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Mansion at the cottage: how to build a house for the well with their hands

Who at least once drank well water, he understands why many gardeners are trying to build a well on the site. Crystal clear ice, "living" water quenches thirst. In addition, well - it is a symbol of rural life and everything connected with it. To clear the water is always clean and ready to use, well head of the well must be covered to protect from dry branches, leaves, grasses, insects and dust - all that is transferred through the air. As a barrier against dirt well play a beautiful and compact home for the well, which performs two important functions:

  • practical - protects sump frame or reinforced concrete ring;
  • aesthetic - decorate a country plot unusual design.

Installation carved house for the well: a step by step video

How to make a house for their own well

There are two ways of arrangement of this structure:

  • It is possible to book a house in the company, which professionally engaged in the construction. Engineer or master to advise on all matters will create a project to calculate the cost - and at this point you will realize that even any miniature model will cost quite expensive.
  • The second way - to design and build a house for the well with his own hands, giving it a piece of his soul and skill. It will be much cheaper to bring a sense of satisfaction, but perhaps a little delayed in time - in case you decided to create a true masterpiece.

Of course, folk artists and a zealous hosts the second option will appeal: it is possible and well equipped, and occupy themselves in creative work. And it's nice to be on a daily basis to see close to home is an original and useful structure created completely independently!

Variant elementary circuit design

Here is one of the easiest options available for self-construction. Even people far from the joinery, will be able to construct this simple house for the well, drawing clearly shows what parts are needed to build, and how they are interconnected. Material for manufacturing is wood, while the roof can be covered with slate or polycarbonate.

The main part of the building:

  1. The base of the timber (1 pc.)
  2. Gable (2 pcs.)
  3. The connecting column (2 pcs.)
  4. Roofing horse (1 pc.)
  5. Gates (1 pc.)
  6. Sheathing gables (2 pcs.)
  7. Rear roof slope (1 pc.)
  8. The front roof slope (1 pc.)

Tools and materials to build a house

You're lucky if you have recently finished or still ongoing construction of a country house. In this case, the hand would be not only the right tools but also a variety of materials for decorating the well mini-house.

The list of materials, which ideally should be available from the very beginning of construction:

  • Edged board;
  • log (the next goal);
  • wooden beams (50x50 mm, 50x100 mm);
  • wood paneling;
  • thick bar of metal (preferably steel);
  • corners made of stainless steel;
  • bushings;
  • covering materials (slate, tile, polycarbonate, roofing material);
  • bucket chain;
  • nails, screws;
  • door handles and hinges;
  • compositions for the treatment of wood: stain, antiseptic paint.

Minimum tools for materials processing:

When all the tools within reach, work goes faster, and less time spent on the search.

To begin to accurately determine the outer diameter of the well, if it is a circular shape, or the width if it is square. The resulting number - the distance between the opposite sides of the future framework. By adjusting the sizes of the frame beams gather 50x100 mm. During construction it is necessary to use a level to make all the details went smoothly and did not have an angle.

Further, fixed on the basis of the two legs of the same timber. It is important to immediately determine the size of the rack - it was so high and will house sump. Metal corners help firmly fix the joints of racks and frames.

Take a timber of 50x50 mm and cook from it rafters. To install the ends of the frame parts and racks should be cut at an angle of 45 °. In a place where the projected installation of doors, following gains wide board, which will serve as a support for the bucket. Three other parties equip narrower boards. They need to fix the design on manhole rings, so their width should be sufficient.

Even if the well will be equipped with an automated system with a pump, the gate needs to lift buckets of water. Without this detail of any well it looks unfinished.

We need to direct a beam, the diameter of which must not be less than 20 cm. Pre removing bark, knots, preparing and sanded it is clipped so that its length was slightly shorter than the distance between the uprights, about 4 cm. Clearances 2 cm guarantee easy scrolling gate while lifting a bucket of water. To form has not changed, it is possible to strengthen the beam solid wire.

On both sides in the end of the gate is necessary to drill holes having a depth of 50 mm and 20 mm in diameter. For protection and durability using metal plates, fixing them over the openings. Similar openings with plates and racks will be - in front of the first. In addition, the openings of racks insert sleeve to the gate does not hit the rack while scrolling.

To install the gate between the posts need two rod driven into the prepared holes. Left to insert a small rod length of 20 cm, on the right -. Big rod length 100 cm meter long rod must first be bent into a zig-zag - it will be turning the handle.

The final step - fixing on the shaft with the bucket chain at the end.

Build a simple door. First we produce a frame for fixing the frame four bars, two parallel rafters and two horizontal. On the frame should be laid on the board podpilennye size, fastened together by small bars. The third bar is useful for rigidity: he nailed to the two connecting elements on the diagonal. That will have a door, like a shield.

On the structure of the frame fasten piano hinges and hang them made door.

The next step - Cabin lodge-edged boards, which can be replaced with lining or blockhouse. Blockhouse also serves for finishing and represents the board, on the one hand like a round log. If you think that a house roof insufficiently protected, use improvised roofing material. Perfectly suited roofing felt, shingles, slate and so on. D.

The remaining parts of the house can elevate Using mordants, primer or special decorative compositions, eg paint or wood toplazur effect.

Traditional and original solutions

If you decide to design your own house for a well - photos of various models can be found on the Internet or magazines on landscape design.

It is unlikely that someone will pass by the miracle-house, decorated on all sides openwork carving. In addition, this structure is painted with two combined colors - black and yellow wood. Marked contrast gives the lodge a shade of nobility. As you can see, just a wooden roof, without additional coatings.

If you like natural wood, you can navigate to the model in rustic style - deliberately rough, but quite picturesque. Wait a frame made of logs will perfectly complement the house built on the same technology. Natural material is saved through the use of a protective clear lacquer.

If a family has children, they will love the house in every sense of the word. It seems that the area settled a little dwarf, who built for themselves a neat Mansion. This model will stand for a long time, since the walls are stained and treated with protective varnish, and the roof has additional coverage.

This structure resembles a mushroom with a large cap. The roof of the decorated board is mounted on a firm base with the use of natural stone.

Now you know how to build a house for the well. Of course, it is not necessary to dwell on the seen models - thanks to the personal imagination and skill, you can create a unique structure for the protection of the well. House may resemble a beehive hut of Baba Yaga or mill, in any case, it will be one of the best decoration of your suburban area.

Cleaning the wells with their own hands - the occupation is quite realizable. If trust is an event for professionals, they are in the majority. Further

Even with a centralized water, gardeners perplexed how to find the water to the well. And there are a number. Further

At the suburban areas is rarely a central water supply. As a rule, it replaces the traditional well or, at best. Further

At arrangement of the well is important to all: how far it is removed from the house, what is its depth, how harmoniously. Further

even more ideas:

in March Tell you about seasonal jobs this month, to keep your garden in perfect condition

Make a house for themselves well with a gable roof

Often in suburban households and suburban areas set well. As a rule, it looks like a nondescript building with a collar on the racks. Turn it into an attractive and functional building quite a force to each. This requires basic skills in construction, desire and suitable materials for the creation of this design. The construction and shopping centers are sold not only finished houses for the well, but all the parts to build them.

Sump house needs as performs several functions:

  1. This design eliminates the possibility of falling into the water leaves, insects, dust, debris, as well as chemicals used in spraying the plants near it.
  2. Protection against penetration of the sun's rays, which have a negative effect on the water.
  3. It prevents water from freezing in the winter.
  4. Close the access of children and pets.
  5. It serves decoration yard that emphasize the uniqueness and finish portion composition.

Allowed various forms of designs for wells. They may be in the form of a simple shield that covers the top of the well or mine look like a house from log. Typically gable roof, pent or as umbrella. The angle of inclination of the roof may be gentle or sharp. Doors made positioned on one or both sides. They can be single, double, solid or sliding panels.

For roofing material is chosen, which is in color and texture in harmony with the buildings on the site. It can be painted or covered with a soft tile. It looks beautiful stone finishes and other textured materials. In this case, the well ring, a layer of cement mortar and stones stacked on it. The same principle makes mosaic tiles lining.

To create all these details of registration, not necessarily to buy them at the hardware store. Quite amiss remaining after the construction of the house Materials:

  1. Cement, printed on the well ring, easily converted into a relief pattern in the form of brickwork. While the solution is not frozen, you can draw lines simulating bricks. When it hardens, paint in the appropriate color.
  2. Splinters of ceramic tiles can be split into fragments and put them as a puzzle in the form of a composition in a circle pit base.
  3. Round logs to enclose the base, giving any geometric shape. Racks can decorate dry bark. Next to plant flowers and beautify the roof slopes figural carvings.

The first step is to clear the area around the well of debris and grass. Then it is necessary to level the surface and cover with gravel. To do this layer of from 15 to 20 cm to be compacted. First you need to fill up the surface of a large gravel, and then smaller. The result is a platform which should exceed the lodge for a well.

To build the structure of manhole cover is traditionally used wood. This material is light to handle, durable in operation and has a beautiful natural look. At the preparatory stage is to cut all the details in the drawing. This will speed up the process of assembling the house.

The dimensions of the house of the future based on the well ring diameter. After obtaining all measurement data the design drawing, and selected fabrication material planned further construction activities.

As an example will be described the creation of the house structure for a well of wooden planks and boards. Said cabin has a gable roof with roof tiles soft.

It shows an embodiment of a roof dvuskanoy 1 - a base frame; 2 - gables; 3 - vertical stand; 4 - skate roof; 5 - gate; 6 - a covering of gables; 7-8 - roof slopes

To build a house for the well will need the following materials:

  1. 4 wooden timber (rafters) section of 50x50 mm and a length of 84 cm;
  2. 1 wooden beam (ridge roof board) section of 50x50 mm and a length of 100 cm;
  3. 4 wooden timber (base) section of 100x100 mm, 100 cm long;
  4. Two wooden beams (for attaching the rafters and base) section 100x50 mm, 100 cm long;
  5. Two wooden beams (columnar support) section 100x50 mm and a length of 72 to 172 cm (depending on the method of fastening and height);
  6. Log (to the well gate) with a diameter of 20 to 25 cm, length 90 cm;
  7. Board (on which the buckets are placed) section 30h300 mm, length 100 cm;
  8. Boards (for gables and roof slopes) section 20h100 mm;
  9. 4 metal corners;
  10. 2 the metal rod with a diameter of 20 mm: a length of 20 to 30 cm, the other - L-shaped, sized 40h35h25 cm;
  11. 2 metal sleeve (pipe cutter);
  12. 5 metal washers with 26mm diameter holes;
  13. Two hinges, handle, latch;
  14. Nails, screws, self-tapping screws;
  15. Roofing material (soft tile);
  16. Chain and the water tank.

First you need to align and to trim the wood. All parts made of wood may be exposed to rotting and defeat drevotochaschimi insects. To avoid this, the design must be treated with antiseptic solutions, anti-fungal agents or oily protective equipment.

The wood for the construction of the frame must be pre-dried. This does not give it in the future warp.

The necessary toolbox

Build a house for the construction of the well is almost impossible without special tools:

  1. Shershebel and circular saw (with these tools, you can quickly and accurately process all wooden structural elements).
  2. Hacksaw or jigsaw (convenient when sawing the boards along the length).
  3. Hammer drill or puncher (for drilling holes in the concrete ring when mounting rack).
  4. Hammer (better to take a medium-sized).
  5. Screwdriver (Phillips tip).
  6. Building level.
  7. Roulette.
  8. Pencil.

Step by step instructions for the production house for a well

  1. Measure the diameter or width of the tip well. Based on these dimensions will be calculated perimeter of the wooden base structure. Frame base
  2. From timber section 50x100 mm manufactured wooden frame. It is more convenient to do it on a flat surface, checking the design with the help of a spirit level.
  3. To the frame, perpendicular to its base, attach the 2 beams (uprights) section 50x100 mm length 72 cm. Above them together bar section 50x50 mm, which will play the role of the ridge. The design is ready for installation on the manhole ring
  4. Vertical uprights connected to a base frame (in its corners) using trusses. To abut the rafters, it is necessary the upper ends of struts on both sides cut at an angle of 45 degrees. The upper ends of the uprights rasped from both sides at an angle of 45 degrees
  5. To the base of one of the frame sides (in the place where there will be a door), attach the wide boards. On it in the future will be put buckets of water from the well. Its width should be no less than 30 cm.
  6. On the remaining side of the board to fill smaller width. It is necessary for structural strength and holding it to the well annulus. Fixing structure on the concrete ring
  7. Ready frame attached to a concrete ring well with bolts. To do this, the holes and the concrete pillars of the ring, in which to insert screws and tighten the screws. The vertical beams are fixed to the concrete ring on the bolts
  8. Set the gate with a handle on the uprights. Secure it to the structure. Gate metal plates fastened to the uprights
  9. Attached to the frame of the door with the handle and latches. Surface rays ready for coating roofing material
  10. Sheathe gables and stingrays frame boards. The last rays of the board should go beyond design. It will play the role of the visor and protect gables from getting wet.
  11. Fix the roofing material on the roof slope.

The frame must have the correct geometrical shape as the bias and distortions in the future adversely affect the integrity of the structure. Designated wooden frame elements of the compounds can be further strengthened metal corners. For this purpose, suitable self-tapping with the rare thread pitch diameter of from 3.0 to 4.0 mm and a length of 20 to 30 mm.

When the structure is mounted on the well ring, you can start manufacturing doors. This adaptation is necessary for the lifting and lowering of the bucket.

The larger the gate diameter, the easier it cranking chain with a bucket of water.

  • Cylindrical beam length of 90 cm and a diameter of 20 cm or more. the gate length should be 4-5 cm less than the distance between the uprights. This makes it possible not to touch the edge of the rack doors.

The dimensions of the metallic elements have exactly the approach the gate openings

  • Pre-need to clear it from the crust to align the plane and sand.
  • To save the cylindrical timber edge wrap wire or obtyanut metal clamp.
  • The ends of the logs from the center hole drill with a diameter of 2 cm and a depth of 5 cm.

Before the production, the gate beam should be dry and free of cracks

  • Top fix metal washers with similar holes. This is to prevent damage and cracking of wood during operation.
  • Same to drill holes at the same height in the uprights. Then to insert a metal sleeve.
  • The ready-hole logs to drive the metal rods on the left - 20 cm, right - T-handle Gate.

Metal parts for manual gates

  • Hang door with metal parts on the uprights.
  • Attach to the collar chain and hang it water tank.
  • To one of the frame sides to fix the bar 3 (intended for the door frame) section of 50x50 mm;

Bars attached to the rafters and the base of the whole structure

  • In accordance with the frame dimensions assemble the door of identical boards. Top, bottom and diagonally fitted boards are held together by bars;

Better to do it on a flat surface of the earth. The value of the door need to pick up smaller than the internal dimensions of its chassis. In this case, the door will not touch a wooden base.

  • Attach metal hinges to the door;
  • Then install the door on the frame and fix the loop on the screws or nails;

Door hinges are secured with nails

  • Mounted on the outside of the door handle and bolt;
  • Check the door. It should not be engaged in opening and closing.

Installing roofing material

The final construction phase of the house to the well will be the installation of the waterproofing layer of the roof. This will keep the wood and prolong the service life of the structure. As protection against water using roofing material or, as in our case, soft tile.

It is not necessary to install waterproofing top heavy slate or tile. From this weight a few years later construction may become distorted and destroyed.

As soft tile roof selected

Ready to house the well can decorate to your liking. Can be divided around the flower beds and flower beds, paint in the desired color and decorate carving. The decor does not have any rules. Construction should integrate harmoniously into the environment of the site and please you for years to come.

well design: Sump house (indoor and outdoor)

Well in the country, and sometimes even outside the house - a necessary thing. But just sticking out of the ground concrete ring with some cover little happy look, and comfort of use below the average. To remedy the situation, it is required to refine and deliver the gate, which will facilitate the rise of water. Sold finished Pit fence - with the roof and gates, but they have a price or a solid, or look pathetic. Because most of the well built house for your own hands. Then it is possible and imagination to make and arrange the way you want.

Types of manhole houses and their tasks

The primary task of manhole cabin - to protect the water from entering various materials - dust, leaves and other such contaminants. This requires a tight-fitting lid. Open wells are possible only for process water - for irrigation. For other purposes, the water of which can not be used. So if you want to though, would wash the dishes, the well should be closed tightly.

The lid on the well should lie firmly

Also need to be protected from any kind of precipitation: rain and melt water carry with them a very dirty water with dissolved fertilizer, animal waste, various debris and impurities. It hit the well is fraught with serious pollution. To protect against rainfall make the canopy, often - roof - it's easier to divert rainfall.

Another problem is the well house - to protect against unauthorized or, in any case, to ensure the safety of children. To do this, make the latch locks or crashed.

Option of closed house for the well

To raise the water was easier to install the rack and the gate - in the simplest case, a rotating timber with a handle, which is attached to the chain. All this together should be more pleasing to the eye the owners, but to require minimum maintenance.

As you can see in the photo, to the well house is a life open and closed. Cheaper and easier to open: manhole ring can be finished with a stone or a tree, cover, stand and canopy - made of wood or metal - to whom it would be cheaper. Materials with such a structure requires a minimum. There is only one "but" - the winter in a well of water may freeze. If you do not plan to use it in cold weather - no problem.

But the required insulated sump house for winter use. But even then, it can be made public:

  • buy expanded polystyrene "shell" for the well - they have the right size to fit it, and over it already putting finishing;
  • overlapping ring and lid made from several layers of wood, the boards laid in different directions, overlapping joints.

Private house for a well

Another option - to make a closed house. He has the size of a little more well ring. The available air space is already a good thermal insulator, but can still improve protection - laying periods of foam, for example.

Choosing appearance sometimes takes a long time. Especially the "suffering" the desire to decorate the well beautiful half of humanity, turning numerous design options and spending doing this a long time. In fact, everything is simple: if you have a house, and well worth next - should decorate it in the same style and, if possible, in the same color. Agree, looks good.

Well draw better in the same style as the house

What if the house is brick or stucco? Choosing finish suitable style for formatting portion. If it is - one of the first buildings on the site, just do as much.

Often the question arises, made of metal or wood. Wood look, of course beautiful. But without proper care quickly lose the attractiveness and become gray and ugly. If you are not afraid of the prospect on a regular basis, at least once a year to update protective coating (to remove old paint, then paint again), made of wood. If it is - not for you, made of metal. The entire structure or only a skeleton - your choice. What's wrong with a variant: the frame of galvanized metal sheets, lined siding. Especially if you just trimmed house.

House to the well of the siding

As you have seen, a lot of variants. Choose the first type - open-closed, then the materials and finishes to taste, to understand the structure, make a house for the well with your hands.

Covered well with a lid - open house

Structurally, the device is simple: there are two columns, located opposite one another. They serve as a support for the canopy, and they fastened the gate - a device for lifting buckets of water. Drawing an open house with the dimensions look at the photo below.

Drawing a pass from the manhole cover and the collar

Please note that the rack can be to dig after finishing done well ring. Depending on this change the procedure works, but the structure in any case remains the same.

The posts supporting the canopy can is inside the well casing or outside the ring

First I am going to shed. Make two sides of the triangle at the required dimensions. In the figure, only the above given exemplary expansion of the two end points. If necessary, it can do more. The length of the canopy depends on where they will be stand - close to the well ring, or for plating. Exemplary canopy sizes at 100 cm diameter ring are shown in the picture below.

Dimensions sump canopy diameter for 100 cm

Collect design can be of galvanized steel profile, metal shaped tube or a wooden beam. To the profile is not bent its doors at fixing strengthen - can be put into a piece of wood or metal corner.

To guarantee rain did not get inside, expansion is necessary to do a lot more dimensions kltsa - at least 20 cm on each side.

The roof over the well must be much greater than its diameter

If the rack will be attached directly to a concrete ring, the procedure works a bit different. First collected frame which covers the ring. In the picture it is made of board of 30 mm thick. Racks also made of the same board, the mounting location on concrete reinforced linings. They also play a decorative role.

If the canopy get heavy, it is advisable to use a beam of greater thickness, otherwise it will not sustain the load.

The frame for manhole tip

Once on the roof rack is mounted collected earlier. Triangles can be done on the spot but it is more convenient to prepare them in advance to collect truss system, and a ready-made set up on the rack.

Assembled, but not finished

Next - Finish. Sew board, paneling, roofing material. Only consider that boards by using raw, after some time ssohnutsya, gap formed therebetween to 5 mm thick. Neither of which health then we are not talking: and the rain will fall and the dust ... Use dry board - is not very good - in wet weather it will swell, flooring "will wave." In general, if you want to have clean water, build a house with the doors - closed. There's likely to keep moisture away from the pollution more.

The roof to the well with his own hands: drawing and dimensions

Private house for a well with their hands

It refers to a variant cover for the well - with a door. If the inside of the lid to be done, just dust will not fall.

Built frame, then he put on the well headroom and secured with anchor bolts.

House to the well with his own hands

  1. support column of 100 * 200 mm
  2. Short support legs out of the same timber 100 * 200 mm
  3. mounting bar 30 * 60 mm
  4. triangular timber

Frame collect, with short sticks attached to the rings. After starting the assembly of the pallet. Collect flooring planks 30 * 100 mm or so. Frame sheathed boards or sheet material, such as waterproof plywood.

The order to build the house of the well

To keep a good door, you can put an additional jib. Hang door - one or two, if desired. To make it easier to orientate below shows dimensional drawings.

House for a well with their hands dimensional drawings

For this scheme, you can make a roof for the house of metal. If there is a welding machine, you can use the profile pipe. To flatter her mount finishing material.

How to make a completely closed frame

It is possible to house and hide the concrete ring. In this case, the gate is usually placed stand alone, and then going to the frame. The dimensions are chosen so as to design freely laying ring. Height - above your height cm 20: so that you can easily bend over and get a bucket.

Such a shelter for the well galvanized profiles for drywall, and metal siding

Profile take from thick metal, galvanized. From the collecting guide two identical frames - "floor" and the upper level ring. They are connected struts (profile for columns). The result was a cube with closed sidewalls.

In the guide profile clipped bokovinki, "back" leaving intact. So it will be possible to make a triangle. The support frame, which is equal to the height of the entire house. If you want to have equal slopes, secure the rack in the middle. You can make the far slope steeper, then stand postponed to 15-20 cm from the center.

To fasten the rack fixed notched profile. We obtain one of the elements truss system. We perform the same operation on the other side. Obtained apex of the triangles join the cross member.

Preparation for the door

From the side door pillar add - on both sides. Their best efforts - to put into the wooden blocks and fasten with screws.

Start the installation of the roof

Fasten the roofing material, e.g. a profiled sheet is sheathed with plywood. Plywood nailed and then laid a soft tiles - one which technology. "Foot" and the sides of the roof finished with any material. Do you want to - can be wood - paneling, imitation logs or timber, you want - siding.

In this case, used the same materials that when facing the house: that all looked a unified ensemble.

House to the well of the siding

Another example of a video assembly of profiles for plasterboard in video format.

Making well with his own hands the ring

If done well head or canopy, gray concrete ring is visible. Species is not the most attractive, and wants to decorate it.

The most popular way of decorating the well - stone finish - medium-sized pebbles or gravel. If a finishing material is more or less clear - buy or build, the question of what it cling remains. There are several recipes:

  1. Bag adhesive for tile and natural stone + 25 kg sack of dry mixture to 300 - 50 kg. All mix in dry form, was diluted to a paste with water. Stones soaked in water. A thin layer on a ring - the vertical bar from top to bottom, select and laid stones utaplivaja them into solution. When a certain piece made until the solution has dried, stones purified overwritten seams.

Well, decorated with stone

The third recipe how well obkladyvat stone offer in video format. Composition of mixture there is very similar, but before application of solution, the grid is fixed on the ring. This technology just did not fall off.

An interesting variant of the hinged lid on the well proposed in the following video: she leans almost completely, but whether such a device is needed - you decide.

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