A collage of photos on the wall

Creating a photo wall. How beautiful place pictures on the walls

A collage of photos - a fun way to decorate a large wall space. Collage for the device you need to select multiple photos in the same or different styles of the same or different sizes and place them on the wall. All sounds simple enough, but most of the attempts to make a collage of photos on the wall makes this very wall into chaos and makes it not look nice and interesting, but randomly and tasteless.

There are some rules, how to put pictures on the wall, to the whole composition look original and worthy.

Tip # 1: Choose a suitable wall.

The first step to successful placement of photos - is the choice of the wall. It is better to place pictures on the wall, which can be viewed from afar and thus to evaluate the integrity of all of the composition, and which can come close to view photos in greater detail.

It is for this reason I do not recommend to place collages of photos in the hallways or on stairs closed. It is desirable to have the pictures on the wall only when the distance to the opposite wall not less than 3.5 meters.

On average, for the placement of collage you need 2 meters of free space on the wall. This does not mean that your exposure must be so great, just subject to this rule the composition of the pictures on the wall will look loose, not flattened and crumpled.

Designers do not recommend to place personal photos, that is the image of the family members of the large pieces of furniture - bed or sofa, because your guests will want to look at the photo closer. The only design-adjusted variant of placing personal photos over the head of the bed - the use of a few large pictures with a small number of parts, and can be black and white.

Now that you have chosen to place a wall of photos, it's time to plan your collage.

Most often, the composition of the pictures selected device family photos, photos or thematic cycles contemporary photographers. A little less - photographic reproductions of famous paintings or images of nature. All of these options are good, if you do not chose the family photos - proceed from room style.

Remember, in any successful collage, besides meaning unity, to be a visual center - the biggest or the brightest picture. It looks wonderful collage, where one or more images are replaced by mirrors.

Now you need to decide - if you are going to use the picture frames and if so, what. If you chose the option with the frames, then it is not necessary to buy the same. There is a rule: the more similar to each other you have selected the image, the more freedom you can afford when choosing frames. Just do not overdo it!

If you feel that you selected frames are unique in themselves, then you can do even without a framework.

If you group different types of elements - different in style photo or picture and mirror frames the choice should be very conservative: it's better to be thin, white, black or silver (if present in the composition mirror) frame.

Tip # 4. Determining the size and proportions of the photos.

Today, everything is very simple. There are many ready-made solutions that you can try. To determine the location and size, you can cut sheets of cardboard or construction paper and place them on the wall as you plan to place photos.

Options for posting photos on the wall.

If you do not like any of the ready-made options for posting photos on the wall, You can come up with their own, following the rules:

  • Successful collage usually has a vertical or horizontal axis, and along which it is located.
  • Follow the rules of symmetry and balance. For example, if you are using a small oval frame (not in the center) in a collage of square or rectangular images, be sure to include a second oval frame similar proportion second oval frame should be arranged symmetrically, or be reflected vertically.
  • The collage should be no more than 3 different shapes or sizes of pictures.
  • The most visually similar in size or images need to, oddly enough, placed close to each other, contrasting them less similar images.
  • If you work with images of different sizes -planiruyte accommodation from large to small.
  • When placing collage use level - hung crooked photo does not make the wall more beautiful.
  • Collage center should be placed at eye level or slightly higher.

Now you know, how beautiful place pictures on the walls.

Collages photo frames: stylish accommodation pictures on the wall

Collage on the wall.

Collages of photos are a good way of transformation of an empty wall. The essence of the decoration is reduced to the unification of the photos on the style, size, theme or design of the retaining frames into a single composition. Most often, a collage of photos on the wall is tightly staffed composition of similar frames in different sizes and family photographs of prisoners in the frame. This collage can be formed at once, or grow into new objects in existence. However, when the first study of pictures showing examples of the finished collages, it may seem that shape their individual composition is not difficult, but in fact there are a number of rules that avoid the clutter of diverse pictures on the wall.

Rules for posting photos of the interior.

To collages of photo frames looked most effectively, you need to get serious about the choice of the wall. Ideally, such a wall must be known to an empty, i.e., on it should not hang paintings, lamps, posters and other items. Also better to give preference to the far wall, which allows to evaluate the appearance of the composition of the photo frame from a distance. It is also desirable to pass it was free, so that everyone was able to get closer and appreciate all your efforts.

Designers do not recommend to place the photos in the hallways and on the walls of closed stairways, as a collage effect simply will not be visible, the impression is only the presence of images, instead of a single composition.

On the free approach to the object on the wall we have mentioned is not accidental, the fact that the placement of images on large furniture, which is a sofa or bed, will interfere with the approach of curious guests who will want to evaluate your family pictures. Designers are advised to place on beds neutral non-family snapshots that will not cause such a clear interest in your guests. Or hang large pictures placed in a row, also welcomed the options of 4 big shots for two in a row. Thus, people will be able to evaluate the image from afar, and they will not have to bend over bulky furniture.

Step №2. You must select the genre of composition.

Under the genre implies stylistic idea, namely photo theme. There are variations of family collages, children, steam (man and woman), collages of animals, nature, reproductions of famous artists. Each of these compositions should fit in style to the room. So let's say, in the interiors of the vintage suit black and white photographs in the classic premises will look good imitation portraits. At this stage, you need to decide with photographs, which later will be a single collage.

Step №3. Selection edging photos.

Such acts edging frame, in an ideal frame must be identical in all the pictures, which is why better to purchase a couple of extra frames, because surely the time you want to supplement your new collage pictures. This technique is suitable for a simple interior, and it will certainly appreciate people with a fondness for order in everything. But the identity of the frames is not at all important and indisputable rule, the composition of the different in texture frames look no worse, and in some cases even much more interesting identical frames. Collages of photo frames on the wall matched to the color scheme premises, as well as its style. So let's say in the room with furniture, door frames and baseboards wenge ideal frame of a similar dark color.

This step is very important, because you need to determine how the composition will look on the wall. How to do it to print photos? Very simple! Necessary sheets of A4 paper to glue, or vice versa to cut the size of the photos, lay them out on the floor in a single composition, and then in a form mounted on a wall, you can use tape or stationery cloves. This technique will allow you to personally assess the composition, may introduce a couple of new lines or in front of something clean. Well, determine the size and position of images, you need to go to the photo studio and print the previously selected photo.

In what areas are appropriate collages.

In fact, some clear rules there is, you can safely place the composition of the photo in the living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, spacious kitchen, dining room, office and home library. In addition they can be placed on the wall of the open staircase. But by placing in closed staircases and narrow corridors better intricate composition post, they simply will not be able to appreciate. If you want to hang the pictures in the hallway, it is not tormented by the question of complex compositions, and just hang large pictures in a row.

Layout picture frames on the wall.

Below, you can explore the schematic examples of posting photos.

A collage of photos of the interior (click on image to enlarge):

The idea for a home-made collage without frames (video):

That's such a straightforward manner can transform the home space. From these collages like blows family comfort and warmth, pictures in frames want to consider and remember the moments imprinted on them.

Collage of photos on the wall without frames: 17 good ideas

The latest trend in the photo collages - the creation of creative forms of a borderless photo. It's funny and can give unexpected results. For your inspiration we have gathered 17 of the best examples, made with his own hands. In most cases, photos are mounted directly on the wall, sometimes on heavy paper, canvas or suspended on wire. In any case, this is a very cheap way to create a photo collage. It takes only a little time and imagination. You can print out a photo of the same or different size. It depends on your idea.

The heart of the pictures are now in the trend

Latest fashion - is to create a collage in the shape of a heart of Instagram-photos.

There is an empty corner? Make a photo collage in it in the shape of a heart. Postalpix.

Elegant idea to combine clocks and photo collage

Photos are arranged around the clock. Photojojo.

deer head is very popular in recent times. Why not make it out of your photos?

Great idea for decorating a child's room.

Use twine to create an interesting geometric shape.

Hang your pictures on the wire

Set square photo by Artifact Uprising

This Photo Wall on the suspension looks very modern.

To create an eclectic decor, make a collage in the free form

Collage in the form of clouds makes the room very attractive. This is an idea location borderless photo podsmotrena in a Parisian loft. Learn more about him at remodelista.com

Strict, smooth, perfect rectangle of photos

Rectangular photo collage with carefully placed pictures.

Do you have a large wall? Take pictures of the flowers placed on a giant Instagram-collage.

To create an eclectic decor, make a collage in the free form

The scope and the tree itself is actually vinyl stickers.

The entire wall - a large collage.

Custom-made wallpapers.

Collage, which can grow ...

... and become a chic black and white fotostenoy.

They say that in B / W photo, any better.

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