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How to make a well in the country with their own hands

Well in the country, made by hand, - the pride of each owner. Wells often erect, even if the house has a water - just for decoration area. Of course, the construction of the well is not possible in each territory, sometimes an aquifer is too deep, and then it is necessary to drill the well. Learn how to do well with their own hands, to see photos of all phases of construction and get expert advice you can by reading this article.

Previously, when the improvement of the well was a suburban area just a necessity. Currently, in addition to its main function well, built with his own hands, and it became an integral part of the landscape design.

Building a better start in the autumn, when the water level is the lowest level. Of course, before you do well at their summer cottage, you need to make a small study area site and determine the depth of the aquifer. If there are near existing wells, the problem is simplified.

The most reliable way to find water is the exploration drilling. If the result of the study found that the aquifer located at a depth of less than 20m, you can safely proceed to construction.

Construction of the well with his own hands: laying of the Rings

So, how to do well with their own hands, not only to provide clean water, agriculture, but also beautify the site? The most common design is well reinforced concrete rings.

Look at the picture, how to do well: the first ring is placed in the excavated pit next - to omit the ring. From beneath the lower ring selected ground - and the rings descend under its own weight. Thus increasing the column until the aquifer. The approximation is determined for aquifer marked cooling - air temperature in the sump drops to 1-2 degrees, on shaft walls appear mini fontanels.

During the construction of the well is not uncommon to encounter the so-called vadose - underground water located at a relatively shallow depth of the water-resistant formation. For water vadose not usually used since it does not have time, seeping through soil cleansed of contaminants.

When tunneling shaft isolate its one or two lower joint between rings is embedded inside the solution. Water intake from below. After the solution seize, pit excavation proceeds. The aquifer is usually set between one to two rings.

Thereafter, any remaining embedded inside joints solution with the addition of water glass, carpet the bottom of the well layer of gravel height of 20-30 cm (5-25 cm fraction), which will serve as a filter for incoming water. Annulus is filled with gravel and sand, clay tamped from above to prevent entry into the well rain and melt waters.

The top ring positioned above the ground level to protect it from snow and mud. Waterproofing the joint between the upper ring and the entire column is performed carefully.

Once the water level in the well will be sufficient to immerse pump type "Little Boy", it should be a few times to make pumping water to "shake" the well.

How to make a well in the country with their own hands (with photos): the construction of the well head

The next stage of how to do well in the country - the construction of the well head. Most effectively look wells, the upper part (head part) which is framed in a wooden frame.

Note in the photo well with his own hands: frame thus can be assembled around the top of the concrete ring. As a result of the well is not only functional but also decorative element in landscape design of your site.

For the construction of the well head of the well as a wooden frame, you will need boards 30-40 mm thick, round timber or round logs with a diameter of 180-220 mm. Instead of logs, you can also use the bar section of about 150x150 mm.

Prepare material. If you are dealing with forest-round timber, in this case, it should be cleaned of bark, sanded, remove knots and treat with antiseptic. logs then you need to sort by ascending diameter, because the lower crowns log will go to the forest of larger diameter than the upper. If you opted for round logs or lumber, they are also better handle antiseptic. Make it desirable, even if you are convinced that this has already been done in the workplace.

To make a well in the area, mark the position and size of a log house on the ground. In all area of ​​future construction remove the soil to a depth of at least 150 mm. Fill the resulting pit layer of crushed stone, gravel or pebbles and tamp it. On top of a stone "cushion" is desirable to pour the concrete and after curing arrange waterproofing of several layers of roofing material.

Cut logs or timber preform at the required length. It should be borne in mind that the headroom usually has a size of 1000 x 1000 mm to 1500? 1500 mm. Number of workpieces depends on the diameter (thickness) of the material used you - headroom should extend above the surface by about 750 mm.

When assembling the carcass should be noted that among the many types of cutting corners in practice most often used are 2 ways - "in the cup" and "paw". When cutting "in the cup" ends (residue) logs in favor of the walls of the framework. Therefore, this type is sometimes referred to as chopping "a remnant." The ends of the logs often act beyond the carcass angle of about 200-300mm.

cutting technology wall "paw" (sometimes this kind of logging is also called "the corner") is characterized in that the timber does not extend beyond the corners of a log house. The ends of the logs in the corners connected by a hidden tooth (paw).

Method compound timber "in the half-tree" is that timbers corners at the upper or lower crown removed half their thickness.

During the construction of the well with their hands on the waterproofing layer around the perimeter of the prepared site put treated with antiseptic or tarred boards. Wells tip assembly begins with placing the first (the accountant) rim of thicker logs hewn below. Then successively performed the final assembly of rims.

To frame was more stable, it is recommended logs each ring link the special round or rectangular studs - pegs. Prior to installing them in the log is drilled through the vertical hole with a partial capture underlying timber rim. Nageli clogged the holes in advance. Missed nagelja remaining portion is cut flush with the plane of the timber with a chisel.

Now that you know how to do well, cover all the wooden parts with several layers of toner or colorless varnish.

Over the well set wooden door with a metal handle. Is attached to the gate chain or rope and tie a bucket.

As can be seen in the photo, the wells in the country, built with his own hands - it's not only functional, but also very beautiful buildings!

Drilling of the well near her house

Often the wells do not allow water from deep aquifers with high-quality water, and many now prefer the well. Constructing a wellbore at a depth of 30 m or more. They can be used to pick up not only ground water, but also lie more deeply, which makes it possible to obtain high-quality drinking water. Process well structures includes drilling the wellbore, Equipment its pipes and filters, and pumping pump installation. Depending on the depth of the aquifer, and the nature of its structure overlying rocks well may have a different structure and different water receiving unit side. There is a lot of manual drilling methods, but they all require special equipment, tools and accessories, so for this work is best to invite experts.

Equips well in the country with their own hands: photos, design options

Water problems in suburban areas, forcing many to think about the construction of the well.

Cause shortage Water is particularly acute in the summer, when it is needed for watering the garden.

To find a solution in this case will help the drilling of the well, but special equipment is required for this.

In its turn, building well with their hands will save money and solve problems with the water supply.

When choosing a place for the construction of the well, it is important to determine its quantity and quality, as well as the composition of the ground. For the well need to choose a place away from possible sources of household contaminants that enter the soil.

Consequently, the well recommended sited away from the toilet, trash heaps and places to walk their dogs. All of the above should be located no closer than 30 meters of clean water.

In the presence of battery drain, it will need to improve, and make sealed. The fact that the ground water gradually fall in household drains, after which pure water will spoil the taste, and she will be unsafe for health.

Well better to install on sublime place, and for the convenience - close to home.

In the spring there is a high probability of falling to the vadose. As for the soil, then it should be noted that a large presence of sand and soil easier drilling well, but the clay soil and a large number of large stones, on the contrary, will create a lot of difficulties.

There are three type Wells: mine, and a tubular key. Acquainted with their characteristics in greater detail:

it elementary and economical form of the well.

The name given to the water, which is the key hits out of the ground.

The existence of such a spring next to the cottage - a godsend. However, experts advise to hold water intake and make analysis suitability for drinking.

Well on the key can be made of wood or concrete. Importantly, do not forget to remove a surface layer soil (10-20 cm) when installing a well is important not to damage the batter key, or else he can stop acting.

Well mine type usually installed in locations where it will be able to justify themselves. Where there is no open outlet to the surface water, but it exists at a depth of not more than 25 m.

With the construction of this type of well is important to remember that it must be observed balance receipt and use of water to the unused water does not stagnate and do not spoil.

Mine consists of three well constituents of:

Mine wells are convenient in that during drought they always have water at the expense of additional tanks (zumrov).

for guaranteed stock We need to lower, submerged part of the building to make a little wider, to perform its tent.

This type of well is called Norton - a kind of artesian structure, which consists of tubes. Its diameter should be equal to 25-45 mm, equipped sitoobraznym tip.

With it and the water supply is carried out. The tube is administered using an auger. It is installed in the aquifer.

Without water pressure tube supply pump, the pressure in the water layer can be used without nasosa.Dlya tubular well construction should be carried out drilling operations.

Well this type of cost is much more expensive than mine, so how is soil drilling. In turn, it is much cheaper so that water does not stagnate and always usable.

For the construction of the well will need the following tools:

  • scrap (preferably two: short and long);
  • all kinds of shovels;
  • sledgehammer;
  • ladle (required for the liquid primer layer);
  • rope;
  • bucket (with the help of ground lying);
  • several buckets;
  • Trolley (for transportation of soil);
  • rope ladder (for lowering and lifting into the pit);
  • pump (water pump);
  • portable lighting;
  • winch.

With the help of the winch it is very convenient to lift and lower materials only to its use will require a tripod. It will need to be installed above the well.

Construction of the well is not easy, and therefore, in order to facilitate and accelerate the work it is recommended to invite assistants.

After you have determined the place of erection of the well digging pit. Digging pits well be performed by one person, the other assistants are at the top. They will raise the ground, to take him down and release the materials.

First, the depth of one ring is dug pit. After that, put it in one ring, and from under it removed all the soil is gradually recessed ring. Still poring over some distance, is set the second ring.

The rings are placed on each other (the second to the first, third to second, etc.), building up the shaft column. Under its own weight concrete, the column will slide down to the depth of the soil as far removed from the first ring.

coming aquiferous layer was determined very easily, in the well is felt strong reduction of the temperature and humidity of soil lying below.

This phase of construction of the well is the most difficult and responsible, so it will take a lot of effort and patience. Wet priming We need to be removed very quickly. You may need a powerful mud pump.

If it is not at hand, then reaching the aquifer, it will need to make every effort and dig very quickly even 2-4 m in depth (it depends on the speed of tidal water in the well).

At the bottom of the same well as the filter will need to be laid gravel (Layer to 30 cm). Gap formed between the ground and the rings (concrete blocks) also filled with gravel. Ultra stacked ring remain lying on the surface (not bury it in the ground).

To prevent flow in the well water verhovodnyh help linen cord, laid between the rings. The joint rings need cement. On the surface of the well (around it) is placed a clay castle. The wet clay excavated from the pit during digging, laying around the well and tamped using the logs.

When the well is filled with water, it will need to pump the pump as long as it is not replaced by clean and clear.

Blind area well protected from being hit by contaminated riding and meltwater. In addition, with the construction of the blind area it looks much nicer and more convenient for water set.

To perform a blind area need clay or concrete. permissible thickness blind area - from 20 to 30 cm, width - 1,2 -2,5 meter. Otmostka clay - is compacted clay layer, laid in a recess of a certain size.

However, it has one drawback: in the case of water on the surface of the layer formed sticky mud. As a result, this would require additional costs coating a protective material.

Performance concrete blind area: Originally laid gravel bed, it is set formwork into which concrete is poured. Extend the life of the blind area and helprmaturnaya grid, laid into the mold.

Concrete requires otmostka waterproofing external walls of the well. This will help avoid the hard grip of the last ring of the well with a frozen surface of the blind area.

Construction of the roof to start with roof trusses, which is a rigid structure, which carries the crate. For this purpose suitable solid board (thickness 3 cm, length 180cm, or at roof height). Mounting pins and struts should be performed using the board (2.5 cm).

Material roof, you can choose at its discretion: board, sheet metal, roofing and more.

Decorative well in vogue today. He is a dacha decor and some gardeners equip it with all the details so finely and accurately, which can not be distinguished from the present structure. Below are photos of decorative wells in the country, which is quite possible to perform with his own hands.

Decorative wells made of wood, tires and other materials. It all depends on how badly his production of suitable hosts and what flavor they lay in it.

Decorative well great for decoration wells electric pump. Some gardeners, using tires to perform well, put flowers there, and they complement each other perfectly with their uniqueness.

Beautiful well always catches the eye and makes the cottage an unusual appearance. Regardless of whether decorative or a well established real, it should look as well, and the designer fantasies can be used at their discretion.

Consider a few styles registration well in the country with a photo:

  1. Country - a wooden hut, inside of which you can create any condition and even install appliances (ie the natural look of the wooden logs of the well with a canopy);

  • Well - Crane It brings back the old days. A distinctive feature of this well - water lifting mechanism, the crane-like head on a long neck;

  • Chalet. Some designers offer to build a well chalet. However, there are two pitfalls: First, the house should be built in the same style, and secondly, this style is peculiar to Switzerland.

    Buildings are decorated with natural or artificial means stone. And why in their area did not build such a beauty and it does not matter that in Russia !;

  • East style. Bright, colorful structure should be shed. Often, it is decorated by various charms - figures.

    Headroom can be made of stone or wood. Roof is better to use soft tile with pagoda (raised corners in oriental style). In the well have to be wood bucket;

  • Modern style. Wells of this kind are made of polycarbonate, ceramic tile, concrete. Many gardeners use in the construction of metal or brick.
  • The first and most important rule you need to follow in the construction of the well, choosing place for drilling well. On this depends the permanence of water quality, the absence of a possible contamination with bacteria and chemicals and so on.

    Terms of the content of the well:

    • in nearby 20 m from a well is forbidden to wash cars, water the cattle, to rinse the laundry, etc., which may contribute to contamination water;
    • headroom wells must be equipped with cover (Delezobetonnym overlap with the hatch);
    • around the well should be fencing;
    • warming and protecting the well-freeze must be done with the help of straw, hay or sawdust. Completely non-warm glass wool and other synthetic materials;
    • a well needed, if necessary clean (To remove the leaves, and other debris naskomyh);
    • after cleaning must be carried out carefully disinfection structures;
    • in a timely manner replace worn-out equipment.

    Well in the country is extremely necessary and indispensable, so the construction of such a plan is necessary.

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    Well - is used as core or alternative embodiment for the water supply problem. Furthermore, the presence of the well provides autonomy suburban area, not only of the total water supply systems but also on electricity. Also, using a well, you can ensure the supply of water as the garden and the house. On how to build their own well in the country, considered below.

    Well in the country with their own hands photos and features facilities

    Initially, before the construction of the well should determine its location. This factor depends primarily on the amount of groundwater. Groundwater is formed due to the filtration of rain and snow, which seeps through the ground.

    Water is between the layers prone to the palm of water, most often they are made of clay. Location laying of water called an aquifer. The clay layers are placed under a bias, it is at these sites much moisture accumulates.

    Water, which is located at a depth of no more than five meters from the ground, called verhovodnoy. To replenish it requires regular rains, otherwise the option of water unfit for further use.

    The most optimum embodiment the water source for the construction quality of the well - deep water. We suggest to familiarize with the methods of detection:

    1. Prepare vlagopodgotitel in the amount of several liters. In most cases it has the form of granules which absorb and retain moisture. Initially, the material must be dried in the oven, then pour it into the pot from the clay pot weigh on accurate scales, wrap in a dense material and install at the intended destination for the well construction. The depth to which will be placed a pot -. 50-60cm If after weighing pot weight differs from a predetermined previously, the water is close to the ground and here it is possible to construct a well.

    As materials used for absorbing moisture conventional brick red. In such a case, it is sufficient to dig into the ground, pre-weighing it before.

    2. The method of observation is that it is necessary to examine the site in the evening or before time. Fog formation indicates that the soil is oversaturated with moisture.

    3. The layers of clay that cover the ground, often repeating its relief. Therefore, if you have a site there is a place surrounded by hills, then go ahead to construct it well. If plain differing horizontal has a large area, the water in it will not be enough. Also, it is not recommended to equip the well on the slope.

    4. Pay attention to the vegetation close to the site where it is assumed construction of the well. Plants that like moisture will continue to grow in the area where it is dominant.

    5. In relation to height differences at the site determined depth of the groundwater. For these purposes, use the tool as a barometer that determines the pressure of the water height. For small pressure differences, it is not necessary to build in this place well.

    6. Exploratory drilling option - using a garden drill. To do this, you need to drill a small hole to the aquifer. Thus, if it is high enough, then construct a well to be in this place.

    Careful operation of the well, and proper care of them, will enable it to operate for several decades. If the water is deep with respect to the soil, it is recommended to build on a plot hole. If, on the depth of the water in the area is about 6-8 meters, it is quite possible to build a well.

    Well it should be away from garbage, sewage, compost heaps, etc. Also, in the regeneration of the well on the slope, you should also take care of the challenge of it thawed rainwater. To protect the water source from debris and other items, set it to the cover.

    If there is in the area of ​​battery drain, it is recommended to ensure complete its tightness. Otherwise, ground water will be connected to the drain, the water quality will suffer.

    Location of the well on a high hill, it will provide protection from the neighboring sewage. If the main purpose of the well - the use of household water needs, it is recommended to install it near the house.

    It is recommended to choose a place for a well in the autumn or winter, because in this time of year, the ground water are at the highest level. Spring water table is near the surface, therefore, can not determine the exact location of their deepness.

    Well your hands - original ideas for the garden

    In relation to the manhole structures, there are two ways to the well production. Well tubular type installed by drilling method. In order to control the water with the depth of the well, you must use a hand pump. The construction of this well overdue in the event that water are near the surface of the earth. The only drawback of this method - the need for drilling equipment for its construction.

    Well mine type - for making it quite ordinary shovel or drill. This variant of the well equip simpler and easier than tubular. Initially, before the construction of the well should be familiar with its basic components. Structure shaft type well contains such parts:

    • water receiver - is located at the lowest portion of the well, it is this part collects water and filters it;
    • stem of the well - retains water and is responsible for the quality, it should be durable and should not crumble under the constant moisture;
    • ogolovnaya part of the well is called soil, it saves well from dust and debris, as well as protect it from freezing in the winter season.

    Before you dig a well in the country, should be familiar with the safety regulations for its construction. Treat with the seriousness of the work in the mine well as failure to comply with the following recommendations can lead to disastrous consequences.

    First of all, in the mind of a person who is engaged by pressing of the earth, to be protective helmet, which protects it from sudden failure of the bucket. To raise the bucket with soil, use a thick rope, and for lowering the ring and rope. If the shaft is higher than six meters, set on the bucket two ropes - basic and insurance. In order to prevent soil shifts that are shed from the walls of the well, a person engaged in pressing of the button is tied with a rope, which is fixed for a solid object from the outside of the well.

    When constructing a deep shaft, the periodic check for its gas content. In this case, it is necessary to ignite the candle inside the well, if the flame is off, it is necessary to wait for the gas weathering. To get rid of the gas in the well inside on a rope lowered a large blanket, lowered and raised him to be a few times after that, well once again tested for gas content.

    How to dig a well in the country - Recommendations

    Earlier, for the manufacture of trunk deck used wood. Now, more often, as the main part of the wells used concrete ring. However, ordering these materials is very important - to choose the right size. For their installation using large equipment. The height of the ring often attain to the level of twenty-five centimeters.

    The inner walls of the well diameter must be leveled at least one meter. To reduce the load on hands, in the process of construction of the well, it is recommended to use Trinoga or winch. They allow you to control the installation of the Rings.

    Having finished rings for the well, the process of its construction is as follows:

    1. Digging a well with a shovel. It is preferable to choose a shovel with a short handle, since it can easily fit in a confined space.

    2. After the depressions in the ground 50 cm, installing the first ring. For him pulling winch is used. Further, permanent concrete settling will occur.

    3. After excavation has twenty-five centimeters well, should install the next ring. Try to install the ring with the highest density. Thus, steel staples are used for their fixing. To test each ring using a plumb line. Try to install the ring in the strict vertical position.

    Well in the country Photo:

    In this case, it manages to reach the water for four or five days. Note that another embodiment of the digging of the well. Originally dug all mine. After that, the installation is made of concrete rings. However, if the soil at the site are fragile, this rings installation method will not work. In addition, this method of digging the well is very dangerous for a person inside the mine.

    To get to the water from the well in the country, perform these actions:

    • liquid which is stored in the well has a high turbidity;
    • initially it should be pumped out;
    • Dig the bottom of the well to fifteen centimeters, level it,
    • set at the bottom of the well sandy base, thickness of about 20 cm;
    • set a pad of crushed rock, 20 cm thick.

    Note that before installing gravel or gravel should be rinsed out using chlor-lime mortar. At too rapid STAY water must initially install several wooden planks, and then fill the filtration layers.

    Further, care should be taken on the implementation of the internal waterproofing. For these purposes require a cement composition with PVA glue. With this solution are sealed gap between the concrete rings. Next, using a spatula, the composition is distributed over the entire area of ​​the walls. Possible option of buying the finished waterproofing composition or liquid glass.

    Please note that the use of waterproofing mastics - inadmissible, since they contain bitumen, which would adversely affect the suitability of water for drinking.

    In order to protect the well of debris and external moisture, it is set concrete ring, a height of approximately half a meter. In addition, it is also recommended to close the pit cover. The outer edge of the concrete ring is a trench, which is densely stuffed in with clay. Thus, it is possible to protect the well against external moisture.

    The variant of additional protection through the upper rings of plastic film tightly adhered with an adhesive. After that, during the month, the water is regularly pumped out of the well and is only used in the home. Next should be returned to the water in the special tests that determine its suitability for drinking. Only in this case, water is used for drinking.

    Finishing wells in the country - quite an important process for the implementation of which should be approached with imagination and ingenuity. Decorative well in the country, it can be a real highlight. For finishing concrete rings used natural or artificial stone, ceramic, mosaic, glass, etc.

    To the water was always clean, it is recommended to build a small canopy over the well. In order that the children can not see the inside of a well, install the cover with the lock.

    To facilitate the operation of the well, as it is recommended to set the target whose diameter is 20 cm and the chain on which the bucket will be retained.

    Construction of water supply in the country out of the well

    well Making the most inexpensive way everything running water in the country. Most often, the well depth of about ten meters, but it is much less than the construction of wells. However, when a large backyard and home water supply via the well can perform the primary source of water supplement function. Since the performance of the well does not exceed 150-200 liters per hour.

    In order to receive water from a well, install a submersible pump or outdoor type. The first variant differs installation complexity, but the sound from his work practically not be heard in the second embodiment, the pump is installed in a special room, near a well, such a pump is easily repaired, if necessary. You should also take care of installation of special filters that provide additional cleaning of the pump.

    In the course of running water will need to purchase pipes which are steel, metal-plastic or rubber. The most optimum second embodiment - pipe metaloplastika tolerate frost, resistant to moisture and external influences.

    The depth of the pipe laying defined climatic conditions of the terrain, as well as seasonal application running water. Basically, to perform the work is realistic on their own, without the involvement of specialists. Water supply system based on the well - a great option for the supply of suburban area with water.

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