally and vertically) is not turned identical;
  • We collect our puzzle of color elements face down. Details do not put close to each piece looked as though separately. On the opposite side of sticking transparent or white sheet of the same size. Reinforcing structures by means of paperboard;

  • the rear side of the rope fastened, for which we will hang the collage.

Basis is ready! You can begin to glue photos and embellishments.

And here is another very interesting and easy to design a way to create frames. This collage with your own hands looks great in the kitchen interior.

To create a bulk frame can take a few wooden or cardboard boxes and glue them together (on the principle, which we discussed in the beginning of the article). Or use one large box with partitions inside of the same material.

This collage looks very original. One and the same blank can tune quite different colors depending on the internal content. Here are a few ideas to create a stylish interior composition. Everything else depends on the will, imagination and alleged collage layout.

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How to make the most of collage picture frames

All we are doing photos to capture memorable events, whether it be a birthday, wedding or just a walk in the autumn forest. But what is the use in photos, if they are locked in dusty photo albums or are stored in the computer's memory? Of course, it is best to fix the framed photos and post them on the wall. But how beautifully and succinctly to place the photo frame? For example, you can turn them into a collage.

Collage need:

- frames of different sizes;

- wood glue or universal glue point;

- mounting plate, hanging fasteners, screws, screwdriver.

First we need to combine the frames around so that they touch each other in at least two places.

Then, using an adhesive glue frames alternately to each other. You can use a special wood glue or universal glue seconds. Much of a difference in the strength of the bonding is not noticeable. But the palpable difference in time gluing: glue dries point per minute, while the carpenter's glue has to dry not menne twenty minutes.

When all the frames are fixed and represent the overall collage, you need to fix them. For this we turn over our entire composition face down and fasten with screws fastening plates so that one plate was attached to not less than two frames.

If screws are chosen correctly, and their length is greater than the thickness of the frame, they can punch through the tree.

In the case where the selected unsuitable screws and the time or desire to replace them there, you can use conventional shaybochki, and in their absence, and the usual pieces of cardboard. This will raise the screw and its length will be short enough so as not to penetrate through the frame.

When all the frames are fastened, can only attach a pendant fixture and fill the resulting photo collage.

On the wall frames to fix, you can use the same screws, only bigger.

This unusual collage of photo frame is perfect for any decor. And the most expensive and beautiful images instead of collecting dust "In the vaults" will delight you and your guests on a daily basis.

Photo frames on the wall: collages for interior and 80+ selected decisions of the composition

A collage of photos of artists and music album artwork forms a common geometric shape

Photo frames on the wall, as are the collages of photos, decorate any room. Even furnished according to the latest fashion trends of the interior will not seem comfortable without the appropriate accessories. And if they are also to be made with his own hands, and will reflect your life, it will make them doubly more valuable.

Living room with an exhibition of paintings made in different techniques and different materials. Making paintings varied: decorated frame golden color, common in natural wood frame, standard black frames, etc...

Eclectic living room with an original selection of pictures in the dark frames of different shapes and thicknesses

Photos under glass in the standard framework - decoration monochromatic central wall in the dining room of modern style

Optimum embodiments of this accessory are collages and compositions of the pictures as a picture hung on the wall. And if you approach making a collage with the mind, it will not only be a wonderful memory of the pleasant time spent and loved ones, but also a stylish touch to any interior.

How to make a collage of photos

Collage of photos in different in form, color and decor within. Original location, occupying an entire wall in the kitchen-studio, constitutes a single entity

First of all, you must decide what is the room you want to arrange a collage. One of the best options - hallway. It brings together all the rooms, and all family members will be able to view the memorable moments of their lives during the day. In addition, this collage will be able to appreciate and visitors. Since then begin their acquaintance with the apartment. Look good are homemade collages and in the kitchen, where all the family members spend most of the time. It's so at home consider a photo of a cup of tea.

The hardest part in the preparation of a collage - do not get carried away doing this to excess, otherwise your work will look gaudy. Here you need to know when to stop: too many pictures can only spoil your work.

Collage of images having a heart shape, framed with white square frame without distracting from the main

To collage turned out beautiful and interesting, is not enough just to attach pictures to the wall in a chaotic manner. Here are some important rules must be observed. First of all, you must place your photos so that the collage was located at eye level. It should take into account the size of photos. So, the biggest of them should be placed above this level. In this case, it would be better to consider a small photo.

Black and white retrofotografii placed on the shelves, in the dark frame

Modern interior with conventional rectangular frames and original having a circular shape. Collage is located at the viewer's eye

Graphic pictures in black frames on the white wall in the monotonous living

Eclectic hall with the author graphics in standard and original black frames. Some paintings hang on the walls, and some of the collection are on the shelves

Priority should also be given the choice of frames. They may be the most simple and unpretentious, so original and bizarre. In the first case, the main focus will be on self photos: you do, ultimately, would achieve this effect. If you want to frame the bright moments of your life in the framework of the freakish form, in this case you run the risk that the focus will be on not to photographs and their framing. The way out of this situation could be the choice of black and white photographs. Combining pictures in this style and whimsical and bright beautiful picture frames on the wall, you can achieve the most unexpected and interesting effect.

Vibrant photos, illustrations, logos, framed simply and simply frames

Children's drawings in the laconic nevydelyayuschihsya part of the interior with a common predominant color

Before you post pictures on the wall, you should make sure that the composition looks impressive. Therefore, it is desirable to first position the picture on the floor. In this case, you can "replay" the layout easily. Of course, you can use a photo of the same size, but they may look boring and academic. Much more interesting to combine images of different sizes.

Fabulous illustrations for the children's room of the original layout, combining different sized frames

Original interior of the house with a mini-exhibition of photographs and artwork. Frames a variety of size, shape, color, decoration, and so on. D.

Tip! Try different combinations of images, and you will find the best option.

Photos contrasting frame: thin and thick black wooden frame, thick and thin pale gray metal frame

One of the main rules in the preparation of a collage - all photos must be united by a common subject or a theme. For example, it can be your wedding photos, images of children, or photos taken during the holidays.

Diptych, united by a common idea - monochromatic gray accent wall in the bedroom modern style

Modern dining room in London with a series of beach photos

Living room in a modern style with a series of paintings, differing in color. The composition creates a rectangular shape

Graphical representation of nature in the heart without a frame and surrounding small illustrations in fine form an integral part of the standard form

How fortunate to pick frames for photos

Photo frames on the wall may form a real collages. Frames - basic accessory with which you can give your photos a finished appearance. Frames should be combined not only with the photos, but also with the walls on which they are hung. The most safe and obvious option - select neutral picture frames standard rectangular calm colors (black, white, brown or silver). If this option you seem boring and uninteresting, then you can consider more sophisticated stylistic decision. In this case, you can select a frame style that is combined with the interior space. Or, on the contrary, it has a deliberately contrasting design.

Modern dining room with standard rectangular frames for photos calm color without attracting extra attention, as do photo bright and thematically diverse

Rectangular frames - the most common form of framed pictures and paintings. The peculiarity of the material, which is combined with an interesting decor, set the tone for the interior

For example, in certain styles of the interior will be advantageous look white frame with intricate patterns, contrasting with the color and texture of the walls. They can fit well into the interior in the Scandinavian or eclectic style, adding a touch of sophistication to the overly simple interior. Or they are just as well will look in the bohemian interior, complementing and completing it.

An interesting option of posting photos, arranged in a recess and fitted with a special spotlight

Frame need not be rectangular or square. Unusual and stylish looks for framing shots oval. And combining frames in different shapes with each other, you can achieve a spectacular collage.

How to make your own photo frames: Stage 1

Geometrical composition of the motivating images in graphic framework for a home office. Feature framed photo - a mat of thick white cardboard in combination with wooden frame

Modern collage of randomly placed graphic works within the autographic manufacturing

Interior room is light beige and brown tones. Photos manually pasted on white paper and framed with dark brown wooden frame

Photo frames on the wall for making collages can be purchased at a specialty store or order in picture framing studio. However, a collage can be completely do their own, including photo frames. The benefit of modern stores offer a wide range of necessary goods.

One of the original and simple means of manufacturing a framework for a photo - is the use of conventional newspapers and magazines. As a result, no one would guess that the frame is not made out of the baguette. To create such a mini-masterpiece, you will need the following materials:

  • Adhesive in the form of a pencil, a conventional PVA and versatile embodiment;
  • newspapers magazines;
  • Knife stationery;
  • School protractor;
  • paint (white, if desired, you can even buy paint for decorating products in the final stage);
  • plaster on wood.

Gathering all the necessary materials, you can safely proceed to the scope of the manufacturing process. Unfold the paper (you can use the magazine), lay it on a flat surface and gently displace in a fairly tight tube. If you want to end up with a bigger frame, then just take a few sheets of newspaper. Once you have almost completely turned off the tube, Add to it a new sheet of paper, a pencil through the adhesive and proceed.

Tip! Twist paper with the same density, to frame strips of equal width and turned easily fastened together.

Note that a rectangular or square frame is divided into four strips. To one side you need to make 3-8 tubes, depending on the image size. So that eventually turned a narrow baguette, you will need two tubes. Glue them together side faces. CONNECT another on top of that came a triangular cross section. Make thus four preform. Leave the resulting frame to dry completely. It usually takes at least a day.

Stage 2: work with blanks for the frame

After that, cut each of the strips at an angle of 45 degrees on both sides. You will simple protractor in the absence of other instruments. To do this, simply take a piece of paper in the box. Draw a square on it. Then, the corners must be connected by diagonals. Place the bar on the resulting markup. Using a protractor and pencil, draw a line. Then simply cut the unnecessary.

Next we proceed to bonding parts at an angle of 90 degrees. Connect the two strips. When they are dry, glue the remaining corners. Existing gaps between the corners can easily disguise using putty for wood. So, you have turned frame. Now we need to make space for the insertion picture with its reverse side. Glue four rolls, departing from the window of approximately 5-8 mm. It is also necessary to make a device for securing the frame on the wall. To do this, simply pierce two holes on the top tube, for inserting photos. Thread the wire through it. The result is a loop, for which a picture can be hung on the wall.

Finally, at the final stage, should be primed frame. It is necessary to increase the strength. To get the ground, take 1 part water, 2 parts of PVA and 2 of paint. Stir until a homogeneous mass. Prime the frame of two to four times with an intermediate drying. After that, you can paint the frame in any color suitable to your decor. At the end of the product cover varnish Water-based. Thus, the picture frames on the wall is easy to do with their hands.

Other embodiments of the independent production of frames for pictures

There are other options for the manufacture of frames with their own hands. For example, they can be made of the ceiling moldings, cardboard and other materials handy. Such a framework can be decorated with various details, combined with the interior style. It can be beads, dried flowers, embroidery items and so on. D. Many of these accessories can be bought in a book or a specialty store for creativity.

And you can not bother yourself too much work and buy a ready-made set of picture frames on the wall. In this case, you will get the final composition, all the parts which are optimally combined with each other. You just select your favorite photos.

Photos and artwork in a variety of framework as personally decorated and finished to the standard in style Shabby-chic interior

Options for posting photos

Frames for pictures can be in the form of prints on wallpaper - standard solution in the design of a photo from the family archive

The most important thing when creating a collage - right post pictures that they form a single whole, and were not arranged randomly.

Graphic Gallery in London as a backdrop for the living room. Illustrations are not placed randomly, and observing shapes, lining the lower line

It is a mistake to think that you can just put the photos on their size. This will create excessive academic quality in the interior.

Home office with vintage furniture: varnished table with carved legs and a classic velvet chair. Contrasting black frame on a light gray wall

How is it possible to attach the pictures to the wall beyond the traditional framework? There are more original options that do not require an investment of money and the use of a lot of effort. For example, photos can be attached using conventional pegs. In this case, the pictures are placed on the clothesline. This will create a studio effect in the apartment. As if the pictures still dry out after the developer. In this case, you can easily change the composition, add new pictures, or replace boring.

You can create photo collage, and not using frames. This option is ideally fit into the interior in the style of hi-tech.

Laconic interiors with reproductions of pictures on canvas unframed

An interesting option would be to create a wall of the genealogical tree of families. To do this, you need all photos Dynasty, which should be placed on the seniority of family members in a tree with branches. In this case, the crown of the tree will be placed elderly family members. In another embodiment, the accommodation in the center of the photo, you can arrange the youngest members of the family. In this case, all small in size photo you can combine a single frame.

Creating a collage, you can restrict the placement of only one, but the big picture frames on the wall. In this case, it will be a worthy frame for several small photo. This collage will look compact and original.

Creativity in the design of wall paintings: Framed pictures are in open shelves that mimic the shape of a frame

Photo frames on the wall: collages and how to choose them a place

As we have described above, the ideal location for photo collage is a corridor and a kitchen. However, this does not end options. If you live in their own homes, the ideal location for the photos will be a staircase leading to the second floor. This place, which involves all members of the family, and there is a photo collage will look very appropriate.

Total seasoned colors Corridor with photos of decorated frames

The staircase leading to the second floor - the perfect place to host family photos, a common theme. interior style - Shabby-chic, supported by frames for pictures with the effect of aging, vintage accessories, etc...

Top personal photos in conjunction with pictures of floral and geometric patterns, etc. -.. A group of framed photographs, which occupies a place on the stairs leading to the second floor of the house

Collage of photos depicting memorable moments of life. Originality group photos within that among them there are different topics photo

Beautifully will look photos placed in the living room near the fireplace. This place will unite all members of the family. In principle, the pictures can be hung in any room - the main thing is not to overdo it. After all, if the pictures are hung with all the walls, it will only overload the interior.

Making walls framed photographs - interesting solution, which will decorate any room. In addition, it is easy to implement. Enough "to arm" imagination and a minimum of tools required. A little time - and collage is ready. And if you bring it to creative activities of all family members, it is only unite them together and make the end of the work, admiring the result of co-creation, to relive those moments.

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