Caps on the fence concrete posts

Concrete caps on fence pillars: the protection and aesthetic appearance of your fence

Fence has specific functions: first of all it is - fencing of the territory and its protection. However, we should not forget the aesthetic side of the fence that are members of the general form, and therefore should have a complete look.

Caps made of concrete designed to protect Gated from the negative influence of the environment

there are additional components of the fence for this purpose - is:

  • pillars;
  • tides;
  • caps, which we'll talk in more detail in this article.

You should know! Caps on fence posts made of concrete protect the pillars of the negative environmental impacts: Primarily from deposits, which cause the most damage to the fence, quickly destroying them. In addition, they give a finished look aesthetically pleasing fences.

Select the appropriate items for the fence is not too difficult, because the range of their rather extensive. Everything for fences can also be selected profile bricks, visors, caps.

To make the overall style was not broken, it is possible to find the right:

  • the size;
  • Colour;
  • cap-shaped intake and other elements.

Concrete cap on a fence post consists of two parts - upper and lower, each of which performs a specific function

  • Top, as a decorative element, also serves as a kind of umbrella (overhangs protrude a certain distance on all four sides), because no moisture gets on fence posts, draining at low tides. This is especially true in the winter: freezing, the moisture expands, and when it melts - on the contrary, destroying the post structure.
  • The lower part is used as a mount. Installing concrete (hats) cap on fence posts rather simple and with his own hands.

Fence coverings are of two types:

  1. The classic version - the color of concrete. Buying cover (cap) on the fence, you have the opportunity to continue to paint them with facade paint the desired color.
  2. option two - it is made of concrete caps on the fence with the addition of pigment. Similar articles manufactured by well-known principle: during the mixing of concrete add a certain pigment which imparts color to the future of the hood.

Its advantage lies in the fact that the color is evenly distributed yet in production - it does not fade and is not washed off by rain the entire period of use.

The red pigment - surface "shagreen"

Concrete cap for fence posts:

  • dimensions: 390 x 390 x 55 mm - surface type "sharkskin";
  • weight - 16 kg 1 pc.

The company "Grad" makes coverings for concrete pillars on the newest equipment, using the technology of vibratory casting concrete of the highest quality, in which the plasticizer is added. This prevents development of cracks and internal defects in the material.

In this photo a classic version of the color of concrete, the company "Grad"

Coverings for fence poles are painted with paint "Caparol" for outdoor use. These products have a bright color and more protected from atmospheric phenomena. This method allows you to more accurately select the desired color cap.

You can buy caps on the fence gray (natural) colors, or those colors:

Tip! On request, you can paint products other desired color: call the company stipulate the terms and amount.

Furthermore, it is possible to manufacture caps with addition of various pigments. If desired order such standard colors (shades under the paving tile):

Intake concrete cap 390 x 390 x 55 mm with the addition of olive pigment

Caps and parapets "Castle" does not have a particularly low price because it only uses the best raw materials. Our caps on the fence of concrete columns have the highest strength due to the content of plasticizer and gravel in concrete. These products never lose color and will not crack.

Pigments are not subject to fading, and the "Caparol" today is one of the most high-end of the outer colors. Construction - this is a very responsible and difficult process, so it is best to make a quality fence once than every year its remodel.

Aesthetic perfection and reliable protection fence posts

  • Similar products - caps size 490 x 490 x 60 mm - for a marker posts;
  • The weight of such products - 18 kg - 1 pc .:
  • Price - slightly higher.

Tip! When you order the caps, we should not forget about the parapets. All products can be painted in one color or make them by using one of the pigments.

Railings - an indispensable addition to the protective attributes of fences

The most popular and common form of the coverings on the post - "Medusa"

"Medusa" have the same quality and technical characteristics, as well as color settings, the previous models, but have a more artistic contours. The kit also can be ordered parapets.

  • dimensions: 450 x 450 x 100 mm;
  • weight - 24 kg - 1 unit;
  • cost, weight, respectively, and artistic component, slightly higher.

On our website you can find extensive information on the material on the topic of fences and covers to them, existing in a modern building, and detailed instructions from the professionals you will be a good help. As presented in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

Concrete caps for fence posts - the types and use of

Precipitation can have a negative impact on the concrete and brick fences for support. Therefore, to extend the operating period of the past, you must be warned beforehand about their additional protection. In such cases, the efficient use of, for example, concrete caps on the brick pillars that not only protect them, but also give the original designs and aesthetic appearance.

In the photo - protection fence posts

Cap of concrete for the fence - what is it

Such cover can vary depending on:

The most popular option is to fence posts caps whose shape corresponds hipped pyramid. However, gaining popularity articles having unusual shape, which are available on request, price is slightly above average.

Concrete headroom on the fence

But, first of all, these materials must protect, not to decorate the brick, stone and concrete supports.

If they are constantly subjected to temperature extremes, and moisture:

  • leaching rate will increase the seams;
  • Concrete and bricks will crack;
  • significantly reduced their lifespan.

Using concrete caps on fence posts, you can avoid all these problems, as well as extra costs for reconstruction.

Types of concrete caps

Color and Appearance

The most commonly used are caps with a concrete color, ie, gray. However, when using vibratory casting of the various pigments are added to give color and color product.

In this type of dye has a number of advantages:

  • not washed off by moisture;
  • resistant to UV rays, so it does not fade in the sun;
  • as the paint is not from the outside, and is uniformly distributed throughout the product, there is no need to constantly update it.

Tip: after buying a gray hood can easily be repainted using paints, facade type.

Caps on the fence of concrete pillars can be painted with fa├žade paints

In appearance of concrete cover at the poles are divided into:

  • pitched (Two or four).
  • convex (Flat).
  • With round (sharp) corners.
  • ribbed (Smooth).
  • Spherical or stepped.
  • With the presence of the peak and balls.
  • With the use of architectural elements.
  • Circular, square or rectangular shape and many other species.

    Production of really high-quality products is carried out on modern equipment. And as the basic material used moisture and frost resistant concrete brand. In addition, the composition may be added other ingredients imparting certain properties, e.g., fibrovolokno, which reduces the probability of occurrence of cracks on the articles.

    Tip: there are times when, through a concrete foundation necessary to carry out communication lines, it is best to help diamond drilling holes in concrete bits required diameter.

    The option of using concrete end walls on the fence

    Only two major names used in the text - the concrete cover and the concrete cap, but it has a number of names, including:

    Why concrete

    Currently, there are a number of materials used for the manufacture of caps for fencing poles:

    • metal covered with zinc or other material;
    • polyester;
    • pural that does not fade;
    • plastisol, which do not appear on the scratch;
    • rubber;
    • plastic;
    • PVC.

    Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, and all of them provide good protection for the pillars. However, the choice in favor of the concrete for the manufacture of caps for pillars, made the owners, who are thinking about the durability of these products, as well as their reliability.

    It is worth noting that such caps are in harmony with the fence, made from almost any material.

    Tip: for the pillars, made from metal, use a cover made of other materials.

    The popularity of the concrete for the production of "tops" due to three things:

  • Ease of processing the material.
  • It is an acceptable price.
  • Simple installation process.

    In addition, concrete products are hydrophobic, are not affected by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and they do not collapse under the influence of chemically aggressive environment.

    Another useful feature caps for pillars is that they can easily install lighting. You only need to do before installing the cover corresponding hole through which later will drag cable.

    Tip: If you need to process the w / w of surfaces of varying thickness is used for this cutting concrete diamond wheels with special tools and with professional teams.

    Additional application and installation

    If the pillars are many, and you want everyone to hang a lamp, it is better to take care of an independent switch for each circuit. This will help not only to control the illumination of his yard, but also significantly save energy (see also the article "Identification of concrete and products from it: learning to read characters").

    If you do not want to mess around with the lid (drilling holes, installing lighting fixtures), you can buy products with the built in fixtures already.

  • Will look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Save installation time.

    As already mentioned, the installation of concrete covers on the pole is carried out without any effort, it is only necessary to prepare a cement mortar or adhesive composition.

    Instruction is as follows:

  • In the first phase support surface is cleaned by hand.
  • Then, primer is applied, deep penetration.
  • Then glue is applied or solution.
  • The process of installing the ferrule.

    You must see to it that it is all a bit hung over the sides of the support that will help protect the seam from being washed away.

    Tip: in situations where the concrete cap is placed flush with the side surface of the support, it is desirable to apply sutures to a water repellent composition.

    Protection of structures made of concrete and bricks from moisture, in particular, the pillars of the fence with the help of concrete caps, makes it possible to keep them safe for a long time. Installation of products is not complicated and it can easily hold their own.

    Videos in this article will help you find additional information on this topic.

    Homemade for the end supports

    If the pipe is used as a support, on top of them must be something close to inside the column was not going to moisture. For this there are special caps that can be made of plastic, metal, concrete, and other materials at hand. To produce a cap on the fence post with his own hands is not difficult, so many good save on this.

    Protective coating on a support fences

    Protective caps differ not only in the manufacture of the materials, but also the size, density and decorative - depending on the pillars themselves. The simplest variant cover for the rack of tubes of small diameter - is cropped plastic bottle. Of course, this protection does not look too appealing, but very cheap and effective. Caps can be cut from tin cans of beer, picking up the same color.

    For wide brick pillars such caps are not suitable; they require reliable accurate coating of appropriate dimensions. Most often, these elements are made of concrete or sheet metal, although some craftsmen made caps of soft tiles, paving tiles, profiled sheet scraps and other materials. The main requirement for this product is its durability and weathering resistance.

    Secure cap on the pole in several ways: by means of bolts, screws, special glue or cement mortar, as well as welding. Selection fasteners embodiment depends on the materials of which are made bearing caps and bearing. Clay and cement used to fix concrete caps on brick or stone pillars. This option is the most simple and fast: the surface pillar plaster special adhesive composition and applying a protective cover. Edge products must necessarily extend slightly beyond the edge of the column, otherwise the solution will be washed away by rain. Similarly, the cover is attached to the concrete mixture, using the standard solution for masonry.

    If caps are not concrete, and galvanized, for fixing them using dowels: bricks at the upper edge of the support is drilled at 3-5cm, at the bottom of the hood make the appropriate holes, put on the post and fasten with dowels. After that, put the top portion of the cap and seal the side seam. On metal supports cover a welded, screwed to the wood screws. The main condition - the cap should stay the most durable, completely cover the top of the column and well withstand external shocks.

    Options for independent production

    Protective caps on the poles with his hands to do is not difficult. The most common are two options - making tin coating and pouring of concrete.

    A method of casting a cement nozzle

    First, make the shape of tin or galvanized size support. The form must necessarily be pyramidal, with neat straight edges. Cut pieces of desired size sheet, they hold together by any means at hand. After that, set on level ground, fix the spacers and pour concrete. The proportions of the standard solution:

    • sand - 2 parts;
    • Cement - Part 1;
    • sifting gravel or small - 4 pieces.

    At the request of dyes added to the solution, then the lid to obtain color. Often used forms of materials with textured surface, which makes the original look of products. With these tricks, caps will be not only the protection of the posts, but a real gem of a fence.

    Curly shape of the product

    A method of manufacturing a tin tip

    The second manufacturing method is not much more difficult. For it will need:

    • thick paper sheet;
    • pencil and ruler;
    • compass;
    • Bench Area;
    • Metal scissors;
    • piece tinplate or galvanized thickness 0.5 mm;
    • metal corner;
    • crafting table.

    First measurements removed from the column and draw a drawing on paper cap. At this stage, you need to immediately determine the optimal angle and height of the basics of the product. For the base metal strip is cut at a height equal to the width of the skirt structure, and the length equal to the circumference of the column. The upper part of the cap will consist of four triangles. All parts are carefully cut according to the drawing, indicate the fold line and ready for assembly.

    Standard settings protective cover

    Securing parts on the bench, bent edges, align the edges, if necessary, make the cut for fixing. Thereafter, all the elements collected in one piece, fixed seams, and set the lid on the finished support. For metal to protect it primed and painted. Such caps are used for the pillars of square section, for round racks do slightly differently.

    The protective structure for a circular support

    For the base products segment of sheet metal rolled into a tube whose diameter at the longer strut 1-2cm diameter. The resulting height of the cylinder should be from 10 to 15 centimeters. The upper portion is a cone of galvanizing, which is cut from a sketch. Its fold edges to secure the overlapping width of 15mm, the seam fastened by rivets. On the sides of the cone riveting two steel strips with which the cone will be held on the cylinder. It remains only to fix the product on the stand and paint.

    Production of tin cap video

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