Caps on the fence poles of bricks

How to make a hat on a fence post

The main function of the cap that covers the fence posts, is to protect against the ingress of moisture from precipitation. The original profile of the product protects against penetration of the pillars of snow or rain.

EXAMPLE original cap for intake post

The importance of the manufacture of caps, no one in doubt. Everything is very simple. Even in very mild climate concrete mortar begins to be washed away. As a result, the reliability of the walls is reduced, cracks appear in the bricks. Make a major overhaul of support is enough labor-intensive business, it is easier to install the protective cover.

In addition to "security" function, caps adorn fences. They are the gorgeous decorative items. And often can be seen on poles, caps unusual shape.

Driving device names and the fence elements

To make creative design, you can install the product at the top of a decorative lantern. The fence will look original and very stylish.

To make the cap with your hands, it requires very different tools:

First measured the post surface, which will cover the protective cap. Then made a drawing of the product. Specifies the height of the skirt, the right angle of slope. Running drawing triangles size calculation is carried out.

Drawing with dimensions hood for self-production

His hands going to the product is carried out jumping castles.

Several options for independent production

Very often, the fence posts are made of metal pipes. In winter, snow can get inside the pipe, which will turn into ice, able to break the pipe. To protect such support apply a variety of materials available at your fingertips:

If you make a drawing to produce the above-described scheme, a cap with his hands, can fully protect the fence support and decorate your site.

We make the cover with their hands

This process does not take long, did not need a large initial investment.

Detailed scheme cap for column

Scissors, according to drawing, the preform is cut. Then she rolled up with their hands, without using special tools. Edges of the pattern aligned overlapping by approximately 1.5 cm.

Copper rivets fixing is superimposed sheets. In order to install the cap on the pole, a top surface secured to several metallic strips 1.5 cm wide and 0.2 cm thick. To protect the cap from all sorts of weather, the best way is considered staining. For this oil-based paint is most suitable.

Wooden poles also need to be protected. The above-described caps, made with his own hands, will reliably protect the bearings from moisture. Wood will not rot and get wet.

homemade cap for wooden post

Caps on the poles are fixed by ordinary screws. If the support of wood, you can use nails. When such caps are installed on the ventilating pipe, a certain gap is left.

The simplest circuit protection poles, is the use of the cap, using shingles.

In this case, there is no need to do drawings, perform complex calculations, just enough to cover all the curly part of campaigning for the post outside, soft tiles.

In most cases, this technology is used to protect the brick fence.

There are several variants of protective caps, which are very difficult to produce their own hands.

EXAMPLE fastening the cap to the post

In these cases it is better to use the services of construction companies that manufacture these types of plugs.

Plugs for supports made of bricks

Of course, the brick columns always require protection. After basically the post is a metal tube assessable brick. Rain and snow can gradually erode the concrete laying and the pipe surface. To prevent this from happening, brick columns covered with protective caps.

a variety of materials can be used for their manufacture. When the hood is made of concrete requires the use of stamps, that is free of precipitation. In other words, it must be specifically designed for outdoor use.

So look concrete caps on brick pillars

Such a tip is set immediately after the laying of the fence. It not only protects the support, but also creates a complete view of the entire construction.

Production of the concrete cap

This cap is very easy to do with their hands. To do this, it made a form, which is filled with concrete mortar. complete solidification of concrete field, carried out its installation on a support.

They are made of two parts, which are connected by seam welds.

Regardless of the type of caps, they must do so when fixing the edge a little beyond the surface of the column. Thus, the water can not go directly to the support surface, it will not affect the passage of the fence, falling only on the metal brackets that cover spans.

Shields to protect the support, sometimes also called caps, umbrellas or end walls may be the most unusual design. But to understand the working principle itself, first learn how to make a simple cone-shaped hat. Make it possible not only from a roofing steel, aluminum, but also copper, plastic, plywood, wood or other suitable materials. But it is the metal most commonly used.

Based on the pattern, we need to cut a metal sheet, and then bend it to the planned lines:

Bending of metal plate. Making the cover

1. Swiveling metal convenient wooden mallet, placing it on the sill, pre-fixed to the workbench. In this case, we will be able to achieve straight lines bend.

Wear a cap on the pole as follows:

Caps welded from sheet metal with a decorative trim

Depending on the overall design of the facade form of a cap for the fence can be modified:

In the figure below, you can see the options for caps with different shapes of the cone and the bottom of the skirt. But the principle of their production is similar - it we have described above.

Caps on the fence - to protect and decorate our fence

In the photo the fence and are installed nakryvki

Typically, after the construction of a fence made of brick or rubble, the question immediately arises, what to do with the top of the intake structure. Knowing full well that such a structure does not look finished, we are looking for the answer to this question.

But the answer is, as always near, and it is in order to give the new structure finished appearance on the market of building materials there is such a product, it's called Metal caps on the fence. But these elements are not only give structure to your finished look, they also protect it. Let's take first things first.

Basically skim design made today of two types, this concrete and metal which and discussed today. But you need to know about these products in the first place?

It turns hoods for collection can not be called universal, each such structure has its function, hence the classification of the material.

  1. Umbrella on fence posts - specially made designs applied directly to the pillars of brick or stone. Generally, the base pole protects from moisture as precipitation inside the structure. Such products are usually made to order. After construction is complete the column, and measurements are made on the basis of their caps are made to the fence column.
  2. Migrating skim design - immediate defenders spans fencing structures. It is also perfectly decorate himself flown in a couple with umbrellas on the pillars. To begin their production after removing exact dimensions.
  3. Chimney caps. Usually these products are used on flue pipes. They do an excellent job with their task - not to let the water in the form of rain or snow in the flue. Just installed on the ventilation shafts for the protection and decoration tubes.
  4. Concrete cover on the fence posts - not quite kolapki, of course, but the function are all the same.

Finished the flight path of the umbrella structure

Information! Typically, such products at retail hardware stores to buy is not always possible. If you met in selling caps or ukryvki on fences, these structures will have a certain size. Usually this type of goods bought in specialized sheet metal workshop, after the completion of the construction fence.

Typically, in the manufacture of such products, the customer must choose the type that suits him. Accordingly, products made in the workshop of one species for the pillars and the spans.

What kind of range we are now able to offer? Here, perhaps, the main line of the category caps on fences that you can offer tin Goldsmiths:

  • Classical - the most demanded today kind of skim design (cover on the fence). It has the usual pyramidal shape, with no frills.
  • Monumental view of the umbrella - the basis is the same pyramidal shape, but added to the base as a skirt. Pyramid standing on the ground and as it comes out of it. Great for fence facing brick, giving it the rigor and grandeur.
  • Mont Blanc - here the name speaks for itself. The idea of ​​the design itself prompted Mont Blanc, and its design is reminiscent of snow-capped peaks. Usually made of two metal color that gives it an unusual beauty and grandeur.
  • pyramid high - a cap for fence, resembles two pyramids, where the first comes out of the second, as if continuing it. Usually very chic looks on poles, where there are forged items. Just it looks good on high structures where its execution emphasizes the greatness of the structure.
  • flat design - basically it is a common plane, where there is nothing superfluous. Close the top of the design and to prevent premature failure of the structure, this is his main task. Usually the price of such products is not high, because it is simple to manufacture and does not require much effort.

Blanc, may be made of different colors metal

As you can see the variety of this type of material is quite high, respectively, and the colors may be different. So it is possible that it will pick up for you, something really unique, a product which is not yet, nowhere.

Is it possible to make such a cap

It is not rare to find the net this question is how to do a cap on the fence at home? Today we will try to help you with the answer to this question. But be warned immediately in order to make himself such a structure will need a little patience and skills to work with metal.

You need to be clear as to bend galvanized metal, how to give it the desired shape. We, in turn, will offer you cover drawing on the fence, focusing on who you will need to make your own hat, not like the others.

A general view of an umbrella on a fence post

As you can see in the figure, all sizes have designated special characters, the height of the umbrella «h», can be any at your discretion, but always taking into account already finished column.

The size of the landing of our cap «a» and «b», you can do a little more, it depends on the quality of masonry brick or stone. That is, if we have somewhere masonry wider and somewhere already, you simply will not be able to put on after the finished umbrella on a pole. To avoid this situation - better make a stock.

angle size «d», can be measured directly on the site of a tape, so to speak-to-face, but you can use the formula mentioned below.

The formula for calculating the angle of inclination

Thus, we get ready for the pattern cover fence, on the basis of which we will cut out sheet metal.

Next is simple - to connect all the design drill holes. They are designated in the drawing as "f3,5". After all elements to be bend, indicated in the drawing by a dotted line.

Information! It is recommended to do all the bends in the sheet benders. But if you do not have this, it can be done by hand, from the metal bracket. In this case, you still have the line bends are straight, making the finished design neat and beautiful. When working with metal, namely to bend corners to wooden mallet.

In case you are still going to stick to the metal by means of a corner, choose a corner of the fiftieth, and use it to bend the line "A" and "B", after fixing area on a workbench.

Tool for bending rings, angles of flexion

Once you have to start to curve the edge of the cap, «d» line, you should get the correct form of the umbrella, which you wanted. Now we can check how adjacent connecting sides of your products. If everything fits, you can note the marker, which is a mounting hole. After the drill it and fasten with rivets.

Well, here you almost have done a cap on the fence with their hands, and there are very few. Now, when the structure is strapped fastener rivet turn in the plane "A" and "B". This can be done by hand, holding himself fungus between the metal strip and a piece of wood.

If necessary prostuchite design wooden mallet, it will allow you to adjust the maximum plane of its size. Theoretically, your cap is ready, but still have to make the lower belt cover. As a rule, it is better to separately manufacture and then connect with the whole design.

To produce lower belt, look closely at the drawings caps on the fence. We need to take a strip of metal, it must comply with the landing zone for the length and width of the character designating «a» and «b». On this upper part of the band to bend, making thus the side that will serve simultaneously fastening and rigidity.

Such a finished product needs to be attached inside the cap has made you sure dogibom before the final design. Otherwise, after you will not be able to get it vdet, it just does not go down. If it becomes necessary it should fix the rivet.

This umbrella is supposed to be in the end

If you need to be large caps for the fences, then the pattern will have our share. Share it should be so, that you have obtained the cap assembly of the two opposite parts. Once these parts are connected by means of the lock, or you create stiffeners.

As you can see from the above, to make such a cap at home is possible, but difficult. It is necessary to have special equipment, or make them yourself. But having mastered such technology, fence caps, each time will all be given easier and easier.

Do not be discouraged if the first time you will not quite what you wanted. Due diligence in the next time you have all come out right. The main desire and the desire to achieve a result. Our guide should help you to master the manufacture of caps on fence posts.

photo machine for bending sheet metal

Before you begin, you need to prepare all the tools that are needed for bending of galvanized metal. After all, it depends on them, what quality you get, fence cap.

What would finally put everything in its place, we suggest you watch the video, such as the caps are manufactured in a production environment. This will help in more detail to understand all the material covered.

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