Collector gidrostrelkoy

Gidrostrelka to the collector of: manufacturing a diagram drawing, usage and ratings

Too many people today are wondering about how put gidrostrelka the collector (manufacturing diagram below). However, even many professionals over time begin to understand that the use of specialized hydraulic separators for connecting boilers is quite an effective tool that can significantly increase the efficiency of the installed heating system.

Many people know that the boilers are without connected pumps are often directly connected to the collector, and that instead of this option is most often used such gidrostrelka the collector (manufacturing diagram below). these devices simply taken out of a boiler pump, thereby established for each individual heating circuit, but in fact such an option, you can use not in all situations, as if at the moment the boiler while still under warranty, in then from it will be impossible to remove the pumps, but if we are talking about a cast iron pot, in the case of the removal of its components when you first turn on the heating may explode even separate sections of the boiler, unable to withstand such a temperature difference.

To get rid of all this, today is used specialized gidrostrelka the collector (manufacturing scheme is presented in the article). This device is intended to separate the hydraulic, and speaking more accurately separates the boiler directly to the rest of the heating system. Thus, for example, to the collector of gidrostrelka (manufacturing scheme illustrated) may include a single pump in the boiler, while the system is installed several such units of different capacity.

A device of this equipment is extremely simple. At the moment, we will not go into any high-tech device, and consider only the basic embodiments of this technology.

In principle, it is sufficient to use a standard piece of pipe, which is manufactured from gidrostrelka (gidrorazdelitel). Calculation gidrostrelki will allow you to understand what are the main characteristics of such a device should be and what it is best to use the materials for its production.

First of all the designers are trying to proceed from the fact that the arrow was meant to separate hydraulics. In the overwhelming majority of cases manufacturers today try to produce boilers equipped with its own pump, and these devices are powerful enough.

For example, there are boilers with sealed combustion chamber, in which the built-in pumps are installed. The power of such devices can be about 300 watts, but in fact it will not suffice to completely push the heating system if the software object requires 1,000 m 2, namely to such a high heating area approximately the equipment is designed.

In this regard, you need to mount additional pumps, and use the combo system. It is in this situation, instead of helping the pump, which is primarily used in the boiler, will simply get in the way, and in such cases can be used gidrostrelka (assignment, calculation, manufacture - about this later in the article). It is worth noting the fact that such a high-power equipment in the large majority of cases originally shipped from the factory gidrostrelkoy complete, or at least have a pretty precise instructions of how to connect it.

If you take the smaller boilers, then with them in the main situation is exactly the same story, but in this case, already have their own manufacture.

Gidrostrelka mounted on floor boilers without integrated pump to effectively protect the boiler from a large difference in the temperatures during the first start of the heating system. For example, using this equipment, standard steel boilers can be protected from being created condensate, while iron device can be secured against the possibility of failure of the individual sections.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, use specialized gidrostrelka. Drawing and boiler circuit in this case, play an important role, as depending on the characteristics of the heated building must be chosen, and related equipment. The only thing worth mentioning - you need to use an additional pump for a variety of outdoor boilers.

Initially, a person in his house wants to get an almost perfect heating system, spending it with the reasonable price, and in this case, it all begins with the boiler. For a small private house, you can choose the standard double-sealed chamber, which will be mounted on the wall. Thus it is necessary to understand correctly, that in most cases advantageous to ensure proper distribution of the coolant in the system may require a custom-made heating collector gidrostrelki. In such a situation there is quite a standard question: whether to use their pumps, and what should be done with the device in the boiler?

It is only natural that many people in such situations, prefer simply to dismantle the pump from the boiler, so that it did not spoil the installed hydraulic system, but in fact the design of some devices is made in such a way that to do this procedure is unlikely to succeed. In such situations, an ideal solution is becoming the connection of the boiler gidrostrelki and collector.

As in this situation are being installed

Initially drawn diagram of the distribution manifold. As an example, consider the following scenario:

  • Two circuits of underfloor heating.
  • The system will use indirect heating boiler circuit, the two spare circuit for a heat pump or a separate electric boiler, and the circuit gidrostrelki, i.e. 5 contours.

In this case, there is nothing complicated about how to draw the collector circuit - is enough to have at least some understanding of how the operation of this system.

It is worth mentioning the fact that you can self-regulate the power that would be your loss header. How to calculate the power, you have to come directly from the characteristics of your room and the devices used.

If the power of devices that you purchase you do not need, in that case it will be possible to cut the thread diameter, but at the same time to make a longer arrow. In some situations, the total capacity of the purchased equipment is appropriate to reduce to power up to two times, as, for example, 80 kW unit is not needed in every home, and in such cases it would be optimal to leave the equipment with a capacity of 40 kW.

Some who used manufacturing gidrostrelki their hands Scheme, prefer to install it in the immediate vicinity near the boiler, but many experts say that a good choice is also the installation of the device on the collector, which ultimately allows for complete and harmonious design, which will be further easily used, inspected and maintained.

The boiler may thus be mounted approximately three meters to the place of installation of the arrow, while the flow and return line of the boiler can be mounted through a floor if the building is present underfloor heating cake. For the rest, there are no fundamental differences on where your hand will be installed, and the main thing in this case - is the installation of equipment with suitable power and necessarily in a vertical state. If you made gidrostrelka heating system (circuit / calculation above), in which the boiler is installed without a safety valve, in such a case, it is recommended to weld the top of the device inch thread for mounting special security group.

The lower part is also recommended to weld a small thread to allow normal filling and draining of the arrow. The obligatory condition is the practical tie-in "boiler gidrostrelka and collector" specialized couplings for installation of thermometers. In the course of further operation of it can make your life easier, as it will allow to monitor the condition of the heating system without any difficulty.

If you have a standard welding machine and experience with such equipment, in this case, there is nothing difficult to cook yourself full gidrostrelku. However, it is necessary to correctly understand the fact that in the course of the work should take into account a large number of subtleties.

In our time, there is nothing difficult to find gidrostrelki drawing, but it is necessary to correctly understand that all these figures are different and of a certain pattern does not exist. Structure gidrostrelki every specialist sees differently, but there are certain rules that are enforced for everyone.

By itself, the arrow represents a certain metal container to which the tubes are welded, intended for connection to the boiler and to ensure the supply and return flow. Also in embedded consumer connections.

Optionally tubes can be used, designed for the automatic venting at the top of the established direction. In the lower part of the nozzle is installed for the crane to provide the different retraction cuttings and dirt. In addition, in any place you can also put a branch pipe for feeding water to the system.

The most important rule that you should always abide by - the so-called "rule of three diameters," that is, the diameter of gidrostrelki you set to be three times more compared to this parameter in the pipes. If you want to gidrorazdelitel could properly carry out its main functions, ie:

  • separating the slurry from the system;
  • output gases;
  • leveling hydraulic difference;
  • feeding heated water boiler to provide its greater durability.

Many people prefer to save money and make your own gidrostrelki polypropylene, but in fact it is absolutely wrong decision made primarily by people, not only to understand the characteristics of the appliance.

It is for this reason should only use high-grade metal tubes that allow the full potential of this technology and are really effective to show itself throughout the lifetime of the system.

Manifold with gidrostrelkoy: Advantages and Features

To qualify for warranty service, heating system, purchase and installation required gidrostrelki If you e belong to an experienced installer, you probably do not know why you need this item as gidrostrelka. In most cases, installing more associated with commercialism. Many installers set gidrostrelka to obtain additional finance, thus describing the item as a modern miracle that will make it possible to increase the rate of heat. However, not everyone knows that this subject is very easy to make yourself, as his scheme elementary. Let's look in more detail what is gidrostrelka.

Gidrostrelka to the collector of: manufacturing circuit

If you have an ordinary welding machine, and you know how to use it, you will not be difficult to make gidrostrelku own. But at such independent manufacturing it is necessary to understand that in the process of manufacturing of the equipment must take into account many subtleties. Not now, no difficulty in finding a manufacturing drawing gidrostrelki, but it should be understood that its construction can be very different, respectively, and the drawings are different, too, and what, you do not have a specific pattern.

Externally gidrostrelki may differ from the one shown in the photo, but the "essence" of all of them the same

The building itself gidrostrelki each master sees its own way, but there are certain rules that must be followed by each expert.

Arrow has a representation of the iron reservoir in which tubes are welded, they are required to connect to the heat boiler and the return supply capabilities. The overall system is inserted into the same pipes consumer. Together with these nozzles can be used which are designed to automatically exhaust air which are arranged on top of the installed direction. The lower portion is connected to drain tap various precipitation. Another option is welded into the pipe arrow to automatically add water to the system. As collector gidrostrelkoy looks in the context, you can see in the photo, there is available is described connection scheme.

Hydraulic splitters: what is it and what is their principle of operation

For the separation of the heating circuit of the boiler hydraulic circuit using the separator, it is the main task. Also, such an application will enable to reduce pressure drops and waste heat carrier, as well as to quickly respond to changes in water temperature. Hydraulic separators are usually made of stainless steel, their assembly is held in conjunction with the installation of the entire apparatus. Almost always it is used in medium and high power heating systems.

Gidrostrelka - a simple device that is designed to balance and protect the heating system

Such separator for boilers with multiple loops, allows to eliminate the need to pump flow balancing.

Further devices perform their functions separately from each other. We also note a lot of the important role of the low loss header to the heating system. It is the protection of the boiler on the reverse action is not heated water.

If talk about the principle of operation of the separator, the principle is very simple. Heating system consists of two circuits, small and large. At that time, when the boiler produced the required amount of coolant to the desired temperature, the water begins to flow into the hydraulic separator, and starts the horizontal movement of the separator. And once it disturbed the balance in the system, the coolant moves through the small loop, before the boiler temperature rises. Automatic system to turn off the boiler, for safety. The water will move in normal mode until such time as the temperature falls. The cooled liquid will be a signal to turn on the boiler.

Tying gidrostrelki: what does it do

The main task of strapping gidrostrelki is: proper temperature control, selection of an appropriate mode of operation, eliminating the risk of overheating of the boiler and the entire system completely. If the harness correctly fulfills its purpose, it makes it possible to significantly save money, at the expense of accuracy and efficiency of heat distribution throughout the house of their own.

Installing an expensive automatic system in this case, has not any sense.

This is a very important factor for the operation of the boilers that run on solid fuel or fuel on the high-quality fuel. For those boilers not provided for the availability of an automated system, and the correct piping of the boiler in this case have a significant impact on the glamor of the system.

heating collector circuits gidrostrelkoy 5: Fitting justification

To give an explanation, which requires hydraulic hand for the heating system is very simple. The process of unbalancing the heating system, I think, is familiar to all owners of their own homes. The boiler is nowadays equipped with a smaller loop volume than the flow volume of circulating consumer. Hydraulic arrow separates the heat source circuit from the secondary circuit loop and enhances the quality and reliability of the system.

Pipe gidrostrelki suitable not only with a circular cross section, but also with a square

The answer to the question: what is still necessary to install gidrostrelki will list some advantages.

The main advantages are:

  • A prerequisite manufacturers to provide technical guarantee for boilers with a capacity of 50 kW or higher or boilers cast iron heat exchanger is the presence of the separator;
  • Such an assembly enables the maximum flow of the heat element and temperature maintains balance and hydraulics heating system;
  • In parallel connection gidrostrelki and heating circuit, the holder receives the minimum pressure loss and heat capacity;
  • Nozzles knee arrangement provides the required temperature of the secondary circuit;
  • Gidrostrelki original selection and the calculation for the boiler heating system protects the difference flow temperature and return temperature, protects the device from thermal shock, circulating levels of water flow in the primary and the secondary circuit;
  • Also increases the efficiency of the boiler, enables re-circulation of the coolant in the boiler circuit, saving electricity and fuel;
  • Ability to save a constant volume of water in the boiler - podmes;
  • When an emergency divider compensates for fluid flow in the secondary circuit;
  • For reducing the influence of pumps, which have different power, the secondary loop and the boiler itself, is responsible hollow divider.

There are also additional functions gidrorazdelitelya - is the formation conditions for the separation of dissolved gases and sludges and decrease of the hydraulic resistance.

What is a collector gidrostrelkoy (video)

Gidrostrelka have to be included in the work of a lot of contour boilers for balancing the unit of work. The principle of operation of the arrow allows stabilization of hydrodynamic processes in the heating system. Removal of mechanical impurities during, will make it possible to extend the use of the boiler, pumps, valves. When separating gidrostrelka streams enables maximum use of the heat fuel which is burned.

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Gidrostrelka the collector: Benefits and features of the implementation design

The same problem occurs in network systems with a flow of matter or energy. These are electrical networks, hydraulic networks, transport networks, computer networks, and many others.

There is even a separate area of ​​mathematics devoted to these issues. We will not deal with it and move on c Specific applications of this theory to household heating systems and collector with gidrostrelkoy.

Heating Gidrostrelka operates about as well as railway and arrow.

Only in one case we are talking about the distribution of traffic, and the other on the distribution of the coolant flows - hot water heating systems.

The action of this device consists in a primary heating circuit unit (boiler water) on the secondary - proper heating.

The design with a single heating collector suffers from many shortcomings. In particular, when such individual components of the heating system of the heating systems have on each other rather strong impact that is not conducive to their normal operation.

A specific example of the imbalance in the heating circuit

Suppose we have a heating circuit to circuit 4, united by a common collector, and the same zone pumps that provide water supply to the areas of consumption.

As the amount of the zonal pumps or their characteristics, the system will inevitably collide with the effects of interference of each of the pumps at rest.

  • fall in productivity of each of the pumps;
  • in breakdowns and premature wear of the equipment at strong pressure differentials;
  • in a different mode from the normal operation of the entire system. A general decline in its effectiveness, inefficiency and imbalances;
  • in overheated radiator, which temperature is higher than normal, even when disconnected pumps included in this particular circuit;
  • in increased likelihood of heat stroke, and other problems to solve that are designed collector gidrostrelkoy.

An article about making gidrostrelki for heating their own hands here.

Here are some examples of heating systems in which hydraulic separator installation (also known as gidrostrelki) seems reasonable:

  1. If there are already several boilers. Alternatively, there is an example of the heating system with two boilers: a - a floor and the other - the wall. Moreover, the need to use gidrostrelku does not depend on the design and operating principle of the boilers - most importantly, that there are several.
  2. In complicated heating systems with one (or several) boiler, but with several intake zones. Assume, water in the system is distributed between type "Heated floor" system, a boiler circuit and several heating radiators. And in this case, can not do without gidrostrelki.
  3. In simple systems that do not meet the above criteria, the hydraulic separator can be omitted.

If we talk about the possibility of a purely technical, it is possible to give an affirmative answer - yes, make this venture possible.

If we are talking about the wisdom of this action, the answer is clearly not succeed. It all depends on the circumstances and specific features of the heating system owner.

If you have enough money, with independent development and installation of the arrow can not mess around. Of course, only if such construction does not give you a pure creative pleasure.

For those who still decided to take the case, we will give recommendations for the design and installation of a collector with low loss header.

Article about condensing boilers here.

Types of performance hydraulic separator First of all do some math.

Calculation of hydraulic separator parameters in the following order:

  1. We define three starting values ​​for calculating the consumption of the first circuit (Q1), a second flow circuit (Q2) and the maximum vertical water velocity (V) in the most gidrostrelke.
  2. Calculates the difference module | Q1-Q2 | - this is the rate difference, which must be compensated gidrostrelkoy. Each pump circuit contributes to the total amount of circulating coolant in the system.

It is easy to see that when Q1 = Q2 no need for spacers. But this usually does not happen.

Based on the design requirements, we accept V - velocity of the coolant, equal to any number in the range from 0.1 to 0.2 meters per second. This rate should not be greater since the water must not enter into the separator with a too high velocity. We compute the desired internal diameter of the column gidrostrelki formula: D = 18.81 X √ (Q / V)

As for the material, it is best to make stainless steel gidrostrelku. In this case, there are two different structural performance separator c different mutual arrangement of the pipes. They are shown in the figure above. This figure also shows all the characteristic design dimensions:

In conclusion, we note that many well-known manufacturers of heating technology began to produce collectors with integrated hydraulic separator.

Watch the video, in which an experienced specialist clarifies the fabrication scheme gidrostrelki the collector:

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