Beautiful ceilings

Stretch ceilings made of various materials - the most beautiful solutions

Select the tension coating is not as easy as it might seem at first. There are so many choices of colors, textures and types of suspended ceilings. Everyone chooses for its own parameters, however, we can say with certainty that the ceilings, if not the most beautiful of all possible, then clearly, are among them.

Such coverage is not just beautiful. It allows you to give the room a special kind. Due to the ability of the reflective film, high-gloss ceiling visually make the room more giving additional volume of the room.

In many interiors of this type of finish will perfectly complement the rest of the design. Coma, the gloss helps to better distribute light throughout the room space.

If you use a film of black or dark blue color, the surface is like a dark mirror. There is a feeling that over your head at all, there is no obstacle.

With a variety of colors, you can choose the desired hue of the film and to achieve harmony with the furniture and all the rest of the interior.

In small rooms gloss visually push the boundaries and make it more spacious. Low ceilings also are more "push" to the person who is in the room.

Adherents of the classical interior is hard to find a more suitable material for finishing floors. The web creates a perfectly smooth surface, thus allowing to use all the advantages of the solution - install recessed lighting and hide the base of the shortcomings, if any.

Besides classical, matt films are perfect for all other visual styles. They are versatile and look great in any room.

Matt species does not necessarily have to be white. There are numerous choices of colors with a texture.

This type of texture combines the advantages of matte and glossy surfaces. Reflection is, but not so strong as in the gloss. This helps to better distribute light across the room.

matt coating gives a little pearl shades. If you select the appropriate color, the canvas will get a real pearl luster, while not reflecting all too much like a mirror.

Focusing on the cool shades, you can get the visual effect of increasing the height of the room. Most interesting ceilings with the texture shown in the photo below.

They are in a separate category, as slightly different in appearance possible invoices. Unfortunately, not to order a textile ceiling with a glossy surface. But this nuance compensates for greater strength and flawless appearance.

Moreover, when mounting is not used and the heating heat gun, which may be important in some situations.

Multilevel and combination variants

Stretched canvas gives great possibilities for modeling surface. You can create not just a flat structure, and collect a few levels or three-dimensional shapes, in different locations of the ceiling.

Various forms, bends, reducers - all this is possible. If you connect multiple pieces of different-colored film or to use it at different levels, can be zoned space without resorting to complex structures.

Light can be located not only on the perimeter of the ceiling. It's very beautiful, but is not the only version of its location. Much more interesting will look luminous plane.

If fully luminous ceiling will be undesirable or too expensive, it can be hidden highlighting individual parts or areas of coverage. You can position the lamp over the web and on the perimeter.

The options are many and all of them can be supplemented or modified for a specific room.

Beautiful ceilings

Suspended ceiling - durable construction. Therefore, it is important to choose the color and material. There are several types of suspended ceilings, which help to make the space of the room stylish, modern and harmonious.

Beautiful ceilings

Photo beautiful stretch ceiling

Volumetric ceiling of glossy stretched canvas

These designs are so called because they have the created the impression of lightness and weightlessness surface. It provided perimeter LED. Thanks to her, the edge tension fabric highlighted and there is the visual effect of separation of the ceiling from the walls.

Soaring ceilings

Driving mounting profile for soaring stretch ceiling

Installation of LED strip on the ceiling perimeter

Floating ceilings may be mono- or multi-level. The surfaces are generally smooth and flat. But even without the curly projections they are beautiful and spectacular. For a device of such ceilings will advantageously employ plain film or an abstract pattern. Impressive and presentable web with photo printing.

Levitating the suspended ceiling with photo printing

Hovering suspended ceiling

Soaring flows can be not only a strict geometric shapes, but also curved. This feature allows for a lot of original ideas in the design of the room.

Apparatus floating ceiling has the features in the skeleton diagram, and in selecting the material.

  1. For mounting frame requires a special aluminum profile, the reflective surface which provides a halo of light on the walls of the room.

Profile for soaring ceiling with lighting

Photos soaring tension ceilings

EXAMPLE floating stretch ceiling

The category soaring ceilings include ceiling-sail. This is one of the most extraordinary ways of premises registration. For a device of such suspended ceilings PVC film used to include glass fibers. This material is translucent, allowing you to create with the help of a variety of lighting color and lighting effects.

Design tension structures "sail" Zack developed Haid, who apply for this style London gallery "Serpayntan". This original and spectacular design can be admired in the daytime and in the evening. At dusk include lighting, which gives the ceiling a special charm.

Suspended ceiling sail in the London gallery Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Stretch ceilings "Starry sky"

Ceilings that simulate a starry sky, are relevant for residential and public buildings. This type of design is widely used to create have to communicate the atmosphere in bars and casinos.

Stretch ceilings "Starry sky" - falling comet against the background of shimmering galaxy

Stretch ceilings "Starry sky"

Modern lighting allows you to create and play different scenarios of the night sky: the movement of stars and planets, comets and meteors fall. For illumination use halogen and fluorescent lamps, LEDs.

Suspended ceiling, "Starry Sky" with planets

Suspended ceiling, "Starry Sky"

The most spectacular ceilings with optical fibers. The tips of these filaments are illuminated, creating the effect of a starry night sky. The use of special equipment provides flicker at a predetermined interval.

The scheme of work of a stretch ceiling "starry sky"

Stretch ceilings of this type can be both single and multi-tier. In the design premises often use combinations of webs and receiving illumination elements. For example, over the seating area are building a "starry sky", and the remaining space of the ceiling cover multi-level structure.

Two-tier suspended ceiling depicting a starry sky

Starry sky on the ceiling

Suspended ceiling, "Starry Sky"

It is believed that the ceiling "starry sky" can only do experts. But this is not the case. There are several methods available for anyone wanting to create an impressive atmosphere in your home. More detailed information - in this article.

Modern ceilings may have a very different texture: a suede, metallic, embossed with patterns, marbled. First surface remarkably closely mimics a finely tanned skin. Such ceilings create atmosphere respectable and relevant to the office and public premises.

Suspended ceiling with a relief surface

Texture suspended ceiling Suede

Cloths create the illusion of metallic coating with gold or silver surfaces. This is actually a thin PVC film in production of which used special pigments and special technology. Ceilings steel color is often installed in the room, decorated in the style of hi-tech. Film gold shades used in the methods of zoning, as when placing the entire area of ​​the ceiling, they create the effect of its heaviness.

Stretch ceilings Metallic

Film "marble" as accurately mimic the natural stone that ignorant man is difficult to distinguish one from the other. These ceilings are often used in the design of galleries, halls for celebrations and official receptions.

Suspended ceiling made to look like marble

Marble texture stretch ceiling

For premises relevant decorative ceilings simulating daylight cloudy sky, or underwater flora, map of the world. In tandem with illumination such surfaces create a special atmosphere, a pattern imparted to the film.

Suspended ceiling "Cloudy sky"

Constructions of suspended ceilings allow wide scope for experimentation with the installation of various lighting devices. Illumination plays an important role in the overall perception of space and room surfaces. One and the same film in the application of different methods of lighting will look different. Therefore, in the apparatus beautiful suspended ceilings think through all the details.

Video - Installation of a stretch ceiling depicting the sky

Multi-level ceilings

With frames made of metal sheets, you can create a variety of design configurations. It is a difficult job that requires not only skill handling materials and tools, but also the talent of the designer. But all can learn: photo beautiful stretch ceiling will help to choose the optimal design, step by step instructions tell you about all the nuances of the installation.

Multilevel suspended ceiling

Multi-level ceilings

Multilevel ceilings can decorate any room. These designs are relevant for living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, offices, cinemas. These suspension structures can not only hide the flaws and irregularities surface of the base, but also a variety of network engineering.

Multi-level ceilings

The most spectacular multi-level ceilings with curly elements. Installed on their edge light fixtures create oases forming atmosphere celebration and respectable. For devices such ceilings can use any fabric: PVC and fabric. The choice of color and texture depends on the style decision interior.

Multilevel ceilings will serve as a great addition to the interior

Original form are multi-level ceilings with staggered lines and fixtures. Levels often organized in the form of circles placed at a certain distance from each other. But no less spectacular structure representing multilevel nesting of different geometric shapes.

Complex multi-level suspended ceiling

Two-level stretch ceiling with lighting

Two-level stretch ceiling with lighting - a decorative design made of metal and plastic profiles, fastened to the main ceiling to hide irregularities and paved communications. In this article you will find instructions for the installation of the ceiling.

Ceiling with the effect of light reflection

Spectacular design method - ceiling decoration films with reflective properties. These ceilings are called "mirror". They have the ability to visually increase the height of the room, so it is widely used in the design of bathrooms and hallways.

Mirrored ceilings

Mirror suspended ceiling in the interior

Reflecting ceiling enhances the ability of the intensity of artificial and natural light. For this reason, the space of the room becomes more comfortable and welcoming. Mirrored ceilings - an excellent choice for areas in which insufficient sunlight.

Mirror suspended ceiling

Mirrored ceiling in the kitchen

Stretch ceilings with photo printing

Current models of suspended ceilings are beautiful and impressive. Using photographic film can be applied to any image.

Suspended ceiling with photo printing

When using the Japanese UV printers can be achieved incredibly realistic 3D effect. These ceilings are not cheap, but extremely beautiful.

ZD suspended ceiling Funnel

Example 3D ceiling

Photo printing is acceptable for films with any surface - smooth or textured. But the blade must always be seamless. Otherwise, image distortions may be in the region of seams. Photo printing is applied by using solvent inks that do not fade, and allow the use in the care of the ceiling modern detergents.

3D ceiling with photo printing in the bathroom

Beautiful suspended ceiling can be done personally. To do this, you need to have the skills to work with brushes and paints, as well as enjoy the artistic taste. Handwritten painted ceiling - not an easy process, but fascinating. With this method you can create unique ceilings, which can be enjoyed for years to come.

Stretch ceiling by hand

Art painting. Artistic ceilings fabric photo

ceiling Decor

ceiling decor - an important aspect of interior decoration, which makes the room cozy and inviting. There are few effective options for decorating the ceiling cover, which can be found here. Step by step instructions are included.

Table. Comparative analysis of the cost of suspended ceilings in the Russian cities.

What are the most beautiful ceilings?

Why are good ideas on interior design are always in demand? It's like a fashion that never stands still. And what is fashionable is always beautiful and desirable. If we talk about the design of the ceiling, remember the fashion of beautiful plaster moldings, cover 'Armstrong' and pendant surface of plasterboard, which are still in demand. But, perhaps, the greatest popularity today gaining beautiful ceilings. Modern industry produces entirely new materials with which to create amazing designs, new styles and trends, often exclusive. Variety is so great that sometimes creates difficulty in choosing. For example, planning a hinged blade installation, you must decide what type of coverage will suit most, and what kind of texture, color and lighting will be accompanied by our choice. So it will be interesting to see what a tension coating, what are the types and benefits.

First of all, we note that all the elastic web are divided by only two main types, which include cloth and tape. Between them there is a difference. It is difficult to say which one is the most elegant and graceful. Each situation is individual, and the taste and color, as they say, no friend. Let's look at how to get the most exquisite ceilings, as well as what their differences and advantages of these two types of coatings.

It is known that fabric ceilings decorated in ancient Egypt. Soaked in lime solution web was stretched under the surface. It dries up and going down, becoming perfectly smooth, then its painted colors. Today, for the base fabric suspended ceilings applied polyester fabric. Production technology of such webs is complex and it is in weaving nylon threads in mesh with subsequent impregnation solutions special polymers. The same technology makes them unique. Highlight the advantages of:

  • fabric paintings have a length of up to 5 meters, which makes it possible to use them with virtually no restrictions on size. This factor makes them a "seamless", which is great effect on the overall perception;
  • surface of such ceilings has a structural basis, so they usually do not have matte and gloss. In appearance matte stretch fabric covering is more consistent with the normal canvas, high quality finished with plaster. Such a surface is ideal for rigorous and classic interiors;
  • thanks to its well-based coating can withstand large temperature changes;
  • high relative strength of the material.

The PVC - polyvinyl chloride film. According to the structure surface of the PVC film is divided into three types:

  1. Matt. Such a surface is rough, absorbs light.
  2. Satin or semi-gloss. A cross between the matte and glossy surface. The basis structure of smooth, pleasant smoothes unwanted reflections.
  3. Glossy. Most Popular. Fully reflect light. May have a mirror surface.

Each of these types of PVC film used for achieving a very beautiful aesthetic effects in a room, and for the solution of various technical problems. We draw attention to the main advantages of PVC film:

  • PVC film creates a very beautiful tiered projects;
  • thanks to the elasticity of the material can be issued any surface, even the most complex forms;
  • photo printing allows to put any image on the material and create the most beautiful ceilings in the interior, such as those in the photo.

Advantages and features of fabric and PVC materials are successfully used in a variety of design projects. Let's see how.

Beautiful stretch cover in the interior

Properly selected suspended ceiling completely transform any room. For example, some of the colors, perfectly fit into the design used to create a variety of effects that affect the perception of the projection room. A certain colors can affect a person's mood and even affect his feelings. Of course, among those decisions there are real masterpieces, such as those ceilings, which can be seen on the photos of the most elegant and the most beautiful examples of interior design. Some of them take a closer look.

Stretch ceilings with photo printing

Imagine a surface on which a very high quality shows the clouds in a sunny blue sky. Easy interior lighting makes them really juicy and expressive. Satin or matte surface material helps to create a realistic effect so that the illusion of the lack of ceiling at all. You to feel, under such ceiling? What thoughts will come, and what kind of mood? In our busy time such a design probably will feel calm and emotionally relax and relieve stress.

On a note: And though it's just a very simple plot, a style of today is one of the most popular and is offered in some embodiments, a number of suppliers and manufacturers.

By means of printing method on the PVC coating can be applied to virtually any image to any interior style. For example:

  • Nursery fit the image of favorite fairy tale and cartoon characters. Such an approach will surely affect the baby mood;
  • The bathroom looked good picture sea, ocean, deep sea;
  • bedroom well complement the space or plot of the starry sky image, cherry blossoms, or cherry;
  • living room, office decorate decoration image in the Roman, Gothic and Baroque.

The list could go far enough imagination. To order any story becomes real. Undoubtedly, the ceilings with photo printing can rightly be attributed to one of the most beautiful.

Stretch ceiling Starry Sky

View spangled sky fascinates. And it is no coincidence. When you get to the room with the design of the ceiling "starry sky", many people have a desire to stay in it longer. This story literally charms, just as the starry sky. Those who are not familiar with a similar design, can try to imagine the night sky studded with stars, galaxies, comets, images, planets, nebulae, etc. Such a landscape helps to relax, relieve stress and fatigue. It is no coincidence this kind of a stretch ceiling has become one of the most popular in modern design. The great popularity due, in this case, not only by the scenery but also constantly updated with modern technical solutions. So today there are several technical ways to achieve the effect of "starry sky":

  1. LED. The base of the ceiling - PVC film with the image. For the film, the entire fabric area, set circuit of the LED point type on a rigid frame may different colors. The control unit allows to select various modes of operation of the circuit, creating different effects glow through the film.
  2. LED optical fiber. The optical projector optical fiber bundle is distributed over the entire surface. The end of each wire is output via spanned canvas, and a remote control and a control unit to create different effects: star placer, constellations map, the northern lights, all kinds of flickering, switching, etc.

"Starry Sky" will be a wonderful decoration for the hall, living room and bedroom of course.

Skilful designers, giving the room the shades of elegance, nobility, elegance is often used in the interior black. Black glossy ceiling is a non-standard solution. But in harmony with the well-chosen bright colors in the interior, it will create an elegant and luxurious look with a certain sense of mystery. Gloss black very effectively as a mirror will reflect all the furniture in the room. Such a surface is not recommended to set a height of less than 3 meters in dark areas. But if there are no restrictions, the installation of glossy black coating will be one of the best solutions in conjunction with the decisions in a minimalist style, art deco, avant-garde and classic. This truly magnificent ceiling that would look good in a hall, living room, bedroom and even the kitchen.

For more articles about installation of suspended ceiling with his hands. Russia Moscow.

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