underfloor heating manifold with his own hands

How to assemble the collector warm floor with their hands

floor heating system implies not only pipes but also special collector which ensures the proper functioning of all equipment. Installation and connection of this part should be performed before the screed is completely flooded, which will test the functionality of the equipment and identify possible factory defects or probable damage caused at the time of assembly.

Collect collector underfloor own hands is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. And today, we have to see this, to submit a detailed statement which explains what and how it should be done.

By the way, preliminary tests should be carried out necessarily, because if it turns out that there is damage, it is necessary to remove all of the coating, and this will lead to additional costs. And no small!

Without this heating element can not work, because to him summed up all the threads of the pipe. Furthermore, it should be remembered that the water temperature from the boiler excessively large for underfloor heating, and therefore addition of the element is required to be mounted additional unit, which ensures reduction in temperature to 40 degrees - pipes connected thereto with cold water.

That is, the two elements are very important, because it depends on them the final temperature of the coolant and the subsequent distribution of its contour.

What is underfloor heating manifold and for what it is - a video consultation of experts:

The entire assembly is relatively complicated "organizm9raquo ;, which includes:

Sam collector is made of reliable, high-quality materials, designed for long-lasting performance even in the most difficult conditions. This is about:

Detailed description of components as follows:

  • feed tube - it is an extra outlet to the established thermostats;
  • return pipes - mounted thereon flow sensors;
  • on thermostatic valves are regulating handle-caps made of plastic - they can be used to block the flow of water;
  • Flow sensors indicate a specific amount of liquid supply, as they allow you to balance the system.

The cost of such equipment may vary depending on the manufacturer, the materials used, as well as a complete set. For example, the cheapest model available without sensors.

the network to ensure a constant level of temperature and pressure control equipment is mandatory are set:

To perform the discharge of water at any time, there is a drain cock. In addition to all of this, the factory set necessarily come:

  • plugs, allowing free opening cover, inputs or outputs;
  • extraction pipes;
  • Additional drains;
  • mounting accessories for installation site.

This will help you understand how to build a collector for underfloor heating with their own hands.

The essence of the operation is as follows:

  • under the influence of pump coolant moves through the system;
  • to control water flow valve is provided - it can be adjusted manually or via machine;
  • if the water temperature is below the set level, opens the hot water supply;
  • as soon as the temperature rises to the set level, the coolant supply valve overlap.

There are a variety of circuits functioning collectors. They can use a variety of additional accessories. However, by the end of this does not change the problem.

And now, when you have all the additional information, we consider in detail how to perform the installation of underfloor heating manifold with his own hands - if it was purchased fully equipped with all the necessary supplies and accessories, perform the assembly will not be difficult.

Procedure similar to the following:

  • because the feed tube and the tank line, designed for the coolant, have already established valves and sensors, you only need to twist them;
  • but this step is not always necessary - only if supplied by the collectors is divided into several sections;
  • Ensure tube fixation - it will facilitate the further assembly process;
  • Then install all other components, sensors and valves.

Each kit is supplied with necessary detailed description of the installation process. Be sure to read the instructions - depending on the model, there may be slight differences in the sequence of actions.

When done with all of the above, proceed to fix the collector using the supplied fasteners. After installation perform assembling of the pump and valve - they must be set strictly in accordance with the scheme, and after that connect the tubes that are directed to the boiler, and connected to the outlet openings of the tube extending to the contours.

Do all the steps in the described sequence, since otherwise perform certain operations to be uncomfortable.

If you do not want to spend money on the purchase of manufactured goods (and it is quite expensive), you can try to make their own collector. Although from a family budget you should allocate funds and buy a pump, valve, mixer, since they can not be replaced. However, as the shut-off valve.

The most affordable option - to create a unit of plastic tubing, weld them together. To make the plastic manifold to warm the floor with your hands, you need to prepare small pieces of conventional polypropylene pipes with the diameter of holes in the 25 mm. You will also need the appropriate specified diameter valves, bends and tees.

Exactly how much will need additional parts - the same fittings or valves, directly depends on the number of mounted heating circuits.

No special, no special tools needed. will suffice:

  • hacksaws or shears for cutting tubes;
  • roulettes or range measurements for removal;
  • Soldering intended for polypropylene.

Procedure at work is as follows:

  • make measurements in order to cut the tube into separate lengths of cloth;
  • Cuts must be such that the tees, after you connect, located at a minimum distance from each other;
  • using a soldering iron to weld tees adapters and valves;
  • created to connect the manifold other fittings to ensure communication with pumping equipment.

Among the shortcomings of your own set up assembly should be noted: it will not be present thermostats and flow control sensors, which means that the adjustment will have to perform manually.

Of course, no one stops to buy these two items and install them, but in this case there is no point in self-design - easier to purchase already finished collector.

It should be noted that in fact the factory site installation process - is quite simple. The more that comes bundled necessarily detailed instructions with diagrams and drawings.

But informative video will allow learn how to make the collector warm floor with their hands - it's a slightly more complicated process, though not always justified, because of the details still have to spend money, and then another, and perform manual tuning, which can cause some problems .

So think, can still easier to buy manufactured goods, rather than spend time, energy and money to create his own site?

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  • Manifold for underfloor heating with their own hands

    Constructions of autonomous heating systems are increasingly looking to the ideal. Maximum performance, minimum cost, reliability and durability - standard requirements, which are now placing users to heating units and systems. One of the nodes, providing a minimum efficiency and performance of the heating system is a manifold. Collect Manifold for underfloor heating with their hands quite easily, knowing his scheme, and understanding how it should work.

    What is the unit for heating collector

    The manifold is an assembly of plastic (less metal-) pipes, valves, gauges, valves, fittings and other ancillary components. The collector is designed for mixing the coolant flowing from the different heating circuits, and further distribution of it though. As a result, the mixing temperature of the liquid is aligned, respectively, the temperature in the heated areas is constant and stable.

    The correct manifold assembly depends on the quality of the system of underfloor heating.

    Operating principle any known heating - heated coolant after passing over all contours and tubes cools, and under the action of the circulation pump or natural circulation again fed into the reservoir where it is mixed via flyback pipe (return line). The proportions of the heated and the cooled heat medium are regulated by special valves, its temperature is controlled by heat sensors, weather sensors and pressure sensors. If the heating system is too extended or layout of the house does not allow to organize the natural circulation, the collector include a circulation pump.

    Typically, in an apartment or in a house connected to the boiler, radiators, sometimes improvised registers. In any case, the temperature of the coolant in the radiator should be within 70-95 0 C. When connecting "Heated floor" system, which is often done in modern flats, the coolant temperature should not exceed 30-55 0 C. According to sanitary standards, the maximum temperature floor heating must be not more than 30 0 C, or outdoor decorative coating (linoleum, MDF, PVC tiles) will warp, indoor air is overdried and walking on hot surfaces are not very comfortable.

    Therefore, in such cases, the system turns on the collector - in fact the temperature difference in the central heating system and the system "warm floors" substantial and produces only one boiler temperature. Another reason for the collector - Heated floor has a larger extension tubes. Therefore, the total system pressure drop. To maintain the pressure at a required level it is necessary to install the circulation pump, which enters the collector structure.

    The standard collector circuit consists of the elements:

    1. The mixing valve of two- or three-way.
    2. Shut-off valves and valves for balancing.
    3. A temperature sensor and a pressure gauge.
    4. Circular pump.
    5. Automatic air vent.
    6. For manifold assembly will also be necessary fittings, tees, reducers, nipples, and the other support elements for mounting.

    Component parts properly assembled underfloor heating manifold.

    Powered manifold as follows: when the temperature rises above a predetermined value the thermal head valve closes and the hot heat carrier is supplied in a smaller amount. On cooling the coolant thermal fluid valve takes more. The heating medium return flow from the tube fed with pressure, and of the supply pipe - when necessary. Thus, the average temperature of the coolant remains at a constant level.

    Purpose Valve Manifold

    Two-way valve allows the coolant in one direction, but has a low throughput. Positive moment in the application of the two-way valve - a hot heat transfer fluid is supplied smoothly and without shocks. Such valves due to the small capacity are used in small spaces - up to 200m 2. The latest models are equipped with servo valves. Servo - engine valve position sensor precise to accurately and stepwise to open / close the passage opening.

    The operating principle of the two-way valve in the system "warm floor".

    The three-way valve mixes or divides the coolant flow. Another name for the three-way valve - the mixing or separation. The valve body has three nozzle through which it is connected to the heating pipes. The valve receives coolant from the boiler, passes it to the heating system, and also receives heat transfer fluid from return line for mixing it with the hot supply. Three-way valve installed in autonomous heating systems at the outlet of the collector system, where there is no need to restrict the flow at a uniform mixing.

    [Su_box title = »Important!» Box_color = »# d13030" radius = »0"] valve in continuous operation gets clogged and that it was easier to replace, in the compound used releasable coupling «American.» [/ Su_box]

    If the coolant circuit wiring is installed several collectors, the output of each splitter is installed with the air vent. Bleeding is performed with the upper side of the stem, the drain valve is mounted from the bottom and serves for emptying the system when repairs.

    Some simplified heating circuit does not require mixing of coolant flow, and therefore the valve can not be installed. To maintain a constant temperature in such systems is only one circulating pump. The pump should be installed only in the return tube to avoid excessive intake of fluid from the heating system.

    To automatically adjust the temperature in "warm floor" system can connect weather sensors. How does such a sensor: a sharp cold snap on the street causes more quickly and to cool the room, so the heating should automatically increase. Weather sensor delivers the signals to the switching on / off of the boiler or the increase / decrease in the degree of the hot and the cooled coolant mixing. Manual adjustment of temperature depending on the weather inefficient and too inaccurate. Modulating the temperature sensors is checked several times in a minute and, if necessary servo valve crank in one direction or another at 5 0 C.

    If you do not know how to assemble manifold floor heating, you can search the sales units in the assembly.

    Simple collector for underfloor heating

    To build the simplest reservoir need valve mixing to ¾ inch nipple and adapter to ¾ inch tee, elbow (90 0) and the sleeve-American to ¾ inch, a circulation pump in a yield of 1-inch ball valve to ¾ inch, a collector connector half inch and a collector ½ or ¾ inch connectors with external and internal threaded ¾ inch, air vent and drain valve.

    Multi-circuit manifold for underfloor heating

    Collect multi-circuit manifold for underfloor heating with their own hands is not difficult. Structurally it consists of a thermal head with a sensor (sensor - remote type), the mixing valve, American on ¾ inch nut onto ¾ inch tee and the pin 1 inch, the circulation pump connected cranes ½ inch, inch plug manifold half-inch ball valves , ½ inch fitting, coupling nuts for the pump and plastic pipes ½ inch diameter.

    Wiring diagram for the underfloor heating manifold.

    If you are connected to the collector tube "warm floor" system, it is recommended to use compression fittings. Before connecting to the pipe is shallow chamfer, so that the pipe fits into the bearing seat. After installing and connecting the entire collector system to the boiler and to the "warm floor" is necessary to pressurize the pipe system check for serviceability.

    Crimping is performed 3-5 hours to the presence of even the slightest leak it could manifest itself. Also, for a few hours the system will show the maximum heating temperature of the room. All collector circuit is placed in a special collecting case, which is mounted on a wall near the boiler or installed near the place of connection to the warm floor.

    Collector for floor heating with his own hands: assembly and connection

    Warm floors have long been a feature of buildings of high standards.

    Their use high quality caused by heating - the space around the warmed volume due to natural convection, as the entire floor area serves as the heater for the room air.

    wherein the floor itself is heated by electric, film or old good water heater - hot water boiler.

    A house or apartment have a few rooms, and in each of them on the floor are placed the thermal circuit.

    To a coolant line it is connected through an input-output unit in the form of two tubes.

    The need for thermal energy in each of the circuits usually different: in different rooms the temperature can vary. On the other hand, the floor space is not the same, and hence the volume of coolant for each room is different, too.

    Thus, between the boiler and heating circuits must be installed with the control valve functions. Such a device is called a collector. According to its functionality is mixing unit. His task - to ensure the water supply to the contours.

    Usually, the collector pipe has a connecting nodes - the number of heating circuits.

    Total collector contains two tubes:

    • one acts as a mixer and a coolant flow in circuits;
    • the other serves to collect the return of all the contours and return cooled in water circuits in a boiler, and partly through a two- or three-way valve in the mixer output.

    The addition of hot water from the boiler occurs mixer turning thermostatic valve, which is placed on the path of the water supply to the mixer. By reducing the temperature in the mixer is less than the allowable (we remember - is 40 ° C) portion of the valve delivers hot water.

    This group of bimetallic valve changes the flow cross-section, and the amount of water flowing. This allows you to set the temperature as desired. At the inputs of the return flow sensors are mounted, and a comb is provided with the return air vent also. Pumping coolant through the system operates a water pump, which creates the necessary line pressure.

    A complete set of collector parts also contains a variety of sanitary fittings. In a set of devices for warm water floor manifold, perhaps the most important one, as it provides:

    • safety and correct operation of the sexes;
    • ability to customize the comfort to use thermal devices.

    The collector has a significant drawback - the high cost.

    Therefore, many "diy" collect their own hands a variety of options for collectors, in accordance with her purse and the availability of components.

    There are two variants of this way:

    1. Collect collector of purchased components, using the fact that almost all of them are for sale. This can be economical, but the quality of the used products is poor.
    2. Replace certain items collector tube of polypropylene. Here, the expected savings can be up to 40%, but the aesthetics of the finished device, and reliability, to put it mildly, not very ...

    Scheme collector 3 loops may be implemented as follows:

    1. First, you must gather the tube collector - and the return of coolant, heat supply circuits. For this purpose, one comb on channel 3 or 3 odnopetelnyh node to each manifold.
    2. The return manifold is equipped with a sensor or flow meter and a set of counter node connecting the return hose for supplying each loop. One-loop collectors connected threaded elements in a comb. Each teplodatchik coolant loop comprising an actuator and a connection node line thermal loop power.
    3. To one end of the air vent collectors connected, on the other - is connected to the collector pipes pump pumping heat medium, and further connected to this point the thermostatic valve or actuator, which is time by time the hot water faucet.
    4. The collector assembly to the wall, checked for serviceability and is connected to the heating circuit. After that the final installation and configuration of the entire system.

    Here is the simplest version of the operating collector for underfloor heating is available a wide range of DIY artists. Maybe the real collectors often extend connecting more complex system of regulation and accounting.

    For example, connect the heat meters, temperature gauges and further more, someone in that much - in fact, and there are of DIY inventors to anything "to gather."

    If homemade collector is welded together from polypropylene pipes, it is necessary to replenish the arsenal of special soldering tools for welding parts of this polymer.

    During assembly welding method odnopetelnogo size of each node is increased by the joints, and if the thermal loops is greater than 3, the entire collector becomes bulky and its installation becomes problematical. In the rest of the plastic collector circuit and its setting is not different from that described previously.

    Watch the video, in which an experienced user explains the nuances of the collector assembly for floor heating with his own hands:

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