Collage of photos for my birthday

Collage of photos for my birthday

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Collage of photos for my birthday

You want to make a great gift that will long be remembered hero of the festivities? All that you will need for the job - a program for creating photo collages and photographs. In this case, you do not need to spend money and time to visit the photo studios, original collage, you can prepare your own hands at home. From the text, you will learn how to create a collage in the program, and we will talk about today's popular collage compositions.

What is the best draw a collage? Unfortunately, this question is very difficult to give a definite answer, so everyone will have to make a decision on their own. For example, very often for the congratulations on the anniversary selected collage, is hosting a photo illustrating the important life stages of the hero of the day, from birth to the present day.

Also popular collages, in which the main role is given to those who have congratulated the hero of the day. When you select this option you need to think in advance and in detail the composition of the material type. Typically, as are the source picture, wherein the relatives and friends are holding sheets with the individual greetings or phrases. After the photos are placed in the correct sequence on the sheet in the editor.

In both cases, we should not forget about jewelry - a collage with them will be much more interesting and brighter. You can also select on the sheet space for touching congratulations jubilee in verse form. Then the collage will be more complete and postcard.

How to make a collage with your own hands

Ready to start developing your collage? Excellent! First, you need to follow the link and download the program to your PC. It will not take much time, as the installation file weighs only 75 MB. Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen. When the installation is complete, start the software by double-clicking.

Now you can start to make a collage on the anniversary. The program immediately offered to designate kind of project: you can start to create a collage from scratch or use special blank pages and templates from a variety of software collection.

Select the appropriate option, click "Further", and then adjust the size of the future collage and orientation of the sheet. Click on the button "Done" and the software will redirect you to the user-friendly editor.

Immediately look for a PC the photos you want, drag them to the workspace and arrange on a sheet. Go to the tab "Background" and designate a paint bucket. The role of the back end can perform color, gradient, texture, or any image from your computer.

An excellent solution for the photo frame will be a collage of several photos, you can choose from a collection of software, if you click on the line "Contour background and frame».

Let us further photos. To do this, go to "The effects and frames". Software immediately proposed to add the downloaded images frames. Available on a choice of three categories: topical, classic and children's frames.

It can also be used for edge processing "Masks", due to which the photos will be very original look on the worksheet.

After you select a frame, scroll to the group "Filters". Here you will be able to improve the quality of photos and transform them.

tab "Text and decorations" You can supplement the collage of clip art and congratulations.

Excellent! Collage ready. Further, you can save it on your computer or print it out and present the hero of the day. Photo collage on the anniversary will love and birthday, and guests of the celebration. Use the program "photo collage" and then you will be able in a short period of time without any problems to prepare original collages in the present and in the future.

Windows 7, 8, 10; Win XP, Vista

A wonderful program. Simple, convenient, and at the same time has a lot of interesting features. I've been looking for a software to create collages. When tasted photo collage program - I realized that it was exactly what I needed!

The program is just class! After a couple of days of work I was doing incredibly beautiful collages. In this all turns out easily and quickly. Templates are very high quality - print on A4 - is obtained as in a glossy magazine.

Very pleased with the purchase. Beautiful high-resolution templates, clipart huge choice, a lot of frames. And most importantly - a pleasure to work with the program: everything is done conveniently and thoughtfully.

Begin to create beautiful collages today!

Birthday only comes once a year! It will be unforgettable, if you create a photo collage of food, friends and fun holiday.

Capture your birthday in a colorful collage

Birthday must be memorable, regardless of whether it is celebrated at home under a traditional song or the club with the best friends. And for those who could not come to your birthday party, you can make a festive collage.

Even if you are not a designer, with our tools you will be able to create a wonderful collage! Our range of layouts and layouts will help to create a collage for the birthday, which will want to keep for life.

Create a collage of birthday faster than blow out the candles

  1. Create an account Canva, to begin to design a collage of photos for my birthday.
  2. Select items such as banners, icons, frames, and so on. N., From our library of professional design elements.
  3. Add your own images or select the appropriate image of Canva library, where we have collected for you more than 1 million high-quality images.
  4. Adjust the image, add the excellent filters and format text.
  5. Save and share.

Show in the collage, how much fun was your holiday

  1. change image. Add your own images or choose a picture from Canva library. It offers more than 1 million photos, graphics and illustrations.
  2. change font. It offers more than 130 stunning fonts.
  3. change background. Select a ready background from our library or use the image.
  4. change color. Choose the color of the text to add the finishing touch to the design.

Complete collage of photos from our library

To get started, add the Canva photos from your birthday. You can even add your favorite photos from the past year. Then drag the photo into any cell of the grid or frame. After that, the fun begins.

Decorate collage images from our vast collection, which contains more than 1 million photos, illustrations and design elements. In it you will find lights, cocktails and other images that help to talk about your birthday. Many of them are free, and the price premium images is only $ 1. Your collage will cost you cheaper entrance to the club.

Share your collage on social networks in just a few clicks

Share collage from your (hopefully not too cheeky) birthday to those who could not come at him. You can easily put a collage created in social networks. Just click "Share" to post it on Twitter or Facebook, or copy the link, which you can send to anyone. After this will only see how many "likes" pick your collage.

But that's not all you can do with your design! Want to thank the guests of the festival, without spending a lot of time? Print your collage to make it a memorable postcard with gratitude. Just download your design as a high quality PDF-File, print it on your printer, packed in a beautiful envelope and throw in the mailbox. Guests will be amazed by your intelligence!

Allow friends to supplement your collage

What if you spent your birthday partying down and taking a scant few pictures? Clearly, it is time to enlist the cameras and phones of your fellow party-goers! Just open your collage and click "Share," then check the box to allow others to edit your design, and share the link among your friends. Then your fellow celebrants can log on to Canva from any computer or from our free iOS and Android apps to upload their own photos and collectively capture the anniversary of your birth from absolutely every angle.

Capture your birthday grandiose collage

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