Cleaver firewood

Choppers for firewood: operating principles, types and methods of manufacture

A few tips on how to choose the right Cleaver

Choosing a cleaver to work, guided by the following important points:

  1. Pick hand tools based on your physical form. Weight cleaver must match your physical data, since splitting wood is not performed 20 swings, and 100 or more. Typically, a device for splitting firewood sold weighing 2-5 kg.
  2. The ratio of wood cleaver and sizes. Easy tool will split only small churochki, large deck as they can not be cut. The conclusion is that the choice of the firewood depends on the parameters of wood to be split. Big heavy ax - for a massive deck, light, respectively - for small chocks.
  3. The material for the handle cleaver. The best one for ax become viscous tree species, e.g., maple, elm. For lack of suitable and birch. From the type of wood depends on the life of the cleaver handle, its resistance to corrosion. Strong, frequent inaccurate kicks lead quickly worn ax of a soft material.
  4. The length of the ax, correctly selected, it contributes to a better job. Too long or short handle inconvenient when splitting firewood.
  5. It is advisable that you had several tools for splitting, at least two. In this case one of them must be a classic wedge cleaver firewood, and the second - ax potent long-handled. The wedge-shaped splitter easy to work with freshly cut or raw wood. Dry the second block of wood are cut easily powerful tool.

Very often, while cutting wood of different grades, behaves differently. Do zealous owner, having two devices in the household for chopping firewood, there is always a chance to split any chock, although the way it breeds.

Currently, the market flooded with tools tools for chopping wood, foreign manufacturers. They are somewhat similar to an ordinary ax, but which at the same time a very long plastic or steel handle. Are these psevdokoluny pretty well, but their benefits are questionable. Many who have acquired such an import tool for chopping wood, disappointed in him, when splitting the crude lumps with a diameter of more than 20 cm, it is just buried, it gets stuck in a tree.

Cleaver manual. Its differences from the ax

Often ax for firewood confused with the carpenter's ax, finding no difference between them. In fact, the work cleaver is very different from the ax by his actions features:

  1. Carpenter ax used to perform machining of timber in rough, draft form, to obtain the overall shape of the product. Cleaver is considered to be a tool and a lumberjack in woodworking is used exclusively in order to separate the short cutting logs, obtaining longitudinal portions for further processing. An example is the preparation of thumbs - stumps of wood, from which further created a wooden spoon.
  2. ax handle length should be small. This is due to the fact that ax carry jewelry fine job handling small parts.

By working cleaver, striking need to exert considerable physical force so as to get the maximum. This is especially true cutting hard wood logs with a larger diameter. For this ax tool, cleaver, lengthen.

  • The main difference between the cleaver ax for firewood and is in a corner of a convergence of working faces, sharpening. Do manual cleaver with his hands more blunt, allowing him to break a piece of wood, rather than the stick into it.

    In wood cleaver for sharpening angle larger than the corresponding value ax. This difference determines the basic working moments tools. Thus, ax timber teshetsya like planer, wherein the workpiece is gradually removed in the form of thin layers of wood shavings. Sharpening the ax must be done in such a way that the master could carefully craft the item.

  • woodsplitter work is based on the widening of the wood fibers, the destruction of the connections between them, which is why the toe angle faces him more.

    There are also craftsmen, trying to chop wood with an ax. They have it turns out, but only with small pieces of wood, churochkami. Thick same massive deck chocks can not be split with an ax, the blade gets stuck in a tree, and will require considerable effort for his release.

    Many industrial processes in various sectors mechanized, has not been spared this party and this kind of work as cutting, chopping firewood. appeared Mechanical wood splitters with manual transmission.

    The operation of this device involves the use as the core of a powerful working body, massive cleaver. This makes it possible to facilitate the cutting of firewood. And to reduce the load on the wood kolschika (woodcutter), equipped with a splitter spring mechanism. This mechanism compensates, takes on some of the percussion, the severity of the instrument and facilitates the management of them.

    The Russian craftsmen learned how to create a mechanical chopper with his own hands, in no way inferior to the characteristics of the factory.

    One of pros such a mechanism is the ability to make adjustments by spring adjustment of its position, changing the distance between the spring and wedge. This allows you to split logs of various lengths with greater convenience.

    The essence of the process of mechanical working woodsplitter lies in the following: solid sustainable basis set chock, log. Worker swings and with little effort down the ax on the chock. Wedge cleaves it into pieces, after which there is a spring action, and the mechanism returns to its original position. This tool main work performed by gravity of the cleaver and the force of elasticity of steel.

    Mechanical firewood splitter reduces the burden on the worker, thereby increasing the performance of his work without additional fatigue.

    Cleaver mechanical power

    Another embodiment of a mechanical device for splitting firewood is device based on the motor. In this case becomes the main movement of the working body rotation. In this case, the actuator is designed as a cone with a predetermined angle value, and equipping deep threaded. During rotation of the screw easily enters into the timber, where, thanks to the action pushes geometric body, fiber rupture occurs.

    Elektrokolun consists of the following parts: a motor, a working shaft, the ends of which have keyways for setting belt drive pulley and the splitting of the tip.

    The shaft is fixed to the frame using two mounts, through bearings. You can also just set the working cone on the motor shaft.

    If the electricity is not available, then the mechanical device may be used another source of rotation, such as an internal combustion engine, in any gear.

    When designing a mechanical cleaver with his hands should use a drawing and a conical tip to carve it on the machine. This is the power of any turner.

    This type involves woodsplitter the use of pressurized fluid, its energy. In this paper, the principle characteristic of the hydraulic press. What is it made of? Is pressurized via the fluid that is supplied to the piston, and that, in turn, has an impact on the block.

    An integral part of the hydraulic woodsplitter will bed. For its production take channel from steel with thick walls. That frame will move the piston, mounted with a cutting element. In this case, the cutting part is done multiblade that provides chopping lumps into pieces at a time.

    The only difficulty with the use of such devices is that the need to ensure rectilinear motion lumps along the bed. This is achieved by installing the rails - additional elements.

    This type of mechanical woodsplitter chopping wood is based on principle of the helical gear or transfer of "screw-nut". Its essence is as follows: a rotary motion part with external thread, the screw is converted into a translational movement of another part with internal thread of the same diameter - a nut.

    Such movement distinguishes smooth operation and the possibility of moving the nut in both directions when the direction of rotation.

    Even a small screw cutters, and equipped with an electric motor, the power of creating a sufficient effect for razrubaniya lumps into pieces. Facilitate the work of installation of devices on a small pedestal.

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    Cleaver firewood - types of devices, they build with their own hands

    firewood ancient times was one of the most important human activities. The main tool for this is a special kind of ax - ax.

    Log splitter Hand - what is the difference from the ax?

    Fundamentally work cleaver firewood significantly different from that of conventional carpentry ax. They differ on a number of parameters. Firstly, carpenter tool is designed for coarse pre-processing of various pieces of wood, giving them a common rough outline. Cleaver is an exceptional tool woodcutter. The wood may be used only for short separation trimmings of logs into longitudinal parts for further processing, such as smashing baklushi - blanks for the manufacture of wooden spoons.

    Secondly, the ax is designed for accurate, often, jewelry work, which determined not quite long ax.

    cleaver blow when working with hardwoods, large diameter logs must have a maximum power, which are making significant in relation to the ax handle, elongated tool handle. This option is weighty enough to be on it to pay particular attention.

    And, thirdly, a major hallmarks ax cleaver front toe angle is working faces (sharpening) instruments. A blunt splitter - if not blow it in paleno pierces and breaks it.

    The difference is determined by their operating principle. Ax teshet timber similar planer knife, removing from the workpiece layer by layer in the form of a thin chip. It must allow to carry out sharpening of the master preform the processing. The principle of operation consists in a widening of cleaver wood fibers up to breaking of their interconnection. Therefore, the angle significantly exceeds its sharpening grinding ax.

    Some ordinary people, seeing no difference between the two instruments, trying to carry out chopping wood with an ax. If the logs of small diameter it may be applicable, work with thick workpieces leads to bogging the blade of the ax and the need for significant efforts to secure his release.

    Cleaver firewood mechanical - performance and ease of operation

    Nowadays there is a large number of human mechanical helpers in various industries, including when chopping wood. It is about Cleaving Machine with manual transmission.

    The principle of operation of such devices is based on a working member (cleaver) sufficiently large mass, which considerably facilitates the splitting of logs.

    Reducing the load on working due to the use of a spring mechanism, compensating the severity of the impact mechanism and facilitates the management of them. In households of Russians can be seen as factory devices, and home-made counterparts.

    Adjusting device made adjustable spring position, the distance from it to the working body. Due to this possible chopping logs of varying length with maximum convenience.

    To ensure that you have a solid base on which are installed and handled pruning logs. An employee with one hand lifts the ax up and down with little effort on his log.

    Wedge performs its work, splitting the workpiece into separate parts, and the spring returns the mechanism to its original position. The basic operation of these devices makes the force of gravity and the force of elasticity of steel. Due to the significant reduction in the working load, its performance is increased without fatigue associated, e.g., using conventional hand cleaver.

    Cleaving Machine Power - making their own hands

    Another version of a mechanical device for splitting wood block of wood on the part uses an electric motor to function. The main movement that is used in the work - the working body rotation. It was his device and is the main secret of efficiency of such choppers.

    The working body is a cone with a suitable angle, equipped with a screw-threaded sufficient depth. Upon rotation of the screw it is quite easily introduced into the timber leads to fiber breakage due Spreading actions geometric body.

    Also a part of the motor includes elektrokoluna operating shaft having at the ends of keyways for setting belt drive pulley and the splitting of the tip.

    The shaft is attached to the frame by two brackets fitted with bearings. There's also a direct installation of the working of the cone on the motor shaft.

    In the absence of electricity can not be equipped with a mechanical chopper rotating electrical source, an internal combustion engine by adapting any transmission, for example, a chain.

    In the event that the readers have a desire to make their own conical tip of a mechanical chopper, ready to offer you a drawing of the working body on which any turner can carve it.

    We draw your attention to one important feature in such devices. Strongly not recommended to apply elektrokolun block of wood, laying them on the lateral surface. This can cause damage to the device.

    On rotating threaded cone processed trimming the logs are fed only vertically.

    Another type of mechanical means for splitting firewood uses energy compressed fluid. They are based on the principle of hydraulic presses, when pressurized fluid is passed through the working piston to exert pressure on the log.

    The design tool is necessary to provide a frame made of a thick-walled steel channel, which will be carried out by movement of the piston and which will set the cutting element. The cutting tool has its own design features and most often performed multiple tip.

    This allows for one course to perform chopping logs into several parts.

    The complexity of the work of these options Wood splitters connected with the need to ensure a rectilinear movement along the block of wood frame, which uses additional components - guide.

    The latter type of mechanical cleaver firewood, which I would like to draw your attention, familiar to many uses helical gear or a screw-and-nut. Its principle is based on the conversion of the rotary motion part with an external thread (screw) into translational movement of parts internal thread of the same diameter (nuts). The advantage of this type of movement is smooth and its ability to move the nut in both directions by reversing the rotation.

    Small wood splitters with electric motor allows to obtain sufficient force for splitting block of wood into pieces. For convenience, the device can be mounted on a small pedestal.

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    For firewood is now a lot of different devices and it is not just a big hammer with metal cleaver at the end, and the device can be simpler. At home a simple ax with rubber grip to the hand from slipping off and he needed almost a couple of times a year when we prepare firewood for the winter, it makes no sense to buy sophisticated device, I think.

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    All you need to know about Cleaver firewood

    Chop wood - not the most common requirement in the modern world. There are many mechanisms that do not require hard physical labor on the part of man.

    However, sometimes you need to make it to the oven to heat in the bath or toss a few logs in the fireplace. And then come to the aid ax for firewood.

    Many people mistakenly believe that the ax and an ax - it is one and the same. This is not quite true. Cleaver is a special kind of ax. Ax itself is designed primarily for srubaniya trees and ax - to separate the huge trunks on compact logs.

    But cleavers have looks more "severe": heavy massive blade, weighing about 3 kilograms, impaled on a long ax. Such characteristics for both types are clear: to cut down a tree with an ax to work long and hard, holding it at an angle. Not every hand will sustain such a load. With the cleaver in a different way: it is necessary to force produced by the impact there was a split into smaller parts. Therefore, the main force of the first tool - in sharpness, and the second - in gravity.

    Classification axes surprisingly diverse: joinery, carpentry universal, lumberjack ax, ax, ax blacksmith, a butcher's ax, fire ax

    However, cleavers firewood can also vary among themselves. They are divided into two types:

    • Heavy-like in appearance mean sledgehammer, ax.
    • No less heavy, but more pointed ax.

    Cleaver 4000g cast

    There is another method of classification:

    In principle, any difference when using them is not observed and little influence on the quality of the work, this factor has not. Much more important, a structure in general has a cleaver.

    Cleaver forged 3 kg

    The structure of the splitter - it is not the structure of the tractor. Everything is simple: the handle and the "head". The handle may be made of elm, ash, birch, or maple. For these kinds of wood are characterized by a certain softness and flexibility, which is an important condition for successful operation. Sometimes, though, there are handles made of oak, and some inexperience believe that they are better, as they have a greater hardness. However, in reality it is the quality of the oak handle acts only harm: there is no damping of vibration on impact. This handle is deteriorating rapidly.

    Cleaver, as mentioned earlier, is something like a sledgehammer with sharpened on one side of his head. The acute part of it is referred to as a blade, and the opposite - an ax. In this case the blade may have different sharpening degree.

    How to make splitter from an ax

    To make a good splitter is very difficult: it is necessary to handle and has the right and comfortable, and the head to focus on all the rules. However, the same and find a successful smasteronny somebody tool is also not so easy. Here are a few rules that will help navigate the world axes:

    Ax must necessarily be made of elastic varieties of trees: elm, beech, maple, ash, birch. Especially good if the handle is made of ash.

    • But from plastic and metal counterparts should be abandoned, especially for beginners.

    Cleaver with ash handle

    These handles can not withstand shock from being hit and just burst in his hands. The same can happen with an oak handle, greatly inferior in this respect to their more flexible counterparts.

  • Cleaver should be selected individually. Different choppers may have a different weight, shape and length of the handle. You can not take the first available option, not even holding it in his hands. Ideally, if you can hold all the models, waving them and try to throw back over his head. Of course, all this should be done carefully, and then suddenly the ax head is poorly attached to the hilt? So you can lose your own head.
  • These two rules - general. However, when choosing a cleaver should be taken into account and that for which it is the wood it will be used:

    • Dry and thin wood lighter and easier to cut with a short cleaver having a handle length of 40-60cm.
    • Thick logs need to cut by means of weighty cleaver with a great weight of the head and quite a long handle.
    • For chopping raw or resinous logs better to choose a cleaver with a rounded blade.
    • With very thick and stubborn log is sometimes not able to cope any, even the most heavy cleaver. Then come to the aid of a special "soldier", whose head has two working parties. One side of the blade is, and the other is designed as a sledgehammer. Thanks to the second side in the slot, punched blade, you can insert the pegs, and blows on them to extend it.

    Proper hand-ax for firewood. How easy to chop wood.

    Dear visitors. Save yourself a link to this page in the social. networks. There will come a moment when the house will be cold, and we will help you 🙂 Share!

    Tip! It happens that the chopper slides and blow is not the head, and an ax handle. It would seem that it is not scary. However, it happens quite often, and after a while deteriorating mounting head to the handle. In the end, this may lead to the fact that the tool head will fall on your own head. To avoid this, the handle just under the point of attachment of the head iron fragment or tightly wound aluminum wire.

    Many have seen in the movies or in the villages, as a man chops wood. However, if you ask someone who has himself never took an ax in his hands, as it is done, it is unlikely to be able to answer correctly.

    Meanwhile, this is no big deal:

    • Remember that while chopping wood can fly quite large and sharp chips. So try to choose the area a place where they will not interfere with anyone or threaten anyone's security.
    • Set to the desired location and the widest hard stump, which only can be found.

    Scheme firewood

    Be aware that it must exceed the width of whatever you're going to chop into small wood. He must have a height just below your knee to hit a log was strong enough.

  • Put on gloves and safety glasses. Some people prefer to do without it, but do not you want to swing the ax at the time suddenly slipped from the hands and flew into the back of a neighbor? Or do you dream to any particularly frisky chips flew straight into your eyes and all admitted the pirate community? No? In this case, do not neglect safety measures.
  • Place the deck, which is expected to be cut, and install it on the other side of the stump, which is located farther away from the well. This is done for safety reasons in case of a miss ax not meet your knee you, and with stump-chopping block.
  • Take the ax in both hands, firmly squeeze it and zamahnites threw back over his head. Then sharply lower splitter on the edge of the deck frame.
  • Done! Now you can safely boast that know how to chop wood.

    As with any business, the process of splitting logs can be improved. Here are a few tips to help you do this:

    Stump in tires does not scatter in different directions

    • Before chopping try to dry the wood. If the court of the winter, and raw wood, give them promorznut. The main thing that the wood was not soft and loose.
    • That was formed by the combustion of the wood at least soot, before the estimate, approximately what length they should be. This is done at the rate that the billet length should be approximately ¾ of the length of the furnace.
    • If there is a crack on the block of wood, place it not convenient, you can and try to get it for her. If you managed to get into the crack, but the block for some reason did not break, do not be nervous. Take a hammer and hit her on the Obukhov cleaver. If a sledgehammer at hand is not found to take the ax to jam it on the deck, and hit zamahnites whole structure of the block-stump. After this step convincing block should crack.
    • With knots situation is the same - hit between them or along one of them. It's the same uncomfortable situation may occur that a crack. Scheme to solve the problem - the same.
    • Do not try to split a very large block of wood into two halves: it is likely that the ax stuck. Try to break off small pieces along the edges block of wood, and only then the rest of colitis in two parts.

    So, to process firewood was successful, you need to choose the right ax: comfortable, with a handle made of elastic woods and acceptable weight of the head. In addition, the venture a success also depends on the correct execution of the case and responsible approach to it. And, of course, in any case can not forget about security. Mittens on the hands and goggles will help with this.

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