Collage of fabric


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Collage of fabric with their hands

Applique fabric with your hands for children

Master class on needlework. Collage of tissue "Ulitka9raquo;

Author: Elena Korchina, the teacher of the first category MBDOU "Kindergarten combined type №13&9raquo; Krasnodar city

This master - class is designed for carrying children 6-7 years.

goal: Secure technique collage; develop imagination, hand movements coordination, fine motor skills, color perception.

The fabric itself - interesting material for collage.

Collage-image, which is obtained if on the basis of different materials stick. Collage well the color and shape.

Among the patches have shiny and matte, colored and plain, smooth and rough, dense and very transparent. With this material you can pass many things: the play of light and shadow, color and line, all of what we admire in nature.

1. On a piece of cardboard draw patterns.

2. Cut out the template.

3.Prikladyvaem patterns to fabric, the fabric is pasted on cardboard. After drying, the adhesive pattern cut the excess fabric.

4. From the green fabric cut grass arbitrary.

5. On the basis of carton pick collage using PVA adhesive.

6. The felt-tip pen on the fabric draw eyes, mouth snail.

And it happened in children!

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Crafts: How to make a textile collage

These works look very bright, warm and give the interior a special comfort. I myself was engaged in manufacturing of such pictures, so I will tell you about them based on their experience.

(Pictures can be seen below).

The choice of colors also depends on what remains of tissue you have in stock. From them and pushes for a start.

Yet you need sewing thread in color fabrics.

Gradually fill the background elements of the composition, while the results are not completely satisfied. As I said, other than fabrics can be used braid, lace, cord, rope, etc.

What to do when all sewn

Tip: do not make the length or width of more than 90-100 cm, as too much work it will be difficult "vorochat9raquo; a sewing machine needle.

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