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How to equip a well in the country (56 images): types of designs and materials for finishing

Now being built summer houses of the unit containers and thanks to high-quality finishing of the buildings is not immediately possible to determine what they are made. The question is, is it possible to apply the design approach for mines outwardly unremarkable well? Of course, you can, most importantly to connect their imagination and choose the finishing materials properly!

In this article we look at how and with what materials is carried out arrangement of wells in the country. Of course, the decoration of the object can be entrusted to specialized organizations that will cope with this task quickly and efficiently. But, unfortunately, the price of the order will be high, and so do the job will be better than their own hands.

Utilitarian well design with the use of decking

Decorative figures in the design of country well

Methods and materials, allowing to issue well in the country, selected and applied in accordance with the type of water intake shaft.

Consider the examples of actual designs today.

  • Well in Russian style is a conventional utilitarian design with a minimum amount of decorative elements.

Traditional decoration of the well using of logs

Typically, the construction of the mine is a top, steering tree and stocked roof, wooden shingles or a nestled sheet metal.

As the decorative elements used carved ornaments or decorative painting paints. As the hoist is used with a manual gate drum for winding a chain or wire.

  • Shadoof - technically obsolete version of shaft arrangement of the water intake. However, this solution is more than attractive.

In the photo shadoof - a well with a crane

Mine is made using any of the available materials (wood, brick, stone, etc.). A distinctive feature of the construction is the lifting mechanism - Crane.

The mechanism is the beam fastened between two transverse struts. From one end of the inclined beam is mounted freely pole at the end of which, in turn, is fixed the bucket. On the reverse side of the beam is attached load, which will provide ease of lifting buckets full of mines.

Note: Due to the structural features of shadoof, install a complete roof will not be possible, therefore, to prevent debris falling into the water intake pit must be provided the use of a hinged or sliding wooden cover.

  • Arrangement of wells in the country in Eastern style represents a conventional design of the well shaft tip, and equipped with a manual winch drum on which is wound a chain or cable.

well decorated in oriental style

To give the construction of the oriental allow the roof, made in the form of a pagoda. In addition, it is possible to apply a decorative waterfall at the site where the remains of the water will be drained from the bucket.

Bucket, as well as all the trim, must be made of natural wood as the product of galvanized steel in the aesthetics of the East does not fit.

  • Decorative wells to give in the form of houses, mills and other miniature buildings are becoming more common.

Decorative small house for water intake shaft

The advantage of such designs is that the design element will cover the well head of the well from being hit by debris.

Important: All of the above solutions in varying degrees, have something in common with the design of a country holiday house.

After we looked at examples of how the design of the well in the country can be carried out, to determine the order by which materials can be made water intake shaft arrangement.

Making well ceramic brick

  • Ceramic brick - a versatile material, through which you can either oblitsevat already available headroom concrete or build entirely brick headroom mine.

An advantage of ceramic bricks is its high strength and resistance to mechanical stress. But we must bear in mind the high degree of hygroscopicity brickwork.

Ceramics absorbs water, and therefore tip surface to be coated with a hydrophobic finish. If this time does not make frequent contact with a brick water will lead to its rapid destruction.

Note: Given the considerable cost of a good ceramic bricks as an alternative you can apply lime analogue, especially since this material is now produced in different colors.

  • Ceramic tiles - a great solution for decorating tip nondescript concrete water intake shaft. Making a well in the country ceramic tiles characterized by ease of implementation of the planned work and the strength of the finished result.

First of all tiles, regardless of modification, is resistant to water, but because this finish will last a long time without having to be repaired. In order to maximize the stability of the ceramic lining to the effects of excessive humidity, as the suture is advisable to use a filler grout, diluted water glass.

Important: If your budget for finishing work is limited, instead of tiles, you can use tile fight that is worth many times cheaper, and from which you can lay out the mosaic.

  • Timber - a good solution for the decoration of the mine water intake in a rustic style.

Guide tip shaft tree decoration involves the use of logs or timber from which the carcass is laid out similarity angularly compound "paw". Also wood can be fully assembled roof.

For the use of sawn says their low cost and ease of machining. But there is a major drawback, namely, wood afraid of excess moisture. Therefore unusual lumber needed.

For example, for aspen furnish can be used, as this species decays to a lesser extent by long-term contact with water. Again, the wood can be impregnated with special means.

If a little money, such as non-lethal weapons can be used purified detention. If possible, cover the finished design layer of antiseptic, and after drying, apply several layers of lacquer.

EXAMPLE finish forged elements

  • Metal - this is a very good decoration material, unless you have the skills to handle it.

Finishing wells in the country using forged elements is not so popular, but with the right approach to the case of a metal rod can forge and weld framing water intake shaft passing through the gate and drum holders. Again, the metal can be assembled skeleton of the roof, which can be finished polycarbonate.

Of course, the metallic finish of the well to be further processed, e.g., covered with special paints which prevent rust.

Important: If the cottage is not electrified, then the metal may have some difficulties. To solve this problem will allow the purchase of a diesel generator or rental cottages.

Now that you know the manual selection and application of materials, you can decide what is suitable for the arrangement of the well on your summer cottage.

When the finish with your hands, you can use one of the previously mentioned design decisions. And you can not use ready-made solutions, and use your imagination and run finish in its own way.

If you have any further questions, more useful information can be found by watching video in this article.

How to decorate a well in the country on their own?

Wood, stone, concrete, plaster or brick - basic materials, allowing decorative decorate wells in the country and a country house.

  • By way of lifting water: with collar and the crane (rope, attached to the collar or long poles, performing the role of the lever).
  • Headroom operate in an open (base, and the roof rack) or closed form, such as "house". The open design sump column capped, in the "house" - a door on one of the roof ramps.
  • Allowed lighting throughout the area around the well and the building itself. Beautiful lights suspended from the roof construction and spotlights - the branches and bushes.

Attention! Near the wells is not recommended for planting of tall trees and shrubs with branched roots.

Felling natural file handle toned impregnation, giving the desired tone and providing protection against rot and beetles. Good looks carving or carved trim. Training decor is easily accomplished using a jigsaw on a cliche, and nail boards to the small nails. Old frame or concrete rings hide under wood veneer. Its pre-cut to size, planed and treated with antiseptic. Planks nailed to the frame, with the further coating with lacquer or varnish.

When selecting weaving is required to install the ground wooden pegs or pins of metal, is braided using flexible vines.

is the natural or artificial stone, facade tiles, mosaic, pebbles, broken ceramic tiles for finishing brick or monolithic structures.

It looks good decor with façade mineral plaster, covered with a silicate paint.

Decorating wooden wells in the old Russian style

Harmoniously in any terrain look wells made from natural array. Excellent complement to them are the houses with carved elements in the form of birds and animals. Planted next to flowers and a bench, drum, braided fence stylized wagon and the mill site will emphasize the racy style. The upper house operate in a circular, tetrahedral or polyhedral performed using log. For walls serves cobblestone or brick planed board, gable roof crowned design. The upper part of the house can take the form of a tent. As a coating use natural solid, shingles, polycarbonate or straw.

Tip: for the design of all the buildings in the same vein, the roof of the well made in a similar performance, with respect to the design of the house.

To make the scenery functionality required to perform a series of steps:

  • Close the water tight lid, preventing debris from falling into the shaft providing protection from the sun's rays.
  • End brace composition with a chain and bucket used for other purposes when disconnecting electric power.
  • Original look of the structure with a lacy thread, woven mesh structure.
  • When planting climbing plants such as clematis, roses, ivy or vines, you can successfully complement the landscape design, turning it into a shaded sitting area.

Direction selection requires preparation stone in gray shades and the similar color of aged wood (logs or boards). At the base of the construction site construct, concreted or lined with natural stone. Beams and the roof is made of gray material. The resulting installation fits in well with the environment of bright colors, like a visitor from the past.

Swiss Chalet is associated with stone trim at the bottom of the well, and the predominance of natural file at the top. Decorating tip is made using a circular cobblestone, pouring concrete around. The roof is usually put directly on the head part, performing to the bucket door.

Oriental style is easily recognizable by the distinctive roof with curved edges, both in Japanese and Chinese homes. The basis for taking wood or stone.

Contemporary design execution will give the concrete mix, plastic or metal. Headroom is presented in the form of concrete figures for the development of the roof is colored plastic, and props to create a roof made of wrought metal.

Well shadoof suitable for homes in ethnic style, if there is a large open area, the scope of the crane arm -. 3-4 m The construction of the roof requires a lot of effort, so the center pole by hinges fixed cover plate.

Making designs exclude the presence of a distinct style that defines their successful application for the registration of any landscape.

Lovers of the sea is proposed to issue a decorative style well:

  • base rope is wound;
  • as a handle used to gate the wheel;
  • hung decorative anchor on the beam;
  • selected beer or wine barrel instead of a conventional bucket.

Wooden structures have the shape of a windmill with 4 blades. Window inside tip, taken where a bucket, arranged on the rear side, and the product itself is rotated the blades to the central path problem.

Miniature house Laid of stone and covered with tiles bright, well it fits into the barbecue area where near the cooking place is recommended to be drinking water.

well decoration of concrete rings

Implementation of ideas begins with the preparation of materials:

  • cement-sand mixture - 4 buckets;
  • 0.5 liters of pastel paints;
  • Master OK;
  • brush;
  • a reservoir for mortar;
  • putty knife;
  • stones small fraction.

Making a well includes a number of stages:

  • Kneaded solution with his hands or with the mixer, it is uniformly applied over the concrete ring, keeping the same thickness of the layer.
  • Using a spatula aligned walls allow time for drying the solution.
  • Begin for formatting source. Its bottom trim 1/3 stone, pressing it with a small force in the cement-sand mixture. They decorate the inside of the flat natural stone.
  • The remaining portion (2/3 monolithic well) make out using a "brick" pattern: draw a sliver on a lightly The dried mixture bricks or rings, pressing the glass jar. Leave the track for a day, allowing you to get to grips pattern.

Take a brush and paint, paint the bricks. Rather than serve as a common brush sponge handy for painting.

Attention! It is not recommended to use the paint in bright colors, whether it's green or pink color, that will give the well a ridiculous appearance. It is better to give preference to calm tones.

Natural stone finish well

For the cottages, is associated with a stone palace, the ideal solution would be to create a well in the Baroque style. Garmnichnuyu atmosphere will create a well of masonry at the bottom, forming a successful combination with other materials. This will provide a large flat shingles or "wild" stone with uneven surface. Borders garden paths spread of stone used for the construction of the bottom. An alternative arrangement it acts as "aged" bricks, roof creates reed asking notok romance and relaxation.

To implement their own ideas selection of decorative materials are:

They are mounted on a brick, foam or aerated concrete surface. Prior to the beginning of the well casing natural stone is heavy, construction increase. On the surface of the armature is placed or a wire mesh, providing reliable fixation finishes. Installation is carried out by means of a concrete solution applied to the surface of the plaster according to the location. Works are carried out using two spatulas and construction level. The solution dries a few days, then it primed and placed natural stone.

For terrestrial use of the large boulders, joined with cement mortar. In order to facilitate the work using a wooden blind area (at the end of the work it is removed). Usually spread three-level basis. To create the first level are the large stones, which give the massiveness and ability to hold further construction.

Attention! When processing a brick base of the well, additional reinforcement is not provided.

Finishing source decorative stone has small labor costs, due to light weight structures:

Preparing the well to the surface finishing of stone

The basis for taking concrete or drywall. The latter option is mounted on the frame or not. Frame technology will further insulated sheet to insulate the well (e.g., foam). Prior to installation of the ground surface that will provide a high level of adhesion to the adhesive.

To secure the decorative stone requires a standard set of materials:

  • The adhesive composition for ceramic and stone provided for external use.
  • Builder's level, ensuring a smooth installation of decorative elements.
  • Tile for the preparation of the individual segments of artificial stone.
  • Trowel for the application of the solution.

The entire perimeter of the soil remains damp, to strengthen it used concrete. You can use the bedding

(Crushed stone or gravel). Filling stones contributes retracted excess moisture and preserving the structure finishes, giving original performance of the well.

Development of the cover for the pit with their hands

For convenience, considered the fixed panel with two opening doors. The fixed member may be formed as a circular or square sewn, with the hatch in the middle. Luke is equipped with two doors, attached with long loops. Valves are opened outward easily, providing access to the water or equipment. Cover folds closed with the lock.

  • board 2 cm;
  • bar 4x4 cm - 4 pcs .;
  • bar 2x2 cm - 4 pcs .;
  • handles of metal - 2 pcs .;
  • hinges - 4 pcs .;
  • screws;
  • nails;
  • sealants for solid wood;
  • linseed oil, varnish or paint.
  • At 2 bars 4x4 cm was packed board. Required to prepare the boards of different lengths, allowing create a rectangular hatch center. Bars shield will fall to the bottom and the top of the hatch. On each side stuffed additional 2 bar.
  • Knock small shield 2 from timber planks and 2x2 cm, forming flaps to collapse hatch. They are hung on hinges and is fixed to the side walls of the hatch.
  • To the leaf by means of screws fix metal handles.
  • The seams between the planks smeared with sealant.
  • To impart water resistance, the cover is treated with varnish. As drying, treated with paint, stain or varnish.

In the first stage the old coating is removed with a spatula or solvents. The cleaned surface is washed with a cloth and detergent. If there are obvious defects, and large cracks, they are aligned. Foundation soil. In the presence of metal elements on the surface, they are treated with a protective composition, otherwise there is a risk of formation of rust. Decorating a new well produced using lime mortar.

The list of needed supplies include:

  • putty knife;
  • grater;
  • metal trowel;
  • a reservoir for plaster mixture;
  • rollers or stamps for textured material;
  • paint;
  • primer under paint.

Regardless of the choice of plaster, finishing concrete rings carried out by the following algorithm:

  • A solution for plastering, according to the instruction (preferably mineral composition).
  • Apply the mixture with the chosen technology (Kameshkovo, mosaic, Venetian procedure or "pitted"). The maximum thickness of 40 mm. Application of subsequent layers is performed after complete drying of the previous ones. The mixture is applied manually or by machine. The first layer must match the name "perfuse", it is determined that the even and thin application.
  • Mashing. Work carried out on the semi-dry layer when the material is subjected to processing and has firmly secured to the cover. Special structure will help to give a special roller configuration, graters, stamps, brushes, plastic bags, leaves and feathers. Embossed shapes created by applying and holding them on the surface coating patterns. The layer thickness is determined by the desired effect.

Council. While the plaster is not dried up, squeezing her direct or broken grooves imitating brick / masonry.

Before applying the paint, primed, allowing the surface to stay longer. For work well using a waterproof paint that is resistant to mechanical damage and UV radiation. The process is carried out with a long nap roller, but monochromatic paint does not always give the desired effect, requiring shade extending relief. To secure ink is used for water-based varnish. It is diluted with water in proportions of 1: 1, which provides insight into the structure of the plaster. The varnish is applied with a brush (it should be well to squeeze, excluding formation of streaks) in 2-3 layers.

How to create a decorative well from a frame with your hands? Step by step instructions

Preparation of basic design:

  • Dig a pit for large capacity, laterally leave a free space (20 cm).
  • On the bottom of the hole is filled sand mixture (20-30 cm), when placing the container and its top be raised above ground level for a similar span m. The tank is fixed and covered by soil excavation edge.
  • The base is surrounded by well logs. To make the density around the well pour the foundation at a depth of 30 cm.

Making the top:

  • Upon the preparation of the lower part, start decorating. Log houses set on the ground, pre-treating them with antiseptic.
  • Bottom row logs are fixed to the ground anchors, then perform from wells masonry at a height of 1 m square is placed inside the rack -. The foundation for the roof. To fix the nails are. On each rack mount 2 kills house bar, connected by transverse girders.
  • By uprights fixed drum and pen, providing water rise. Decorative cover is done in a round or square design. The cover at the top of the well equip decorative flowerbed. To ensure long-term operation of wood treated with preservative, varnish, paint or stain.
  • House roof made of bamboo, straw or shingles.

  • In preparing for the upper trim rings are kindly requested to provide additional insulation arrangement. But many masters neglect this condition, if the water table below the ground frost level.
  • Decorative finishing creates external waterproofing layer. This rule is mandatory when working with brick and concrete rings.
  • When connected to the well of autonomous water supply system running from the pump, finishing work made upon placing the pipes in the ground and the installation is completed.
  • Budget type wells finishing plastering protrudes with waterglass and colorant. This will allow to give additional protection for finished appearance.
  • Regardless of the cladding thickness formed coating should not go beyond the limits of the blind area on the ground. In the opposite case it requires extension of the concrete mix or facing material.

Important to remember! Cost decorative works can cost ten times more than the price of other systems.


decoration and holiday ideas well.

Our ancestors would envy the presence of a well on each country site, because they had to go to fetch water at the end of the street, and then carry heavy buckets of water to his house. But in those days they did not even have guessed that modern decorative wells - is in most cases only the elements of landscape design, and its direct functions they perform. We suggest you look, how to choose the wells and how to arrange them in accordance with the general direction of your site exterior.

Why do we need a well, if there is no water

Indeed, most of the well at the cottage used to cover the tank with rain water, sewers and other utilities, and only in rare cases, the wells are used for other purposes - decorative "houses" close the well with drinking water. In this case, such a scenic design is not only for aesthetic pleasure, but also performs quite prosaic function - to protect the water in the well of debris, dust, insects, and in the winter and frost.

And every house to the well at 100% is used in the decorative purposes - on the roof and sides ampelnye planted flowers, and at the base of planted vines. So unpretentious manner conventional well can be turned into a pergola or shaded sitting area.

What materials do decorative wells

Most often, in cottages and suburban areas there are wooden shafts. Natural material has always been valued for its beauty, eco-friendliness and, most importantly, reliability. In addition, the construction of the wood is very easy to fit into the landscape design, surround the area with green grass enough trees and flowers.

Typically, the house fly (and a base, and the roof) is made of a log or boards. The walls spread the brick, stone, tile or sheathe planed boards. The roof can be a two-, three-, hipped, with a weather vane or a decorative ridge, there are already as you wish. Here it should be noted that the well the roof can be opened and closed. In the first case it is a canopy and carries more aesthetic function, while the second covers the well headroom and plays a protective role.

Covering the entire roof can, anything: in the course is a board, plank, tiles (cement, ceramic, soft) metal sheets. Even bamboo will fit for this purpose, in this case, to get a unique design in oriental style. A little advice from the designer - if you want the most accurate fit well in the design area, it is better to make the roof of the same roofing material as the roof of the house.

The pillars are made of logs, they can be smooth and flat or curly carved with patterns and with sculptures of animals and birds. Around existing or decorative well advised to make blind area of ​​concrete or paving slabs. Recently, also gaining popularity soft blind area, which has better performance characteristics, does not harm the well structure and does not allow the penetration of surface water to its walls.

As can be decorated well

Different situations cause us to reflect on the improvement of the appearance of the well. Someone is not satisfied with his exterior finish, someone well had inherited from the previous owners, and old age has lost its former luster. In any case, if you are interested in the question of how to decorate well, our tips will help in this.

If your garden is decorated in a country style, with neatly spaced carts, wheels, decorative windmills, decorated with wicker fence, then a decorative well for the garden is made in the same style. The easiest way - to the base to attach the wagon wheel, thanks to such a small detail he immediately fit into the overall style of the site.

The design of the well at the cottage in country style

Wooden photo wells

Beautiful looks well, surrounded by greenery, surrounded by grass and, for example, shrubs for hedges of juniper, mixed with flower beds. To emphasize the rustic style, close to the well can put a fence woven from twigs and vines, and blind area to lay the stone. If near a small body of water, be sure to take the opportunity and install through a wooden garden bridge. The main thing - to present a complete picture of the site, then come up with the design of the well in the country and fit it to the exterior will be very easy.

How to make a well in the area

Decorative well in the area

One of the most beautiful ways decorative wells - this environment it gustorastuschimi flowers. For example, as the roof is used tsvetnikachasto well. But flowers can be arranged on the side walls in hanging pots, and put in a pot on the center pole of the well, and even surround its base, spreading flowering plants on the perimeter of the well.

Beautiful decorative wells photo

The decoration of the wells with flowers

A next embodiment using alpine slide. If your operating well, the soil remaining after drilling is not exported outside the area, and next to him Construct alpine hill. The abundance of stone, greenery and gurgling streams soothes and creates a favorable atmosphere for relaxation.

Decorative wells in landscape design

Decorative well in the country Photo

Well medieval style decorated with natural stone, granite, cobblestone, and the roof of such a structure is a metal dome. The modern form of the well will give a minimalist style - wrought iron support pillars in place, polycarbonate roof and the absence of florid decoration. This well decorated and it is not necessary, as long as it fits in the exterior area.

How to make a well photo

And decorative well can be designed in a nautical style. To this end, the base of the well and the pillars wrapped with thick rope, instead of buckets used wooden beer barrel, vertical racks are hung an anchor and as a handle gates used wheel. Be sure, an element area decor is sure to revive it and become the local "attraction", which will tell friends and neighbors visit your home.

How to make a decorative well with their hands

Decorative well for the garden

And this part of our publication will be of interest to those masters who do not like to sit idly by. Let's see how to make a decorative well with your hands.

For this we need a large capacity, such as tank. Digging a pit in accordance with the size of the reservoir, wherein the sides do "allowance" 20-25cm. For the strength of the bottom of the pit fall asleep sand to a depth of 30cm, so the top of the tank to rise above the ground at the same 30cm, but it's just at hand.

Once the tank is installed in a hole, the edges need to sprinkle the ground and tightly compacted. Then surround the base of the logs. For that they were hard and long, around the well pour the foundation depth of about 30cm. Drill a hole and "sadim" bottom row of logs at anchor. All other logs of well laid brickwork to a height of 1m.

Next, do the roof. To begin, you must install the rack - they are put in to get the square of the timber and attached to it with nails - this will be the base of the roof. Now we bring down the house two bars (such houses will need 2 pcs.), Set them on the rack and connect the cross beams - they should fill close to each other, as they will play the role of the roof. Complete the design by installing a decorative cover on the well.

Design options wells may be many, but the main advice that give designers, is that decorative wells should not stand alone in the area. It is our main task - as precisely as possible to fit them into landscaping adjacent to the house territory.

Choose the design of its well (photo)

Stone wells (photo)

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