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The main thing in the story: Arthur - the young and talented guy who works the collector. He loves his job, it is not surprising that he is a true professional. Man has forgotten how to feel sorry for the people and enter their terrible situation, because it is important to finish the job. He does not feel even a droplet of compassion, because he needs as soon as possible to clear the debt, not even thinking that a person has no money or opportunities. Arthur often intimidate debtors, trying to knock out the money. He does not care where they will take the money and whether to pay, without any problems. Arthur could foresee a further step of the debtor, but never thought that he would be in a similar situation.

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The network has a video that is fully declassified all of its business, and it surely it can destroy. Now, Arthur must do everything possible to justify itself and prove that he really is not so bad. He understands. it must prove that it has nothing to do with this post, but it's not that simple. Arthur is locked in his own office and spends all night to figure out what to do next and how to solve this problem. Time is against him, and the chances gradually assimilated to zero.

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Collect - translation, pronunciation, transcription

to collect evidence [information, data, material for a dictionary, signatures] -9ensp;collect testimonies [information, data, material for the dictionary, signatures]

water collects in hollows -9ensp;water collects in depressions

-  charge (Taxes, duties, interest, rents and m. N.)

to collect one's suitcase -9ensp;get your suitcase

to collect the ball -9ensp;sport. take possession of the ball

to collect one's thoughts [energies] -9ensp;collect my thoughts [to force]

to collect one's courage -9ensp;gather all his courage

to send a telegram collect -9ensp;send a telegram, which must pay the recipient

freight collect -9ensp;"Freight payable by the consignee" (note in the bill of lading)

I'll pay for the goods collect -9ensp;send me the goods on delivery

My examples

to collect data -9ensp;collect data

to collect duty -9ensp;collect a duty

to collect in parentheses -9ensp;parenthesize

to collect refuse -9ensp;garbage collection

to collect / gather / marshal facts -9ensp;gather facts

to collect / pick up the garbage -9ensp;collect garbage

to collect / dig up / find / gather information -9ensp;Collect the information

collect belongings -9ensp;Pack your bags

collect cargo -9ensp;pick up the goods

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I took a minute to collect my thoughts.  

About a minute I'm going to think. ☰

I'll collect you from the airport.  

I'll pick you up from the airport. ☰

I can not collect you. I do not run a car.  

I can not for you to call. I will not start the car. ☰

They collect the waste once a week.  

Garbage pick up once a week. ☰

A fine is to be collected from you.  

You should be fined. ☰

Collecting up her belongings, she ran out of the house.  

Grabbing her things, she stormed out of the house. ☰

Arlene collects teddy bears.  

Arlene collects teddy bears. ☰

The town is trying to collect delinquent taxes.  

The city authorities to charge to collect unpaid taxes. ☰

Martin's gone to collect the children from school.  

Martin went to pick up the kids from school. ☰

The landlady came around once a month to collect the rent.  

The landlady came for the rent once a month. ☰

Rain collected in pools on the road.  

Rainwater is gathered on the road in puddles. ☰

The city is trying to collect unpaid taxes.  

City officials are trying to collect unpaid taxes. ☰

We collect money for the fabric of the churches for the poor  

We are collecting money to build a church for the poor. ☰

I'll get a taxi from the station to save you the trouble of coming to collect me.  

I'll take a taxi from the station to save you from having to pick me up. ☰

First you must collect all the facts of the case.  

From beginning is necessary to collect all the facts of the case. ☰

The company collects information about consumer trends.  

The company collects information on consumer trends. ☰

I left my suit at the cleaners and I have to collect it today.  

I carried her in my suit dry-cleaned, and today it should pick up. ☰

They're working to collect information about the early settlers in the region.  

They are working to gather information about the first settlers in the region. ☰

Could you collect up the papers?  

Can you put together these documents? ☰

I collect him to have died about the year 1635.  

I believe he died in about 1635. ☰

They collected information about the community.  

They gathered information about the community. ☰

. the federal agency empowered to collect taxes.  

. federal agency authorized to collect taxes. ☰

I'm collecting for the Red Cross, please give generously.  

I collect money for the Red Cross, have been generous. ☰

We collected over a million dollars in outstanding debts.  

We have collected more than a million dollars of arrears. ☰

We collected soil samples from several areas on the site.  

We collected soil samples from several places of the site. ☰

He's had a two-stretch. He'll collect a handful next time.  

He already has two previous convictions. The next time he will get five years. ☰

Many of the laws of Nature may be collected from experiments.  

Many of the laws of nature can be deduced by experiment. ☰

I've got to go and collect the book I ordered from the library.  

I need to go and pick up a book from the library, which I ordered. ☰

Scientists have been crisscrossing the country to collect data.  

Scientists are touring the country to collect data. ☰

We collected our baggage from the baggage claim at the airport.  

We took our things from the issuance of baggage at the airport. ☰

I'm collecting for Children in Need. ☰

She enjoys collecting antique teapots. ☰

He collected stories from all over the world. ☰

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collection -9ensp; collection, collection, collection, collection, collection

collective -9ensp; collective, collective, total, collective farm

collector -9ensp; collector, the collector, the collector, the collector, the collector, the current collector

recollect -9ensp; remember, remember, recover, remembrance

collecting -9ensp; collecting, collecting, collecting, collecting, collecting, combining

collectable -9ensp; collectible, collectibles

collectible -9ensp; collectible, object, collectible,

ing f. (Present participle): collecting

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collect [kəlɛkt] vt (gather) * '> collect (gather * perf) (stamps etc) to collect (impf) (BRIT) (on foot) * (log *'> enter * (enter * perf) for + instr; ( : by vehicle) * (call * '> * to call (call * perf) for + instr; (debts etc) *'> collect (collect * perf) (mail) * '> pick (pick * perf)

vi (crowd) * '> to gather (collect * perf)

to call collect (US) calls (impf) of the collective

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