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How to make a photo collage on the wall with their hands?

Hand Made (handmade) ideas How to make a photo collage on the wall with their hands?

Tools and materials: 3 hours • Difficulty: 2/10

  • printed images of the same size;
  • plastic, or foam board;
  • stationery knife;
  • glue.

From small pictures, you can make beautiful photo collage on the wall with their hands, which will become the web of family history and be reminded of the brightest moments of family life.

So let's start with a photo collage on the wall with his hands.

Determine the appropriate blank wall. Photo 2 is located to the left of the entrance to the living room.

Select the photos for future panels, sort them into collages to print on a color printer. For example, you can put an image on a black background with a white border.

Step 3: Cut the photo size

Scissors or office knife cut out the pictures.

Paper photo on the wall will look to put it mildly, not aesthetic. Therefore, they can be placed on an ordinary sheet or foam board, plastic. The main thing - that it was a dense material that is able to keep a good shape.

Planned basis and cut office knife blank.

Sticking pictures on the prepared foundation or PVA glue, a pencil. By the way, thus we have saved significant amount of money on the photo frame that can not but rejoice.

Now, we put our picture on the wall.

However, it should be noted that your collage will hang on the wall for a long time. And when removing the glue or openings remain on the wallpaper. But if you need a temporary option, the basis of the photos need to be mounted on the double sided tape. Alternatively, you can paste all the photos on a large sheet of plywood and hang like a picture on the nail. However, you can and attach firmly adhesive gun.

For precision work need long range. It is convenient to draw a pencil on the wall of a thin line, which will be the upper boundary of the panel. For these purposes, you can use masking tape.

Attaching the first row of photos at the same distance from each other, for even the location of the next row, use a ruler or masking tape.

Creating a photo collage on the wall with his hands once, do not stop there, and then experiment with beautiful photos in interior design.

Creative you success!

As paste collage on the wall with their hands, you can also learn from our bonus video.

What are the frames and collages for photos on the wall, location rules

With the help of accessories such as picture frames on the wall collages, you can round off the room. Using objects of decor in the interior always adorns the room, adds a touch of comfort. Especially popular at all times enjoy family photo frames on the wall, containing images of all the family members.

Types of frames for photos on the wall

Despite the fact that in a world dominated by the age of electronic technology, most people are no longer printed pictures and store them on your computer and phone, still framed in a frame frames allow to keep warm memories of a particular moment of life. The modern design of wall space involves the use of accessories, different in shape, size and material of manufacture.

In its diversity, the decor in the form of produce virtually any geometric shape:

The greatest success of the users won rectangular and round versions. Form a frame can be: polygonal, heart, stylized art direction. The optimal combination of several forms is popular for multiramka decor. In such a device can be placed on 3 or more photos to create a collage of images.

round square rectangular arbitrary

The most common sizes are considered to formats suitable to the standards of the photo. Rectangular models start with the dimensions 9 to 13 cm and dimensions of end 50 to 60 cm. Common are also considered 10 to 15, 15 to 20 and 20 to 30. The first two options are used for standard photo, and the rest - for the enlarged copies.

Frames other shapes are also consistent with specified parameters, but may have rounded corners or other nuances. To decorate the room with the help of pictures and frames used to format dimensions A and B, which are fully consistent with the standard classification of paper standards. square-type frames have equilateral size and are more suited to the image of portraits of children closeup.

Due to the vast range of materials, frame can be made of wood, metal, glass, fabric or moldings. Wood products are considered classics, but with the appearance of many interior styles, people choose more original models.

Multiramka often made of polymeric material which are stained various shades and further impart a textured pattern. Aluminum design suitable for variation in a minimalist style, they also frame the big picture. You can use cardboard, mosaic, natural materials, buttons, and even canvas for the manufacture of photo frame with her hands.

A wide variety of products allows you to choose the option that is suitable for any style of interior design and the availability of materials and the description of the detailed master classes makes independent device manufacturers a simple and fun. Contents own room fun frames personal fabrication can even a child.

glass wood plastic

Despite the fact that the finished model can be matched to suit all tastes, yet sometimes you want a little variety of products. To do this, apply an additional decoration: paint, sequins, crystals, stones, which offer access to art shops. If you plan on placing the frame on the wall with a picture of a family member, it is possible to issue a decorative cord, which is pre-painted in the appropriate color. Original solution would be decor products with the help of newspaper tubes - a design suitable for youth room.

A good idea for a child's sweet tooth will multiramka kids, decorated with beads of colored sweet shades. Interior style vintage frame chosen, framed along the edges of the aged aluminum wire, bent curls. To long remember on a summer vacation on the sea, you can decorate the fixture sea pebbles, then varnished.

In the room of a teenager, fascinated by programming or playing computer games, caring parents can place the photo frame adorned with buttons on the keyboard. Another original idea - a few products with a surface built of old shiny discs that form a collage.

Here are some options for decorating:

  • You do not know what to do with old colored pencils of different heights - they will be a good idea to design a child's room bright picture frames;
  • Cover glass bottles by suitable means may serve to create a mini-frames and wall forming composition;
  • actually come in handy even an empty cardboard containers of eggs - they are suitable for the manufacture of the original picture frames on the wall collages;
  • textile variations involve its comfort, they create a family atmosphere of any room - decorated with ribbons and bows, picture frames really like soft romantic nature;
  • Products with natural materials - thin branches, dried petals and candied fruits are appropriate in the interior in Scandinavian style.

As can be seen, for the work of ideas are many, the most important thing - to include fantasy and to present the final result of decoration frames.

Creating a collage of photographs, the main objective is to correct placing them to form a single whole composition. It is not necessary to place the image in a number of models of the same size - it will create the effect of austerity and monotony. The best option would be the location of items such variations:

  • arrangement decoration around one central photo. Decorate the walls with photographs, forming a collage structure on the basis of photo frames, located in the middle;
  • creating triplex - a popular method of using a dilution of the interior paintings, triplexes can be applied to these devices. One big family picture you want to print the three parts, correctly dividing it into equal parts. Each of the images put into the framework of the same square shape and mounted on the wall in the appropriate order. With the right approach to the decor, you can get your individual style;
  • collage square - such a composition is suitable when using glass frames, each of which contains a photo of different themes: portraits, abstraction and landscapes. Often, these options include black-and-white images - they are perfectly combined with retro décor and bear an atmosphere of tranquility and mystery;
  • mosaic layout - with such a layout, photo within fixed to the wall, following a particular geometric figure. The external border of products should not extend beyond the imaginary figure;
  • step method - multiramka secured in this method will be looked at as a distinct wall of the lower section of visual level. For the top two sectors use the single product right form.

Hanging pictures on the walls can be in any room - it all depends on the imagination of the house owners. If the picture depicted a warm and homely family photos - they are placed in the living room or kitchen. For photos from the personal archive is better to find a more private place, such as a bedroom. The children will be well looked bright cheerful collage photo frames, from which it will add originality of the interior of the room.

If the walls of the balcony or loggia predisposed to the decor - composition of photos and you can hang out there. It will be professional pictures with nature, still life, seascapes. Superb multiramka emphasize the image style.

Any interior becomes an individual when it is done, use the photo. Use these tips to form their own collage of the most popular photo frames and pictures.

From the video we have prepared for you, you can learn how to correctly and beautifully arranged photo frames on the wall, and collages.

Photos presented below will help put collages and photo frames to decorate the wall.

Collage of photos on the wall without frames: 17 good ideas

The latest trend in the photo collages - the creation of creative forms of a borderless photo. It's funny and can give unexpected results. For your inspiration we have gathered 17 of the best examples, made with his own hands. In most cases, photos are mounted directly on the wall, sometimes on heavy paper, canvas or suspended on wire. In any case, this is a very cheap way to create a photo collage. It takes only a little time and imagination. You can print out a photo of the same or different size. It depends on your idea.

The heart of the pictures are now in the trend

Latest fashion - is to create a collage in the shape of a heart of Instagram-photos.

There is an empty corner? Make a photo collage in it in the shape of a heart. Postalpix.

Elegant idea to combine clocks and photo collage

Photos are arranged around the clock. Photojojo.

deer head is very popular in recent times. Why not make it out of your photos?

Great idea for decorating a child's room.

Use twine to create an interesting geometric shape.

Hang your pictures on the wire

Set square photo by Artifact Uprising

This Photo Wall on the suspension looks very modern.

To create an eclectic decor, make a collage in the free form

Collage in the form of clouds makes the room very attractive. This is an idea location borderless photo podsmotrena in a Parisian loft. Learn more about him at

Strict, smooth, perfect rectangle of photos

Rectangular photo collage with carefully placed pictures.

Do you have a large wall? Take pictures of the flowers placed on a giant Instagram-collage.

To create an eclectic decor, make a collage in the free form

The scope and the tree itself is actually vinyl stickers.

The entire wall - a large collage.

Custom-made wallpapers.

Collage, which can grow ...

... and become a chic black and white fotostenoy.

They say that in B / W photo, any better.

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