A collage of picture frames


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How to make a collage of conventional frames.

Much more interesting than the traditional family portrait!

The photo: Meredith Lee (Lee Meredith)

Here's a collage can be made from your photos or magazine clippings. This project photo frame - is a completely unique way to present your favorite photos, to someone who has an empty space on the wall.

Frames can be joined by anyone, in any amount, whichever you prefer, and for any size wall.

Several wooden frames (for example IKEA is great for this)

Marker or pencil

Two or more clamp

Paint of your choice, brush

Photos fill

To begin with, all glass must be removed from the scope of

Then spread on the floor layout of our collage. I would have to start to select suitable photographs and drew a rough layout on paper. So you decide, firstly, to the number of desired frames, and secondly, to their size. But it is possible, and vice versa, as advised by the author of this article to pick them afterwards. The main thing to determine the number of vertical and horizontal frames.

Next, check the light marker (if you plan to use and then paint light colors) or pencil the place where the frame will be joined together. Then that would not get confused and forget it. Furthermore, on labels then they will be easier to connect with each other.

Getting to the assembly of our frame-collage, do not forget to protect the surface, which will be glued. Edge of the frame coat with glue, hold clamps and wait for the glue to dry completely. One clamp for each pair.

Do not forget to remove the excess glue with a damp cloth, before painting frames to remain clean. If you stick two frames to one you need two clips.

If in the process you do not have enough clamps, then glue the frames one by one. Pre-wait, that would be the previous "partiya9raquo; as it should, has dried and sealed it, that would be our frame has not prosohnuv not start to fall apart. I would advise for reliability, used for additional fastening frames furniture stipler, if any, of course.

If sticking all the pieces at once, after the assembly of our box, once again we check, did not remain there where tread glue when the glue has dried up, then remove the blade, scrape. Next, we keep our frame to dry overnight.

When the frame is completely dry. Getting painting. It is better to use acrylic water-based aerosol paint (but not at home) stain, if you want to keep the texture of wood or apply such a technique as decoupage or dekopach. In general, it all depends on your imagination.

Paint our picture frame, if needed several layers.

After painting look closely at whether all the paint over the place, do not forget the side cover frames.

When the frame is completely dry out after painting, glass paste and start filling collage your photos. Council designer Lee Meredith: What would our collage looked pleasing to the eye, place the pictures, so that they looked inward rather than out of the frame. (There seems to mind that people would not staring right at you, but slightly to the side.)

Another designer's advice: For a visual balance to use different types of photos. Combined, for example: a group portrait of some close-ups, nature or inanimate objects ...

If you have any difficulties in completing the framework. And it looks overloaded with close-ups, try using some of the pictures, use pieces of cloth, empty photo (color sheet for photo), designs, mini-paintings or printing on paper. Try using one color in several frames. In general, experiment, what would your collage looked nice on the eyes.

Frame collage is ready. We hang on the wall and admire.

Collages photo frames: stylish accommodation pictures on the wall

Collage on the wall.

Collages of photos are a good way of transformation of an empty wall. The essence of the decoration is reduced to the unification of the photos on the style, size, theme or design of the retaining frames into a single composition. Most often, a collage of photos on the wall is tightly staffed composition of similar frames in different sizes and family photographs of prisoners in the frame. This collage can be formed at once, or grow into new objects in existence. However, when the first study of pictures showing examples of the finished collages, it may seem that shape their individual composition is not difficult, but in fact there are a number of rules that avoid the clutter of diverse pictures on the wall.

Rules for posting photos of the interior.

To collages of photo frames looked most effectively, you need to get serious about the choice of the wall. Ideally, such a wall must be known to an empty, i.e., on it should not hang paintings, lamps, posters and other items. Also better to give preference to the far wall, which allows to evaluate the appearance of the composition of the photo frame from a distance. It is also desirable to pass it was free, so that everyone was able to get closer and appreciate all your efforts.

Designers do not recommend to place the photos in the hallways and on the walls of closed stairways, as a collage effect simply will not be visible, the impression is only the presence of images, instead of a single composition.

On the free approach to the object on the wall we have mentioned is not accidental, the fact that the placement of images on large furniture, which is a sofa or bed, will interfere with the approach of curious guests who will want to evaluate your family pictures. Designers are advised to place on beds neutral non-family snapshots that will not cause such a clear interest in your guests. Or hang large pictures placed in a row, also welcomed the options of 4 big shots for two in a row. Thus, people will be able to evaluate the image from afar, and they will not have to bend over bulky furniture.

Step №2. You must select the genre of composition.

Under the genre implies stylistic idea, namely photo theme. There are variations of family collages, children, steam (man and woman), collages of animals, nature, reproductions of famous artists. Each of these compositions should fit in style to the room. So let's say, in the interiors of the vintage suit black and white photographs in the classic premises will look good imitation portraits. At this stage, you need to decide with photographs, which later will be a single collage.

Step №3. Selection edging photos.

Such acts edging frame, in an ideal frame must be identical in all the pictures, which is why better to purchase a couple of extra frames, because surely the time you want to supplement your new collage pictures. This technique is suitable for a simple interior, and it will certainly appreciate people with a fondness for order in everything. But the identity of the frames is not at all important and indisputable rule, the composition of the different in texture frames look no worse, and in some cases even much more interesting identical frames. Collages of photo frames on the wall matched to the color scheme premises, as well as its style. So let's say in the room with furniture, door frames and baseboards wenge ideal frame of a similar dark color.

This step is very important, because you need to determine how the composition will look on the wall. How to do it to print photos? Very simple! Necessary sheets of A4 paper to glue, or vice versa to cut the size of the photos, lay them out on the floor in a single composition, and then in a form mounted on a wall, you can use tape or stationery cloves. This technique will allow you to personally assess the composition, may introduce a couple of new lines or in front of something clean. Well, determine the size and position of images, you need to go to the photo studio and print the previously selected photo.

In what areas are appropriate collages.

In fact, some clear rules there is, you can safely place the composition of the photo in the living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, spacious kitchen, dining room, office and home library. In addition they can be placed on the wall of the open staircase. But by placing in closed staircases and narrow corridors better intricate composition post, they simply will not be able to appreciate. If you want to hang the pictures in the hallway, it is not tormented by the question of complex compositions, and just hang large pictures in a row.

Layout picture frames on the wall.

Below, you can explore the schematic examples of posting photos.

A collage of photos of the interior (click on image to enlarge):

The idea for a home-made collage without frames (video):

That's such a straightforward manner can transform the home space. From these collages like blows family comfort and warmth, pictures in frames want to consider and remember the moments imprinted on them.

Photo collage - a collage of photo frames

Unusual decision to post photos in the interior - a photo collage - a collage of picture frames.

Make your own collage of picture frames is easy and not expensive (the price will depend on the photo frame, which will participate in this project). Here is what you will need for the project "photo collage - a collage of picture frames":

Take the photo frame and put them on the floor, that would choose the shape of the future collage.

It might be more convenient if the photo frame to insert a photo. What is important is not only the design, it is important to place the right photos. For this is not bad in advance to find out how many pictures of horizontal, vertical and how much.

Chosen as photo frames will be placed? Need to mark! Mark on the part of the connection points. If you end up collage of picture frames will not be covered by a transparent paint, do not hesitate to make the label marker, pen, etc. Otherwise, use a light marker or pencil.

Now we start to glue the photo frame with each other. We fix clamps bonding place until the adhesive dries.

If the adhesive tread, it should be wiped. If after drying find missing drop, it can be removed with a knife.

The final stage - color photo frames in the selected color.

Once the paint is dry, insert photos and place a photo collage on the wall.

Remember, I told one of my posts about the designer trick, with which the pros achieve the effect of increasing the visual space? It should be bright and eye-catching item is located in the far corner of the room. It is believed that the opinion thus not clinging to the more immediate surroundings, and immediately penetrates further and the space seem larger. The "photo collage - a collage of picture frames" created just for that would push the horizons of the usual!

source www.craftstylish.com

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