A collage of photos with his own hands

How to make a collage of photos with his own hands: a few creative ideas. Master class: the most simple collage of photos

A collage of photos - creative interior decoration and a great gift for a close friend, a friend or relative.

This wonderful art object can easily do yourself. A collage of photos with your own hands "osilit9raquo; even a novice in the Handmaiden creativity and work the result will please you and your loved ones for years to come.

A collage of photos with his hands on the substrate

One of the easiest options collage - the product of simple geometric shapes on the finished basis. It is done quickly and looks very impressive. The main thing to choose a bright, desirable portrait shots.

So you'll need for making a collage:

• Photo (square, in an amount 4 times the m the example of 48-NIL)

• substrate (which may be polyurethane sheet, plywood, plastic) size 40 x 60 cm

• Velcro, tape or special hangers to attach to the wall

• matte decoupage glue (PVA can and good quality)

Consider the stages of the job. The most important thing to form a composition. Select a photo, decide on their number and size, spread on a substrate. It is important that the photos were of the same size and arranged in neat rows. If necessary, gently apply a chalk or a pencil arrangement of lines, as long as the layout can then be easily erased. When the composition is ready, start gently stick the photo to the double sided tape. After sticking a photo collage is necessary to cover the adhesive layer, so that it looked a unit and is protected from dust.

After the glue has dried, ready collage. It remains only to attach it to the wall, your selected tool.

A collage of photos with his own hands the original form

Besides classical geometric shape can be given hand-made article themed look, for example for a wedding collage choose the shape of the heart, a birthday present in the form of a collage of his initials, for pictures from summer vacation suitable sunglasses, and for a photo with a four-legged darling - his silhouette.

To create such a collage you need to prepare:

• Base (cardboard, drawing paper)

• Glue or double sided tape

On the basis of the selected draw silhouette of a future object, cut and begin to fill the space object. Place the photos in such a way that there is no empty spots, but also overlap one photo to the other was not too strong. The finished work can be laminate or placed under glass. And to add extra decoration, such as lighting products for the perimeter.

Collage of photos with Matchbox

To create surround collage can be used matchboxes.

To work you will need:

• Photos of different sizes

• The base (cardboard or drawing paper)

• Decorations (flowers, butterflies, shells, memorable stuff, etc.)

• Skrapbumaga with inscriptions

Before you begin, draw a sketch. It should be a combination of different sized cells, forming a square or rectangle. Determine the exact size of each cell. Transfer the sketch based. Put cells from matchboxes extra bumpers, trim, to get the boxes in place of cells corresponding to their size. Glue to the base of the box. Color product with acrylic paint and let dry well. Universal will be white paint, but you can choose any color, depending on the theme of your collage. Then distribute the pictures on squares, lay decoration, some of the cells fill clippings skrapbumagi. After the composition will look harmonious and complete, you can start gluing photos and embellishments. Use a transparent glue, you can also glue the volume elements using the glue gun, if available. When finished, leave the product to dry, it is necessary that the glue is well grasped. For greater durability after drying the product may be coated with decoupage kleem.Cherez few hours a collage of photos with your hands, you can hang on the wall.

A few tips for design collage

So, your collage of photos with your hands you have done, you now need to find a suitable place for him.

Collage theme should correspond to the selected room. Romantic hearts perfect for bedrooms and bright combination of photos Living room.

If you decided to add a collage frame, then choose a simple rectangular or square frame made of thin baguette to keep the focus on your work.

The photos themselves must be made in the same style, well, if all the pictures from a photo shoot.

Add more creativity and hand-made article can be processed to prepare elements of a collage using Photoshop or Picasa.

The latest software even has the ability to automatically create a collage of photos have been added. If you have skills in these programs, make sure you use them.

Adjust if necessary photo, you may do all the photo in black and white, or add some common accent color.

You can give your photos an interesting shape or make bright the substrate.

You can complete the entire program in a collage, and then just print jobs in the desired format.

This option is also popular, especially if you can accurately process the photo.

In any case, the use of these programs can add zest to your work.

Try to create a collage of pictures with his own hands, it will be a good alternative to the photo album.

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How to make a photo collage with your own hands: original gift and interior decoration made of paper and photos

Collage literally translates from French as "nakleivanie9raquo ;. Now collage - a kind of design technique, which consists in the manufacture of combinations of different materials, such as different pictures, photos, fabric, foil and others. This method is the diversity of the surrounding space is used since ancient times. With the advent of photo collages appeared - pasted to any base images. How to make a photo collage with your own hands with the selection of topics - will be discussed in our article.

When creating a photo collage should follow a few basic steps, which we describe below.

The first and quite important step - the choice for photo collage themes. Typically, these are some memorable moments of life, important events such as a wedding or an anniversary, a graduation party or a trip. And sometimes in one photo collage reflects the whole of human life.

Time of preparation of the photos is the most important step in creating a photo collage. It is necessary to sort the images by selecting the highest quality, cut them down to size. If desired, you can scan images and process them in a special program by setting a particular new style.

And, of course, can not do without design. Here you can express your creativity and imagination. For example, a collage on the theme of the birthday can be decorated with bright elements, and photos to put in colorful frames. This collage will certainly lift your spirits and create a sense of celebration.

For its production does not require any special skills and artistic talents. How, then, to make a photo collage with your own hands? With step by step instructions - easy. To make a simple photo collage, prepare the following:

  • cardboard for the base;
  • Photo;
  • double sided tape;
  • Varnish for decoupage (optional).

Prepare the image by cutting them to size. If you are using a simple cardboard, can be pre-tint it. Then attach the photograph to a sheet of cardboard with adhesive tape and a double coat of lacquer. You can do without it. First, place the images on the perimeter of the bases to achieve symmetry, and then fill in the middle in a random order. Done! Now you can hang on a wall collage and place as you wish.

Putting a photo collage on matchbooks

Now see exactly more complex and interesting version of the collage. You need to prepare:

Put the box in the form of a rectangle. The most convenient format 6 x 12. These boxes will be placed photos.

Box of matches under the glue on cardboard base and then paint brush or paint from a container. Instead of staining can use decorative paper.

While the glue dries and paint, prepare photographs. Cut them to size box.

When the foundation is dry, place the photo in the cell. If images are missing, cover the empty spaces with colored paper.

It remains to decorate the collage of decorative elements such as ribbons, flowers, and other similar items. Work completed. This photo collage can give to one of your friends and family, or keep as a memento.

Materials and tools needed to create a photo collage:

  • Frame (furniture facade used here);
  • elastic;
  • stapler for furniture;
  • letter clips;
  • a photo.

First fasten gum on the rear side of the frame. The most convenient way to do this is a stapler, but can also score a small nail or screw the screws. Number of gum depends on the frame size.

Then attach the clamps to the photos. Use a flat object, such as a ruler.

We can only place the photos on the gums with the clips. That's it, you can hang on a wall collage.

Make a photo collage on the computer

Instead of cutting paper with scissors photo, you can first treat them in digital form. Spend a little time on the computer, it will make the production of collage easier and faster.

There can not do without a graphical editor. For this purpose, suitable fine Photoshop. With him will be able to assemble a photo collage of any rookie.

First you need to choose the size of the foundations for the composition. The background will approach any image or photo.

Before you create a collage, cut the photo by adjusting the brightness, contrast and color. Experiment with filters and effects.

Add photos in a collage. image size is adjusted using the transformation function. Photos can be rotated in every way and change.

Almost finished collage decorate or graphic elements brush strokes. Add photo frames, different objects, carved out of other images.

Even more information about the self-made photo collages you can learn from the above video below.

Photo collage with your own hands for an original gift and interior decoration

Today is considered to be a kind of collage design techniques, is to combine on one surface of various materials. Collage - a French word and literally means "sticking". Technique when the substrate glued different in color and texture of the pieces of material - pictures, paper, fabric, foil - has appeared in the art for a long time.

In ancient times this way decorated their homes - during excavations in China found collages, is a beautiful composition of canvas and natural materials (stones and dried flowers). The collage technique can be used and manual work - drawing pen or brush. Especially popular were the collages in the 20-ies of the last century.

Even the great Picasso used in his works labels and newspaper clippings to give his works a more realistic and expressive.

And with the arrival of our life photographs, and collages appeared - with his hands glued pictures on any basis.

Choosing a theme

Usually collage presents some significant events, memorable moments in life. The theme could be a wedding, anniversary, newborn baby, a graduation party, a journey - the idea of ​​life itself dictates, sometimes whole life is reflected in one collage.

An important point of preparation collage. It is necessary to select high-quality photos, crop them to the desired format (you can use curly scissors). They byvyut and black and white, if necessary, they can be scanned and updated, giving them a certain style.

The main stage, which requires to show all their creativity, taste, imagination. For example, a collage to commemorate the birthday party, you can arrange the elements of decor and bright frame, creating a festive mood.

This "masterpiece" may make a man without artistic talents and skills. How to make a photo collage with your own hands? For the simplest version will need photo frame that you can always buy or make yourself, or ordinary cardboard for the base, photographs, tape and nail decoupage. Consider the theme and layout of images, for example, 4 to 12. Prepare pictures, cut to size. If the board is not decorative, it can be tint. Attach the pictures on the basis of a double adhesive tape and cover with varnish for decoupage (many manage without it). For symmetry, first attach the pictures on the perimeter, then you can fill in the middle in a random order. All - collage is ready, it is necessary to attach it to the wall with adhesive tape or buttons. You can draw a frame in any style - seashells, flowers, ribbons. These collages made even our grandmothers, but the collage of matchbooks looks quite unusual.

Photo collage based on matchboxes

  • Photo;
  • cardboard;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • paint;
  • material for decoration;
  • matchboxes.
  1. Release from the box of matches and put them rectangle. (It is convenient to work with the format 6 x 12). These boxes will insert photos.
  2. Select images according to the selected theme and place them in the correct order.
  3. Matchboxes glued on cardboard and paint the paint from a container or

brush. You can paste over the decorative paper.

  • While the foundation is dry, you can take pictures. Cut them to size of a matchbox (you can pick up and custom box).
  • After drying, the paste pictures into the cells, if any are left blank, it is possible to seal them with decorative paper. In color and texture are no restrictions, as long as it looked harmoniously.
  • There was the most interesting part of the work - decoration. Pick up ribbons, flowers, prepare a composition. Gift ready. Depending on the subjects of the photos you can give to parents, child, and a favorite photo report about vacation deliver new positive emotions.
  • Do you want to make a gift to a loved one, which is not exactly in his collection? Collages used for decoration of the dial of exclusive watches and even pillows. How to make a photo collage for the wedding with their own hands to make it look original and presentable, read on.

    Tools and materials

    • A3 sheet of paper;
    • decorative paper several kinds;
    • whatman;
    • corrugated cardboard;
    • glue;
    • double sided tape.
    1. Making templates. Rascherchivaem sheet 12 squares with a side of 10 cm (in grid).
    2. On each square draw puzzles and carefully cut.
    3. Pick up a few harmonious colors skrapbumagi or other decorative material and translate the patterns on paper.
    4. On a sheet of paper is folded and pasted puzzles.

    Photos in the album are nothing new. Use pictures to create an exclusive masterpieces that can decorate any room at home or office, or give as birthday, anniversary, wedding anniversary. Such a gift will always be a pleasant surprise, and we need not worry that this exactly he already has.

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