Sump pump

Sump pump

In the villages and country houses is an issue of water supply. As a rule, in small settlements there is no central water supply and water comes from wells. If the well is very deep, then get out of it at least a bucket of water is a problem. For economic purposes, irrigation and home, you need a lot of water.

The solution to this problem is to pump. But it must be able to choose correctly. Surface pumps can supply water if the well depth is no more than eight meters, if the well or wells are much deeper, a submersible pump is required for water supply.

Each submersible pump belongs to the group. Arrange for water pumps can be as follows.

  • Vibrating pump. The principle of this device consists in the change of pressure in a pumping chamber of the pump. The pump chamber is located in one compartment of the working and shared with its diaphragm. It is due to its motion, and there is moisture fence;
  • Centrifugal pump. The pressure in the pump and the entire water system of the house and the infield is created due to the centrifugal force which arises from the impact of the impeller on the liquid;

Centrifugal submersible pump

  • Surface pump. A distinctive feature of the design is that this pump does not need to be lowered into a well, he will cope with the task, while next to him, or even standing at home. From such a pump moves the two hoses or pipes. One required for the water intake, and the second hose to deliver it to the desired location;
  • Pumping station. This design is a surface joined together pump and the water tank.

Classification according to the method of lifting water

Two types of pumps can be distinguished in this classification.

  1. The first is characterized in that it starts to water extraction only with the prior filling of the riser and the water processing chamber.
  2. Self-priming pump. Typically, these devices are equipped with water ejector system.

The following classification is based on the level of pressure that is created when the water rise. In other words, it can be expressed as: height at which the pump is capable of lifting water from a well or a well.

Quality Classification pumped water

There are three types of such pumps: pumping clean, slightly contaminated and dirty water, respectively. any of these pumps suitable for domestic water supply. But for the consumer - only the first.

This classification is simple. The more powerful pump, the greater the depth it may pump water through the pipe or hose.

Submersible pump in the well

The pumps are different: with built-in automation, or without it. Submersible and surface. But they can be both high quality and reliable or not.

There are cheap and expensive pumps. The price is directly related to the two previous classifications. That is, power and reliability. As a rule, the more expensive the pump, the better it is. But there are exceptions.

To the purchaser faces a tough choice: better to buy a pump for water supply at home. Some of them are preferred. In doing so, we try to find out more.

Most Viewed - Submersible Pumps

Statistics show that buyers are mostly for home and garden supply purchased submersible pump. What was he like? Try to understand.

In appearance submersible pump consists of a cylinder made of stainless steel, inside which there are:

  • a centrifugal motor;
  • an impeller which expels the water through a hose or pipe to the surface.

The submersible pump requires cooling during operation, so it must be located completely in the water. But because of this can happen complete the pumping of water from the well. To avoid this, it is necessary to use different devices reporting a critical state of water, and disables the pump.

Scheme float off the submersible pump

Examples of such devices are:

  1. The floats are equipped with frogs.
  2. Switches made of bimetal.
  3. Also, the pump can be equipped with electronic automation.

It is best to use a submersible pump with a frog. As practice shows, this option is the most durable and reliable.

Submersible pump has a number of advantages.

  1. Capable of lifting water via a hose or pipe to a depth of several tens of meters.
  2. Such a pump can be immersed to a depth of 60 meters.
  3. Performance can be up to 3.5 cubic meters per hour.

Wiring submersible pump

In addition, there are advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Submersible pump capable potentially lose an oil which falls into the water.
  2. Another disadvantage was the need for gaskets electroline pump power.

Popular models sump pump

  1. Sump pump grundfos. There are more than 30 species of these pumps. Prices range from 8,000 rubles to 40,000 Such pumps for home use unmatched people's love, bought every third pump - grundfos. Pit grundfos pumps are renowned for their reliability and long service life. That is why they are so popular;
  2. Sump Pump JEELEX. Such devices will also be an excellent solution to provide water for the home and garden. This brand pumps in the Russian market already for 20 years. During all this time JEELEX received only positive feedback. The company is confident in the quality of their products, so each JEELEX pump warranty from 1 to 3 years. Such pumps at the buyer's desire is provided with automation. The prices are relatively low. The cheapest pump costs about 3,500 rubles;
  3. Dab Pumps. This pump has come to us from Italy. Greater number of them are still made in their historical homeland. Dab pumps are available international holding Dab Water Technology. Every year this company pleases customers innovations and improvement of pumps. Every year Dab produced more compact, but at the same time powerful and energy efficient. Dab Pumps manufactured in Italy are the people's love in our country. In a wide range Dab can be seen as submersible pumps- machines and pumping stations.

The brightest representatives among all pumps are Dab Dab Divertron M 1000 and M 1200 Dab Divertron with integrated automation. Divertron These pumps are designed for the individual and for the collective needs. The main positive quality Divertron is that it is quiet and not muddying the waters.

Key Features Divertron:

  1. Divertron ideal immersion depth is 10 meters.
  2. Divertron operates from a standard single-phase network. The required voltage of 220-240 V.
  3. Cooling of the motor takes place by means of the pumped water.
  4. All models are equipped with Divertron electromechanical control system.
  5. Pumps of this mark capable of pumping liquid at a temperature of 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. Solid impurities, for example sand, may reach the content to 50 grams per cubic meter of liquid.
  6. Divertron pump housing is made of special engineering polymer intended for use in direct contact with water.

Which pump is best, of course, you decide. The above brands and models currently are the most popular in our country. Whichever pump you choose well, as long as it is fit for purpose and meet the objectives set for it.

The pump is lowered into the well

Formation of the pump price for a well

The price of the pump and the water supply system is composed of several factors. The most costly element, of course, is the pump itself, but also on the hose pipes also have to spend some money.

  1. The first pump price depends on its capacity.
  2. It is also necessary to consider the brand manufacturer. The more publicized brand, the higher the price.
  3. The important role played silently. As a rule, pumps, no loud noise at work, they are much more than their noisy counterparts.
  4. Environmental cleanliness. There are a huge number of pumps, which are cooled by means of a reagent containing a different chemical additives which, when depressurizing the housing can get into the water, which will cause the need of purification of the well. As a rule, remove the oil slick like that is very difficult. So the pumps, which are cooled by the pumped liquid is much more popular and therefore more expensive.
  5. Season purchase. In the spring and summer months, demand for pumps is much higher, therefore, the price in these times of the year there will be more.

Hose pump

Virtually all of the above items affect and hose. Is that excluding power. The hose may also be environmentally unclean or not made of high quality materials. Typically, the rubber easily flexible hose is much more expensive than plastic, which is able to wring at the slightest turn of the aqueduct.

If you want to build high-quality water at a country house or cottage, not worth saving at the pump, hose and various accessories. If you just install quality parts and equipment, the water will serve faithfully for many years. Otherwise, he will often fail and require repair. In the end, the desire to save will play with you a malicious joke. We hope you make the right judgments and choices.

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Pumps for wells: how to choose and install submersible well pump and the surface

At arrangement of the well is important to all: how far it is removed from the house, what is its depth, how it fits harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. This "strategic" object attracts the attention of architects, designers, and indifferent to the natural beauty of the owners of country doma.Kolodets usually becomes the center of a unique landscape composition, while remaining user-friendly and reliable source of water supply of private homes. The problem of "delivery" of water completely solve modern pumps for wells.

Universal helpers for individual water supply

The main advantages of most models - easy installation and operation, durability, efficiency of electricity consumption and a considerable amount of water pumped. This allows not only to provide drinking water to the house, but water the garden and vegetable garden, fill the pool, build fountains, waterfalls and even decorative ponds.

How to choose a pump for the well, useful video

Assortment of essential summer "workers" is so great that the question of what is best for the well pump, baffled technically unsophisticated person. In order to make the right choice, you need to decide:

  1. view of the pump;
  2. technical parameters of the equipment;
  3. installation characteristics.

For stand-alone water supply equipment most commonly used Submersible (deep or centrifugal) pumps, at least - surface. We will understand, what is their specificity.

The name of these units is self-explanatory: they are located near the source and work without immersion in water. Such equipment often manufactured as a part of the lift stations providing water supply and maintenance of the working pressure in the system.

As they fall into the vortex and centrifugal depending on the design. The first effective for increasing the pressure in the home water system, the latter - for lifting water with small depth - from 6 to 9 meters.

Such pumps are inexpensive, easy to install and are actively used by gardeners and farmers in irrigation systems. But they are totally unsuitable for deep wells, and even more wells.

These units work directly in the water and called to pick it up even with very large depths. All models of this type can be divided into two groups: Pit and wells. But this division is highly conditional and does not mean that the pumps for wells completely unsuitable for the wells. Specificity pumps, called manhole, is that they provided a lower sampling method. This ensures trouble-free operation of the equipment, despite the constant fluctuations in water level. Such pumps can be operated in partial immersion, most models have a float protection system which is triggered when a critical decrease in the volume of water and off the unit.

Pumps for wells is small in diameter and are able to run on almost bottom of the shaft, allowing the water rise to very great depths. They are good, "tolerate" the presence of water tverdodispersnyh particles and high loads.

Buying a submersible pump, you can easily provide all the family with drinking water, and will be able to water all green areas. All models are completely safe and are equipped with a special sensor. He shut off the unit at the critical fall of the water level and automatically turn on when everything returns to normal. Such equipment does not require a service, it runs almost silently and features ease of installation.

Subsurface pump - a kind of downhole submersible pump. Working lifting height of 15 meters and more. Therefore it is well suited for dug wells. It should also be selected if a well on your property - it is a landscape art object, "masking" the well. In this case, the pump will be the only solution.

It is the most common type of well equipment. The main purpose of a centrifugal pump - pumping of pure spring water. By choosing this option, keep in mind that these units do not tolerate even the slightest presence of sand or other particulate matter in the water.

As you can see, the variety of types and models of modern equipment for lifting water allows you to forget about that vacation home is not connected to a central water supply system, and you can fully enjoy life in the open air, taking advantage of all the benefits of civilization.

Secrets of choice for the well water pump

In fact, the big problem is how to pick up the pump for the well, no. Despite the fact that the stores offer a huge choice, and it seems that to understand the technical parameters of models of different manufacturers simply impossible.

What you need to know in order to choose a sump pump

  1. How deep the water is. From this selection of the unit depends on the parameters "pump immersion depth" and "Setup".
  2. The distance to the water surface (the level in the well). This figure defines the view of the pump (centrifugal or depth, for example).
  3. The degree of purity of the well. Neglect characteristic of "Water Quality" specified in the instructions to the equipment, do not - this is directly the life of the unit depends on the purchased.

Let's explain the algorithm for choosing a specific example. So, your well has a depth of 20 meters, the water is at a level of 4 m, and it is crystal clear. Choosing to be stopped on the equipment with the following characteristics: "Depth of immersion pump" - 20 meters; "Pump type" - or well submersible centrifugal, "Installation" - vertical, "Water Quality" - net.

Voicing sales consultants their options, you'll get expert advice and quickly decide on the kind of pump that is ideal for your home.

Technical specifications of pumps for wells

We already know that there are different pumps for wells, how to choose the type of unit, undecided. It remains to find a model with the appropriate specifications. To pump fully meet your expectations, it is important to take into account:

  • distance from the well to the house;
  • water consumption;
  • presence of filters.

These parameters allow to find the optimal variant with the required capacity, performance and pressure. Typically, these specifications are given in the product description, but cause a lot of controversy and doubt. So, let's see.

Indicated in watts or kilowatts (kW or W). This indicator is responsible for the volume of water pumped per unit of time. There can not be guided by the principle: the more, the better. It all depends on your needs. Excess pressure in the water system to anything, and in the life of the equipment it is affected very badly.

  • Performance or bandwidth

Indicated in liters, which raises the pump per unit of time. The most common indicator - 4.2 cubic meters per hour. When servicing a large family living in a spacious house with a huge plot of land, require the unit capable of pumping, for example, 4.8 liters per minute.

The pump must provide not only the rise of the water, but also a sufficient pressure in the aerial part of the water supply system. To determine the desired pressure to be folded index depth of the well (lift height) and the distance "transportation" (horizontal pipe length). And do not forget that for every 10m supply "lost" 1m pressure significantly reduces this figure is also the presence of the filter.

Algorithm considerations when analyzing technical description model selected may be about the. the well depth of 18 meters, it is removed from the house at 22 meters, filters are not installed. So, 18 + 22 = 40 2 m and minus losses. Therefore, you need a pump with a maximum head of 38 meters.

So, the long-awaited purchase is made, the pump is already at home, and you are one step from being permanently forget how tiring to carry buckets of water from the well. The advantage of modern pumps that their installation does not cause much difficulty. This task handle any owner infield.

The answer to the question of how to install the pump in the well, depends on the specifications of the equipment that you have purchased.

Setting the surface pump

There is nothing easier than to equip the old plumbing with this unit. Install the pump in the well is very simple. All you need - is to put the equipment near a well, pour the water, lower the hose into the well via the feeding tube to attach the pump to the irrigation system and to include in the network. It is important to pay attention to the water inlet hose is smooth and there was a slight angle relative to the surface of the water.

A little more difficult to install the pump for year-round operation. His body must be carefully warmed by placing it, for example, in the caisson. So-called special steel capacity, additionally insulated with foam. Water supply must be laid under the ground at a depth of not less than 2 meters.

This work is a virtue, even quite knowledgeable in technical matters to man.

Fixing the pump in the well is done via tight rope. It is necessary to stretch through the holes to be drilled in the lid of the well. It is best to use a metal wire with a special anti-corrosion coating. It will serve faithfully for many years. No less durable alternative - nylon cord.

Minimum distance to the bottom of the well for such pumps - 30 centimeters. It is important that the pump does not come into contact with the walls of the well.

If the water quality is poor, it is better to buy pumps, which are connected by pipe with the floating filter. This will prolong the life of the pump and will provide you with clean water.

As you can see, the installation of the pump in the well does not take much time and effort. It gives a distinct advantage - an automated water supply to the house and on the infield.

Modern Pit pumps - the best choice of the owner of a country cottage or suburban area. They make it possible to forget about manual watering favorite plants and allow you to set the house dishwasher and automatic washing machine, shower, bath, and also connect the car wash. All this makes life in a country house comfortable and free of charges for public utility services of water supply and sanitation.

For many dacha - a second home where you can recharge your health and enjoy the gifts of nature, grown without "Chemistry." But it is unlikely. Further

Cleaning the wells with their own hands - the occupation is quite realizable. If trust is an event for professionals, they are in the majority. Further

Who at least once drank well water, he understands why many gardeners are trying to build a well on the site. . Further

Even with a centralized water, gardeners perplexed how to find the water to the well. And there are a number. Further

At the suburban areas is rarely a central water supply. As a rule, it replaces the traditional well or, at best. Further

The well at the cottage - a very useful facility, critical water problems. Its drilling can be entrusted to professionals, especially if. Further

Happy owners of cottages and gardens is carried out in a green oasis at least six months a year. And here . Further

even more ideas:

in March Tell you about seasonal jobs this month, to keep your garden in perfect condition

Submersible sump pump for supplying water

Equipment for full water supply

Not only to dig a well to get water and the required quality, it is necessary to organize the delivery of water to the draw-off points or premises. Sump pump submersible well pump is used where the well has a depth greater than 10 m., The building is removed from the house that rightly done.

This equipment may supply fluid under pressure to a height of 90 m., Expending less energy than a surface for example a pump. Sump pump has another distinct advantage - relative work silence broken clicking of the relay.

During the winter season, which is in the water pump does not freeze, and operates stably and debugged.

Various designs and models of pumps, different price and manufacturers, how to choose a model to suit your needs, and correctly place it in the well?

What are the nuances and how to take them into account or bypass:

  • A method of interaction with the water pump determines the classification.
  • Entirely dipped into water unit is a group of submersible pumps.
  • Surface type works on land and water from the well selects the suction conduit or hose.
  • Submersible pump, in turn, are divided into the well and drain.
  • Then the group disperses on the principle of action - centrifugal pumps and vibration patterns.
  • The main part of the centrifugal pump is one or several rotating wheels mounted on a shaft, as in the multi-stage model.
  • Select design features help to other terms. For example, "self-priming", what is it different from "normal suction" of the pump?

It turns out that there is a difference and when to run the pump in the first necessary to fill with water hydraulics, then poured entire second suction line, thereby displacing it from the action of air.

  • Normal pump suction pipe must be permanently filled with water. There are cases when it falls due to air leakage of fluid through the check valve, which is either closed or not closed, but not tightly, and then the pump suction line is filled again.
  • Self-priming pump is also limited in their capabilities. Technical ability to achieve suction head mounted on the practice of 7-8 m. To increase the rate of rise of the depth, the pump is equipped with an ejector.

    The main disadvantage of this system refers to increased noise during operation, so they are submitted outside the apartment building.

  • Note: Immersion ejectors connected to pump two pipes, provide the ability to deliver water with a depth of 45 m, when the motor capacity allows it, and more.

    • Guide descriptive structural part of the pump contains a reference to the existing inner cooling jacket of the engine, which allows placing such equipment in a well or borehole with a larger diameter.
    • The sump pump is used efficiently the potential of the engine, they have a higher performance than the well pump, and at the same power consumption are much smaller.

    Scope and types of constructions

    This submersible pump has chosen

    Priority areas for the submersible pump selection lie on the surface - easy installation, high efficiency, quiet, quiet operation, saving valuable space. The main advantage that brings together all types of submersible pumps models unreachable for surface units is their depth of sampling the water supply, as well as compactness.

    The disadvantage of submersible pumps - a large depth of location and complex services:

    • One type of submersible centrifugal pumps relates to the type of drain pump.
    • Their high cost is due to the use of materials that do not suffer the action of moisture, and it is stainless steel, special polymers.
    • Drainage options found broad in scope.
    • They are suitable for pumping liquid from flooded basements, cellars, that is a small enclosed space, for irrigation and watering suburban areas.
    • They are equipped with adjustable float switches, providing work offline.
    • Most functional models provide water level at which is performed to enable or disable, set independently.
    • The minimum level is selected if you want to avoid flooding of the pump must not run dry when watering. The drain pump is divided into the pump for clean water, dirty water, fecal pump.
    • Generally type pumps used in the pits can be reduced to the same group - centrifugal, vortex, vibratory and screw pumps. They only differ in principle.

    Note: The basic rule for the installation of a submersible pump has it that the water level is above the pump and underneath it must not be less than a meter.

    • It happens that there is already a well pump 90 cm. In length, and the water level in the well is small, like to use it can not be used, but not in an upright position. The wells often can be found just borehole pumps with correctly chosen parameters, at least Pit.

    Positive properties pumps and their shortcomings:

    • Vibrating pumps have rotating parts and elements. All stock movements, pushes water into the pipe, it is vibrating, which gave the name of the pump.

    Vibration can cause harm to the well and contribute to its destruction, because it is not crumbling parts. We do not recommend installing this type of pump sand quicksand.

    Its vibration, even at a considerable distance from the bottom can provoke the rise of the smallest particles of sand and suck them, worsening water quality, to say the least. In the remaining wells, it can safely be used.

  • This is one of the cheapest category of products, often chosen by vacationers. However, a more thorough selection relates to a centrifugal pump for the well.
  • Centrifugal pump with vibrating their difference shown in Scheme

    • The centrifugal pump has a fundamentally different structure, and work is organized in a different way.
    • Pit centrifugal submersible pumps are operated only by being completely in the water. Water is its thermal protection against dry running, from a power surge, or other emergency, accidental situation.

    A centrifugal pump provided with a submersible floats or special automatics, signaling the occurrence of a critical point when the water level drops.

  • The housing is made of stainless steel or plastic, the more expensive and durable model made of stainless steel. Such models are not afraid of abrasive particles and have excellent performance.

    Large plus pump is the ability to pump water, which contains sand to 185 g / m³. The price range in the centrifugal pumps is quite impressive and it depends on the brand and quality of materials.

  • The water flow in the water determines the performance of the pump. The total consumption consists of the consumption of different water - sink, kitchen sink, shower, washing machine, compiled a list of plumbing fixtures and water consumption.

    The exact model is selected after the calculation of the pressure. The pressure is in direct proportion to the depth of the well, the distance from the well structure, a mirror of water at home.

    Submersible pump has a different size, its diameter does not really matter, but the length of the operation depends on the security.

    • Videos in this article and tell the master that the submersible pump for well water intake through a hole made at the bottom where the filter is designed to protect against large particles inside.

    Installation of the pump arrangement and plumbing

    • pump installation task in the well water supply wiring in the house, such complicated at first glance, although they have their own nuances, but run quite successfully even without the involvement of specialists ..
    • If the works are planned to do with his hands, it is better to install a pump to draw two or three people, well, like East is a delicate matter, and safety net is always useful.
    • First runs water from the well to the building, dug a trench without twists and turns to get the minimal loss in water pressure. Trench depth determined by the level of freezing and digging below it.
    • The bottom of the trench must be free of sharp rocks, construction debris and glass.
    • At the bottom of cushion layer arranged sandy 15-20 cm., Is spread geotextiles, which is wrapped in a water pipe.
    • For its plumbing product selected from steel pipes, reinforced plastic materials, stainless steels, polypropylene tubes and conventional garden hoses.

    Note: The hoses used for seasonal during the warm period, steel pipe subjected to corrosion, so that the remain of the other pipe materials.

    • Pipe sections are interconnected, turn insulation product and placed in a tube of larger diameter. This sandwich system is protective against mechanical damage and prevents insulation damage.

    Emergency emptying is performed through the drain valve

    • The resulting pipe, then laid in the trench, and tie-ins are planned well in place and the wall of the building.
    • The end of the conduit is provided with a drain valve with T-piece. The photo shows that the tubes rotate, downcomer must reach places the pump installation.
    • Submersible pump in the well hanging on a rope fixed to the mounting frame.
    • The mounting frame of welded steel angle 50x50 mm and installed on the center pole of the well.
    • One of the parts comprises a hole for fixing the other end of the cable.
    • After the installation is carried through the pipeline laying foundation and to the water equipment - hydraulic accumulator, boiler and filter.
    • After installation of pipes, tubing, wrapped in geotextile, layer of sand is poured into 10 cm and a ground.

    The difficulty installing a submersible pump in the well associated with the descent of the sleeve to the level of the pipe for connection. This trouble can be avoided if you apply a flexible hose.

    Work is carried out from the top and do not have to go down. If you are unable, for whatever reason, to reach water in a trench below the soil freezing and line pipes are not recessed, they are dressed in a heating electrical cable that protects them from freezing.

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