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How to make a well in the country with their own hands

Well in the country, made by hand, - the pride of each owner. Wells often erect, even if the house has a water - just for decoration area. Of course, the construction of the well is not possible in each territory, sometimes an aquifer is too deep, and then it is necessary to drill the well. Learn how to do well with their own hands, to see photos of all phases of construction and get expert advice you can by reading this article.

Previously, when the improvement of the well was a suburban area just a necessity. Currently, in addition to its main function well, built with his own hands, and it became an integral part of the landscape design.

Building a better start in the autumn, when the water level is the lowest level. Of course, before you do well at their summer cottage, you need to make a small study area site and determine the depth of the aquifer. If there are near existing wells, the problem is simplified.

The most reliable way to find water is the exploration drilling. If the result of the study found that the aquifer located at a depth of less than 20m, you can safely proceed to construction.

Construction of the well with his own hands: laying of the Rings

So, how to do well with their own hands, not only to provide clean water, agriculture, but also beautify the site? The most common design is well reinforced concrete rings.

Look at the picture, how to do well: the first ring is placed in the excavated pit next - to omit the ring. From beneath the lower ring selected ground - and the rings descend under its own weight. Thus increasing the column until the aquifer. The approximation is determined for aquifer marked cooling - air temperature in the sump drops to 1-2 degrees, on shaft walls appear mini fontanels.

During the construction of the well is not uncommon to encounter the so-called vadose - underground water located at a relatively shallow depth of the water-resistant formation. For water vadose not usually used since it does not have time, seeping through soil cleansed of contaminants.

When tunneling shaft isolate its one or two lower joint between rings is embedded inside the solution. Water intake from below. After the solution seize, pit excavation proceeds. The aquifer is usually set between one to two rings.

Thereafter, any remaining embedded inside joints solution with the addition of water glass, carpet the bottom of the well layer of gravel height of 20-30 cm (5-25 cm fraction), which will serve as a filter for incoming water. Annulus is filled with gravel and sand, clay tamped from above to prevent entry into the well rain and melt waters.

The top ring positioned above the ground level to protect it from snow and mud. Waterproofing the joint between the upper ring and the entire column is performed carefully.

Once the water level in the well will be sufficient to immerse pump type "Little Boy", it should be a few times to make pumping water to "shake" the well.

How to make a well in the country with their own hands (with photos): the construction of the well head

The next stage of how to do well in the country - the construction of the well head. Most effectively look wells, the upper part (head part) which is framed in a wooden frame.

Note in the photo well with his own hands: frame thus can be assembled around the top of the concrete ring. As a result of the well is not only functional but also decorative element in landscape design of your site.

For the construction of the well head of the well as a wooden frame, you will need boards 30-40 mm thick, round timber or round logs with a diameter of 180-220 mm. Instead of logs, you can also use the bar section of about 150x150 mm.

Prepare material. If you are dealing with forest-round timber, in this case, it should be cleaned of bark, sanded, remove knots and treat with antiseptic. logs then you need to sort by ascending diameter, because the lower crowns log will go to the forest of larger diameter than the upper. If you opted for round logs or lumber, they are also better handle antiseptic. Make it desirable, even if you are convinced that this has already been done in the workplace.

To make a well in the area, mark the position and size of a log house on the ground. In all area of ​​future construction remove the soil to a depth of at least 150 mm. Fill the resulting pit layer of crushed stone, gravel or pebbles and tamp it. On top of a stone "cushion" is desirable to pour the concrete and after curing arrange waterproofing of several layers of roofing material.

Cut logs or timber preform at the required length. It should be borne in mind that the headroom usually has a size of 1000 x 1000 mm to 1500? 1500 mm. Number of workpieces depends on the diameter (thickness) of the material used you - headroom should extend above the surface by about 750 mm.

When assembling the carcass should be noted that among the many types of cutting corners in practice most often used are 2 ways - "in the cup" and "paw". When cutting "in the cup" ends (residue) logs in favor of the walls of the framework. Therefore, this type is sometimes referred to as chopping "a remnant." The ends of the logs often act beyond the carcass angle of about 200-300mm.

cutting technology wall "paw" (sometimes this kind of logging is also called "the corner") is characterized in that the timber does not extend beyond the corners of a log house. The ends of the logs in the corners connected by a hidden tooth (paw).

Method compound timber "in the half-tree" is that timbers corners at the upper or lower crown removed half their thickness.

During the construction of the well with their hands on the waterproofing layer around the perimeter of the prepared site put treated with antiseptic or tarred boards. Wells tip assembly begins with placing the first (the accountant) rim of thicker logs hewn below. Then successively performed the final assembly of rims.

To frame was more stable, it is recommended logs each ring link the special round or rectangular studs - pegs. Prior to installing them in the log is drilled through the vertical hole with a partial capture underlying timber rim. Nageli clogged the holes in advance. Missed nagelja remaining portion is cut flush with the plane of the timber with a chisel.

Now that you know how to do well, cover all the wooden parts with several layers of toner or colorless varnish.

Over the well set wooden door with a metal handle. Is attached to the gate chain or rope and tie a bucket.

As can be seen in the photo, the wells in the country, built with his own hands - it's not only functional, but also very beautiful buildings!

Drilling of the well near her house

Often the wells do not allow water from deep aquifers with high-quality water, and many now prefer the well. Constructing a wellbore at a depth of 30 m or more. They can be used to pick up not only ground water, but also lie more deeply, which makes it possible to obtain high-quality drinking water. Process well structures includes drilling the wellbore, Equipment its pipes and filters, and pumping pump installation. Depending on the depth of the aquifer, and the nature of its structure overlying rocks well may have a different structure and different water receiving unit side. There is a lot of manual drilling methods, but they all require special equipment, tools and accessories, so for this work is best to invite experts.

Make a well in the country: tips and tricks

In our country, the water was always enough, and we especially do not save. Agree, the idea of ​​careful attitude to natural resources is a relatively young, she was little more than 10 years. In this case, everyone wants to have these resources are almost owned: his house - by the river or next to the wood, and if you're lucky - and then on the beach.

Or at least well in the near access, because the river is not everywhere, and without water, as we know, we can not possibly exist. Even without the benefits of civilization like a sauna, bath or shower, too, do not want to live. Not to mention lovers of gardens - well, where are we without their own cucumbers or potatoes ?!

What should be done to their own hands to build a good well? In fact, not too little!

So, build a well in the country, not to fetch water in a neighboring yard - at least at first. In order to build a well, you need to know where the underground water is present in sufficient quantity for the economy. Why would you dig the whole plot in her quest ?!

So: the omens that the water next to you all the same there can be mist (if you are not near a river or lake), the moss on the ground, gnats after sunset. If close to your house there is a river or lake - water on the plot is, can the life assured. If you do not believe in omens - you can try to drill a well. Or search for water by dowsing, but to do it yourself, I advise you not to, it is best left to professionals.

I have to say that there are 2 types of wells: water intake and well. Earlier wells were the only water intake - that is filled with water in a natural way. If your site has a place - perfect! So, to drill the well you do not need. Well he will be filled with moisture.

Water intake pit consists of a well head, the trunk and the sump. In the latter there is water. The barrel is made of concrete rings, which protect water from shedding in her land with the well walls. A well head need then to the water did not get rain and dirt, and that it does not freeze in winter.

Dig a hole for arranging this well you will have a conventional shovel. Yes, as our great-great-great-grandparents, and before that their fathers and grandfathers! More tips to stock up on a lamp, which is mounted on the head - under the ground, as we know, there is no light.

First you dig a pit, and then measure the volume and buy concrete rings for barrel. When purchasing rings note that they abut each other (so-called ring "chamfered"). Take the first ring in the shape of a cone, it is much easier to bury in the ground. And check the verticality of the walls plumb during installation of the Rings: no trunks wells or hoistway can not be crooked.

pit size should be larger than the diameter of the ring by about 30-35 cm When you dig -., pay attention to whether the earth crumbles. - if not, continue. Remember that the ring is still on the order of 2 to settle the soil. If the ground is strewed - well, you're out of luck and will have to work quickly.

And omit the ring at a time, wherein when you reach the water - will need to continue for another 2-3 dig meter, pumping water and dirt out of the hole causes or pulling buckets. Here it is better to have an assistant, or even two - alone you do this kind of work will be very difficult.

After all the rings Scoop water and start the grouting between the rings. This can be done with hemp or clay, and the top cover up to the strength of cement. Then you attach the wall rings with each other staples, and painted with oil paint. Do not forget the natural filter for water - gravel, which will need to fill the bottom of your well.

Well, here, well and ready, you're in the mud, but is very happy.

All? But where there! It is up to the blind area. Somewhere you have to be the same, drawing water, and somewhere to put your bucket. Blind area may be made of concrete or clay. If it is not - in the spring all the dirt will merge smoothly into your well, and from there to drink the water, you will not be able.

Everything for the blind area again you take a shovel and dig the soil to depth of 2 meters around the ring. Then fill the space with clay, and the top rolls in the sand or gravel.

Remember that the earth will shrink at least 3 years, so tamp clay very thoroughly. It will need to do every spring. How well you do your blind area - so clear and clean is the water in the well.

Now headroom line work is beautiful and pleasant. This is the "well - side view", which is located above ground. Take it higher, and that there will not fall a pet dog or God forbid, your child - Provide top grille. Headroom can collect the most, if you are not tired and also know how to work with wood. And you can buy a nice house in a special store, they are now a great many. As long as you install it - fill your water well, and you reward yourself for your efforts well water.

The wells in the country with their own hands (60 photos): indoor and outdoor Digging. Production of superstructure

The inhabitants of modern cities have become accustomed to purchase water for drinking and cooking in plastic bottles. But at their summer cottage, there is another opportunity to provide for themselves by it. To do this, you need to know how to build a well in the country with their own hands.

Well in the country - a source of clean water and a decorative element

Technology of digging a water source

Instructions for the construction consists of two stages of work: digging pits and pit design in the country - with their own hands, you can make each of them. Suffice it to know the correct sequence of actions.

Tip! Regardless of whether you are building a house on a plot of capital or used for temporary accommodation holiday houses of block containers, the place for the well should be provided. Perhaps, its installation will require changes in the plan of landscape design suburban area.

be sure to consider the following factors when choosing a site.

The circuit arrangement of the well

There are two main digging soil technologies used, depending on the geological conditions at the site. We consider each of these in more detail.

It applies in the case when the soil in the country is not free-flowing, and the pit wall well hold to give them form.

The technology consists of several stages, which, although time-consuming, but simple and clear to understand each:

  1. mine excavation carried out in one go (without long breaks). Otherwise, rainfall or other external factors may cause the shedding of the soil, and therefore will have to redo the work from scratch.

Digging pits for pit opencast

  1. shaft width should exceed 10-20 centimeters diameter concrete rings, which are used to strengthen the walls of future wells.
  2. Concrete ring reinforcing walls, are mounted after the aquifer. Their descent is performed using manual or automatic winch.

For mounting ring used a winch or crane

  1. Ring must be carefully fixed to each other. For this purpose, a special sealant, sold in building supermarkets. In extreme cases, suitable tarred hemp. Not on your nelly not use grout.

To seal the joints using a special sealant

  1. The clearance between the ground and the outer edge of the rings is filled with coarse sand and compacted.

Note! Process for well excavation pit is less labor intensive and time consuming, if applied electric tools. It is not always possible, since often new garden plots is not yet connected to the electricity grid. In this case it may rescue genset rental cottages.

When the soil is sandy in the country, to dig a well open method will not work because of the risk of fraying of the walls, which can lead to very tragic consequences for themselves diggers. In addition, the price of work is much increased by the need to continually remove soil from the pit incident.

Therefore, it uses a different method, which is called "in the ring."

Its essence is as follows:

  1. It is planned to place for future wells.
  2. After that, the digging of the pit. Its size must exactly match the diameter of the concrete ring is used. The process continues as long as the pit edge will not peel off. Depending on the soil type, it occurs at a depth of 25 to 200 cm.

In the closed method of digging all the work carried out within the already established concrete elements

  1. The resulting hole is placed first ring. All further work on deepening the well will be produced within it.
  2. With the deepening of the ring will sink into the ground. As soon as his top edge equals the ground cut from top to set the following reinforced concrete structure.

With the deepening of the top added a new section

  1. The same sequence of operation continues until the aquifer has not yet been reached.
  2. Last set ring does not need to be completely submerged in the ground.
  3. Sealing and strengthening the structure is made in the same way as with the open method of digging.

Dig a hole the desired depth and strengthen its reinforced concrete structures should move on to the question of how to place well in the country: his hands are made and installed decorative add-in that is not only easy to use source of help, but also serve as a decoration of the site.

As in the two previous cases, outlined the work process step by step:

  1. Concrete ring firmly reinforced in a hole through coarse sand, which is filled up the gap between them and the soil.
  2. To decorative piece was more firmly around the pit, you can cast a concrete foundation. Deepening - 30 cm.

For reliability decorative superstructure can be mounted on the foundation

  1. If you erect a decorative well in the country with their own hands, as the material of wood is best suited for him. Oshkurennye logs, stacked in the form of a log house, perfectly complement the design of the site.

Photo wells from treated timber

Note! optionally perfuse the foundation for the wooden structure. First crown can be placed directly on the ground. Naturally, in this case, the tree should be treated with antiseptic and protective compounds to prevent rot.

  1. If you still do the foundation, the first timber is attached thereto by anchor bolts.
  2. Log cabin should be built on a height of 100 cm or a little higher.
  3. Inside the square are installed two vertical uprights. They will serve as the basis for the roof. It also secured the gate, by which will be lowered and raised the bucket.
  4. The roof is made of two bars, knocked down house, which are mounted on the rack and connected to each other by transverse slats. If you have the desire and ability, the roof can be done not only double, but hipped.

Well with a gable roof covered with Onduline

  1. The material for the roof can be:
  • natural tiles - this is a very expensive material, but for the design of the well it will require very little;
  • ondulin or aluminum profiles - well, when combined with the roof of the well house roof, forming a single style;
  • bamboo, straw, reeds - is suitable for areas decorated in a country style;
  • boards, carved - an original and effective option.
  1. The last stage - the installation of the roof that protects the well from getting into the various debris. Its shape is chosen arbitrarily, depending on personal preference.

Only properly dug well in the country will be a source of clean and cold water. As for the decoration options - everything is up to you.

Learn more about digging wells can be of the video in this article.

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