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tile bathroom collection

Select the tile in the bathroom - it's quite a difficult task. After all, her range is so diverse today, the size, structure and colors, it causes some difficulties. New stylish tiles for the bathroom sometimes discourages buyers. But now we try together to figure out what will suit you directly.

How to choose a tile in the bathroom

To a more rational approach to the selection of material required for a bath, it is advisable before going to the store to photograph the bathroom and have a photograph to go shopping. That photo will help you to assess the dimensions of your room and suggest some solutions. Thus, you will be able to stay in the modern and high quality tiles for the bathroom.

Today's range of tiles is quite extensive. So do not rush to buy the first thing you liked. Browse all the collections. Please note that this material can be made of:

  • glass;
  • porcelain;
  • natural stone;
  • ceramics.

The most suitable for the bathroom is considered a ceramic tile. It is waterproof and has a low price. The high degree of water resistance in this case is considered to be an important criterion. After all the water in the bathroom is to build on it very well. Besides ceramics easy stacking and cut without problems.

It looks good wood tile bath of natural stone. But it will cost quite expensive. In addition, it is not quite easy to install. If you have any questions about the tiles and laying refer to the sales assistant who will give you detailed answers to all your questions.

tile size is very significant for the room where it will be laid. Do not forget that trendy tiles large size is suitable only for large areas.

Well, now let's talk about color. The most popular are the pastel colors. Of course, you can take a chance and use bold colors and solutions. But then it will be necessary to select and proper plumbing. After all, the original tiles desirable skillfully pick up accessories. We offer pre-acquainted with finished interiors in the photo, and then begin to realize their fantasies and dreams.

Gaining increasing popularity vinyl tiles in the bathroom among buyers. To its main advantages are:

  • stylish;
  • water resistance;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • easy and fast installation.

Due to its surface treated by ultrasonic radiation, vinyl tile slip ceases. Therefore, it is laid not only on the walls but also on the floor. Such a tile in the bathroom is not traumatic.

Produce such variants vinyl products: wood, a bamboo, a stone and a brick. Adding a composition different patterns, you can get a wonderful option of laying the tile in the bathroom. With some examples can be found on the page of our site.

How to design the interior of the bathroom tiles

Do design bathroom independently. This can be used as the original tiles and classic.

If stopped on a classic, one of the easiest options is a visual separation walls into 2 parts. In this case we take the tile for the upper part of a lighter tone, and the lower - a darker color. If you want to select the zone, then an interesting solution would be the use of an intermediate color tiles. You can put as decoration. Such variations are considered to be traditional styling.

But we could use not only the classics. Bright colors unusual bathroom tiles create a beautiful interior for this room. Do not be afraid to dream! Use bold colors! You can even put tiles unusual, original. It will give you strength and positive energy for a long time.

How can you put a tile in the bathroom

  1. If you use different colors, it is possible to lay the tiles in a mosaic.
  2. During the laying of tiles is not necessary to focus all your attention only on the walls, for which the purchased material is a stylish, thoughtful designers. Floor requires less intervention. Options for its placement may be different: patterns, designs, unusual pictures.
  3. The most commonly used tile in the bath (70%) - white and all shades of it. Such popularity is due to the fact that the white color is visually expands the space. But remember that the color is not a panacea. Try the deeper tone, because then the room will look too attractive.

Bold design solutions from these professionals

We offer a collection of tiles for the bathroom, which is located below the photo. Perhaps they will help you make the right design decision.

Animates the tiles with the help of color. Combined with white tiles is not difficult. But she will never have a unique effect, such as compound colors as brilliant coral and orange. If this combination to add a sink positioned on a countertop made of wood, and make walls neutral colors, the tiles will look just incredibly beautiful.

I enjoy the cells? Take a look at this beauty, made in a creamy beige color. Checkerboard pattern on the walls, which gives the bathroom space unceasingly, balancing stone pedestal made smaller squares. Curved bathroom fully balanced background. This bathroom tile (photos of which are provided in the article directory) that combines quite simply, has a rather aristocratic look.

And maybe try to strip? This is exactly the way, when a small amount of money, you can create an original design. Pick up an inexpensive tile wall and floor, and then purchase a bright and unusual tiles or borders, decors or to lay out a strip along the entire wall. This room will not leave anyone indifferent.

And this is another original way to make an unusual emphasis in normal laying tiles. He really enlivens the interior. Pick up the tiles of the same colors, but with different sizes. In this way you will be able to create a unique kind of layering.

Your sink is located in the narrow space between the two windows, and everyone has the impression that he's barely hanging and it is inconvenient? Mosaic tiles on the wall behind him completely mesmerize you and you will forget that the sink is placed outside the box.

Connect. Another original way of laying ceramic tiles, with which easily revive room bathroom saturated colors. Look in the mirror accidentally. See how lined shower green tiles? Extending along the tile is still the one hand, the designers managed to combine the bathroom and shower.

If you decide to redo the shower, maybe we should make it a chair or stool. Use the bright colors. And you will see that this thing will be not only functional, but also quite aesthetic.

What do you think about the framework? By the way, dressing table - this is the place that you can embellish an unexpected finish in a frame shape. For this fit tiles are not only bold colors but different textures. We assured that the room would be much more effective, and this is beneficial to allocate finish basin area.

Do you like the glamor? Then the rainbow tiles in the bathroom, photo-design of which is presented in the article gallery, fully emphasize your individuality. A little bit of daring colors in the interior, do not forget that it is the white finish is the most winning - and the bathroom will fully meet all your requirements.

Now think about the toilet. We think that it should look unusual. We offer to lay wall tiles behind the toilet and continue its spread and the floor. See how it looks original and beautiful.

This variant was very similar to the previous one, but pay attention to the fact that the tiles can be not only square. Perhaps this idea will have you liking.

Visual illusion. Many designers use it. If the bathroom space you have rather narrow, try to visually expand by a tile in a horizontal position.

For lovers of sophistication suggested to lay carpet tiles in the bathroom. And if such a pattern is transferred also to the wall in the form of a frame around the mirror, be sure that your bathroom will most stylish.

Do you have a niche in the bathroom? Excellent! This is a great place for bold experiments. With the help of tiles you will be able to give it more volume. But remember that in the niche is necessary to light and pick the appropriate accessories.

If you are planning to lay tiles on one wall is not, we advise you to use multiple colors and shades to visually expand. But be careful when choosing. Make sure that your chosen shades combine and complement each other. Well, in general, do not be afraid to combine.

Notice how the mosaic walls give the bathroom rigor and at the same time refinement. Is not it amazing what aesthetics is obtained by means of color and texture unmatched.

Tiles for the bathroom: the best photo examples

Bathroom - a special place in the house. With her visit begins each day of any person. After a hard day for all of us want to quickly take a shower or soak in a warm bath, relax, relieve fatigue and forget about everyday worries.

For these reasons, the design of a bathroom should be given special attention. Modern building materials market offers a stunning selection of finishing materials for such premises. there is one unchanging favorite among this diversity - a ceramic tile. Why is it so popular? Let's understand this issue more!

One major advantage of this fabric is its moisture resistance. This is especially true tile, which is covered with glaze. This feature protects the tiles bathroom by fungus and breeding of harmful microorganisms.

Ceramic tile does not absorb odors. It is resistant to various chemicals. Therefore, tile can safely wash almost any cleaning agents.

Ceramic tile - durable material, which can last for several decades and stay in great shape. Especially if the tile was subjected to a double firing.

This is one of the safest surfacing materials. The clay used to make ceramic tiles, is a natural material. It virtually no toxic substances. All possible toxins evaporate when exposed to high temperatures during firing.

Ceramic tile is fireproof, because it is resistant to fire and does not conduct electrical current. The modern bathroom which has a washing machine, dryer, electric shaver, and other wonders of technology, without such properties of the fabric to be downright dangerous.

The variety of colors, textures, sizes, and most importantly - the price! All this can be safely attributed to the benefits of ceramic tiles. This variety allows you to create absolutely any interior in the bathroom.

Now you can pick up a simpler, more classic ceramic tiles, which does not hit hard on the family budget. And you can make the bathroom a real exclusive masterpiece: Use mosaic tiles in imitation of marble or stone, a variety of decorative elements. Any fantasy will become a reality with the selection of tiles!

Alas, in this world no ideals! And even the ceramic tile has its little flaws. One of them - a the complexity of the work. Necessary to lay tile on a completely flat surface.

It should have a very good glazamer, the ability to notice the discrepancy between the lines even one millimeter. If at least one row of tiles will be laid not exactly, then all the work will need to be redone.

During transportation and installation of the tiles must be remembered that it is, in spite of its hardness, can break in inexperienced hands!

Flooring, ceramic tiles, very cold and slippery. To solve these problems realistically. The tile must be selected with polyurethane coating. It should be laid on the concrete floor with a layer of insulation, or use the system "warm floor".

Tile seams - it is one small disadvantage of this type of finish. Unlike most tile joints may darken, to collect dirt. They are exposed to fungi and bacteria. Behind them should be very carefully monitored and processed by special means several times a year.

The disadvantages of this construction material prices can be attributed. Of course, the tiles can not choose expensive. But as there is all the nuances and details of who will have to pay: the glue, construction materials for floating, special training walls and floor. Do not forget to tiler services prices.

When choosing the color of ceramic tile, remember that repairs in the bathroom to do heavier than in any other part of the apartment or house. It means, that you can not go wrong with the color here.

Avoid overly bright colors - they can quickly get bored. Monochrome bathrooms - also not the best option. The atmosphere in them may eventually become too boring. So what is the color tiles to choose? Consider your options.

This tile color - a true symbol of purity. He has long defined the category of classic colors for a bathroom design. In all countries and times, and he was to be in vogue. However, if the whole suite is finished with white tiles - it is too bright and flashy.

It is better to dilute the white color small decorative elimentami other shades. This color can be combined with any other. Choose everything your heart wants to - can not go wrong.

When choosing ceramic white tiles, remember: dirty tile joints on a white background will be very eye-catching. In this case, there are two solutions to this problem: use a different color for grouting joints or every weekend to wash the bathroom to perfection.

Not everyone will decide to finish the bathroom with black. Although such bathrooms look gorgeous, elegant, laconic. Especially when choosing the tile with a glossy surface.

With this choice it is worth remembering about the lighting. One bulb there is obviously not enough! The best solution: add a few built-in bulbs of daylight around the perimeter of the ceiling.

When choosing a simple black tiles without reliefs and drawings is better to abandon the conventional light bulbs, replacing them with energy-saving fluorescent light. So you can save the contrast of black and white in the room. Ordinary light bulbs can distort the color of the tiles. Dilute black color only white. All other colors will be lost on the background.

This color prefer passionate nature, confident leaders who are ready to make decisions in a split second. People with the explosive nature of this color for the bathroom design is better not to choose, as the Red seriously excites the nervous system, and will act as a "red rag to a bull" in the literal and figurative sense of the term.

Red is a strong impact on the subconscious of man, awakening in it aggression. It's easy to fix: Combine the white and red color in the interior bathroom. This will look harmonious, aesthetically pleasing and not so catchy.

Bright shades of blue represent purity and freshness, a pleasant coolness. Tile dark shade of blue is better to dilute with white decorative elements. With this color to be careful. It belongs to the cold colors and can create a feeling of excessive coolness in the bathroom.

This color dark shades quite hard to understand. Therefore, it would not overload the room, often making dark - purple accents in the interior of the bathroom, the main color is made lighter, for example, in the same light - purple or light - pink.

A good choice for the bathroom is light walls, with horizontal decorative strip and the floor is dark - purple shades.

Green - the color of visionaries and adventurers in one person. Tile light - light green hue of that color will make the bathroom the air, "light", reminiscent of a spring morning. This feeling is intensified when elements yellow will be present in the bathroom.

Dark - green tile will make a luxury bath, but cold. It is better to combine this color with white or use it instead of the focus of light - green room.

This color will give all the warmth and comfort, because the yellow - the color of the sun. Interior options using this color - a huge set. Bright - yellow goes well with white, giving a feeling of cheerfulness.

Sand - yellow goes well with brown décor, giving the bathroom an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Light - Yellow (not bright) perfectly assembled with light - green color, filling the room with ease, tenderness, freshness.

Fashion and originality in the bath design

The combination of different colors - it's not all the trends of modern fashion design bathroom interior. Modern manufacturers of ceramic tiles offer their customers to make their bathroom a unique and unrepeatable using various decorative elements.

Ceramic tile imitates marble

This tile will decorate any bathroom. Tiles under the white marble is one of the most popular in Europe. It emphasizes the high status of the owner of the house, gives the bathroom an atmosphere of luxury, abundance.

Ceramic tiles imitating stone

This type of tile is much cheaper than natural stone, but the effect of it is the same. Such tiles give the bathroom a feeling of comfort, comfort. Bathroom with her would be like a separate piece of nature, hidden from prying eyes.

This decorative element opens up new horizons in bathroom design for anyone who wants to create an exclusive, unique bathroom. Mosaic has been known since ancient times, but its popularity is not lost.

Now you can find mosaics with different patches, colored stains, cracks, and not only. She can decorate any bathroom. It looks very original mosaic floor and a framed mirror. Just mosaic can be distinguished podium or table around the sink. Any fantasy mosaic will be appropriate.

How to choose ceramic tiles for bathroom

1. Prefer high quality tile. This finishing material will decorate the walls of your bathroom for several years, therefore: better to overpay and choose durable, a good tile than save and regret it in the future.

2. Pay special attention to the size of the tiles. Little tiles will create a lot of seams, but it is easier to put on the wall with the defects, as well as the tabs. you can buy a large tile to a spacious bathroom. Before selecting a tile to properly assess the capabilities of their bathroom.

3. To determine the number of tiles required is better to consult a specialist. He will make the necessary calculations, calculate the probability of tile damage during installation and say how many "prozapas" to buy tiles.

4. What color should your bathroom once you decide. But all the same: try to avoid too bright, dark and cool colors. Either learn to combine them, but do not use more than three colors in the interior. Light colors visually increase the volume of the room, and the vertical elements will make it a little higher. Do not forget the accents and decorative elements. Your imagination is not limited.

5. Pay attention to the stability of the tiles to light, wear resistance, chemical resistance. It is best to compare tile showpiece with the same, which is in the box. Do not hesitate to ask consultants about the terms written on it.

The issue price of concern to many. this decoration material prices have a large scale from a few hundred rubles to several tens of thousands of rubles per square meter. But the tile - it's not all that you need to buy for repair. Necessarily need to buy glue, grout, and in most cases more, and construction materials to align the walls and floor.

Almost all types of ceramic tiles are resistant to detergents. Specify this information when you buy a tile. Treat the tile joints with special anti-fungal agents once every 3 months and follow their purity.

Tile is best cleaned with a soft cloth and a brush with soft bristles. A gloss tiles are often used ammonia solution (3 table spoons alcohol in 1 liter of warm water).

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Samples tiles for the bathroom. Overview A collection of modern market and recommendations on the choice

Finish floor and wall coverings - a prerequisite of comfort in the bathroom. Facing tile, marble, wood or plastic does not lose popularity, especially as the sample tiles for the bathroom can be found in any catalog, by mail order or browse the store. It is important to only one thing: to choose a ready-made collection of tiles for the bathroom to repair brought satisfaction and does not become too ruinous event.

Ceramics: definition and advantages material

A tile or a tile - a material for cladding of surfaces, which is obtained during the firing of clay in furnaces at a sufficiently high temperature. Clay - raw materials available, but several different types of material: white, red, with additives. And the raw material price is laid in tile collection for the bathroom: depending on the purity, the presence of complex patterns, patterns, process and manual labor costs collectible copies can be up to several thousand.

tile collection in a bath What is this?

Collection of tiles in the bathroom - a defined set of tiles, which is incorporated by one pattern, design solution. The kit usually includes standard elements having one color, re-drawing and decorative type of matrix: fillets tiles, medallions, panels, friezes, and others. The simplest set of tiles for the bathroom only includes a number of standard tiles and one variant of the decor.

But there are other collections that combine a complete variety of paintings created manually or with a machine press. Such kits are often covered with several layers of protective adhesive coatings and even hand-painted gold, silver and other paint. set value depends on the feedstock used additives complexity palette of drawing and technological features of manufacture.

To select a tile sets for the bathroom, you can view photos and catalogs of design solutions that follow. This will help to determine the color scheme, and also to give thought the location of the tile in the room. It is important to fathom the room, think about the surface and interior items that you want to decorate, and only then to look through offers factories.

The issue price - also not without significance. The most expensive collection of wall tiles for the bathroom produce Italian masters. Thanks to the experience and the preserved old recipes, the factory produces unique kits that can turn even a small bathroom into a masterpiece mural. More affordable collection produced factory in Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus. When excellent quality, the price is quite tiles available.

But do not forget about related products: tools, grouting - it also costs money. If you want to buy tiles and save, you should pay attention to the Chinese factories. Good well made quality guaranteed. But do not wait for the flight of design ideas, richness of drawing and long term flawless operation.

Important! Samples of ceramic tiles for the bathroom, laid out in the store, will look quite different, in reality on the wall or the floor of your apartment. Light, refraction of light and sunlight, the display and the general perception of the color textures are perceived very differently in any room. This is especially true laconic small rooms. That is why for small bathrooms do not need to select elements with abundant small patterns, friezes and bevels - this bathroom will look even smaller. Yes, and a fine pattern starts over the years to "cut" the eye.

But choosing tile samples for the bathroom on the walls and floor in a single stylistic decision, buy flooring on the tone or two darker. In addition, buying a not ready factory collection, make sure that the tiles of the same size. But in any case, should be guided by their own visual perception and choose what you like. Multi-format and textural elements are perfectly suited for panels, interior decoration items and curb compositions. Observing the "friendly" color scheme, you can create your own design of the room, and at the same tile in the bathroom will not cost a fortune.

  • large format tile matrix in a small area look ridiculous;
  • curbstones tiles often closed furnishings, it should not be carried away by decorating a small bathroom with a low ceiling;
  • murals, paintings and medallions on the bathroom floor often hidden tables, base cabinets, household appliances;
  • tile "with Shcherbina antique" is very complicated in the final grouting and maintenance. Think twice before buying it.

Decorative elements for decoration

Favorite examples of tiles in the bathroom, you can buy out the collection, but then it is necessary to determine the decoration. To this end, it offers a variety of designer decor and design options:

  1. tiles for borders: the function of the upper trim at the border with a wall, the baseboard in the joints of the walls and floor. With curb matrices available efficient allocation of one panel, or the interior of the subject on the display of a separate bath, the column;
  2. Decorative tile texture: can be placed against the background of the overall cladding on equidistant distance. Such samples of tiles for the bathroom are available in a variety of textures, colors and functionality (in the form of hooks, shelves);
  3. panels, friezes, mosaic: composed of one or more matrices. They represent a complete picture, pattern or design. Location may be performed in a vertical, horizontal, or even a crosswise diagonally.

What is the value of the tiles for bathrooms?

Often, the ceramic coating is only possible for tiling bathrooms. Preserving for a long time their performance and hygienic quality tile sets for the bathroom are perfect for decoration of bathrooms, toilets and other facilities where there is high humidity. What characteristics must have a good collection of tiles for the bathroom:

  1. water resistance: Obligatory quality that allows you to mount the finish on the walls and floor of shower enclosures;
  2. affordable price: you can always pick up a ready-made solutions for decoration at affordable cost;
  3. aesthetics: a huge range of colors, a rich range of textures and perfection of form. Choose a set of tiles for the bathroom can be like simple, classic décor, as well as any other that is suitable for your space;
  4. versatility terracotta harmoniously combined with any other material. In addition, you can decide where to stack elements: floor, wall, ceiling, or home furnishings;
  5. ease of processing: cutting, sawing - tiles of any type can be cut out at home, in contrast to the marble, stone and other decorative materials;
  6. fire resistance: tile is not in vain considered to be one of the most fire-resistant materials. Each collection of tiles for the bathroom passes the firing stage and therefore completely non-combustible;
  7. durability and practicality: tile on the market to the majority tolerates cleaning household cleaning products, is strong enough to withstand accidental mechanical impact.

Longer lifetime, color retention, resistance to UV rays - all of these useful features touch a tile, if it is selected.

Classification of ceramic tiles and its features

With all the popularity and uniformity of raw materials, manufacturing technology is quite simple, there are several varieties of collections. Samples of the tiles in the bathroom are distinguished by:

  • method of preparing a mixture of clay;
  • Glaze (yes or no top layer);
  • sintering technology;
  • porosity structure;
  • destination elements;
  • wear resistance / strength;
  • frost;
  • slip ratio.

Depending on the technological process of manufacturing a tile samples bathroom are made: compression: the powder mixture under high pressure and is pressed into shape by extrusion: from viscous masses are extruded tile.

Also, a tile can be covered with a thin layer of colored or clear glass (glaze) or sold without a coating. Sometimes the tile passes not one but several sintering stages: Single used for glazing elements without, but double or more - for glazing. Collections single firing are more dense structure, besides this method is less expensive, and therefore, such a pattern tile for the bathroom is in a more affordable price range.

Choosing tile samples for the bathroom need not pay attention to fashion trends, "trendiness" untwisted brand or product advertising. Modern manufacturer has all the capabilities to produce quality products. Because the average price in respect of tile can combine all the advantages of a very expensive material, but the importation of low cost, cheap cost of raw materials and molding allow to maintain high quality standards for democratic values.

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