Well ring with his hands

Forms for manhole rings with their hands

Scope of concrete rings quite extensive. If there is a need to save money, they can do with their hands. But it requires molds for concrete rings. Purchase of such equipment is expensive - for private use is not justified. But the form can also make your own.

What are the concrete rings

Most often, concrete rings needed for the well device, but also to use them when constructing autonomous sewage - septic tank or make filtration wells. Another area of ​​application - manholes at the device and rainwater drainage systems. Made of concrete rings, even the cellar. Moreover, there are various options - vertical, horizontal. In general, the scope is wide.

Concrete rings are used for the construction of various facilities

There are different size ring for different needs, they also have different wall thickness may be reinforced or not. Despite this abundance of choice, many are thinking about how to make reinforced concrete rings with their hands. The thing is that the regeneration of the site may need more than one ring, or even ten. Some only go well more than a dozen. The cost of manufacturing of concrete products is much lower than the retail price. Even taking into account that it is necessary to make a mold for concrete rings. And if we take into account shipping costs, the savings will be very solid.

Types and sizes of concrete rings for wells

Industrialized Production of concrete and reinforced concrete rings must meet the standards spelled out in GOST 8020-90. Their sizes can be taken from the table, as well as the approximate weight and price (including delivery available in Moscow).

For the manufacture of products of each type to be two formwork - external and internal. The distance between them is registered in the guest, depending on ring size. For reinforced rings for well diameters of 70 cm or 100 cm is 7 cm and 8 cm, respectively, during the manufacture of the rings without reinforcement tab wall thickness much greater - 12 cm and 14 cm.

For the manufacture of rail b rings require special forms

In addition to different sizes there is a different profile of the end portion of the rings - smooth and with a lock. Castle - it is a projection-type tongue and groove. Refer to these ring pazogrebnevyh or locking. Set on each other, they adhere well, they are difficult to move with lateral loads, which is very important when constructing wells for any purpose. Less of this option - a more sophisticated form of concrete rings - must be created in the step ends.

Manufacturing technology of concrete and reinforced concrete manhole rings

For the manufacture of concrete rings are used in the production of hard solution with a small amount of water, after pouring it carefully exposed vibrating. to achieve uniformity and high strength can not be without this process. In the production of vibrators incorporated in the form of a wall, with the private manufacturing can use immersion vibrators for concrete. This is a relatively small device, which body is held in the hands, and vibrator head is lowered into the concrete. The length of the nozzle should be sufficient to get almost to the bottom of the ring.

It looks like an immersion vibrator for concrete work

Concrete for well rings for use sazhtie strength not lower than B15 (M200 class). The composition of hardened concrete, which is used in the production of:

  • cement PTS500D0 - 230 kg:
  • medium grain sand (particle size 1.5-2.3 module) - 900 kg;
  • fraction 5-10 mm crushed stone - 1100 kg;
  • plasticizer-3 - 1.6 kg;
  • water - 120 liters.

The output is a cubic meter of concrete. The amount of water is indicated for sand 4% humidity. If wet sand, the amount of water is considerably reduced.

It might look like a form for the manufacture of reinforced concrete rings

What do you say that in a normal household mixer type "pear" a dry concrete you do not mix. Kneading is necessary to use compulsory mixer type. If not, do more flowable concrete. The disadvantage of such solutions - is necessary to maintain the concrete in the formwork some time (from 4 to 7 days depending on the temperature). If there is one form for concrete rings, making a dozen concrete rings may take months. Output - make the solution so tough as possible and to have more than one pair of formwork.

It is possible to link all the rules of the ribbed reinforcing rod ring 8-10 mm in thickness - a circle interconnected by vertical bars reinforcement. The number of reinforcement rings depends on the height of the ring. The optimal distance between them -. At a height of 20-30 cm well ring 90-100 cm make three or four reinforcement belts. Vertical segments set in increments of 30-40 cm. They tied a special binding wire.

The upper belt reinforcement can be tied loops, for which you can turn over a concrete ring with the help of lifting equipment.

EXAMPLE concrete reinforcement ring

When you install a reinforcing belt remember one detail: the valve must be located in the concrete column. By metal-to-edge articles should be at least 3-4 cm. Because the above figure shows that the belt reinforcement are not on the surface but significantly lower. About how it should be placed rebar.

Fittings and can cook, but the best - associate - more durable construction is obtained

Self-made reinforced concrete ring often finished steel mesh - bar thickness is not less than 4 mm, pitch 20 cm Its tedious cut height and length, are folded into the ring edge-wire.. Such reinforcement is slightly worse than the standard, but enough to give greater strength.

Vibrating process increases the strength of the concrete for several classes (without changing the formulation). In the treatment of concrete in front of it "sit down" from it out the air bubbles are more evenly distributed aggregate and cement. Dispense with this procedure will not work - the walls are lax, and will proceed quickly destroyed.

Smooth and thick walls can be obtained only if the concrete to vibrate

However, you can not overdo it, and - separation may occur. Stops processing when the stop solution shrinkage, the surface becomes smooth and the top will laitance.

On a flat pad or sheet iron mounted external (outer) part of the formwork. If made pazogrebnevyh ring groove laid down driver. At a distance of 3-4 cm from the edge of the casing is exposed reinforcing mesh. Placed inside of the casing, fixed by screws to the outer casing protrusions (fingers).

In the prescribed form with shovels or some device throws concrete. Once the ring is filled, hold vibrating (in finished form it takes 1-2 minutes). If necessary (look for shrinkage) concrete added. After ring closure vibration surface smoothed with a trowel. If necessary, install and pressed Grebneva ring.

In an industrial environment immediately carried razopalubka - for this use and stiff concrete, to be able to immediately use the kit for making the next ring. To do this, remove your fingers, remove the formwork. Forming a bottom groove inside core remains to concrete setting.

How and what to make molds for concrete rings

Factory molds are made from sheet metal, reinforce ribs. Metal Thickness - 8.3 mm, depending on ring size.

Forms for manhole rings often made of metal

At home bend sheet metal with a desired radius of curvature is not easy. It is much easier to find two thick barrels of different diameters. The diameters must differ by 14-16 mm. In this case, wall thickness 7.8 mm obtained. For well ring with reinforcement - is what is required.

To assist you with a form for concrete rings to work, it is possible to bond the two halves of the door hinges

At the bottom of the barrel is cut, the inner part of the make up of about 10 cm - so convenient. To be able to remove the formwork from the final ring, the barrel sawn lengthwise into two parts. The halves should be securely connect. This can be done in different ways:

  • welded corners with drilled holes, tightening bolts;
  • make "ears" in which to hammer wedges.

To the inside of the not led to each half is necessary to weld some spacers that will keep the wall from twisting.

Inserting one part into the other casing, put them at the same distance relative to one another (by measuring the clearance circle). In several places the drill hole - for studs, they will be fixed. Studs - bar segments on both sides of which is threaded. Holes have one against another, to be able to secure the part of the formwork.

The drilled holes are inserted pins, tighten the nuts. When the thickness is not very large walls of the mold for concrete rings, will likely have to enclose a large nut washers or cut from a metal plate with a hole - when casting concrete to form not bent.

Optionally make molds for concrete rings and the sheet metal strip and the wooden bars, which will impart formwork stiffness. Cut strip length desired - a circumferential length of 10 cm + the compound. The band width - is equal to the height of 10 cm + the ring up and down are bent ledges 5 cm, the edge strip make the same rim.. The lateral side of the drilled holes for tightening bolts. The upper rim incised every 20-25 cm (less if small ring diameter). Now the strip can be bent - turn ring. But it is very unstable - "plays". Rigidity can be given by means of a wooden frame.

Forms for concrete rings can be made of sheet steel

From the bar slice pieces 20-25 cm long. They are suspended from the rim drill a hole in a metal screwed on the screws segments bars. When the length of the bars in the form of 20-25 cm will not round, and multi-faceted. If for you it is critical, it is possible to make cuts more often, in short to saw the bars. Also need to strengthen the height. To do this, use the same bars. Attach them must often - that the walls did not cave in.

If you know how to use welding, you can go the other way. Also needed profiled sheet metal tube of square cross section. Podoyzhet 15 * 15 * 20 mm or 20 mm. First, it required to bend the four identical half-arches of the profile pipe. Four large - formwork for outdoor and four smaller ones - for internal. To weld the arcs cut metal band.

As the basis of the use of the arc shaped tube

Wooden boards or bars

If the tree you work easier, you can collect the forms for concrete rings of the wood. They are collected from the rather narrow strips at the bottom and the top fixed with a ring. The ring may be of metal, for example of a bent profiled tube. It on benders can bend with the required radius of curvature.

Forms for the production of rings can be made of wood

If cooperage art - your horse, you can do the same arc of wood. The material is not so important. Important strength and rigidity of the obtained form. Please note that the rim is mounted on the outside and inside formwork more at.

Important! To shoot formwork easy to fill forms necessary to lubricate. If you plan to use a concrete ring well with drinking water, you can use sunflower oil. If it is assumed some technical structure may be used as lubricants mixed with testing of lubricating oil or diesel fuel (or clean engine oil).

How to make your own ring of reinforced concrete for the construction of wells

With the construction of engineering services during the installation of water supply, sewerage, drainage infield is necessary to build a well for various purposes. At the same time precast concrete rings for wells acquired in large factories or individual entrepreneurs engaged in the preparation of such products. In some cases more profitable to buy a form for self-production of concrete structures and data on the site to cast rings in the right quantity. There are various options for blanks with different sizes and configurations, using which you can get w / w products of different diameters and heights.

This video shows the operation of home-made installations, via which the produced concrete rings for wells. It should be noted that for one product in two business takes only 15 minutes.

Preparation of concrete maximum strength

For manufacturing w / w of the ring for a well ripened need cement brand M400 and above. Considered ripe cement, on which the date of production has been more than a month. In addition to the cement needed more water and sand and gravel. It is important to observe the ratio of all the ingredients to produce concrete of maximum density. To this end, every part of the cement is taken:

Concrete Preparation begins by mixing sand and cement. Next, the material mixture is added water, and the kneading continues. Next turn comes to the gravel, which is required before the addition of moistened with water. The shape, installed on a level floor or steel pallet is first placed a mesh on which the eyelet is fixed, necessary to move the finished ring. Thereafter, begin to die casting concrete. The thickness of the reinforced product is from 0.6 to 11 mm. Depending on the size of the volume of manufactured ring varies, which affects the number of kneading solution.

Important! If you are making rings for wells with their own hands without the use of reinforcement, increase the wall thickness of up to 15 cm. The lifetime of such rings is very large. To prevent displacement of the cylindrical wall of the spacer is set wooden wedges therebetween.

Production of concrete rings in the open construction site is recommended to perform under a canopy, so that the solidifying solution is not included rainfall

The list of necessary equipment

Work on the production of concrete rings is carried out on a large construction site. The list of mandatory equipment and the necessary adaptations could include:

  • mixer (spades and a metal sheet on which concrete mortar is kneaded by hand);
  • workpiece for the rings (special shape);
  • vibrator;
  • lifting devices, since the weight of a concrete well rings can be up to 500 kg and above;
  • reinforced frame (you can buy ready-made or self-weave wire).

How to make your own form well ring?

When manufacturing self-cylindrical shape selected two drums, whose diameters will make the ring established dimensions. Instead, in the case of drums can be put ducts or the corresponding diameter of the pipe. If there are no desired diameter cylindrical shapes, they are made from separate steel sheets joined to each other by simple window or door canopies. These connecting elements attached to the metallic form by welding or rivets.

Important! You can perform not only the shuttering of metal or plastic cylindrical "cup". With lightweight plastic forms easier to work with small-scale mechanization of manual labor.

A special form for the manufacture of reinforced concrete rings consists of two metal cylinders having different diameters. The formwork is filled with concrete mortar

Vibroformy factory for the production of concrete rings and fixing elements of different diameters. In the presence of the materials according to the size can be made a self-made structure

The inner ring has a cone-shaped roof, which is welded to the upper contour of the product. At the top of the cone a loop, for which cling equipment for lifting of the structure after fabrication of concrete rings. Such a shape of the roof allows quick throw kneaded solution that flows into the space between the outer and the inner formwork walls.

Important! In some designs, the external formwork are not raised up, and throws it to the side flaps, opening locks joining them.

The main stages of the production of the concrete ring

So, here is this procedure will work when using a vibration rig:

  • Laying concrete layers, height of 20-25 cm, with subsequent solution compacted thick metal rod.
  • Dismantling of the wooden struts after pouring forms half of its height.
  • Leveling concrete mortar surface.
  • Inclusion of vibration setup for maximum compaction of concrete and fill the remaining voids after compaction.
  • Replenishing solution as needed.
  • Disassembly form after three or four days (at the optimum temperature and humidity level of the release ring can form the following day).
  • Ten-day (minimum) Extract the product to achieve the desired strength of the concrete.
  • Transportation to the place of installation.

Important! If the products are made in the open air, it forms complement special covers that protect the solution against foreign objects and sediments.

As you can see, to make concrete rings for wells and can be their own hands, but it is quite difficult. But the resulting savings can be spent on other materials necessary for laying communications.

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Forms for manhole rings with their hands

produce form of manhole rings with their hands I was forced circumstances. Many gardeners are faced with the problem of water supply in the hot summer of 2010.

Providing uninterrupted water wells have dried up.

Most hosts suburban and country areas when the device is used wells reinforced ring with an inner diameter of 1000 mm and a height of 900 mm.

It seems to deepen the well - no problem, but ...

Besiege squeezed soil pit ring fails, dig around the well on all sides - is unrealistic ...

The first thing that comes to mind - it is easier to dig a new, but the price of the ring in 2000 rubles instantly jumped to 2300-2400 rubles, is not available, all painted for 2-3 months forward. A thirsty and garden watering is necessary. If you move a little convolutions, and get off the sofa near the TV, then this problem can be solved in a few days, save for some people a significant portion of the family budget, and some and stir up a profitable business. It suggests itself that the outer diameter of the rings to deepen existing wells should be less than 1000 mm. I took an outside diameter of 840 mm, an internal height of 700 mm and 600 mm rings. Concrete in such a ring will require 100 liters, i.e., about 180 kg, which is necessary for making 50 kg cement (RUB 180-190.), 130 kg of sand (45-50 rub.), A bucket of water and about 10 kg of wire (let it be $ 100, but the rod of 4-6 mm, and so I find or steal somewhere). The cost is not that more than 340 rubles. 0.6 per linear meter of the future wells. And how much would cost a standard ring worth 2400 rubles., If it was not the height of 900 mm and 600 mm? 2400 rub. : 900 mm x 600 mm = 1600 rubles. Save 1260 rubles. on each ring. I get off the sofa and go to the garage (also known as a workshop and warehouse illiquid assets).

So it was immediately clear show ready form of manhole rings made with their own hands.

That's what I had to do. In fact, produce formwork rings with their hands not difficult. How to make the form of rings I thought quickly.

If you know how to use a pair of scissors for metal, grinder and a little electric - the flag in his hands and let shabashniki bummer.

Cut with scissors from a metal sheet 1.8 mm thick steel two ring inner diameter 840 mm, outer 900-950 mm. The outer diameter neprintsipialen - it will reinforcement ribs to the outer part of the formwork. Scissors are cut properly if lengthen the handle. metal sheet 600 mm wide roll into the "tube" above and below - of the ring, boil, resulting rezhu shtukovinu grinder into two halves, the incision fortify steel corner with bolt holes for assembly and disassembly.

With vnutryankoy difficult ... it is necessary to come up with something that it is not clamped after pouring concrete, and can be freely taken out. Consequently, to fill its diameter must be equal to the project, i.e. 700 mm, and after pouring - reduced by 15-25 mm.

This problem, I decided, destroying two old car jack, having made one device for compressing-expanding on all four sides.

Easier to show than to explain:

I collect internal "barrel" of the two round parts with a diameter of 700 mm (type bottom and lid) and barrel wall, again from the steel sheet width of 600 mm. Sheet again rolled into a tube to avoid rolling - pull together with the winch cable, and penetrates the bottom cover. The lid and bottom of the finished barrel cut out square holes (round grinder cut I did not get), is installed inside the distortion, which is derived from the jacks, I cut into 4 pieces, strengthening the incision area.

Check whether compression-expanding mechanism works:

Diverting bit: if manufactured from a thin metal liner, for example of galvanized 0.55- 0.8 mm thick, 600 mm wide and 700 in diameter and 840 mm, then using them can not wait for the concrete poured into the form to homemade manhole rings, seize, and immediately after the vibrating of the concrete mix to remove the formwork. Thus, it will be possible to cast a day instead of one ring, and as much as you prepare pairs of sleeves. Even a thin metal sleeves will not give the concrete mix blurred after removal of the formwork.

In this picture, note the bolts. They are, among other things, serve as a release of limiters.

Now that you know how to make the formwork for the rings. Next knit reinforcement cage. Its design may be any, as long as the distance between the terminals was not more than 200 mm in height and 300 circumferentially. Diameter - 770 mm. The hinges do not forget to release.

I turned this:

Attract free labor in the name of relatives to mix the concrete mix in the old bath. I have relatives could not catch, but there is a concrete mixer.

Fill the prepared mixture into a makeshift formwork rings, vibrating piece of rebar and go to drink beer on the couch under the TV until the next day. Per night concrete has set firmly, and you can shoot a homemade form.

The outer part is removed easily. The inner portion removed should be careful not to damage the ring wall. Do it better together or build a lifting mechanism such as a crane.

Well, and then repeat the process of assembling the mixing pouring vibration pivopitiya, ugh, ie dismantling as many times as you need rings. I have to cast one ring takes less than 1 hour.

Ring in vivo curing is better to give two weeks to stand, then it is possible to ship, transport, handle with care if the cement is not saved, of course ...

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