Caps on poles

How to make a hat on a fence post

The main function of the cap that covers the fence posts, is to protect against the ingress of moisture from precipitation. The original profile of the product protects against penetration of the pillars of snow or rain.

EXAMPLE original cap for intake post

The importance of the manufacture of caps, no one in doubt. Everything is very simple. Even in very mild climate concrete mortar begins to be washed away. As a result, the reliability of the walls is reduced, cracks appear in the bricks. Make a major overhaul of support is enough labor-intensive business, it is easier to install the protective cover.

In addition to "security" function, caps adorn fences. They are the gorgeous decorative items. And often can be seen on poles, caps unusual shape.

Driving device names and the fence elements

To make creative design, you can install the product at the top of a decorative lantern. The fence will look original and very stylish.

To make the cap with your hands, it requires very different tools:

First measured the post surface, which will cover the protective cap. Then made a drawing of the product. Specifies the height of the skirt, the right angle of slope. Running drawing triangles size calculation is carried out.

Drawing with dimensions hood for self-production

His hands going to the product is carried out jumping castles.

Several options for independent production

Very often, the fence posts are made of metal pipes. In winter, snow can get inside the pipe, which will turn into ice, able to break the pipe. To protect such support apply a variety of materials available at your fingertips:

If you make a drawing to produce the above-described scheme, a cap with his hands, can fully protect the fence support and decorate your site.

We make the cover with their hands

This process does not take long, did not need a large initial investment.

Detailed scheme cap for column

Scissors, according to drawing, the preform is cut. Then she rolled up with their hands, without using special tools. Edges of the pattern aligned overlapping by approximately 1.5 cm.

Copper rivets fixing is superimposed sheets. In order to install the cap on the pole, a top surface secured to several metallic strips 1.5 cm wide and 0.2 cm thick. To protect the cap from all sorts of weather, the best way is considered staining. For this oil-based paint is most suitable.

Wooden poles also need to be protected. The above-described caps, made with his own hands, will reliably protect the bearings from moisture. Wood will not rot and get wet.

homemade cap for wooden post

Caps on the poles are fixed by ordinary screws. If the support of wood, you can use nails. When such caps are installed on the ventilating pipe, a certain gap is left.

The simplest circuit protection poles, is the use of the cap, using shingles.

In this case, there is no need to do drawings, perform complex calculations, just enough to cover all the curly part of campaigning for the post outside, soft tiles.

In most cases, this technology is used to protect the brick fence.

There are several variants of protective caps, which are very difficult to produce their own hands.

EXAMPLE fastening the cap to the post

In these cases it is better to use the services of construction companies that manufacture these types of plugs.

Plugs for supports made of bricks

Of course, the brick columns always require protection. After basically the post is a metal tube assessable brick. Rain and snow can gradually erode the concrete laying and the pipe surface. To prevent this from happening, brick columns covered with protective caps.

a variety of materials can be used for their manufacture. When the hood is made of concrete requires the use of stamps, that is free of precipitation. In other words, it must be specifically designed for outdoor use.

So look concrete caps on brick pillars

Such a tip is set immediately after the laying of the fence. It not only protects the support, but also creates a complete view of the entire construction.

Production of the concrete cap

This cap is very easy to do with their hands. To do this, it made a form, which is filled with concrete mortar. complete solidification of concrete field, carried out its installation on a support.

They are made of two parts, which are connected by seam welds.

Regardless of the type of caps, they must do so when fixing the edge a little beyond the surface of the column. Thus, the water can not go directly to the support surface, it will not affect the passage of the fence, falling only on the metal brackets that cover spans.

Caps on the poles for a fence of bricks: what are they for and how to choose the appropriate

To fence structure was strong and reliable necessarily presence supporting pillars. These posts are often made of brick, which makes them not only very beautiful but also durable. This article will consider such a protective structure as caps on the poles for a fence from a brick and their primary purpose, as well as information on how to choose and install the pommel.

Setting caps on fence posts reduces the risk of the destruction of the masonry under the influence of weather conditions

Caps on the poles for a fence of bricks: what are they for?

If you decide to buy a cap on brick pillars, it is necessary to understand what functions it must perform what is required of this design and what is its purpose. Here are some reasons to set caps on brick fence posts:

  1. First of all, they serve a protective function. They protect brick columns from the effects of rain, snow, hail, and ice freezes.
  2. A secondary, but also a very important function - aesthetic. I must admit that without pommels fence posts look much less attractive.
  3. Caps on the poles serve as an excellent basis for the installation of lanterns and other decorative elements intended to illuminate and decorate the street.

Caps on the poles have not only a decorative but also a protective function

Helpful advice! If we talk about protection, it is particularly strong need it posts, lined with natural stone. Their porous structure makes them much more susceptible to environmental factors.

Do not neglect the value of these items. Especially because it is not just a decorative element, but a necessary part of the fence. Fortunately, you can always choose the option that will you can afford or make your own hood.

What are caps on fence posts

Even the easiest hood on fence posts can be described in several ways to get an idea about it. Just walking down the street, you can find a variety of options, such as:

  • simple design in the form of a cone;
  • caps in the form of a hemisphere;
  • classical pyramidal structure;
  • caps, resembling a pitched roof;
  • structure decorated with various decorative elements, such as forging or ball.

In addition, there are models that mimic shingles or scales.

Decoration decorative finial ball

Helpful advice! For greater safety pillars, as well as to give them an unusual appearance, you can use special skates across the length of the fence.

Depending on the material from which they are made, caps also can be divided into:

  • metal (usually use stainless steel, galvanized steel or tin);
  • plastic;
  • concrete;
  • stone;
  • ceramic.

In this case, the abundance of colors will delight even the most demanding customer. Many colors options, and you must choose the option that is most successfully combined with the color of the fence and the roof of the house. It is possible to give preference to and glossy and matte hood. The main thing that this element is not out of the general composition and looked at it appropriate.

Ideally matched pommel on pillars complement the overall composition portion

To metal caps on brick fence was easy to install, they are made hollow inside. This not only significantly reduces the cost, but also allows you to use them effectively in all conditions. However, the inner emptiness has no effect on their quality and makes them more brittle and prone to damage.

Price of metal caps on brick columns includes both the cost of materials, and costs for the production of the work. That is why the caps made of stainless steel, have such an affordable price. In addition, they are easy to carry, just put in the car.

Helpful advice! In the cavity of the cap can be mounted street lamp. This allows you to illuminate the streets and decorate the fence.

Choosing caps for brick fence posts, you need to focus not only on the aesthetic component, but also on the parameters of the product. For this purpose, before the purchase is necessary to pay attention to the dimensions of the product, as well as the material from which the cap should be made. If you can not find a suitable option, then it is best to make the personal order among the range of a few fairly large manufacturers.

The metal caps on both poles can be purchased at the store, and make to order

Typically, the custom-made caps on the fence is carried out in 10-14 days after ordering the product, previously having made a drawing and performing all the necessary work for the measurements.

What is the cap on the brick pillar and the guide the choice

The structure of the caps on the poles can be called almost primitive. Each cap has a total of two parts, each of which fulfills its intended purpose:

  • the upper part immediately performs two main functions: protective and decorative. In this case it can have any shape and be made of any material;
  • lower part - a fixture that allows you to keep the structure on the post.

Dimensions of the composite polymer-sand pommel for post

To not make the wrong choice, then buy a few simple rules should be used. They will help you to check all of the most important elements and brackets, and to assess the quality of the offered goods:

  1. Inspect the product from all sides. Try to assess whether it is proportional and symmetrical.
  2. Ask the manufacturer of special tools, which allow you to verify that the actual tilt angles of the hood that specified by the manufacturer.
  3. Carefully inspect the eaves or place a drop of separation - it must be perfectly tightly closed.
  4. Pay attention to packaging quality, as this is of great importance in the process of transportation. All layers must be tight and intact.
  5. Before you make a purchase, once again, make sure that the model you have purchased will go well with the other elements of the fence, and all that surrounds it.

The product conforms to all these points will help you choose and buy caps on the fence is the model that will fit your needs and desires.

Dimensions for the manufacture of the cover by the hands, in cm L and H -. The width and length of the intake column

Features installation of metal or concrete caps on brick columns

The first thing you need to know those who are engaged in the erection of a fence around his home - the protection of the supporting pillars does not begin with the time when you purchased a special caps, and much earlier. As an interim measure can be used dense polyethylene film, and an ordinary elastic band or a rope for fixing.

It is obvious that it will look unattractive, but when it comes to the design of safety, then the time will have to sacrifice something. The most important thing - check the film for damage. After all, even a small hole will lead to the fact that moisture will get inside, providing a devastating impact on the design.

In order to carry out the installation of the cap, it is not necessary to seek professional help. Owning the usual set of tools that you can handle yourself well. All models use a standard mount. The only difficulty that can really cause you in the process, is connected with the installation of the cap on the fence with a lantern.

In this case, the largest number of time it will take to ensure that wiring summing lamps powered. It is better to contact a licensed electrician to avoid possible unpleasant consequences and to avoid situations that are dangerous to life and health.

For a successful installation of the hood with a lantern, you must take care to hold the wires to the pole

Setting caps and skates - the final stage of installation work, so to it should be taken very seriously. All this can be done independently, and even alone. If you purchased a concrete caps on the fence, you will not be difficult to pick the top 20-kilogram design. For fixing such heavy products used special tile adhesive for exterior use.

Gradual work on installing the hood intake

Installation of the cap on the fence can be divided into several stages, following which you will be able to securely attach the element to the support:

  • reference column height must be cleaned of dust and debris, and then be primed;
  • if as fastening you plan to use glue or cement mortar, it is necessary to cause the upper post plane;
  • smeared glue on the surface, place the cap and with the help of wedges, try to align it as much as possible. Use a level to make sure that everything is level;
  • All seams are encountered between the article and the support, it is necessary to overwrite;

Helpful advice! If the model you have chosen, does not provide a pass, the seam formed between the support and the cover must be additionally treated with a special moisture repellent composition.

Mounting dimensions of the metal tops cheteryhskatnogo

It is important to give the glue to harden yourself. It may take 2-3 days, and at this time is better not to have any effect on him. Ready to install decorative elements can be only when the cap is securely locks into place.

Metal caps on brick columns can be fixed in two ways:

  • the special adhesive composition;
  • with screws.

If you use the adhesive composition, then proceed according to the classical scheme. In the case of self-tapping screws, the main thing - to accurately measure and get to the designated locations, to tie the structure exactly to the post.

Special attention is required the installation of lights on the hood. It is necessary to take care of in advance by drilling the necessary holes for cable routing. If you entrust this work to a professional, you will save yourself a lot of trouble. But if you are going to do everything on their own, it is not amiss to see photos of hubcaps on the fence, as well as summing up the electricity to them.

Metal caps on fence posts: prices and specifications

The choice of models offered by manufacturers is very large. And sort out the huge assortment is not always easy. Consider some of the most popular in today's day caps models, which are represented in the sale.

As can be seen from the table, buy caps on brick fence posts can be arranging different financial capabilities. Price cap on brick pillar will be significantly different, depending on whether there are additional decorative elements on it.

Helpful advice! In a separate category can be identified ceramic caps on fence posts. They look very impressive, although they have considerable cost.

Generally speaking, the price of concrete caps on brick pillars, considerably higher than that of metal. This is due to the fact that they are more complex to manufacture and require special care during transport.

Caps on the fence of concrete pillars look simple and elegant

Despite the availability of sufficient low-cost models, many are trying to make a cap on brick pillars with their hands. This idea makes sense that if you are sure that you will be easier to implement your own plan, you buy caps on fence posts.

Parapet intake: an additional element clearance fences

Parapet on a fence can be called a binding processing element. In addition to creating a complete image, also has a parapet protection fence design feature. But if you originally selected caps on fence posts in concrete, it is necessary to acquire and concrete parapet on the fence. Big mistake - mixing different materials and integrate the concrete caps on the poles for the fence with metal railings.

The main function of a parapet, as well as in metal or concrete caps on fence posts of bricks - to protect the material from exposure to moisture. The thing is that, lying horizontally, the surface is constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays and moisture. Over time, these factors contribute to the formation of microcracks and the destruction of fences.

If a fence made of brick or stone, it is advisable to install it parapets

Investing their funds in the improvement of local area, neither the owner does not want the results of his efforts were in vain, and after a couple of years, the fence has received significant damage. Therefore, distributing the budget, it is sure to lay in it are important details like railings on a brick fence and hoods.

By any case must be approached responsibly, especially if the result of your choice you have to watch every day. How could make reading the table, as well as catalogs of manufacturers, caps prices for fence posts have a very wide margin. It is not necessary too to save on the purchase, but high-quality and affordable option, despite its simplicity, can suit you the most.

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A new type of caps on fence posts. Polymer caps Tetto. The manufacturer's website has photos ready fences and description of all the advantages over concrete and metal. I recommend to read, because prices and look very attractive.

How to make the caps on the poles for a fence made of bricks with their hands

When you have erected a noble cottage or house, surrounded by its columnar brick wall, held various design operations, work on the railings can be considered complete? Of course, but it is advisable to arrange a protective fence pyramid. They even called caps. They safeguard fence against harmful environmental influences. Mainly from precipitation, especially snow.

Caps are typically made of concrete or metal. There are also wooden variation.

As noted above, the shape of protective structures for fences - a pyramid. Although this condition is optional. You can order a so-called tops, pointing out some of his wishes in form and design.

Caps with decorative tops

For different types of fences, a special kind of caps

For your fence masters can create hats. These structures are designed specifically for the Defense of stone or brick pillars. When your guard is ready to come to you an expert, it makes the required measurements. In general, the companies manufacturing such structures may have different parameters in the range of offers. Therefore, at this stage, you need to carefully study the various proposals.

After defending fence posts can arrange defense and their spans. To do this, experts make a special design for the covering of these components fences.

As often these companies offer to arrange the protective devices on the chimney and ventilation shafts. These are special umbrellas that protect these areas from rainfall.

Most often produce caps for fences tin. In appearance the product are as follows:

  1. Monumental. Cover Format - pyramid. Basis - skirt. Pyramid is fixed on the basis of visual comfort from it. This is an excellent option for a brick fence. He gives it elegance and impressive.
  2. Classic. This is the most common and popular option.
  3. Version of Mont Blanc. The design of this variation resembles the top of the famous Mont Blanc, covered with snow. The variation has a different color version. Her form two pyramids, one of which is arranged on the second. This option is perfect on a fence post having a forging. If it is performed at a high designs, they will look majestic.
  4. Flat. This simple tops. They did not adorn. Their main task - to protect the building from unwanted early destruction. Such products have a modest price indicators. And they are made in a short time and are employed in a bit of material.

Classification caps usually formed on such criteria: the material of their manufacture and their shape.

In form they usually are round, square or elongated. Materials of their production usually are:

wooden version principally as a decorative feature. They are not able to provide good protection against moisture and precipitation, but perfectly complement the exterior courtyard. And independent production of these caps is quite able to many owners. The main thing that was available in the jigsaw, saw and chisel.

metal variations possess sufficient strength and excellently cope with corrosive external influences. They are excellent protective and aesthetic solutions for stone, wood, wrought iron and brick fence. And if they treat zinc can significantly develop their service life, for example, forged fences with caps on the pillars.

concrete types found in DIY stores. they are very modest prices. As an indicator of their cost is very low. They are also distinguished by an impressive mass. And it is not suitable for forged and wooden fences.

Plastic caps varieties characterized by lightness, practicality durability. To create these involve PVC panels. Can produce original products of shingles.

Knowing the types of caps for fences, their nature, they can be made independently. To do this, it is important to determine which kind you need. It is also necessary to follow certain instructions.

For example, you intend to create a metal cap on the fence with their hands. First, as in many similar works, you need to pass the drawing stage.

Decide on the height of the intended product. You can specify a different height, but it must meet the already established post. It can be designated by the letter H.

Parameter umbrella landing "a», «b» is possible to significantly develop. It is important to consider the type of masonry: stone or brick. If some parts of the width of the masonry more, created an umbrella has not put on the foundation. And here it is recommended to arrange some slack.

To calculate «d» angle parameter peremerte tape several times. Deciding the issue of values ​​and creating a drawing as a pattern, you can already cut the metal itself.

Simple drawing cap may be:

In it you need to make a hole with a drill. Through them you will connect the parts.

Before arching of the material do on it the dotted line. And flexion spending on it. For this operation, better use listogib. If no such tool, it can be done independently. This will require metal corner.

All available line should be obtained straight without the slightest deviation. Since the cap on the fence post will attractive and neat. For bending angles apply a wooden mallet.

You will also need fiftieth Area. They and arch line. But first secure it to a workbench.

Followed by work on the very top of the line - the boundary of the product. It is important to arrange the shape of an umbrella with no errors.

Check out quality butt abutment sides created cap. If doubt as there is, we can note the position marker of future openings.

Create holes and fastened with rivets side. Before the final stage there is not much. Fold the little planes "a" and "b". Here again, will a wooden mallet. Clamp umbrella between the beam and the metal strip. So you have created a cap.

Next you need to create a lower belt. The process is as follows:

  • activated metal strip belts necessarily identical width «a» and «b»;
  • its upper part is bent. Thus formed the board, they will develop good stiffness of your product and become fasteners.

This belt is placed inside the pommel created before the final bend manufactured products. The belt can be mounted rivet.

Such a cap is difficult to produce. You need certain tools:

The working material may be a tin sheet. Good embodiments considered profiled and iron sheets, galvanized past. The sheets should be smooth and free of defects.

Perhaps your debut does not turn out perfect. But improve your skills by constant practice, and then the work will be for you a simple process.

Clinker (ceramic) dust

The following describes the nuances manufacturing caps made from other materials.

As with their hands to make a concrete version of the cap

If you plan to create concrete caps, be sure obzavedites special forms. They can be made of iron on already designated scheme. After that shaped brush with butter and fill in their composition. Each product will solidify three days. This is the minimum period of hardening.

If you really want to create covers for fences, but a special time for this, you do not have, the version of the shingles will be your best solution. In this case, you do not have to bathe with calculations and drawings. Need only cover the protruding shaped elements supports said work material.

How to deal with ceramic, stone or wrought iron

If your plans include production of caps made of ceramic, stone or forged versions, then you have to change them. Since this independent work is characterized by increased complexity and danger. And such version is better to order from a company producing them.

Cap forging

About iron structures more

If you have a fence is a galaxy of metal pipes, then you have to act, in principle, on a similar scheme. It is important to take into account the specifics of the pipes. And you need to first make the lid.

List of required materials:

  • metal plate;
  • sheet treated with zinc;
  • aluminum or tin.

First, we are working on the workpiece in accordance with the drawing. Then the workpiece is to roll your hands, and the edges of the pattern to reduce overlap, approximately 1.5 cm.

The superimposed sheets must be secured. Here you will help copper rivets.

Setting the cap at this post will take place successfully if on the surface of the cover itself to connect the metal strips (2-4 pieces). The width of each band - 1.5 cm, thickness - 2 mm.

The above caps for brick pillars attached yet to the metal fence by conventional wood screws. There will drill or a hammer. Here it will look like a classic hat on a fence made of bricks, photo:

And attach such products to wooden fences can be as screws and nails.

Homemade caps for sale

If you plan to sell handmade hats, should examine the list of products for similar prices in your city and region. It is important, what parameters your product, its quality and design, as well as working material.

For example, the price of the metal cap with the parameters 390h390 cm 600-650 rubles. Unit (colored version). If its parameters above twice, then the price can be changed with respect to size.

If the product is characterized by some of the original, elegant shape design solution, its price rises even more. For example, you can attach to the base of a lion figure. Then the subject of excellent quality, you can assign a price of 5000-6000 rub. a piece.

Concrete version hoods can be implemented for 700-750 rubles / piece.

In general, no limit to perfection, and caps manufacturing skill for the fences often borders on fantasy wizard. If there is no problem, it is possible to arrange good business.

The video below Fedortsov novel tells how he makes caps on fences. Videos can be very useful, as well as the comments on it, in which viewers are divided into some things that they are doing differently.

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