Well crane

How well do pie with his hands

2. Reliance counterweight.

Geometric designs sizes are directly dependent on the depth of the well.

Sump crane - functional decoration area

Raising water from the well by means of a lever and counterweight known since ancient times. Over the past century the construction of the mechanism was improved, but still simple and accessible for self-production. Well crane has become quite rare, so its structure on the site will bring to the landscape of special originality and romance.

Well crane

Design features the well crane

The earliest models of the crane well with nearby trees as a support were known to the ancient Egyptians. Later, they were used for irrigation in Mesopotamia. Hoist device principle remains the same - this lever having, on one arm of the counterweight and at the other bucket of water. With proper calculation of the mass of the counterweight bucket full of climbs without physical effort.

and - with the help of the gate; b - with the help of a crane; 1 - gate; 2 - chain or a rope; 3 - preponderance crane; 4 - counterweight; 5 - Baba crane (pole with a fork)

The basis for the design is the balance bar, a pole or beam, which is suspended with one side chain (hex) from the bucket, and on the other - advantage. The whole structure is mounted on a woman (pole with a fork). Using a crane easier to extract water than using the gate circuit to wrap on a cylinder. The only drawback of the design is to limit the depth of the water table. At a distance of up to 8 m of water will require the use of parts of considerable length, to make such a lifting mechanism with their own hands will be quite difficult.

Table ratio well parameters

The design for lifting water is made up of the following parts:

Geometric parameters of the well crane depend on the depth of the mine. Before proceeding with the manufacture of the mechanism, it is better to make a drawing, which all determine the dimensions of the structural parts.

The lifting mechanism has its own advantages:

  • unusual design;
  • quick and easy lifting of water;
  • simple and durable construction.
  • on the well depth limit;
  • no cap or the use of non-hermetic design, which leads to water pollution.

The first step is selecting a location for the source equipment. It can not be arbitrary, for your own safety, you must follow the health standards and regulations:

  • distance from contamination sources (manure piles, cesspools) - 30 m;
  • from home - 10 m;
  • on highways - 30 m;
  • Wells can not hold in wetlands on the flooded areas.

The design can be any suitable shape, including common versions - round and square. Well consists of three parts:

  • headroom - should act to 50-70 cm above the ground and protect the mine from the debris and freezing;
  • barrel - serves for the passage of water-lifting products (buckets, tubs);
  • rainwater part.

Attention. All the existing rules on the construction of centralized water supply source determines SanPin

Lining the walls of the well performed lumber or concrete rings. Shaft depth and type of strengthening the walls thereof depends on the type of soil at the site.

To build a log house need wood of various breeds. Rainwater is collected from the logs of the oak, alder, larch. These trees are resistant to moisture. The upper part of the freeboard can be made from pine or spruce. Timber must be cleaned of bark, sanded until smooth. The job logs are 200 mm in diameter without cracks, wormholes, fungus and bugs.

Well made of wood

Council. For digging wells selected dry season (summer, early fall), when the water table goes depth.

Log cabin can be assembled into finished mine well or slowly lower the trunk undermining method. For a better water inflow at the bottom of the crown is set to form the tent. At the bottom poured coarse sand and gravel to filter incoming fluid. After the end of the installation log a few of the well pumping water, while the quality will not meet sanitary standards.

Well equipped with a crane often Concrete collars. Easier to work with them than with logs, because for log installation required skills with an ax. The mine is dug 20 cm larger than the diameter of rings purchased. This distance allows to easily lower the rings in the trunk and run external filling with sand or gravel, which will be an additional filter layer.

Council. For installation it is recommended to use concrete ring mark KS 10-9. Choose products with the lock, it will improve their dock and the strength of the seams.

Can gradually build well, undermining the soil under the ring, and loading structure for the next element sagging. Second Embodiment - excavate the mine to the desired value, pump the water and lower the rings, bonding them with each other. Products with lock should promazyvat solution of sand, cement and water glass, conventional ring clamps tightened further. The top ring should protrude above the ground, it will be well head of the well. At the bottom is required to filter gravel is poured.

Installation of concrete rings

Ground part close decorative boxes, operate from frame beams or use other finishes. The roof over the well crane does not fit, so the next stage - the construction of the hoist.

<h3 "9gt; Health and Safety in the regeneration of the source

  1. You can not do the job alone, should always be a partner that fear and help.
  2. The man sank to the bottom of well shafts must be secured by a safety rope.
  3. It should control the air in the barrel at the first gas inlet symptoms (dizziness, nausea) must rise to the surface.
  4. Incoming water pump regularly pumped or buckets to prevent collapse of soil.

Manufacturing technology of well crane

To work needed materials:

  • studs and nuts;
  • screws;
  • metal chain;
  • wooden bar section 50 × 100 mm;
  • duralumin tube or a thin pole;
  • a weight of 18 kg;
  • bucket 9 l;
  • steel angles;
  • tube section 50 mm.

The first step - the installation height of 2.7 m for a support strut timber crane used 50 × 100 or 100 × 100 mm.. The strength of the foundation will ensure the absence of contact of the tree to the ground. For this support is connected to the "stepchildren." - two metallic pipes or a channel length of 2.5 m "Pasynky" fixed pins on both sides of the beam.

Pit is dug to a depth of 1 m, into which a rack. A support mounted aligned vertically. Between the beam and the ground should remain a distance of at least 15 cm. Metal parts concreted. For 2-3 weeks, until the solution attains strength installed props.

Council. Excellent material for durable and strong support - larch.

Drawing Pit Crane

Second phase. The arm or boom is made of the balancer beam 50 × 50 mm. To a well depth of 4 m crane required bar 3.1 m long. The boom is mounted on a support after drying cement. The attachment point is recommended to strengthen its grip. The hinge assembly with which the balancer is attached to a support made of two metallic parts and the mounting studs M10. Steel angles are fixed at the front with four studs M8.

The third stage. Pole to lower the bucket into the trunk must perform the movement without touching the walls. The material for this part may be hollow dural tube pasted waterproof film or a pole. a pole length of 2.2 m, if it is made of wood, the pole surface is polished with sandpaper carefully to avoid damage when using the hand mechanism.

A bucket (top) and a chain of pole (below)

To the top of the pole is fastened galvanized chain length of about 1 m, it connects the item with an arrow. At the bottom of the pole is fixed the same chain, only half as long. To it is fixed a bucket volume of 9-10 l or bucket.

Council. Recommended heavier upper portion of the bucket load, then in contact with water, it will sink faster and roll.

The fourth stage. The second end of the rocker - a short arm, which is mounted to the counterweight. As cargo can use metal bars, their weight was 14-18 kg. To counterbalance the boom mounted M8 mounting studs.

Sump crane is ready, it remains to decorate the structure.

To support nondescript metal Channel bars turn into a prosperous hill, you will need fertilizer and seeds. Around the post digging a ditch and filled with compost. Climbing plants the best way to not only hide unsightly buildings and poles, and to make them attractive, pleasing the eye. It can be planted sweet peas, hydrangea, clematis or decorative beans for decoration support. After a few weeks, the place near the well will become a little fragrant garden.

Variant design of the well

One of the options - to place around the well vases and flower pots. These craftsmen with golden hands made of rocker shapes crane, painting wooden or steel frame under the bird, complementing design decorative elements.

Sump crane is an echo of the past, but its functionality and decorative appeal and demand these days.

How do shadoof own hands

The history of the first-crane begins well in the time of the New Kingdom of Egypt (1550-1069 gg. BC. E.). The oldest form of the well was called shadoof and it was also used for land irrigation. But the principle of operation of this structure has remained unchanged and is still.

Lowering and lifting bucket water is due to a lever with a counterweight on the other end.

The first wells tried to set next to a tree, using it as a support for balance.

The design of the well-crane consists of the following components:

  • balancer (otherwise known as an arrow, beam);
  • Stand for boom (support);
  • pole;
  • chain;
  • bucket;
  • cargo;
  • support for the counterweight (optional);
  • well.

Advantage "zhuravlya9raquo; that it is much easier and raise the water faster than the well with collar. But unfortunately, it can be used on wells with little depth, otherwise the structure is too cumbersome.

Because of this lack of such wells have generally not built, if only as a decoration.

Before you begin construction, you must do all the calculations for the installation of a crane-well.

  1. Determine the location for the construction of wells and the installation of the beam.
  2. Well should be kept away from sources of pollution (25-30 m).
  3. The distance from the core construction must not be less than 10 m.
  4. It is best to install a well on higher ground.

Well consists of three parts:

  • headroom (to protect the well from falling debris and not allow promorznut);
  • mine;
  • water inlet portion.

Mine digging at the spot where the ground water are all closer to the ground (to find the best places better to invite a specialist). Depth instillation into the aquifer is typically less than 1 m.

You can dig a hole all at once or gradually.

The framework for the well shaft is made of wood, brick, stone, concrete. Above all, he must not allow the soil to crumble into the well and penetrate non-potable ground water from the upper layers of the soil.

The shape may be a round or square, and polyhedral.

The diameter of the hole must be larger than the diameter of rings at 20 cm for easy lowering and to fill them outside gravel or sand.

For the well of concrete rings recommend choosing ring KS 10-9 mark with a lock, which will firmly secure them together. Such a framework would be waterproof and will last for decades.

If the pit is completely dug out and pumped water, begin to drop the ring in turn, firmly fastened together by a lock or special brackets. The last ring must rise above the ground for at least 20-30 cm.

If decided to dig a pit gradually dig the first recess sized one concrete ring, but so as to protrude slightly outward (20-30 cm). Once it is omitted, the pit dug on, but from the comfort of the interior space of the ring. Once the height of the recess becomes equal to the height of the next ring, begin to clean up the ground from under the first edge, so that it began to sink and sink deeper. Fits second ring and so on.

The most common material for the construction of the well is a tree. Using oak wood, alder, aspen, pine, larch, birch, linden, willow. Oak is better to take fumed, then it will not give water a bitter taste and coloring, as well as serve 20 years longer than the untreated.

It is not recommended to use the fir, since in water it rapidly decays.

The wood must be dry and free of rot, mold and rot, and carefully inspect for the presence of bark beetles. With logs removed bark and knots, but the top layer should remain intact.

The diameter of the logs of at least 180-200 mm.

Wooden well, you can start to build in the already completely finished pit or by gradual immersion.

In the first case the bottom of the first crown mounted and then fastened next and so on.

In the second case it sees the pit depth of 1-1.5 m and is set once three crown. Then mine depth increases by 25 cm and remove the ground under the middle of each side of the crown. Establish a backup and remove the ground from the corners, and then they vybivat frame and begins to sag.

The bottom of the well is filled first layer of coarse sand, and then pour a layer of gravel (for better water filtration).

The surface of all the wooden parts must be tipped to splinters were completely absent.

After the completion of the well, to constantly, for several weeks to pump out the water to all the construction finally cleared. Evacuated water can be used for technical purposes.

Safety during the construction of the well

Digging holes for the well quite a dangerous job. In no case do not perform it alone. At least one person should always be near.

For insurance to someone who is on the well depth, the rope should be tied in case of soil collapse.

On the head must be wearing helmets.

At times it is necessary to climb out of the mine, as well as to check the amount of oxygen in it (if the candle is lit, it means that there is sufficient). In the event of dizziness or nausea, you should immediately get out of the well.

When digging the pit reaches the aquifer, the water should begin pumping causes or bailing bucket to the ground collapse did not happen.

First of all, you need to determine the size of "zhuravlya9raquo; for the well. This depends on the depth of the mine.

It is important to determine the length of the short and the long arm of the crane-well.

The table below shows the dimensions of "zhuravlya9raquo; taking into account the depth of the well.

The depth of the well h, m

The height of the axis B, m

Long arm L, m

Short arm L1, m

Counterweight m, kg

That is, if the pit depth of 7 m, the short arm should have a length of 3 m.

The figure shows the complete construction-crane well.

  • 1 - the crossbar to the support (digged in the ground about a meter);
  • 2 - support (Front);
  • 3 - a weight (counterweight);
  • 4 - rocker;
  • 5 - with the chain ring;
  • 6 - pole (pole length is equal to the depth of the well);
  • 7 - chain with buckets for fastening.

First, you need to install support. It can be made from a bar (50 × 100 mm). In order to beam influenced as little as possible moisture, it is recommended to set it by using two steel channels, concreted into the ground at 80-100 cm. The distance (clearance) from the timber to the ground after installation, must be at least 20 cm.

The boom is attached to the bar by a hinge joint (two steel stud bracket and M10). The corners are fixed to the support studs M8.

By boom chain fixed pole, and to the other free end of the pole clings chain bucket.

A short boom arm mounted load (you can also fix studs M8).

To the well do not fall precipitation and waste should be made a wooden lid, or install a special door.

Make shadoof can with your hands, most importantly, follow the calculations and observe safety precautions, especially during the pit.

Options, how to decorate shadoof to many cottage. All of them depend entirely on your imagination and possibilities. For example, the boom can be made in the form of a bird (crane, heron), or any other character.

Around "zhuravlya9raquo; you can sprinkle all with gravel and put pots of flowers.

If the well of concrete rings, it can be painted in one color or more, and also draw a unique picture.

For decorative well-Crane even more design options. You can completely around the plant flowers, with even curly, or install many pots of flowers.

Shadoof can not only provide water but also contribute to the design of the yard an interesting addition, decorating it and always a nice touch to it.

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