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Collage of 4 pictures - Happy family

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Our site No hype, and therefore the blocker here is not the place!

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To take a photo, click on any picture and add your photo.

The average loading time: 23 sec.

The maximum print size (cm): 54x37

Caption: My family (text can be changed)

The average loading time: 24 sec.

The maximum print size (cm): 54x37

Caption: It's Ya Daddy. Mama. Grandmother. Granddad. Great-grandparents. (Text can be changed)

The average loading time: 16 sec.

The maximum print size (cm): 45x31

The average loading time: 18 sec.

The maximum print size (cm): 37x54

Caption: My family (text can be changed)

The average loading time: 20 sec.

The maximum print size (cm): 54x37

Caption: My family (text can be changed)

The average loading time: 19 sec.

The maximum print size (cm): 53x36

It is impossible to make a montage on our website? Use photo-instruction.

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Make a family photo collage of the best photos of your family at the Canva platform!

Create a moving collage

When was the last time you are going the whole family for a joint portrait? Maybe since it's been a few years or even decades. Now you can easily create a photo collage online, where all members of the family would be together again! Collect all happy pictures of your loved one a wonderful photo collage using handy tools Canva!

On Canva platform can not only easy to create, but also edit photo collages to your liking. Not sure where to post photos from my mother's graduation or baby photos of Aunt Olya? You can try a variety of options and combinations, as well as to apply our special photo filters. With convenient tools Canva you get exactly what you wanted!

Create beautiful collage - it's easy!

  1. Canva Open and select one of our excellent design types or specify the size of your own.
  2. Select items such as banners, icons, frames, and so on. N., From our library of professional design elements.
  3. Add your own images or select the appropriate image of Canva library, where we have collected for you more than 1 million high-quality images.
  4. Adjust the image, add the excellent filters and format text.
  5. Save and share.

Edit the collage to your liking

  1. change image. Add your own images or choose a picture from Canva library. It offers more than 1 million photos, graphics and illustrations.
  2. change font. It offers more than 130 stunning fonts.
  3. change background. Select a ready background from our library or use the image.
  4. change color. Choose the color of the text to add the finishing touch to the design.

Add and edit your favorite family photos

Canva on the platform, you can make a great family photo collage that will be passed on from generation to generation. You can easily add both digital scanned photos of The Old photo album collection Canva, then to cut them to the desired size. You can also use tools for photo processing, to each image looks bright, rich and clear.

In your family love to laugh and have some fun? Add to the family fun collage stickers and illustrations! In our huge collection you will find more than 1 million images, illustrations and design elements such as clouds or funny hat with text. Many of these elements can be used for free, and premium images available for just $ 1. Choose any image you liked and nothing does not deny!

Share photo collage with even the most distant relatives

Surely your family photo too good to hide them! Just click "Share" and publish your family collage on Twitter or to Facebook. Let everyone know what your wonderful family! And if your great-aunt is not registered in Facebook, you can still send her a photo collage directly on e-mail.

If your family collage turned out really impressive, you can print and hang it on the wall. Just download the design of a collage in PDF file and take it to the printer. Apply for a printed photo collage in a frame and hang in plain view!

Create a photo collage with your family

Do you have more designers in the family? Why not pool your embarrassing family photos and work on a collage together? Not only can you access Canva anywhere there's an internet connection or with our free iPhone, iPad, and Android apps, but we make collaboration seamless. Simply click "Share" and check the box to allow others to edit your designs and start collaborating and sharing your family history.

Keep fond memories of happy family moments with the help of photo collage

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