Speakers with a subwoofer to your PC

How to choose a computer speakers wired and wireless - a review of the best models of the description, photos and prices

The sound quality is important when watching movies and listening to music. Different noise and distortion can spoil the impression of even the most elegant and exciting blockbuster shooter. Computer speakers combined with a subwoofer can improve sound quality on a laptop or desktop PC, no matter the characteristics of the room's acoustics.

What are the speakers for the computer

for sound reproduction devices are classified according to the acoustic parameters, materials of construction, size, control system. In stores you can find speakers for notebook and PC by Edifier, Genius, Sven, Defender, Samsung. The catalogs of these brands are represented as low-end models for the computers and expensive devices to achieve surround sound.

Loudspeakers for the computer may be passive or active. Audio related to the second category, has a built-in amplifier, and receives power from the PC. Passive speakers require an amplifier, supplementary feeding. The first type of devices are sold at low cost, since sound quality generated by them is low. Active computer speakers sound different saturated and a smooth transition between the keys. Audio differ:

  • configuration;
  • size;
  • number of dynamic emitters;
  • way to connect to a computer.

When choosing speakers for the computer it is necessary to pay attention to the material of the body. Quality sound possible in cases where the speakers and amplifiers placed in the tree. Plastic passive speakers are constantly rattle. When buying audio systems for the modern computer engineers are advised to pay attention to the following key parameters:

  • power;
  • the number of supported frequencies;
  • sensitivity;
  • number of lanes;
  • control.

When choosing speakers for your computer, this option is not the most important. It depends on the internal components and technology class. Systems with maximum power, are large in size. Amplifiers, dynamic transducers they are large and heavy. Multimedia kit type 2.0 have a small size and weight, so they can be ordered at a discount from an online store with delivery by mail.

When selecting audio equipment modern PC owners must rely on their own preferences. If a computer desk does not fit the system with a large number of speakers, you should look for models with the two front speakers. The following speakers are best proven online stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Transform a room with a home computer in a small cinema easily. This can help the next model of stereo:

  • name: Harman / Kardon SoundSticks III;
  • price: 10000 p .;
  • characteristics: power 40 W, the range 44-20000 Hz, SNR 80 dB;
  • pluses: hardware adjustment of bass frequencies;
  • cons: no reflex subwoofer.

More interesting acoustic performance at similar cost boasts stereo Microlab:

  • name: Microlab Pro 3;
  • price: 10900 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 90 W, the range 35-20000 Hz, SNR 75 dB;
  • pros: powerful high frequencies;
  • Cons: weak amplifier.

Many Russian buyers prefer peripheral equipment products Defender. Domestic brand busy producing columns of different price categories. The model can consider the following as a good alternative to expensive headphones for the computer:

  • name: Defender SPK-530;
  • price: 500 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 4W; range 90-20000 Hz;
  • pros: powered by USB, a good stock volume;
  • Cons: No support for low frequencies.

Among the active speaker is well-proven itself Edifier Technology. It will cope with playing music in FLAC format and powerful bass in computer games. Experts advise those who want to buy speakers for your PC, look for the following models:

  • name: Edifier S 1000 DB;
  • price: 17800 p .;
  • characteristics: total power (RMS) of 120 W, the range 48-20000 Hz, SNR 85 dB, wooden cabinet;
  • advantages: high-quality sound;
  • Cons: cost, weight 17 kg.

Sven multimedia computer parts are of high audio quality and affordable price. 2.1 system from this manufacturer has gained popularity due to their compact size and built-in subwoofer:

  • name: Sven MS-110;
  • price: 1800 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 10 W, the range 50-20000 Hz;
  • advantages: high output power;
  • Cons: one input for the external source.

Company Defender is known to many in the domestic market. An example of a low-cost and high-quality audio from this manufacturer could provide the following products:

  • name: Defender Ion S 10;
  • price: 1200 p .;
  • characteristics: power 10 W, the range 30-20000 Hz, mini-jack connector;
  • pros: interesting case design;
  • Cons: dull bass.

Some visitors want shopping to buy computer speakers small size, providing high-quality sound. Especially for people like Genius has developed the stereo:

  • name: Genius Bomb SW-2.1 370;
  • price: 1500 p .;
  • characteristics: power 8 W, the range 75-20000 Hz;
  • pros: strong upper and middle frequency;
  • cons: no standard power regulator bass.

Unlimited financial experts recommend that citizens look to the next audio system from the brand JBL:

  • name: JBL Flip 3;
  • price: 5000 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 16 W, the range 85-20000 Hz, SNR 80 dB;
  • pros: powerful subbas;
  • Cons: treble subside.

Miniature audio handy constantly traveling people. They do not take up much space near your computer and reproduce the sound of an acceptable quality. One example of a very cheap equipment of this type is the following product:

  • name: Velton VLT-S 006 J;
  • price: 315 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS is 5 W, the dynamics on the one line;
  • advantages: support for midrange;
  • Cons: small stock of the overall volume.

Similar basic characteristics has the following model brand Genius:

  • name: Genius SP-J 120;
  • price: 580 p .;
  • characteristics: power 4 W, the dynamics on the one line;
  • advantages: high-quality high and medium frequencies;
  • Cons: weak subbas.

Portable Acoustic JBL is an example of a combination of ergonomics and qualitative technical component:

  • name: JBL Clip Plus;
  • Price 2300 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 3,2 W, the range 160-20000 Hz;
  • pros: good stock volume;
  • Cons: weak subbas.

JBL competition can make the following product SONY:

  • name: SONY SRS-BTV 5 B;
  • price: 3500 p .;
  • characteristics: power of 1.2 W, a broadband speaker;
  • pros: good stock volume;
  • Cons: there are slight wheezing.

The present surround musical compositions can be obtained if the system includes bass frequencies column. This requirement corresponds to the given acoustics Sven:

  • name: Sven SPS-820;
  • price: 3800 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 38 W, the range 20-20000 Hz;
  • pros: powerful bass;
  • Cons: hiss at high volume.

More budget speakers for the computer subwoofer offers brand Edifier:

  • name: Edifier X600;
  • price: 3250 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 30 W, the range 48-20000 Hz;
  • pros: deep bass, clear sound;
  • Cons: inconvenient location of regulators.

Logitech is in the lead in the ranking of sales of the speakers with clamps for laptops and displays. Rank column to mount on the monitor of the manufacturer due to the concise design and high-quality assembly:

  • name: Logitech Z-305;
  • Price: 1 460 p .;
  • Features: 2.0 stereo sound, powered by USB, fastening clamp;
  • advantages: rich and upper middle frequencies;
  • Cons: No support subbasa.

Owners of computers with a more limited budget necessary to pay attention to this model of Defender:

  • name: Defender NoteSpeaker S 5 USB;
  • price: 1000 p .;
  • characteristics: power 5 W, the range 90-20000 Hz;
  • pros: stereo;
  • cons: no bass.

The popularity of audio Ginzzu due to the presence of the slot to play music from a flash drive:

  • name: Ginzzu GM-86B;
  • Price: 1 100 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 10 W, the range of 100-20,000 Hz;
  • pros: good volume;
  • Cons: weak subbas.

Similar characteristics in another price range has acoustics Microlab:

  • name: Microlab MD 310 BT;
  • price: 4200 p .;
  • specifications: 2x1 power W, the range of 100-20,000 Hz;
  • pros: melodic bass;
  • Cons: noise at a high level of sound.

These audio systems are suitable PC users, sometimes participating in online conferences, but do not wish to purchase a complete set of audio equipment. An example of this technique is the following product:

  • name: Genius SP-906 BT;
  • price: 950 p .;
  • characteristics: power 3 W, the range of 100-20,000 Hz;
  • pros: good bass;
  • Cons: battery life - 5 hours.

The more advanced this price range stands the JBL model:

  • name: JBL Xtreme;
  • price: 12000 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 40 W, the range 70-20000 Hz;
  • advantages: small size, Bluetooth support;
  • Cons: small rattling audio.

Best gamers to purchase a pair of three-way speaker. They will provide a deep bass and are often found on the sales techniques. Most budget model for the computer games offering Dialog:

  • name: Dialog AB-45B;
  • Price 2900 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 20 W, the range 40-20000 Hz;
  • pros: good sound, there is a card reader;
  • Cons: requires re-setting response.

A more expensive option speakers designed for gamers, the Logitech released:

  • name: Logitech Z 506;
  • price: 6300 p .;
  • characteristics: power 75 W, the range 45-20000 Hz;
  • advantages: high-quality bass and treble;
  • Cons: rattle at maximum volume.

It is assumed that the wireless audio systems are incapable of high audio quality, but stereo Harman / Kardon proves that it is not so:

  • name: Harman / Kardon Onyx;
  • price: 20000 p .;
  • Specifications: 2x30 W power, the range 60-20000 Hz;
  • pros: sleek design, high-quality sound;
  • Cons: short battery life.

The following model stands out from the budget of this type of technology Samsung:

  • name: Samsung Radiant 360 R 1;
  • price: 9500 p .;
  • features: two-way speaker, support Multiroom mode;
  • pros: surround sound;
  • Cons: fuzzy subbas and treble.

Audio systems from solid maple or oak body more resistant to interference, which positively affects the sound quality. For beginners it is recommended to look at the music lovers of this model of acoustics:

  • name: Microlab H-510;
  • price: 15800 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 242 W, the range 45-24000 Hz, SNR 85 dB;
  • advantages: a large supply of volume, soft bass;
  • Cons: really hot power.

Demanding to the sound quality, citizens can buy speakers for your computer a more advanced level of the same manufacturer:

  • name: Microlab H-600;
  • price: 28300 p .;
  • Specifications: RMS 270 W, the range 20-20000 Hz, SNR 80 dB;
  • advantages: stylish design;
  • Cons: small reflex.

How to choose columns for your computer

The sound quality is worth many PC users in the first place. However, not all gamers and music lovers know how to choose speakers for your computer. Before going to the store you need to define the purpose. Music lovers should give preference to systems aimed at work in the middle and high range. The following parameters are considered essential when purchasing:

  • number of channels;
  • AFC;
  • type of food;
  • the presence / absence of additional functions.

An important role in the selection of speakers for the computer sound card plays. If it is the initial level, then the system 5.1 is designed to reproduce a wide frequency band, will work as ordinary paired columns. To remedy this shortcoming, experts recommend that owners of personal computers to buy a discrete sound card.


Alex, 34 years old

Long sought speakers with subwoofer for the computer and decided to opt for Edifier R 980 T. The main advantage of this acoustic feel good bass and volume. Even the built-in audio card playing music without distortion. A bit inconvenient that the volume controls are located on the rear panel.

Spent a lot of time to find nice plastic speaker for the computer until it came across Genius SPU 115. The sound from the speakers is quite good, a little worse than my home theater. Products compact, powered from your computer via USB. For me, the decisive factor was the appearance of the equipment. It was bought for 500 rubles acoustics.

I was looking for a system consisting of high-quality satellite and subwoofer, as It is important that well reproduces bass and mid-range frequencies. Having studied the range of shops in Moscow, I decided to purchase the shares of Microlab M-860 to the computer. Of the merits of note pleasant sound, the ability to customize all the speakers with a remote.

The best speakers for your computer - Rating TOP-10

Selection of quality speakers - this is quite a difficult task. You need to navigate the features and functional model. If you are new in this business, or just want to see the best speakers in the 2017 version of our website, then sit back. Our rating is based on feedback from customers and experts.

A computer without speaker looks like something is defective. There is no way to listen to your favorite music in high quality, watch a movie with surround sound, and the like. We decided to make a list of the best speakers for the PC in 2017, so you can make your choice. In our ranking includes the best models on the reviews of buyers and experts.

How to choose a speaker system for your computer?

Multimedia speakers and allows you to enjoy a good quality of sound when watching movies, listening to music and playing games. Depending on your query, you can divide the computer speakers into classes: simple stereo speakers (2.0), models with a subwoofer (2.1), and multi-channel speakers (5.1).

Column 2.0 standard (budget option)

If you are not particularly demanding on the sound quality, then we recommend to pay attention to the following models: Edifier R1280T, Defender SPK-530, Logitech Z120 (an overview of them can be seen below). Typically, this acoustic 2.0 standard, which consist of two portable speakers. Sound quality on them is usually quite acceptable, but to listen to music through them at high volume is not recommended. For little money, you can find a good choice as a portable speaker.

Standard speakers 2.1 (average)

Look for something in more powerful? Then pay attention to the type of model 2.1 with subwoofer. In embodiments, low cost, two front speakers are not capable of providing high-quality reproduction of low frequencies (100 Hz). To truly enjoy the deep bass from your stereo system, you need a subwoofer. In our ranking of this standard is represented by the following models: Sven SPS-820, Microlab M-880, DialogIALOG W-3000.

Some models come with a remote control (RC). It will be a nice bonus for those who are planning to install the speakers at a distance from the computer or the TV. The keypad buttons are generally available to adjust the volume, tone, power on and off.

Column standard 5.1 (high quality sound)

To get surround sound, speakers need standard 5.1 or 7.1. The first digit of them refers to the number of columns, and the second number of subwoofers. In our ranking, we consider only models of the type 5.1 (Logitech Z906, Edifier S550 ENCORE, Microlab FC 730, Logitech Z506).

To provide surround sound speakers arrange themselves around the room. The subwoofer should be on the floor near the sound source. Thus, you get the most vivid sensation of sound in the game, film or music.

The best computer speakers 2.0

Type model 2.0 consist of two columns. It allows you to play sound in stereo. Typically, these systems are ideal for watching movies, listening to music in the background, and the like. If you need something stronger, pay attention to the system of 2.1 or 5.1.

Very popular model at the moment, which has won the sympathy due to the high sound quality and relatively low price. Modern design allows the organic look in any room, and small size allow to place the column even at the loaded table. The body is made of MDF, it provides higher quality and clear sound in comparison with plastic models.

The total capacity of the device 42 W (21 W per each column). Frequency range 75-18000 Hz. Included Edifier R1280T is a remote control, which greatly simplifies the adjustment and tuning of the device.

  • Price: from 4490 RUB.
  • Dimensions: mm 234h146h196
  • Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Power: 2h21 W
  • Frequency range 75-18000 Hz
  • Material: MDF
  • Remote control: yes
  • Power supply: mains
  • Occupy a lot of space.
  • Slow speed adjusting high and low frequencies.

We present to your attention one of the most compact models. Defender SPK-530 is perfect for notebook users who need to take the speakers with you to work / school. They fit easily into a small bag and do not require mains power source, simply plug them into the USB, and audio jacks. Adjusting the sound is carried out with the help of the built-in control on the speakers, no longer need to move the volume slider on the media player.

Feature of this model is the availability of special protection: Magnetic shielding shell. Now you can place the speakers near a computer, they will not create interference. Overall, this is a compact and reliable option.

  • Price: from 390 rubles.
  • Dimensions: mm 75h72h140
  • Weight: 0.43 g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power 2 × 2W
  • Frequency: 90-20000 Hz
  • Protection: Magnetically shielded
  • Power supply: USB
  • Good build quality.
  • Built-in protection from interference.
  • Compact, you can take it without any problems.

Need a compact speaker with good sound? Then look at the Logitech Z120. Stylish design perfectly fit into any type of space and compact dimensions allow to place them even in the busiest table. To connect the speakers Z120 You do not have a power outlet near the table, they operate from USB. The body is made from high quality plastic.

Two columns give the total power 1.2 watts (0.6 watts each), and the reproducible frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz. The switch and the volume control is located directly on the device will no longer need to open the media player to make softer or louder.

  • Price: from 1007 RUB.
  • Dimensions: 88x90x110 mm
  • Power: 2 × 0.6 W
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power supply: USB
  • Volume control: yes

The best computer speakers 2.1

Unlike the previous format, such systems added subwoofer. It provides good sound of low frequencies (100 Hz). If you want to buy just such a system, be sure to pay attention to one of the following models.

You want to buy something more powerful? Then we recommend to pay attention to SVEN SPS-820. This AK consists of 2 powerful satellites and a subwoofer that reproduces high quality bass sounds. The total capacity of the entire system is 38 W (2 satellites of 10 W and 18 W subwoofer). The model is further protected from image distortion near the TV and the PC using the magnetic shielding.

The wide frequency range and high power make it possible to watch movies, listen to music and play games with high-quality sound. Buyers are left generally only positive feedback about the AK.

  • Price: from 3 102 rubles.
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Material: MDF
  • Frequency range: 20 - 20000 Hz
  • Power: 10 W × 2 (satellites) + 18W (subwoofer)
  • Power supply: mains
  • Protection: Magnetically shielded
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • The best quality / price ratio.
  • Powerful subwoofer.

Perhaps the best option for their money. Modern Hi-Tech design fits perfectly in any interior. Due to the small size of the satellites and subwoofer, the AK can be placed on a small table or stand. All the controls placed on the front panel, so the problems with the increase or decrease in the volume you will not have.

Good frequency characteristics allow equally enjoy a variety of music styles. The sound quality is also improved significantly due to the wooden hull. Overall, this is an ideal option for those who like to listen to music and watch movies.

  • Price: from 4290 RUB.
  • Dimensions: 214x105x120 (column), 210x180x368 (subwoofer)
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Power: 16x2 W
  • Frequency: 50-20000 Hz
  • Power supply: mains
  • Cute design with a modern volume control.
  • Good sound quality (particularly high frequency).
  • Not Radiation at, not sizzle, not heated.

In terms of price / quality - this is one of the best in my opinion models. Snapping Dialog W-3000 almost immediately, since its delivery in Russia is not so great. Good sound quality ensures that two satellites and one subwoofer. Low frequency reproduction falls on the subwoofer, so satellites easier to reproduce the high and medium frequencies. This also affected the size of the speakers (they are quite compact and fit on a small computer desk with no problems).

The housing of the subwoofer and front speakers is made of MDF, thus providing higher quality and more natural sound. Properly coordinated elements in the acoustics allowed to get as close to the Hi-Fi sound. This is confirmed by numerous positive customer reviews.

  • Price: from 2752 RUB.
  • Size (number / sub..): 125x205x120 mm / 160x240x315 mm
  • Power: 20 W × 2 + 30W
  • Frequency: 20-19000 Hz
  • Mains
  • Magnetic shielding: Yes
  • Deep and powerful bass that is well audible in the distance.
  • Large frequency range to adjust the tone.
  • Quality materials and assembly.
  • Cheap.

The best computer speakers 5.1

Such systems provide a very high quality and surround sound. They consist of five columns (2 wheel, 2 rear, 1 center) and a subwoofer. This is one of the most popular formats for multi-channel audio. It is used on DVD and modern computer games.

This model will exceed all your expectations in sound quality. Acoustics consists of 4 identical satellites 67 W (can be attached to the wall), one center channel speakers (67 W) and one subwoofer (165 W). The management console will help manage all aspects of acoustics, until the input for audio sources. The whole system allows you to experience every nuance of surround sound.

When using any audio source, you can choose a 3D stereo effect, stereo 4.1 or 2.1 stereo. Another feature is the ability to define up to 6 audio sources. Thus, you can simultaneously connect a PC, TV, set-top box and more.

  • Price: from 22 390 rubles.
  • Power: 500 W
  • Mains
  • Case material: plastic
  • Wireless Remote Control: Yes
  • Management Console: yes
  • The sound is loud and intense.
  • The presence of the optical inputs.
  • Satellites and subwoofer give the purest sound.
  • Nice design.

This is an advanced version of the S550, which was very popular among buyers. Housing S550 Encore consists of high-quality MDF boards. They do not contain detrimental impurities and improve the quality of the reproduced sound. This model is fully assembled in the Edifier laboratories, allowing maximum quality assemble all the elements to minimize interference and optimize the thermal conditions.

10 inch subwoofer allows playback frequency from 35 Hz to 130 Hz. It smoothly "stitches" with the sound reproduced at the satellite frequency 130-20000 Hz. Edifier used in this model of passive radiator technology, which provides lightness and saturation of the bass.

  • Price: from 24 143 rubles.
  • Power: 540 Watts
  • Weight (sat / sub..): 11.5 kg / 18.5 kg
  • Case Material: MDF
  • Mains
  • The signal - noise ratio: > 85 dB
  • Frequency: 42-20000 Hz
  • Wireless Remote Control: yes
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Bass smooth and deep, sounding satellites clean and at a high level.
  • Not heated during long listening.
  • The beautiful exterior design.

You want to buy the acoustics in a classic design? Then pay attention to Microlab FC 730. This six-channel speaker system, which is perfect for listening to music, watching movies and games. Powerful satellites and a subwoofer is enough for an apartment middle-large sizes.

Clean and accurate sound is achieved in this system through the use of unique EAirbass technology and the use of materials in the manufacture of MDF housing. The remote control allows you to control the entire system from a distance. In addition, you can connect multiple audio sources and switching between them is carried out using a special key.

  • Price: from 8617 RUB.
  • Power: 84W
  • Frequency: 30-20000 Hz
  • Mains
  • Weight: 14.6 kg
  • Case Material: MDF
  • Magnetic shielding: Yes
  • The best sound for its price range.
  • Handy remote control.
  • Powerful sound (for medium-sized apartments).

Look for an inexpensive option for your apartment? Then the Logitech Z506 is perfect for you. Inexpensive acoustics and high-quality sound perfectly fit into any design. Visit the cinema sitting on the sofa in front of the TV.

Multiple inputs allows you to connect multiple devices. To switch, use the special button. The control buttons are located on the column, simple and convenient operation.

  • Price: from 6060 RUB.
  • Power: 75 W
  • Frequency: 45-20000 Hz
  • Mains
  • Weight: 5.1 kg
  • Case material: plastic
  • Magnetic shielding: Yes
  • Inexpensive compact set with a good sound.
  • Remarkable build quality.
  • No remote control.

What are the best speakers for your computer? This question is answered unequivocally no one can. Each model has its pros and cons, so you need to choose the columns according to their preferences and financial capabilities.

We hope our rating to help you identify and correct choice to make. Enjoy the shopping!

Top Computer speakers with subwoofer rating: photos, specifications, price, reviews

We have collected for you photos, specifications, prices and reviews on the best computer speakers with subwoofer rating.

  • 2.1 computer speakers
  • total power of 40 W
  • SSB column
  • Frequency range 30 - 20000 Hz

from 2490 rubles. up to 4590 rubles.


Excellent clean sound across the entire frequency range. Pleasant high and medium frequencies, soft bass. For a room of 12 square meters that is necessary.

Soft bass, not everyone likes. Adjust the volume on Saba. Better just to set and how to adjust the program. No remote control.

Want to enjoy the music, I recommend to buy, a good choice.

  • 2.1 computer speakers
  • total power of 22 W.
  • SSB column
  • Frequency range 45 - 20000 Hz


SOUND, size, design

wire too short, do not spread as it should

Great design for a laptop is great. Sound.

A comment

Long chose, questioned how such minnows will play, but they really do not play on their size)). The sound is clear, bass is soft and deep. Most importantly the sound is no pressure to play and do not strain the whole day.

An excellent choice for a notebook. I was so pleased with the purchase of gadget, but this one really impressed.

compactness, build quality, elegant sound

A comment

for such a compact sound system is great, build quality is also at altitude, 2a, the use not just surprised these things sound familiar system, put 6 on my own! rates work out to 150%

Quality sound for such a small size. There are also the necessary power and even bass, strangely enough

It does not work on batteries, although their consumption with a subwoofer, probably would be too fast.

Good value for money. Travel the best option!

Very nice set. Incredibly deep and powerful sound. Clean top and bottom bass. A modern push-button control.

Many connecting cables. But without in any way - I understand.

I bought for the look and sound like it from the first chords. Wonderful column.

Deep powerful bass - surprising from such small speakers.

Beautiful design, comfortable handling, but with the wires should be poakuratnee - not to mix.

Volume control buttons cool and comfortable.

Melenky size, so do not take up much space on the table.

Wires are often confused when carrying.

An indispensable thing in the mission. Znachitalno enriches the sound from laptop and allows you to watch movies, listen to music, chat on Skype.

Maybe a bit expensive - but maybe it's not cheap this company? Judging by the quality of the can and is. But it's worth it.

Metal housing SUPER WOOFER'a.

Clean and pleasant "verha9quot ;.

Very compact size.

2 cable RCA 3,5 jack for connecting different lengths in set of (short and long).

Pleasant and ergonomic design.

Great sound without EQ tweaks.

Push-button volume control on the right satellite.

There is no power button.

Acquired by accident. When I heard these "malyshi9quot; play, I was very much surprised. Such a sound from them, I do not ozhidal.Rekomenduyu!

For its price and size of the sound of the coolest, quality packaging, quality of manufacturing materials

Personally, I would have done Satellites is slightly longer and added bass adjustment

I took a gift. If you are looking for a compact system you can not take even listening to what it is best to find vryatli. If the size is not important then for about the same price at the same firm have decent speakers varianty.Kstati off simultaneously by pressing the + and -Vsem luck

  • 2.1 computer speakers
  • the total power of 9 W
  • SSB column
  • Frequency range 40 - 20000 Hz
  • Bluetooth

Reviews of Creative T3150 Wireless

I bought a laptop. Sound any better than the built-in speakers. Bluetooth works flawlessly, I listen to both the Note, or via a smartphone.

Battened bit low. Short wires power and those that go to the column. The remote is useless.

Overall satisfied, I got exactly what I wanted.

Good sound quality, with beautiful highs and deep bass. Surprisingly good sound. Compact design, remote control on the wire with volume control and switch. Bluetooth connection without problems, with mac book pro, smart phones (tested).

The advantages also include the fact a wired connection and a wireless operated simultaneously, the sound mix! very original.

It should be understood that this computer speakers.

Rocking my little room

The remote volume control

Bluetooth is in the subwoofer

Design of columns (but they can be changed to any other because they are stuck in a sub)

Bluetooth he certainly bluetooth - throughout the apartment you do not resemble, but thanks for that

When buying very much doubted, and still tempted to bluetooth. Once placed in the room and poyuzat couple of minutes, all doubts were gone. The design of the columns themselves is certainly not all that well, but I have put behind the monitor and they are almost invisible. The subwoofer is placed on the left of Monica, and it put a table lamp - it looks fine, it does not strain the eyes. Very worried about the quality and power of sound, but that's all right. When I sit at the computer, the sound is clear, no clues for my no ears. When in another room or on the porch, then cut in at full volume to music on bluetooth smartphone - here, too, all in order, volume enough, even I close the door to muffle the sound. In general I am happy with the purchase or even aesthetic speakers do not plan to change in the future. I would also note that I am not the owner of hearing super exchange, but in matters of quality picky, if there is something.

  • 2.1 computer speakers
  • total power of 32 W
  • SSB column
  • speaker enclosure material: MDF
  • subwoofer case material: MDF

from 3595 rubles. up to 5240 rubles.


beauty and good chistotniki

sabufer better Pomoshnaya

generally take will not regret

  • 2.1 computer speakers
  • total power of 25 W
  • SSB column
  • housing material columns: plastic
  • subwoofer case material: MDF

from 3390 rubles. up to 4760 rubles.


1. soundly build quality - traditional for this brand.

2. Small size speakers and a subwoofer and this really deep, not humming or boomy bass.

3. Easy to install - no need to connect the satellites paired terminals. Instead minijack 3.5 mm.

4. Controls are conveniently located on the console instead of the ridiculous side handles on Saba or even behind, as so often happens.

1. The control unit is necessary to fix on the table, or he tries to slip off somewhere to the side. Solved bilateral adhesive tape. It stuck to the monitor stand.

2. Do not hurt to add on the remote control for a separate subwoofer. Although the balance for low and high volume levels between the subwoofer and satellites, in general, normal, not in the sub buzzing low volume too, at the maximum shows all that capable, and satellites are not too smeared.

For its price (I am taking over the 1500R.) - a very decent and powerful system. When bought in the store, I surprised how compact everything is packaged in a small box. In the window they looked bigger, or something. But despite its small size, sounding pleased. Especially the subwoofer - a small, but real bass outputs, so that under the feet of even the floor is buzzing quite noticeable. And the fact that a speaker at him from below, rather an advantage than a disadvantage: the body is raised on legs and this sound resonates further. The truth is you have to be careful not to damage anything not covered by a diffuser. Also note a balanced and sound without noticeable distortion, even at maximum nothing rattles and squeaks. connects all minijack. I can not stand these clips, bare wires, which are constantly dropped. Management console - no need to bend down under the table and a fumble on the subwoofer enclosure. I am satisfied with the purchase. I recommend to those who value sound quality and ease of use in a compact size.

subwoofer. for apartments Motsnyi;

mediocre sound clarity

for the average user will go. It is a good option to use in the apartment. If you are a music lover, I do not advise

Good sound, it horoshiy.Kompaktnost.Ne hoot, do not rattle, do not whistle.

Remote control without rubber soles.

To say nothing special, but maybe it will be useful.

The sound is clear vpolne.Filmy, music (mostly rock) play zamechatelno.Hripov not even on maximum volume, the bass is not zahlebyvaetsya.Razumeetsya acoustics not for discos, etc., namely, watch a movie, listen to background music or just gromche.Sravnival with Edifier M1350 , Logie shows the optimum in sound on the same track Godsmack - Drum Duel.

In the stillness of the night make no sound.

For a small room, kitchen more than podhodyat.Dovolen.

Nice clean sound for the room 17 sq Subic some great shows for me personally wires were o4en comfortable and pultik finally drags pity on us only vklvykl button and volume control.

The only drawback - the column of Subic below, have to put it sideways, I like to watch as a speaker twitches

I bought this laptop sistemku behaves perfectly, but the volume is greater than 60% do not put Subic begins krihtet, an old sound card

But sistemnike behaves great speaker, even at maximum issue almost ideal sound noises are very rare, and it's likely because of the track, but the Subic still krihtit, but turn down the volume to 92 everything is fine, but in fact only a deaf person will listen even to 92 ears hews strongly 🙂

  • 2.1 computer speakers
  • total power of 22 W.
  • SSB column
  • Frequency range 50 - 20000 Hz


The class 5tisantimetrovyh columns in diameter they luchshie.Zvuk gorgeous.

To 4.5 W give a good volume, while maintaining a clear sound.

I hear in the headphones all the sounds and echoes in the background, in these columns - also samoe.A speaker is not always typical. Clarity, clarity and again clarity.

For its characteristics and size, I would not call price malenkoy.Konechno is not a disadvantage, if you choose a quality and firm)))))

Only one design would choose them, but adding the sound quality, can be taken without hesitation.

Excellent sound, interesting design, compact size

Original sounds and plays just fine. Cool scrolling volume with light, she, and everything else, look very stylish! The compact size does not affect the sound quality.

As for the disadvantages, I have not found them yet. I was happy with everything.

P. S. is not yet switched on full blast, because the neighbors behind the wall will swear.

Quality / price ratio in favor of the second

It is not revealed, but if Max will not twist, it has not been found

Approached me on design, sound surprisingly good. The feeling that he had bought an expensive item at a huge discount.

design course, well worthy sound.

not seen or heard.

This design model, and it is immediately seen as a pretty unusual design. To be honest I bought this sistemku initially because of the appearance, very much I liked it. But when listened to another, I make sure that the sound is not worse, and even very good. In addition, the system plays very loud, I'm rarely at the maximum cut in, but nothing rattles. 🙂

Beautiful appearance - a real designer item

Loud undistorted sound.

Downhole bass - had not even heard of the wooden columns.

Volume Control - large and backlit.

The satellites are small, relatively large sub

A comment

Acquired on the occasion of the last month to decorate your desktop. Mainly for my wife - I do not sit still. she chose. although the acoustic quality, durability, quality factor I checked the acoustics. Column liked in the first place is very unusual attractive form. I knocked on the hull saba - dense material highlighting top magically attracted spouse and the issue in general was half solved We asked to switch. We muryzhili us long, but when turned on - I saw the light. The sound is very dense, high-quality, deep and enjoyable.

Connect to media player LV wife mostly listening to soft music, in general, pop, radio, watching movies.

She columns pleased girlfriends gasp, columns successfully entered into our life.

for its size the sound is excellent of course do not expect from him a large volume for this there is another acoustic and of course the design of the entire multimedia acoustics better. )))))))))))))

if sub twist to the entire audible overtones fazika

the sound is clear a great design that more could you ask for decor acoustics. the best choice.

  • 2.1 computer speakers
  • total power of 20 W
  • SSB column
  • speaker enclosure material: MDF
  • subwoofer case material: MDF

from 2288 rubles. up to 4590 rubles.


Good thing, I advise! Comfortable and decent!

I at first not included, but right now, all the rules.

I advise you, you will not regret)) If, show photos from different angles, write: vk.com/kkk20

+Good sound quality.

+Good appearance.

+The yield of satellites, tulips.

+Bass reflex subwoofer front.

+Sub justified plays 40Hz.

+Satellites are made of MDF.

+Satellites are protected by bars.

+Satellites play midrange.

+In the silence of silent system (if not connected mini-jack).

-Price: 2990 could be lower.

-125 Hz depends on the track (sm.kommentarii).

-Thumps when turning.

-Satellites outputs blind, partial sound.

-No magnetic shielding (on a CRT monitor will be distorted).

-Quartermaster uneven (example: 500 Hz, 350 Hz is clearly audible).

-Standard: bright blue LED, rear switch.

>Oak bass, a feeling that did stupid for that to Beat drum was heard, and a bass in the background.

>125 Hz, you see this is the problem of the firm - There is a way.

Reason: Wrong design Bass reflex subwoofer, just take half and plug.

Bottom line: go for games, contemporary music, movies to watch.

Do not go to listen to tracks such as the: Kraftwerk - Aero Dynamik (Riga).

If you are looking for music product, this product does not fit you, look in the direction 2.0 (monitors, music center), or 2.1 but for serious money.

Use: MS-309 - how sab.Genius SP-E350 - like satellites.

Turn both systems through a self-made double.

Connect signal: a sub front panel, rear panel satellites.

Let's see how many will work MS-309.

Very good sound quality, build quality, attractive appearance, convenient location of the bass and treble, and even their presence, the price is quite adequate, compact size, the system does not tear at maximum volume, pleasant blue backlight

Sometimes, if the music is playing softly and the bass turned out on a decent power heard a slight rattle in sabe but this is clearly some sort of internal features, conductors in all speakers are sealed inside, if there is the type of phone device system occasionally starts beeping, too short wires to a common style at columns bit lacking glossy strips on top

I have long wanted a system of 2.1 to 5.1 this was duck here these wires across the room just got to hang out, and Bubba was a low-power and huge. One day went to the store and I immediately rushed to this miracle in the eye, to pass by such beauty was impossible decided to listen to connect the phone and just fell in love with the sound, I decided that podkoplyu money and take. Less than 2 weeks later sold to another old system and bought this at a very good price 1380r. brought home and rushed Club, Dubstep, Rap everything started to listen to in order to test how different genres wins back eventually delight simple manipulations with the bottom and top regulators had done their work plays a bang any style. At the highest volume there is no sound distortion either in columns or in Buba. saba size at all pleased at the height of it is less than my previous centimeters 5-8 which allowed him to easily take a seat on the table and a shelf is not the devil knows where taking a huge space, another plus Buba what the speaker is hidden inside and no one would guess nerd poke it with your finger, the only small negative compared to my previous system fazoinventor through in no mesh and if you have children they can easily go to cram a variety of items such as pencils and pens that get in s will not be able. In general, and the whole system is excellent, the sound is rich without distortion, the price is justified, power enough to shake the room is small and even medium-sized. If you want a budget system with high sound quality, take will not regret

Price Build quality

A comment

Excellent value for money for a computer is enough and the sound is very nice!

Good, deep sound, excellent bass (I use as speakers to noutu in a small room), an adequate price.

short wire, button On rear subwoofer

If you want to buy for a small cost norms speakers to a computer for home use (music, games), this is what you're looking for take - will not regret it.

  • 2.1 computer speakers
  • total power of 25 W
  • SSB column
  • Frequency range 50 - 20000 Hz

from 2588 rubles. up to 3470 rubles.


fairly good sound

Noise is heard when the music plays. wire

I purchased these speakers about a month ago. Ability to adjust the bass level and high pleases. Touch volume control did not cause any problems. Cool that you can turn off the sound by touching both buttons. From a professional point of view to evaluate the sound can not, but I like it. I have set up so that I like and enjoy. The only negative - is clearly audible noise when the speakers are on, but did not play. He is quite noticeable. And it's not out of the socket 50 Hz from both the cheapest columns without filters. This is very similar to white noise. Increase or decrease the volume to the level of the noise does not affect - it remains at the same volume. Not that it's annoying, but sometimes you sit, the music turned off, and then you catch yourself thinking that you hear it. Wire tangle a little on the table, a lot of them, but I think it's a sin to complain, most devices work on the network and still have some wiring.

It is extremely unusual design, draw attention, very nice fit on my desk. Take up little space, thus give good sound. deep bass, good treble, at the maximum sound hrepyat not play clearly and loudly enough for its size. For my room at 14 meters - completely. On one of sattelitov touch volume control, if you bring your fingers directly to the two buttons - polnosyu sound turned off.

to completely shut down the system, you need to reach for the subwoofer and press the button. that, in principle, a matter of habit, and the sound can be turned off at the satellite. high enough price.

speakers for lovers of unusual things, very nice look!

Thick wires from the satellites.

Touch volume control (works well, the sound is adjusted quickly if you keep your finger on the button)

Rubber feet on the satellites and sabe (very stable is on the table).

No clicks on / off.

No background noise included columns without the sound source.

Well, perhaps, that the dynamics of the satellites are not highly protected from external influences (for example a small child can tornut them with your finger or a pencil and damage), but then the whole thing in the design (but looks interesting).

Someone wrote about the short length of wire. To me, for any computer table should be enough. Of course it all depends on where to put a sub and where the power outlet is located. So, the length of the wires from the left / right satellite - 140 cm, from the power supply - 180 cm, the signal wire (female-female) generally huge (it was never stopped, laziness has already been disconnected from the computer), about two meters.

Design of columns is excellent, live it looks better than the picture. Surface gloss, next to the black monitor looks wonderful.

Choosing between JBL Creature III and Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II. According to the price list, they are about the same, but the Creative System 2.0, ie without the subwoofer. As a result, JBL chose not withheld, although living Creative did not listen, but reviews he too is not bad.

p.s. High-quality packaging, each column, in order to avoid scratches, packaged in several layers of cellophane, wires also in cellophane.


dimensions, working from the power outlet, wires

If the case: In the columns, not for me as an experienced music lover - great bass and have their adjustment, and the adjustment of high tones .. (do not know how to properly called).

Enough quickly got used to the touch volume adding management .. if not break, then it is very convenient. A very handy feature to quickly mute all (when pressed simultaneously + and -) has repeatedly rescued ..

Disadvantages for me is:

1. Dimensions (in general get a decent set of three columns), all write about their compactness, and they are small, but I took a notebook and I carry them away is not very convenient, it's a given that they are still

2. The work on the outlet (the previous ones, for example, were from usb) .. it complicates their transport to the place where the socket far.

3. And for me, too many wires.

For me as only this such a low price.

BUT! If you take the speakers for a desktop computer, the claims do not budet.A gave girlfriend's birthday, and because she chose not to, I was hoping for something grandioznoe.No gift was very pleased.

3) very high-quality sound (all frequencies bassy..ochen qualitatively)

4) unusual design (is not even bad)

5) regulators (bass - treble)

6) is not large dimensions

7) The light indicators on or off (green horiz szali subwoofer)

I have not yet found, but navryatli find, though I'm picky.

Maximum! Sleek design .. but he has both its +/-.

In this price range is better not to find.

JBL thank you so much for such a column! Price / quality 5 +!

The design allows pasted vinyl stickers (if someone wants to excel).

Simply fantastic design! It requires a minimum of space for, but it puts out quality sound throughout the frequency range and at any volume. Convenient control high and low frequencies. Original handles are located on the subwoofer, I have it standing on the top shelf of the table, so to reach it is not difficult. The quality of material and workmanship, worthy of the highest praise. And also, they do not slip on the table, because have rubberized feet. The entire system must be installed on a perfectly clean desk that have contact with the surface was maximum. If dust nalipnet on legs, then they will slide. But the problem is solved easily - just wipe the table and legs and put dust

They just do not! Harman Kardon, they also JBL, can do high-quality acoustics

After studying other manufacturers and their product range, I opted for a column of data and have not regretted never! With regards to off, then I would not attribute this to shortcomings. You just need to put the subwoofer where it will be convenient to turn it off if it trebuetsya.Esli you want to have high-quality speakers, this model is for you.

I do not think that price is too high. These speakers are worth it, because they will please more than one year :)) Well, actually photo acoustics in the interior http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/5805/suonisoavi.0/0_6e2ad_3d8e9bf4_XXXL

Great sound for its price and the actual price, cool design, available in two colors (white and black)

A comment

Very, very cool speakers for their money. Compact, yet powerful enough, without the disadvantages of sound. Except that in some compositions is not enough midrange. But if it is very serious to find fault. The unusual design attracts attention and pleases the eye. Cool touch volume control buttons on the right satellite. In general, some positive emotions. Strongly recommended to buy.

  • 5.1 computer speakers
  • total power of 62 W
  • SSB column
  • housing material columns: plastic
  • subwoofer case material: MDF

from 4070 rubles. up to 7290 rubles.


5 columns with long wires

adjusting low frequency


Good sound, easy to connect, easy to use remote control, adjust the bass, surround and center speakers directly from the console.

Bright LED on the case, the lack of satellite mounting on the wall.

Very long opted for the acoustics watching movies with a computer (as monitor stands 3D TV). He stopped, as a result, in these columns Microlab and never looked back! No flaws, described in a review, similar to the acoustic system, seen debts. All satellites continue to perform well, the subwoofer does not rattle, and, like, not going to burn. Particularly pleased with the keypad - can operate in any direction, at least in the opposite side of the subwoofer. Plus there is the remote adjustment of individual channel volume, which is very convenient - it is possible in the process of watching the film make submissive quiet, that night neighbors in the wall not dolbit.Dva aforementioned disadvantages decided - LED sealed with gray duct tape, and the rear speakers drilled and fastened their feet directly to the wall shurupami.V overall, very pleased with the acoustics: excellent sound quality and no problems at work. Besides - an amazing price / quality ratio. There is only one drawback: I have in the pilot, which is stuck in acoustics, connected many more just. For example - air conditioning. And sometimes when you turn on / off the air conditioner is cut acoustics and sound stops. It is treated by a simple OFF-ON acoustics and do not think that this was her fault. Rather - conditioner.

Great sound, especially pleased with the sub-buffer.

Good build quality.

Excellent price / quality ratio.

There is no possibility to attach the speakers to the wall.

Excellent choice if you want good speakers for your computer.

But if you need a system that could be heard well and the room (ie - in the room), it is best to take something bigger and more powerful.

-no wheezing at maximum volume

-no wall mounting

In just a few months of use, the speakers only please: small, neat, as for me great sound! what else is needed for such a price? Power enough to head to my room 12 sq.m. Beautiful glow sub) is connected to the notebook through the external zvukovushku ZALMAN - everything works fine) Now enjoy movies 5.1))

price and quality. Incredibly - 3 with some thousands of home theater. It sounds really around, very powerful sound despite the fact that the small speakers.

many columns)))) is not designed for hanging, wire, again, is a bit short

the sound is excellent, the console is, all controlled easily and comfortably. Excellent model, very satisfied!

Compact, the made quality, excellent sound for the money!

A comment

Excellent speakers in this price deapozone!

Blue illumination rim.

Long tail wires, everything connects easily and flawlessly, bought to give 5 years ago, sound great so far!

Recently I bought a home still the same.

excellent acoustics, greater use goda.Otlichnoe price / kachestvo.Moschnosti is enough not only for the room, but on the whole apartment

Short wires satellites and no fasteners on the wall, only to put on the shelf

  • 2.1 computer speakers
  • total power of 40 W
  • SSB column
  • housing material columns: plastic
  • subwoofer enclosure material: plastic

from 9990 rubles. to 13990 rubles.

Reviews of Harman / Kardon SoundSticks III


Sound - absolutely no. Foolishly two years ago I was led to rave reviews and bought. Today, finally died quietly by themselves. BP alive and sub stuffed died for no apparent reason.

I can be compared with the JBL Spot the daughter for example, that's where the sound is really quite good. After the death of the glass misunderstandings bought Bose Companion 3 Series II and now there is no question - excellent.


All of the following, before me, Sab does not work correctly, the speakers on the high frequencies dominate! wants as they say for the money nothing to set up and get a good sound out of the box, but then you have to play with the equalizer ... .Kstati, yes, the background of the speakers there, but it can be heard, if you bring your ear close to the speaker, at a distance of 20 cm longer Can not hear anything.

Before them were Creative I-Trigue L3800 and when choosing a new acoustic listening room of the show, BOSE Companion 3, companion really worth the money (about 20 000 rub.) Their sound was absolutely clean and balanced. such as it should be! At Harman Kardon is really just heard a predominance of high ... and the subwoofer hum ... I bought this because the acoustics could not stand to live without normal sound. would have had the money, I would have definitely bought BOSE car, as you recommend, if finances allow. OF COURSE this acoustics for many godkov.No one pleases, look good next to the Imac and a little place zanimayut.Za design 5, 4 sound ... but if at this time have to watch it 3+.


Design of columns SoundSticks developed himself Jony Ive. I think this fact alone is already interest in this model.

The sound is detailed and vibrant.

Stereo Porojan its volume.

Brand, not huhry-muhry!

One line input.

No headphone outputs.

Nevsegda clearly triggered double-tap the volume on mute.

No lighting columns.

But it's all the little things, the main sound.

When brought home, no one knew that I had bought, and were delighted to learn. Long chose, observed the Bose Companion 3 and Klipsch iFi, but ultimately chose to price and compactness and have not regretted a single moment. For better sound will have to tinker with the arrangement of acoustics and adjustable subwoofer, but will not act according to the instructions and the problems I poprboval sub put on the table and got no ice, and on the floor just harmony in all, I'm sorry Takaya beauty under the table. If they sound great on an integrated zvukovuhe what will happen on a separate sound card?

If someone is thinking, take no pozheleete.

Design, sound, shielded cable (not buzz from the phone), no hiss when simply included, once again sound

adjust the subwoofer is also a button off. subwoofer under the table so off not very comfortable and the setting can be brought down (but still did not bother) well and with such gorgeous body could be illuminated something richer fouled

Bass are not as powerful as a neighbor, but there is however a sub watts per kilogram and forty-seven))

Long plied the Internet in search of speakers. These are the only ones that store scored 5 out of 5 is estimated. Interested, I read, ordered. Yes, they have defended their assessment 🙂 The first column, in which more than comfortably listen to your favorite album S&M glorious metallics. However, even in the background. I mean, usually specially put on ear specialist and listened to nothing on otvlekayas.Blagodarya absence of any extraneous hiss can fall asleep to music and not to get up at 4 am, inadvertently waking up, turn off the kolonki.Zvuk really fucking clean. Even at very, very low volume. Manage to outdo my headphones in three shtuki.A still just a nice little thing - the ability to boast such an extraordinary devaysom))

Excellent sound, unusual design, robust construction, it is quite simple and convenient audio controls (there are 2), funny lights saba.

If a close ear to bring to the columns, you can hear the barely audible squeaking.

It is a good 2.1 system for the room or apartment, but there are some minor flaws:

1. Adjust the subwoofer output and the power button on svomestitelstvu really sabe, that's not very convenient if it is under the table and pulled him lazy.

2. I am paranoid, but sometimes, in silence, I hear that fucking squeaking!

The sound is very good + Design happy

No treble adjustment, bass adjustment and inclusion on the sub buffer is not very convenient if it is on the floor.

All deficiencies shouts their sound.

2 was replaced by the system was first AL atp3 was very pleased (served for many years until one column is not died)

Replaced Microlab M-910 2.1 (turned out to be full of rubbish in comparison Harman) half cut my ears.

I sold and took the harman / kardon when you first turn realized that the money spent is not wasted.

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