Caps birthday with his hands

How to make a hat out of paper. Create a festive mood

Bright beautiful caps complement any children's party, because they are so popular with the guys. Also, this accessory may be appropriate, and at celebrations with older guests. Normal cap will create a festive mood in the New Year, a birthday party, bachelorette party, and on the other a joyous celebration. This headdress can be purchased at the store, but you can not spend money in a matter of seconds make it yourself. So, how to make a hat out of paper and create a festive atmosphere?

The easiest and fastest option - hood pattern

If you do not have time or desire to bother with a cap manufacturer, you'll like the most primitive way. Take a ready-made template with a pattern. Fit to size if necessary. Take heavy paper and print on a color printer. Cut out and fold as instructed. Usually, it is intuitive and no text. For reliability can be secured with glue or a stapler. Vdevaem rope - and the cap is ready!

How to make a hat out of paper under the scheme

cap folding process is the same as in the previous embodiment. Its main difference - it is not a color, but white. Here there is room for imagination. It can be in any graphics editor draw the cap, as you like, and then assemble it. Or first print, and then decorate with paints, pencils, markers and decorate with decorative elements.

This option can be successfully used at children's parties. Just have your children decorate themselves and collect the caps themselves. Usually, kids like to paint and tinkering with their handles, so readily agreed. So you fill holiday time, and the guys carried away. Just do not forget to help and show how to make a hat out of paper.

Incremental master class do cap from a sheet of cardboard or paper

At least a simple and fast way. This cap is made without any templates and patterns:

  1. Take an ordinary colored cardboard or heavy paper.
  2. Take the exit cone to the desired size, cut off the excess edges. As a result, the cap should be flat on the table.
  3. If your headgear is too high, trim with scissors. Typically, small caps do, so they looked funny on his head.
  4. Mark with a pencil the junction.
  5. Fasten at points marked by means of staples, paper clips or adhesive.
  6. How to make a hat out of paper so that he could stand on his head? Secure the sides of your hat rope, satin ribbons or gum using an adhesive tape or a piece of cardboard.
  7. The cap is ready, now it can decorate to your liking.

Master cap in the art origami

Usually used for origami square sheets. If these are not found, do not worry, do yourself. Take an ordinary sheet of A4 size, fold one corner so that would be a triangle. Protruding parts cut with scissors.

Triangle does not expand, we continue to work with him. Visually divide the sheet into three equal sections. The side of the fold to the center. Projecting corners bend upward. Here and ready flat cap on his birthday. How to make its bulk? Simply open the cap by hand, as if flattening the corners to the center.

Ideas for decorating a paper cup

The most creative and exciting process - is the decoration of the cap. Decorate it as much. A little advice, what materials are used for this purpose, will help you with this.

You can make a festive hat birthday unusual and original, obtyanuv a cloth or foil. Top zadekoriruyte any material: sequins, crystals, floral butterflies, small toys, brooches, beads, pictures, etc...

If you have good artistic abilities, paint the cap colors. Paint funny pictures, make colorful gradient transition. Caps can sign the names of guests or funny nicknames.

Decorate the top of the star or pampushka foil or threads. To finish the edges using ribbon, tinsel and gathered frill corrugated paper or satin ribbon.

Now that you know how to make a hat out of paper, which will not take much of your time. This simple accessory will create a joyful and a little carefree atmosphere on any celebration, whether it's a birthday or a party. Even adults can once again feel like a child.

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How to make a cap with his hands?

Today I want to talk about how to make a hat out of paper with your hands using different materials for the kindergarten.

I propose to make a stuffed toy for beginners Rooster with his hands on the pattern for the competition in school or kindergarten Christmas toy symbol of 2017.

Here is a step by step method on how to make the cap with your hands or a hat made of paper, drawing paper or newspaper on the day of birth.

I recommend you some interesting ideas about how to use a variety of materials at hand to add a whimsical pieces from the cardboard cover.

Fix a couple of bells, left over from the last holiday, or LED with battery cap on the pointed end, and for some time it will glow.

To make the cap with your hands you need materials:

Rectangular or square sheet of paper, newspaper, or Whatman

Pencil (for marking)

Compasses or a piece of thread or yarn

To make a custom hood, place a rectangular or square piece of your choice on a flat surface. When using polystyrene and cardboard, make sure that the sheets are sufficiently flexible, as they may crack or start putting.

You can create dust shields by gluing a sheet of gift wrap equal with different images or cute drawings.

metal sheets are not recommended because they can cause injury at work. Instead, use a metal foil to obtain a metallic luster, but also advise you to read another article of mine about how I did crafts for kindergarten with their own hands .

When working with a compass beware, place the needle tip in the lower left corner of the paper and draw the arc from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.

Alternatively, tie a piece of thread to the rear end of a pencil. Place the pencil in the upper left corner of the sheet.

Adjust the free end of the thread or yarn in the left lower corner of the sheet and hold it firmly with your fingers, so that would be the thread was taut. Now, we can note an arc towards the bottom right-hand side.

To make the cap with your hands need to inscribe a circle in the center of the sheet, and then the note from his sector. Thus, you should get a cover for a large head, however, it will be a shorter height.

Using scissors or a knife, cuts out part of carefully marked lines. If you do not have scissors or blade, you can try an alternative.

Fold the sheet so that the top and bottom edges closed, then again to the left and right edges, and finally calculate the upper and right edge to connect.

Now place the tip of the formation in the center of the circular cap based on the corresponding radius along the outer edges, open the fold and you have a circle.

Fold one edge of the sheet inward from the other edge so as to form a cone paper.

You can choose from ready-made cones made of cheese blocks, wafers for ice cream, paper cans, or take the miniature cone models for the dome's birthday.

To make the cap birthday fix two pieces of adhesive tape along the edges, as shown in the figure. If you have to cut out a circle sector, overlapping the edges, you can glue them together with glue.

Colorful laces and ribbons may be useful to link the edge of the cap. They can be knitted or breeds that are inserted through the holes cut along the edges.

By the way, I suggest you read another article of mine about decoupage for beginners , in which there is an interesting video master class with their own hands.

Note the letters of the alphabet "D" on the front surface of the bonnet using a marker or any other first letter of your name. You can use pens, paints or markers that glow in the dark.

As well as caps with their hands can decorate any paper element, olives on the tip of the ice-cream sticks, stain the cotton balls on the inside bottom of the cover, reminiscent of cream or ice cream.

All of these caps you can do with your hands for some cheerful moments of your life, such as a birthday or a holiday, as well as to make children's cap your child for kindergarten.

In one of his articles I will write about the crafts of paper cones, stay tuned. Now, watch the video on how to make the cap with your hands.

Author Julia Andrevna Publication Date 04.07.2015

Thank you for the article! As it was necessary to make her daughter a cap for kindergarten.

Cap birthday 1 year: how to make your own hands? Templates Photoshop?

Caps are necessary for the birthday - year-old boy, mom and dad.

Festive caps on the birthday child and guests decorate holiday and look great in the photo. Caps can be done by hand, using a predefined template. On themed birthday party can be made caps in the same style as the theme of the holiday.

On the first day of the birth of a son I did caps made of paper and decorated with fan-decks, figure "19quot; and inscriptions "Mama9quot; and "Papa9quot ;. To caps were denser layer under the glossy paper was a layer of Whatman paper. To cap he kept his head, pierced holes and passed therethrough spandex.

Here's a template I used, but only as a stencil, I had to circle the form of a cap on glossy paper and drawing paper.

You can use any heavy paper or felt, pompoms and decorate hats, ruffles on the bottom, figure "19quot ;, the name of the baby, etc.

Here are some ideas to decorate a birthday cap on the 1 year old:

What would make the cap for his birthday with his own hands, you will need:

Templates caps (shown below)

Print the template selected cap on cardboard, cut and connect the edges of staples or glue. You can print the pattern on plain paper and pasted on cardboard. Then thread the elastic band or tape and a beautiful cap birthday ready!

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